Khamzat Chimaev vs Gilbert Burns | FREE FIGHT | UFC 279

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    1. moby1kanob

      I was shaking from all the adrenaline after this fight when I saw it live. What an amazing atmosphere.

    2. Andreas Fevos

      The craziest thing about Burns is that, as the fight progressed, his striking got more powerful. Those third round overhands and hooks hit Khamzat so hard he would go off balance constantly. Khamzat had the pressure on him though at all times, but Burns had more striking power. What a fight!

    3. Swole Monkey

      This is actually such a crazy fight. They were just going full blast after the first few minutes of feeling each other out and deciding it’s gonna be a stand up fight. Also Chimaev has a chin on him 😮 literally everyone would’ve went out after that bang from Burns.

    4. Anna Peckinpah

      Come back to rewatch this absolutely epic battle several times now, still gives me goosebumps watching!!!!! This to me is FOTY!!! 👏 👏 👏

    5. Caleb Baum

      Loved when he just kicked him off 😂

    6. Tariq Khan

      Seeing a "Real" fight will rush you with adrenaline. Watching Khamzat fights reminds me the feeling of having a fight 😐

    7. Mark

      Both true Gladiators. I watched it live and would have to say I was routing Chimaev, cuz he's the man.. and thought he won a really tough fight. Watching it again, I think Gilbert took him and the stats i found back it up. Can't wait for a rematch down the road.

    8. Freddy

      I wish they would show the walk-ins , Gilbert burns walk-in was so intense with khamzat staring at him from the top of the cage , and Gilbert eyes closed with controlled breathing. ELECTRIC ⚡️

    9. Ryan

      Burns clearly took the 2nd, and I think he landed more strikes in the 3rd too

    10. Bavvarois Joestar

      Still one of my favorite fight ever and one of the best fight ever in UFC history. Imagine if this goes 5 rounds war and maybe in the future we’re gonna get khamzat vs burns rematch

    11. John Greer

      What a great battle! One of the best fights I've seen ever!

    12. Al M

      This was poetic. I'd pay a good amount to see these two in the ring anytime.

    13. Лкала Аоао

      Достойный битва молодцы оба ! До конца бились вот это бой !

    14. Wade

      After watching this again I think Gilbert may have actually won


      When burns kicked chinaev In the chest to knock him

    16. SzaBeat04

      That fight was fireee. This is one of my favorite fight. Respect to both. They killin it!


      Gilbert had it for sure🔥🔥🔥

    18. jeffjastro

      Awesome fight - both performed incredibly - super close call at end I was honestly not sure who would win. Congrats to both fighters.

    19. Matthew S

      Cant stop watching this, one of the best fights I've seen in the ufc