KISSY MISSY BECAME HUGGY WUGGY || We painted Kissy Missy by One More

One More

One More

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    1. Лина

      Кисси_Мисси:дорогой дневник ,мне не хватает слов ,чтобы передать ту боль и унижение,которое я испытал сегодня

      1. Coconut🥥


      2. wendolin Gutierrez


      3. Елена Никитасенко

        Да да

    2. Brendan Lee

      I thought she was painting the entire doll to make huggy wuggy but it was for the shirt hehehe

      1. Guadalupe Chi



      Me: ma’am what are you doing?! You just ruined a perfectly good looking kissy missy! >:(

      1. Mada Mada


    4. Mom Jeans

      Nice love that you put a huggy wuggy on your shirt at the end!

    5. hoiy vinosa

      the sound of her painting on kissy missy is gross to even relaxing

      1. A Aa


    6. it'z Toca Purple 💜

      The Tummy Of Kissy Missy That Was Painted Blue: Am I A Joke To You? Lol If You Didn't Get It She Painted The Body And The Face Was The Only Thing On The Shirt

    7. Rena2021

      the sound of her painting on kissy missy is gross to even relaxing

    8. Glamrock Freddy

      Yo pensé que no tenía presupuesto para comprarse el huggy XD

    9. Shariffa Jamsuri

      Wow that's a great idea because i love huggy wuggy

    10. Liliana DeSantis

      You can literally buy a shirt with huggy wuggy

    11. Edithxchicken nuggEts

      Just imagine her having to clean up kissy missy 1000000 times lol

      1. Oniver Cabrillos


    12. ♡Hikari♡

      Welp, your gonna have a crispy, funky, junky, crunchy, munchy, stunky, skunky plushie now...

      1. ♡Hikari♡

        @Oniver Cabrillos she better hurry on that if she wants it to be just like new though

      2. Oniver Cabrillos

        Its washable she can wash it

      3. dread bear


    13. ♡kitty's art world♡

      These videos make my day even harder...

      1. محمد مسعد


    14. Fluffy

      I love painting I love how I see painting in the show.❤️

    15. Yourlocalwritter and editor!

      Wasted a perfect plushie. As a plushie lover I’m OFFENDED

      1. Полина Шабалина


      2. Candy corn

        Me too

    16. Илия Илиев

      I would try that:)

    17. Bacon188

      It is kind of good idea painting the plushie and leaving it to dry because you can rarely get a huggy Wuggy plush with a bow tie (But also it’s the WOOOOORRRST idea to paint it)

    18. Сенька tv

      Вау круто, реально получился настоящий Хаги Ваги, как будто бы это он и есть, круто, кстати у меня тоже есть Хаги Ваги, но он другой, у него глаза можно крутить вверх и вниз, и он по реалистичнее!!! Но этот тоже крутой!!! 👍👍👍😄😎

    19. •Your Local Penguin• SHOOT I HAVE SUMMER CLASS

      The creator of poppy playtime: s- kissy missy: I regret being adopted from you huggy wuggy: just buy another me and get off my partner! Creator of poppy playtime: *deletes poppy playtime*

      1. Huggy Stories Br

        True lol

    20. dilik mli

      I would try that:)

    21. Илия Илиев

      I would try that:)

    22. that magic 587

      As I expect the comment section is never positive and I love the video and don't listen to anyone because they are important

    23. juliana

      It was so funny💕💘

    24. bobi miiu

      I'm going to ask my mom if she can do that to one of my blank shirts

    25. Katie Ramirez Perez

      I'm going to ask my mom if she can do that to one of my blank shirts

    26. Hush

      You do know there’s bootleg huggy wuggy plushes at the mall right XD

      1. Hush

        @Viridiana Villaseñor there is a space

      2. Viridiana Villaseñor


    27. aiuc lse

      Every time your story becomes more interesting


      Quero 😍

    29. Haloglitch

      Kissy missy we’re with you

    30. claire dollard

      U just painted kissy missy for a huggy wuggy t-shirt like- Wow

    31. Mariel Conde Hernández

      WoW te quedo lindo amiga ❤😊👍

    32. Boris the UWU wolf

      You could’ve just bought a huggy Wuggy T-shirt👹

    33. Taeman

      me somehow has nightmare of this but im still awake-

      1. Kelly Fonseca

        H eu trhy

    34. Amanda Garcia iPad

      I guess I’ll paint Huggy Wuggy on white paper and put him on his white fancy shirt like this white blank one to decorate it with some fabric paint! 🎨 👚🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣🌈So beautiful 😇😍

      1. Thị Soa Nguyễn


      2. ام الجود


      3. adam yahia


    35. AlisonGames ROBLOX gamer

      Imagine how it well turn out after putting the shirt in the washing machine

    36. ϟEllyßoltϟ

      I literally had a stomach cramp right after watching this...

      1. Александр Яковлев


    37. Amy H

      You know there’s a shop that u can make your huggy wuggy shrit

    38. Fernando Guerrero

      I found a stuffed huggy in a store xD

      1. אימן אסד


      2. Bentley Randolph

        You did I'm surprised

      3. Fernando Guerrero

        @Laura Ayuma yes :V

      4. Laura Ayuma


    39. Stela

      Купить норм футболку с хаги ваги[нет] Купить киси миси и потратить до фига краски (это всё будет дороже..) [однозначно ДА]

    40. 🌨Meadow Chan & Yukiko San Gacha🌸

      F in the chat for our girl kissy.

    41. Duong Quang

      kissy missy : am i a joke for you?

    42. Sarfraz nawaz yadwad Sarfraz nawaz yadwad

      Wow..claps n salute u girl

    43. Robby Castelli

      Huggy Wuggy got a new coat of paint

    44. Jocelyn Quinlog

      They use the huggy wuggy morph but they change to pink just to be kissy

    45. Ki


    46. Daiane Machado

      🥰🤩🤩🤩😚😚 Amei esse vídeo sério

    47. Dana Melissa Valentina San Miguel Amado

      yo pense que queria el peluche de wuggi ._.

    48. 𓆉︎

      Congrats now you have a stain the doll

    49. alikaqueen

      Gurl you could have just buy a huggy wuggy t-shirt-

    50. tonyo and tonya's world

      You know you can just buy Huggy wuggy


      ayoden: don't fix me with the sHuT

    52. Multi-Talented TT

      Kissy Missy: no one wants me :(

      1. Paul Tupper

        Other huggys:same :(

      2. Jack_X_Gamer

        I do

      3. Анастасия Обухова

        I NEED KISSY MISSY And it's great!!!!!

      4. liam sanchez

        Sry abt that have a nice day

    53. lubie rudyv

      poor kissy missy :(

    54. Star


    55. Yuri Chan♡

      Me:Gurl- is dat fabric paint or crunchy huggy wuggy?

    56. ♡Чебурек♡

      Ого молодец, испортила две хорошие вещи!👍

    57. 🦋KIki🦋

      Poor kissy misssy :(

      1. Vitoria Oliveira


      2. Даня playtime😎


      3. Даня playtime😎



        🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 jajajkajajajakakakakkaka

      5. Наталья Борисова


    58. {Player}

      *Sigh* *That's enough internet for today*

      1. Ruben Rios


      2. GabOliva TV official


      3. Mohamed Ibiza

        Yeah xd

    59. fox girl

      I also want a huggy wuggy but I don't torture kissy!

    60. Lorena Morales

      Nice idea 💡



    62. Tijani Gaming 2.0

      Waouwww 👏👏👏👏

    63. Junona Arcihoviča

      бедная киси миси🥺

    64. Username 666

      You can literally buy huggy plushie

    65. shellin dee

      "So what is ur job?" painting on plushies🙂 Wait WHA-

      1. Наталья Борисова


    66. Lily Burgess

      Or you could just paint Huggy, that's already blue-

      1. اخلاص هاني


    67. Бэн🐶 и Ксюха 🦊

      Ставьте лайки кому жалко Киси Миси. 👇

      1. да?

        @Ana Lucia манда😆😁😘🥰😍😌😀🙂🙃😙😚😗😘😃

      2. Katyatasky blogger💖

        @Malimono Россия топ

      3. Malimono

        @Katyatasky blogger💖 та називай кого як хочеш, мені по барабану, але у кожного різна думка що до цього відео, і із за цього не варто до всіх лізти.

      4. Malimono

        @Katyatasky blogger💖 я все правильно пишу. Просто українською.

      5. Katyatasky blogger💖

        @Malimono имею право даже если мне 10 пон? И ещё писать научись ок

    68. ☆Gummy bear ♡

      Kissy missy : WTF ARE YOU DOING TO MEEEE

    69. Benjamín poppy   2

      Nocito pintar el kissy Missy peluche que comprar otro peluche bugui

    70. Mr Beast

      So cute

    71. James & Johan Jones

      Wonderful you have destroyed a plushy 😀


      Wow so cool 😎 👏

    73. ФАИНА  Карамелька🥰😍

      Обязательно надо было красить🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ она 1.000 стоит🙍‍♀️🙍‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🙆‍♀️

    74. Huggy Wuggy

      Great job

    75. Jorge Balitbit

      Did you know if you piant a suff toy it will be hard😂

    76. vicky salgado

      I thought she wanted a huggy plushie😐

    77. Luz Montes

      Kissy:no one wants me:(

    78. Adeni

      Girl just buy a huggy Loggy shirt Brain explosion🤯

    79. THPT Ch��c ??ng Nguy?n Th? L?ch

      Thật great beautyfur

    80. America Columna

      Muy genial😃😃