Khabib Before His First UFC Fight: Training With His Father, Young Khabib vs Islam Makhachev



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    1. @yukahero7422

      Islam Makhachev's First Interview Ever - Will Islam Fight Khabib?

    2. @rickdeckard9810

      What's most impressive to me about Khabib is how after coming to American and being exposed to all the trappings of success how he remained unscathed and true to his roots and religion. Fame never got to his head, money hasn't changed him. That's more impressive than his 29 wins.

    3. @supmario

      Wow man, after all these years he was still the same Khabib we saw in 2012. Hardworking and humble, never let fame and money get to his head.

    4. @furiousdon

      Imagine having 9 world champions at your gym in different martial arts…insane high level training

    5. @raulbirta7982

      This video is a treasure. You can see how far he has come and the funny thing is Islam Makachev was training all along and following his steps from the beginning. Now they are both world Champions, UFC lightweight Champions. What a story to tell your kids.

    6. @fk1984

      This is EPIC! You can see he was a champion from the very beginning

    7. @duman5596

      Wow!! Abdul Manap really raised many world champions in various sports. Truly remarkable coach.

    8. @nasriabderrahmane131

      That moment at

    9. @reemraw9956

      Lol early days, we didn’t know we would be witnessing the greatest mixed martial artist to ever grace the octagon. Alhamdulilah. Rest In Peace Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov. 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

    10. @hppc8490

      Wow. Just amazing. After 10 years he remains undefeated 29-0 . Just like he said he kept delighting the

    11. @rodam8659

      This is so wholesome omg. Watching a young guy’s journey into becoming one of the greatest pound for pound fighters 😢 Never give up people regardless of what path you are taking and wanting to conquer

    12. @edwardelric5491

      The thing that I respect the most about khabib is that he is the same guy even after all those years, he has the same (childish humor and honesty , respect, rage, pride, honor) back then as he has now, he never changed he is the same guy. a true worrior.

    13. @ilyagara124

      Ценный архив! Дядя Абдулманап, зал в Дагестане, шапка Украина подаренная другом, добрый и позитивный Хабиб и многое другое. Такие ролики мотивируют к достижению своей цели, открывают глаза на то что любой путь легким не бывает. И самое главное что сам Хабиб сегодня остался точно таким человеком, каким был до подписания в ЮФС. Дай Бог чтобы мы застали как можно больше таких личностей как Хабиб. Большое уважение ему.

    14. @myfavbookbrontejaneeyre3752

      It’s amazing to look back at video like this and think where he is now! I’m sure he expected to be champion, but he never expected this level of fame. 🔥🔥

    15. @leandroorcajada2639

      This is even before even meeting DC and Javier and learning from them, and already been training alongside another eight world champions in judo sambo wrestling etc inside his gym who knows for how long.

    16. @nbl1ve804


    17. @alanshill4347

      Loads of respect from Manchester England khabib you are the warrior man 👍👍👍

    18. @MusicRain

      Никогда не понимал как в одном человеке уживаются вместе звериная ярость и доброта)

    19. @souhaibbenfarhat1801

      A young humble and innocent boy, dedicated his youth to become the best at what he does. Hard work will always pay off no matter what!!

    20. @abelvalente1425

      How interesting this life is. He mentioned Charles as one of his sparring partners for his debut. 10 years later he became a giant in this sport and Islam took the belt also. Im truly happy to have witnessed this. God is great