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    We first met Jürgen Klopp 12 years ago in Mainz. Years later we sat down with him in Dortmund where he became German champion and a legend. Now we meet him in Liverpool where he introduced himself as “the normal one”.
    What's the main difference between then and now? Why did he stop drinking coffee? And: If he is the "normal one", what are all the others?

    Interview: Jana Schäfer
    Camera: Jose Pereira & Constantin Stüve
    Editing: Phil Czegka

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    1. DominicAdu Gyamfi

      Boom hahaha

    2. deHavilland

      He has a personality and a sense of humour. Verboten in this PC world.

    3. Anthony Monaghan

      What a great human being. So proud to have him as our Coach. Looking forward to this coming season. In Klopp we trust. Thank you for this.

      1. Anthony Monaghan

        @DW Kick off! A tough season ahead for our boss, but, with the likes of Virgil Van Dijk, Joel Matip, Joe Gomez back in the squad along with the two new signings brings me a lot of hope. We ended the season on a high. Top three and a place in Europe. Klopp kept his cool and kept faith in the boys all the way through that season, I believe he willl do the same this year. I see us doing well in Europe and I believe the premier will be even tighter than last year. Good things ahead going into 2021/22. Thanks from New Zealand.

      2. DW Kick off!

        So Anthony, what do you think the new season holds for Kloppo?

    4. Mohamed Hmini

      lol the "normal" person is the only type of ppl who doesn't exist :) a normal person is an imaginary abstract human form.

    5. Coach Heidi Scheunemann

      Tell Juergen, he is invited to come over with Ulla for tea time on our balcony in Indonesia when he is done working 😂. We would have a great time talking and laughing about the crazy football world. ♥️🙏😉⚽

    6. Shinjuku

      Why didn't interview him in German if you're both Germans?

      1. Shinjuku

        @DW Kick off! many of them are though (as I have seen from the comments so far)

      2. Shinjuku

        @DW Kick off! I just thought it'd be more comfortable to discuss things in one's mother language. And it also feels a bit funny to talk to someone who shares the same language as in a different one 😅

      3. DW Kick off!

        Simply because our audience is not German. Keep enjoying those apples!

    7. almostideal

      15:58 is that Minus the Bear?

    8. English Jona

      He know who he is just like I know I wouldn’t be sleeping in the streets 500 but I was about too 👌🏾

    9. Pablo Parra

      I feel like inviting Klopp to some beer rounds. what a cool and chill guy.

    10. Gareth DaBell

      One of those rare people who is genuinely interested in the development of others. Too many times, especially in the corporate world Managers are now only interested in protecting themselves.

    11. Zulfiker Ali Khan Chowdhury

      This is a life lesson for me. Always try to be thankful for everything everyday. Always try to be the normal one.

    12. Zulfiker Ali Khan Chowdhury

      This is a life lesson for me. Always try to be thankful for everything everyday. Always try to be the normal one.

    13. Subaie

      Klopp interviews could count as therapy

    14. Nitin Singh

      For all of your life problems, the Germans have an answer.

    15. Nitin Singh

      The direct, sharp and yet not offensive way in which they are communicating is so effective and kind of best display of honesty. No display of any insecurity from either side. I guess this is what Germans would be like in their everyday life.

      1. DW Kick off!

        Yes, we’ve put our two role models into one room

    16. Filip Kozik

      Dear Mr. Klopp, you can travel in Europe without your passport because of Schengen Area, not EU. For example, GB was not a member of the Schengen Area and they required your passport once they were a member of the EU. Schengen Treaty is not related to EU.

      1. WTHWasThat

        @Filip Kozik The EEC is literally the framework the EU used to establish itself. Down to adopting the assurance of quality controls and freedom of movement. Definite semantics.

      2. Filip Kozik

        @WTHWasThat the difference between eu and eec is not semantic.

      3. WTHWasThat

        Before it was known as the EU it was the EEC which was what introduced the Schengen Area. GB were a member of the EU but opted out of Schengen as they were an island nation. The Republic of Ireland are also not in Schengen either despite being in the EU but the rights of free movement is still guaranteed. Semantics really.

    17. sebastian alegria

      I love watching Klopp's press conferences, in fact, my English is basically an impression of his. Now I'd like to know; is it my idea or am I the one who think he look like Jaime Lannister?

      1. DW Kick off!

        in which case you will like him in our piece about the art of the presser: kzsection.info/green/bejne/k36Hj5p-p2eYZIk.html

    18. Kitten Philosopher

      The level of positive vibes here is beautiful. Love from Pakistan ❤️

    19. Swum

      the way klopp caries himself is amazing. He has the same values as wenger, the nurture of talent and the love of the game, pride in perfection but also understanding it must be hard to be young and have the spotlight on you so rigidly. they seem like good men, and seem like success is part of being a good person, the players respect them. and the fans always should!

    20. Leonardo Gonçalves Chiquita

      great great interview, don't you have the first one they had made 12 years before?

    21. Lady Faye

      Donnerwetter, was hat Klopp mittlerweile das Englisch drauf. Das sprudelt ja nur so.Hut ab !!!!!!!!

      1. DW Kick off!

        "mittlerweile"? We did the interview 2 years ago.

    22. st3w

      United fan. Klopp is a great, great man.

    23. Jay D

      Since I remember I have been following ManUtd ardently. But Mr. Klopp makes me appreciate the ‘beautiful game’ more. I appreciate the fact that under his tutelage Liverpool’s success is a byproduct of playing beautiful soccer. No showboating, no merchandising ego, no flaunts.

    24. alex kappa

      The only thing that makes me jealous of Liverpool as a United fan is this person


      Who have seen his interview with "erotic voice translator"? 😂😂😂😂


        @DW Kick off! Thats a better question😂

      2. DW Kick off!

        who hasn't? :)

    26. GiuPara y

      Klopp speaks better english than Alex Furguson

    27. Christoph Daum auf Entzug

      Jürgen Klopp for Bundestrainer !!!!!

      1. Christoph Daum auf Entzug

        @ho ber der mann würde es schaffen das land hinter "der Mannschaft" zu einen. Ein bisschen stolz darf man doch haben

      2. Christoph Daum auf Entzug

        Er verkörpert das Volk und nicht den Erfolg

    28. Domeniko

      Such a great person!!!

    29. Thinkingbig

      I would love him to coach England. That would be awesome

    30. Minej Mosuris

      "There top 6 in England would be top 6 everywhere else"... Thats would be true before Nov. 2019... When Flick took over at Bayern

    31. Saumya Dutta

      Liverpool are luckiest club in Europe... Because they have Klopp..❤️❤️

    32. Dorothy Soderiou

      We have a petition in Australia initiated by an ex prime minister to stop Monopoly of Mordoch Press who owns the Sun bias controlling news narrative in Australia.

    33. Phat Meow

      18 mths on from this video today Klopp has added a 19th top flight English title to Pool's 6th European Cup! Well played Sir!

      1. DW Kick off!

        and what about this season?

    34. Phat Meow

      what if bayern, dortmund and leipzig play in the EPL? would the bayern galacticos fancy a game on a cold wet night at burnley?

      1. DW Kick off!

        We think the European Premier League plan is to replace the Champions League and the domestic leagues will stay. But if the Euro PL had five teams or more from each league then who knows...Burnley could manage it one day

    35. NSD

      If you guys can do it get an interview done with Nuno Espirito Santo

    36. capybara tranquil

      I'm so glad and amazed at how things change with time. About 80 years ago the English were fighting the germans in WW2, and the reputation of germans were tarnished by Hitler. Now we have a German football manager well loved by so many English people, and speaking about being open minded. Just love how individuals should just be loved and respected for who they are, rather than get caught up with dogmatic ideologies, stereotypes, etc. 80 years ago, in a different era, the germans like klopp would have been taught to kill and hate whoever was English, and vice versa.

    37. henlo wurlz


    38. Brot Brotic

      This is such a fat german accent

      1. DW Kick off!

        One could think he‘s German, Brot

    39. Gino Pietermaai

      After everything is set and done this man is going down as the greatest manager to ever do it

    40. Larry Canupp

      I thought he was making a Beatles reference when he said that he was "The Normal One". (??)

      1. DW Kick off!

        Thanks for explaining!

      2. Larry Canupp

        @DW Kick off! I got this off the Internet: "As Beatles aficionados know, each member of the Fab Four had a distinct identity: Paul was the cute one, George was the quiet one, Ringo was the funny one and John was the smart one." And, you know, the Beatles were "from" Liverpool.

      3. DW Kick off!

        What kind of reference would that be, Larry?

    41. Mark C

      Lovely fella - best to you from a Gooner 👍🙏👍

    42. Robert C Lynch

      Let's be honest - a few short years ago, the idea of Liverpool breaking into the top four seemed impossible. The idea of winning the league seemed even more impossible. But to break man city's monopoly is an amazing achievement. It's as big as Notts Forest toppling Liverpool, Aberdeen toppling Rangers and Celtic and Valencia topping Real Madrid and Barcelona.

      1. DW Kick off!

        No objection, Robert😁

    43. Mangettel Sunil


    44. Hartaty Sirait

      It's on my recommendation even one year after.. Never mind to watch it again though..

    45. John Lee

      what's the song at 16:00?

    46. Shivam Rai

      He really know what to speak for what. He is just brilliant. Der Gott des Fußball!

    47. Scott C

      Kloppo! What an amazing man, Danke Jurgen. A Winner.

    48. Spunky Spontaneous

      2024 he will come back to Germany and coach the national team ... 💯

      1. DW Kick off!

        Do you think that’s his shtick? Coaching lads he doesn’t see for months? He seems to be the guy who needs his daily dose of team, or what do you think?

    49. Khal

      0:17 lmao klopp still has nightmares about bayern munich Top 6 in England would be top 6 in any league? I mean im one of klopps top fans but he’s being delusional if he truly believes that. united, arsenal, spurs, chelsea and even add leicter city are shit If we had a combined league top 6 would be (in no order): man city, liverpool, bayern, psg, barca and real. And i havent even mentioned juve/inter

    50. Meltorizor

      LFC, I'm really surprised you didn't build a statue already. Shame *bell rings* Shame *bell rings* Shame *bell rings*

      1. Yvonne O

        Klopp said he doesn't want one right now check out the street wall paintings

      2. DW Kick off!

        Maybe it's about time they get to work on it! 🔨🔨🔨

    51. Benjamin Trench

      A Very Special "Normal One".

    52. Azk333 kaz

      Forget about Liverpool, forget about football. This guy makes me love humans again !!! What an exceptional man. God speed.

    53. Rihad Alif

      When klopp talks about British tea time. I am in my mind, you know they learned it from us, indian subcontinental people. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Srilanka . The football crazed part of the world who stays awake for 3/4am to watch european footballs.

    54. Rihad Alif

      Dont you think i would be great if Germany take over the world and make Jorgen Klopp the man, the myth, the legend the leader of the world 😅😁 love the guy from Bangladesh. though i am a barca fan.

      1. Rihad Alif

        @DW Kick off! i know. thats why it must be him 😅. in a parallel universe i guess.

      2. DW Kick off!

        Quite sure Klopp wouldn't want that ;-)

    55. Pete Green

      What a positive man (and video!) Really enjoyed watching it.

    56. JohnnyC

      A master psychologist. That's why he is able to get the best out of his players and to perform consistently.

    57. Andrews

      As a german I find it weird, when two fellow Germans speak english with each other instead of german. That's like meeting your wife in the public unexpectedly and pretending you don't know her. :P

      1. DW Kick off!

        For them it was even weirder, I suppose, but who in Timbuktu understands German?

    58. Atul Nikam

      English are sceptical towards Germans,but liverpudlian are not cause they’re not English they’re scousers 🧣✊🧣🥰 YNWA

    59. bestinos chinodya

      Brilliant, smart and down to earth, inspired by the guy

    60. anaci paulina

      I think klopp laugh now became a lfc fans signature laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣

    61. Juan Carlos Hernandez

      In my opinion, DW is the best government funded broadcasting service in the world. News, interviews and documentaries are always clearly portrayed to make them comprehensible for a wide sort of audience. Personally, I love the Spanish language DW as it really brings topics to Latin audience with a real German perspective. I wish you could make this interview available with Spanish subtitles in order to share it with my parents.

    62. Marcin

      Jürgen Klopp is undoubtedly the best coach in the world.He discovered Lewandowski,Salah and many more for football

    63. Stephen Downey

      Jurgen we will build a statue for you we love your peraonalty as much as anyone can. so many different fans love your pesonalty you are a great manger an coach we will build a statue for you we love you so much

    64. Paul Coey

      Lovely interview. Seems like a very down-to-earth, likable bloke. Lucky Liverpool!

    65. HjTarmizi

      I would welcomed J.K. to our neck of the woods - Brunei, Borneo, South East Asia.

    66. Ignacio Sanchez

      Great retirement plan! But I doubt people will ever forget him enough were he can fly under the radar! The man is a living legend now

    67. Stephen Barrosse

      He is just a good guy. Plain and simple.

    68. Thang Le

      Wonderful personality, good person and a great coach.

    69. Lemeda Simarmata

      Thank you KZsection for recommending this interview... Klopp has brought the title back after 30 years of waiting...👍👍

    70. MagpiesNeedle

      He never focuses on himself. It’s all about the team and each individual. THAT. is a manager

    71. MagpiesNeedle

      I’m currently wearing my “I’m the normal one” t-shirt. I love his ‘normalcy, but then it’s mine, too.

    72. Maggie Pawlowski

      I only learned today that Jurgen is a Christian. For me this totally explains him!

    73. Eric Myers

      Kloppo for the win!

    74. Janet Jorgen

      Just the difference between Mourinhos and Klopp' presentation of themselves shows it all

    75. Vaibhav Bajpai

      This guy is true visionary & leader....he could be case study for b schools♥️🙏


      Great. Boss well done.

    77. trueblue

      Have to say - the best interview I've seen on Klopp - thankyou - - - - - - (shhhhh! - have to confess - - - - I'm a Blue!)

    78. Tibamanya Frank

      I started supporting Dortmund because of jurgen klopp😍😍😍 up to now he's been super cool

    79. Ahtisham Khan

      0:12 Germans really do have a different hand symbol for three

    80. Brian Ta

      At 2:50 they post Bobby and his wife's picture, not sure if on purpose but that is the same picture that his wife's private part is shown.

    81. Pawan Dhami

      So Humble

    82. Unchiu'

      Klopp is an extraordinay guy, its a true person, and I think he s so succesful in football because he is a very inteligent guy.

    83. Cosmic Azazel

      Wow. My clicking on this video turned its view from 999k to 1 million. This is the best accomplishment of my miserable life so far. I hope people notice and congratulate me for such a rare achievement.

      1. DW Kick off!

        thanks Cosmic, you are a star

    84. Steve Clements

      Jurgen is an absolutely top guy, loves God, his job, family and is extremely humble. Class.

    85. Balal Rehman

      Liverpool FC best manager lfc ynwa

    86. IlManaka

      Find the this man quite amazing, he is an example how being humble, persistent and knowledgeable can still get you where you want to be. He has quite the teaching skill. All the best to the manager but more so the person Jurgen Klopp.

    87. Omar Barrie


      1. Omar Barrie

        @Red Boy 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

      2. Red Boy

        Unlike Bill Shankly, it’s not over yet

    88. Jaq oo jiifo official Channel

      We are trust you our best manager YNWA 😁😁😁

    89. Mehedi Jahan

      😁😁he is not yet winning world cup with german nation team and still waiting for the 5th one with him

    90. logolino62

      My Guru: Swami Klopp !

    91. Idan Z

      Fascinating dedicated and talented person

    92. Adam Buccaschie

      Zidane and Klopp, they are the best right now, but honestly, Zidane is #1.

    93. Marcin Mamrot

      jurgen jestes z kosmosu grales w mainz pamietam cie spadales z ligi weszles raz znam sie lepiej na przeszlosci o bundes pamietasz DSF druga lige plus RAN SAT 1 nigdy nie grales przeciwko np chyba?Basler Ilgner Dahlin itp.Zobacz co sie stało z Niemcami to dno i wodorosty troche ta liga za duzo obcokrajowcow Bosman Rules pamietacie?Niemcka Liga i Viva to juz nie powróci Mola Adebisi jeszcze zyje?to najlepsze moje czasy teraz ludzia odbiło?

    94. Kutloano Matela

      Does anyone know the song of the tune at 4:04-4:20?

    95. Coach Heidi - Konsultasi pengusaha kecil

      So Juergen, when you start travelling the world then visit us in Indonesia 😁

    96. Rashid Rani

      A special kind of normal...

    97. Kamal Miah

      SO COOL

    98. stallion bull

      stopped drinking coffee cause of his teeth no other reason

    99. Mauricio Pacheco

      Really sad! The interviewer could have done a better job.The questions are dumb asf! 😞😞

    100. Juan Mikán

      As an Arsenal fan, I think he deserves to break the invincibles record. I wouldn´t enjoy it, but at least it would be worth it.