Kevin Holland vs Joaquin Buckley | FREE FIGHT | UFC Orlando

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    1. TeamDynamiteTV

      This was the fight that really made me take Holland serious. Buckley did not come to play. Holland stayed super calm dodging those bombs and sniped the shit outta him

      1. hassan jose

        @Splash Montana Capone holland figuered him out in round 1 hisntimimgnis very predictable and he comes in straight all the time itsnlike he only has one move,he relies to much on physical gifts rather then ring iq and technique

      2. MMA And fight advisor

        Drop the weights and he should be able to make 155 fine.

      3. Splash Montana Capone

        @Fedess lol, he is the same sauce as Jalin turner.. he could do it

      4. Fedess

        @Splash Montana Capone lol no way he makes 155 with that size, maybe 170 but it's gonna be a brutal weight cut

      5. Rob Suggs

        Even overcame a few shots to the nads!!👏🏿💪🏿

    2. Bear In Tha Woods

      Holland and Buckley, along with Khamzat, turned out to be heroes of the pandemic years. They provided so many good fights and moments.

      1. hassan jose

        @Taylor Meyer i think if he knew he was fighting khamzat he would have done enough to survive thenfirst round and make khamzat probobly give up on wrestling just like he did with burns and turn it into a stamd up fight just because ecquse of who khamzat is and who holland is but who would win i dont know. I like khamzat but i dont think he will fair well against colby or a prime usman i dont see it

      2. Dilla the Killa

        @Mudasir Ali L😂

      3. Prod SAGE


      4. Rob S.

        @Taylor Meyer cause of his elite wrestling, simple as that

      5. Алексей Николаев

        It was a special time in UFC I’ll never forget

    3. Cantthinkofaname

      Kevin's defense and shoulder rolls were on point in this fight. He saw everything coming that Buckley trew

      1. Kool-Aid Man

        @Trav B Buckley should have been ripping him to the body to open up the head. He was throwing panicked combos and half of the body shots he landed were arm punches with no torque. He was essentially head hunting a dude thats half a foot taller, and paid for it

      2. lovenlightman


      3. lovenlightman


      4. styu3 knewton

        His defense is what won this fight

      5. Larry L

        I was impressed with Holland's right hand, he surprised Buckley with it.

    4. A Thief In The Night

      Kevin Holland could literally be a perfect villain. That guy has it all, the martial arts, cool tats, the smile when fighting, the way he talks to his opponents when fighting them and the casual and deceiving way in which he fights.

      1. Ajaybhai Shah

        Basically most hated and abhorred man on the Planet. 😮

      2. Grand Master Poul

        @T Iger bro chill

      3. T Iger

        I agree, especially the villain part. He could actually have psychopathic traits, he really enjoys fighting/martial arts, he does not get flustered or tense. It is virtually, just a quiet afternoon at the office, no big problem. I bet he could pass a lie detector, even though he's lying. well it leaves acting open to him when he finishes fighting.

    5. Bearing C

      Kevin is so relaxed in there until he's not. He doesn't waste much energy after missing a shot because he automatically relaxes his entire body immediately after throwing and missing. He's biding his time letting Buckley show his hand

    6. Vascalor

      Great stoppage imo. With the mouthpiece flying away and Buckley laying on his back, Mark Smith saved him from getting seriously damaged

      1. Qenai The Custodian Guard

        That mouthpiece flew all over the place

      2. MyNamesNotRick

        @SHIII Thoughts I can’t just dox the dude. But I definitely know where he stays

      3. SHIII Thoughts

        @MyNamesNotRick did you get him? Post it bro I want in on the action

      4. Vipul Doshi

        @beau aloevv𖤐 my dude still going strong in the MMA comment sections. How ya been

      5. firaasmy gls

        @colepost it or 🧢

    7. Willie Anderson

      His right jab was so sharp that in real time it look like it did not touch his chin.


      1:16 the way holland smiles at buckley from behind the ref gave me flashbacks to my childhood LMAO

      1. FartInYourFace234

        he even hid his smile when mark smith looked 😂

    9. Anton Logvin

      Overall I thought this was a great fight by both guys, Buckley is a tough fight for many middleweights.

    10. John Berrey

      I like the fact that he's a good sport and didn't going for the kill when he saw that the other young man was pretty well knocked out. He was instinctively knowing that the other man cannot continue. Very classy.

      1. Dan Quinn Nobel Prize Posting


    11. My Love

      That flying hammer fist came out of nowhere lmao

      1. pimpslappinbootyclappin69

        That shit was crazy. I did not expect that shit to happen

    12. Jason

      That punch @ 4:52 was so cold😭

      1. WoeTheKing

        Licked his hand

    13. Conor

      Kevin Holland went on one of the best runs in 2020.

      1. Joe Benson

        @Muzamil Alishah Mohammad Yes we know he's a weight bully.

      2. Rex Oni

        @Luffy Fluffy is doing really good right now too so, besides Buckley, he's pretty good too. And in 16 fights he had in the UFC, there are 3 names that I'm barely familiar with (Ontiveros, Phillips and Di Chirico - Although I've seen Di Chirico fight Buckley so I've seen him fight a few times after.) - this shows that he has fought 13 established names in the UFC, at least for me.

      3. Trav B

        @ogloc chimeav fought twice and won both in 7 days also ufc. buckley fought so no name fight club

      4. Matt Reid

        @Luffy washed up Isn’t the right word past his prime Souza is over 40, washed up would be near his best physical age 28-32 and losing fights he easily should win.

      5. Luffy

        @Matt Reid yeah that's my point he's been washed up

    14. WayneBissaka

      Holland is so good at avoiding strikes, and firing back with pistons. Buckley has some massive power but couldnt connect with Hollands chin. Super underrated stoppage as well. 90% of refs let Holland get 2-3 more shots in on Buckley, but this ref was in perfect position, and staring right into Buckleys eyes when he went down in the 3rd. Fun fight and good performance by all 3 for me.

    15. A good blue will do

      Big well done to the referee.... fair play to him for stopping it straight away

    16. Victor Silva Pacheco

      Joaquin Buckley did pretty well considering he is a striker fighting the mythical 2020 Holland

      1. toptier valtr

        @CaptainNotCappin 🧢

      2. CaptainNotCappin

        @toptier valtr and you a below mid human that will be a bum forever and die a bum unlike these goats fighting 😂

      3. Filip Stojkovic

        @cole remember the fight with white boy di chirico?

      4. toptier valtr

        @jonny blu3 “Lucky” huh? Well, you can call it lucky all you want, btch. Doesn’t change the fact that he got slept. that wouldn’t happen to a real world class striker.

      5. jonny blu3

        @toptier valtr Buckley would kill that guy in a rematch just look at his record compared to Buckleys, it was a lucky head kick and that same Italian got flatlined the very next fight it’s the name of the game.

    17. Parkour Master

      Kevin Holland and Sean Strickland probably going to be having a political debate while they fight each other

      1. Miss Mong

        Sean said Holland doesn't like him becaude he told Kevin he'd r4рe him if they were in prison 😭

      2. PABLO MEDIA


      3. Jackson James

        @Eamon Ahern This "banter and trash talking" doesn't benefit Holland so why would he do it 😂? There's a reason why the man left that division.

      4. Guy Fieri

        @m0 I mean he is a self admitted neo nazi, so that vibe is right

      5. Eamon Ahern

        @Jackson James for the banter and in-fight trash talking. Strickland should have taken Pereira down but he's stubborn and wanted to stand & bang. Holland can goad him into standing & banging and that'd make for a fun fight.

    18. Wicked Slumpy

      The way Kevin grabs your head with both hands and just waits for the perfect vicious elbows is scary

    19. Oscar K

      Buckley reminds me ALOT of mike Tyson, the way he steps in with the body hooks is almost exactly like Tyson just more adapted to mma

    20. Mr.TeloniousB

      Bruh he missed the same punch twice 😂😂 if he figures that out he can forsure pull a W

    21. DJ Gene

      Buckley kinda moves, and kinda punches like Tyson. But he needs to improve his peek-a-boo, because he ate 1 too many. 🤕

    22. mmafan550

      Lots of respect to Holland for not following up with unnecessary punches at the end. He may have antics during the fight, but he’s a true professional

    23. twztid13

      What was the main event on this card? I don't remember seeing this fight. I would have been hyped for it. Maybe it was too long ago, before i knew much about either guy? Still, i liked watching them both from 1st time i saw/heard about them. I knew about Holland since DWCS, so it's strange i would miss this.

    24. Mike Danger

      What a beautiful knockout. Hit him at nearly full extension as he was coming back, and tapped him on the tip of the chin. Instant reset for Buckley.

    25. Alex

      Kevin had one of the most entertaining rises in MMA history.

      1. Ichie Holy Sauce

        @Edith Blümer Exactlyyyyy. Lol, Khamzat is a beast.

      2. James Cooke

        @Edith Blümer one of the best grapplers in mma. He would get tapped in a bjj only tournament

      3. R Teodoro

        He's a gate keeper. Not main event but mid card

      4. LTN OrBiit

        Fight island holland undefeated.

      5. Edith Blümer

        @I'm gone Against one of the best grapplers in the world on a few days notice. Khamzat mauls the majority of the UFC roster, so should 99% of the UFC just 'retire'?

    26. Amrullah Syahputra

      What a kung fu demonstration from Holland. He proves that Kung fu works. Well, it should be combined with other styles too.

    27. MaxAmillion

      wonderboy ain't letting holland get away with all those openings he leaves in his defence

    28. Speed Bag Boxer

      One of the best stoppages by a ref I’ve ever seen. That’s how it’s done.

      1. Bass

        Protect the fighter. 🥰

      2. R/C Daily

        I think a lot of this one had to do with the mouth piece. He got it knocked out multiple times.

      3. Thongmas

        @Ivey 96 Because a ref tries to look at your eyes as it gives most signs for if you're done or not. As soon as he saw his eyes in this fight and the one you're talking about, it was over.

      4. Ivey 96

        This the same man who let O’Malley drill Thomas head through the canvas.

    29. Crux Invictus

      The best moment for me was to admire the ref pro reaction...

    30. Mark Layne

      Kevin Holland knocked out his opponent and also knocked out that flying mouth piece. A double TKO.

    31. Ronnie Bartkoviak

      I love these fights during covid (no crowd noise), you can hear every hit and makes it even worse.

    32. Naik van der W.

      Give Holland his own movie, he brings it home again.

    33. twztid13

      Felder missed the point about Holland being 187 the day before a fight at 185. It's that he doesn't cut anything, not that his metabolism is fast.

      1. Joe Benson

        the point is he can eat a full diet and still cut below the limit with just normal training. He never had to restrict his intake at 185. Frankie Edgar didn't cut at 155 but he still had to eat a specific diet.

    34. JayMackYT

      Dude like the Patrick Beverly of the UFC 😂😂

    35. Dannythedoodle

      Great call from the ref 👍

    36. AJC1983

      I love the way Holland talks in the ring bc it reminds me of sparring. It makes it feel like the gap between his experience and my experience isn’t quite as big.

    37. Hubbada

      Glad they chose to upload a fight with no audience, I wanna hear what holland says in the fight

    38. Eamon Ahern

      When it came to loosing the gum shield, it was 3 strikes and you're out for Buckley. That was an exquisite display of efficient striking from Holland.

    39. AlwaysRetr0

      The "finish him!" at the end from Holland was hilarious. There is no dude in there more calm than him.

    40. Pico the Guy O

      No crowd really makes you appreciate what those guys are doing in there. Them sounds man!

    41. Afternoon delight

      I really like Kevin he’s a good guy smart mind. He’s sharpest brain in the ufc. I bet he reads a lot

    42. liston709

      Kevin Holland really is something else 😆missed a high knee at the end of the 1st and threw a falling hammerfist 😅ninja shit

      1. Ron S

        2020 Holland was different😅😂

      2. anakin sky


    43. mbuso nombela

      Holland this serious 🤭 great performance 👌

    44. Michael Schneider

      Love that Big L victory song

    45. The SeeKer 20/20

      Holland had great class.

    46. al pe

      The empty Arena,the lockdown,the closed 2020 was a great year for a fight fan.

      1. Capo Lean

        @HakunaMatata-W lol they was hitting each other wit the wrath of god

      2. NB

        @Official Tino You're not crazy. people who dont think that are crazy.

      3. HakunaMatata-W

        @Official Tino They took out several years of their lives with all those shots they were throwing at each other

      4. Ebola Kun


      5. Anthony Cruz

        I mean the restaurants is a weird addition

    47. malik arbaaz

      Kevin's striking is so accurate but he keeps playing mind games, I mean literally mans already 6'4 but proceeds to jump over Bucks head coming down wit a hammer 😂😂😂

      1. Brian Crosson


      2. Tamaaa

        That sequence gets me every time 🤣🤣

    48. Jerry McBride

      Pollard is super good..he can sweep this weight class if he train hard!

    49. Bamsemor777

      Great fight.

    50. Swift The Kid

      That was impressive

    51. Anthony BRUNO

      Holland is impressive, he receives bombs who can kill a cow and he's relax, smooth, he wait for the good moment. What a KO, the sound of this cross is huge. The fight between him and Thomson is a dream, there will be a true war.

    52. Casper Ablij

      these two are both really good

    53. Southern Native

      Excellent stoppage by mark Smith here. Read Buckley perfectly. No need in that young man taking a beat down.. he was slept. Didnt know where he was , didn't even know Kevin was coming untill at the last second and it was like Kevin jumped out the closet and spooked him. Gotta give big mouth his props for not just straight up pouncing on him... Man what a good fight.. he had alot of trouble with the reach and movement of Kevin. I know I wouldn't want to be in an octagon with Buckley if I were of similar reach ... He threw combinations all three rounds and every one of them were bombs.. that dude would punish fools in a bar fight..

    54. D J

      What's wild is the takedown was there all day for Buckley. Amateur decision not to mix it up to keep Kevin honest especially at such a height and reach disadvantage. Could've definitely won this fight as long as his top pressure was solid offensively and defesnively.

      1. Personable Person

        @Media Device I don't like it either, but that custom of touching gloves after the bell is so stupid. You have the opportunity to touch gloves before the bell, you don't need to do it again.

      2. Media Device

        @alotafhindi7485 It's a fight for sure, but UFC is also a sport. Holland doesn't back down from a fight, so the fight was coming. Generally fighters who don't have bad blood between them touch gloves or high five as a sign of respect. Furthermore, considering Khamzat missed weight, he should've humbled himself and tried to participate in the sports nuances more. From missing weight to rushing under Kevin's high five, dude is not a professional. Yall acting like Holland ever back down from fighting. Holland is all about the violence. Khamzat got banged up by Burns so he didn't want to chance it again, speaking of which, he owes Burns a rematch. That shit was too close to call a Victor.

      3. Alotaf Hindi

        @Media Device bro, Khamzat didn’t go in there to high five him. It’s a fucking fight! He opened the fight like he does with many of his fights n that’s a feint up high followed by a take down. IT WAS A FEINT NOT A PRETEND GLOVE TOUCH. U honestly believe that if it weren’t for that “trash” as u called it that Khamzat wouldn’t have been able to take him down and ended up losing the fight? No fucking way.

      4. Media Device

        Khamzat didn't want any of that hand smoke, so he rushed him while Holland was doing his high-five ritual. I still think it's trash Khamzat had to win that way. Hope they face each other again

      5. Joe Marshall

        more leg kicks, too.

    55. Sephiroth-1

      Holland got that Sniper right hand

    56. Jason Red

      Buckley have so much power in his hands, every time he hits you, it's like being punched by a truck, that's crazy 😨 and he's not even in the top 15, lost his last fight against Imavov 🤕

      1. KingT 02

        Imavov styled on him he’s too short for 185 he just cant crack dudes a head taller

      2. SeKooma

        Buckley made that a great fight though he got fucked. One of the most mobile fighters in the higher weights, very entertaining.

      3. Laci Peter

        Lol he has no power. Especially speed he looks like he is under water when punching .

      4. Halkiingg

        @RapCityMusic Lmao easily fight at 155 🤣🤣🤣 braindead comment

      5. Jacob Saunders

        @RapCityMusic wow you talked so much bs here, Buckley has a massive build no way he’s making 155 unless he changes his physique, and he is skilled, but it’s a shark tank in the ufc these days.

    57. Outside The Wall

      Great stoppage. Saved Buckley from a lot of unnecessary damage. Awesome ref.

      1. RDStiger13

        @1 conscience 0 dimension look at how ref smith looks at buckleys face and watched his movements when he got dropped. buckley was in lala land , look closely. he wouldve gotten lit up. this was an incredible stoppage saved buckley from gettin lit up

      2. 1 conscience 0 dimension

        no ko there

    58. Jake Dalton

      Bro knocked his mouthpiece out like 3 times😂 Good stoppage tbh.

    59. eViL jEsuS

      how the fk does someone with such a skinny frame take body shots from such a physically frightening beast!

    60. logi Bare

      yeah, kung fu ain't no good in no octagon...until Holland punches you square in the face

    61. Gammawavee

      8:16 Hardest shin on shin I've ever seen, Holland played it off well

      1. Mike Wright

        fr the sound of that was insane

    62. Rya N

      This was a naw dome fight fight before Kevin started getting noticed and I was impressed with Joaquin for his debut this fight needs to happen again with a full camp for each other now 100%

      1. Dawg

        I don’t think anyone other than you 2 want to see them run it back

      2. SLS

        100% couldn’t agree more

    63. JG

      I love how Kevin Holland can move his head 100% out of range just by jumping up lmao

    64. Masked Marauder

      That was a right to Mr. Holland's opus.

    65. Jon Anik

      8:16 why is no one talking about this INSANE shin on shin. Thats the type of check that breaks Shins, crazy how neither were seemingly affected from that

      1. Dylan Whatley

        That shit most definitely hurt 😂😂

    66. Bodyweightlifter

      I did the '" left hold spinning right kick " too but lost my fight. But Buckley was the inspiration.

    67. A Thief In The Night

      I am loving holland. the 'that's good buckley' was such a villainous line lol

    68. Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants

      Holland was in excellent condition to absorb those body shots. Those things look painful😖

    69. Ahoussi Faustin

      Hollande fight like MVP ,they got thé same style fighting

    70. Nic Holbrook

      Honestly surprised by Buckley's cardio. I thought he'd be fading quick with all that muscle he's packing.

    71. Taylor Odonnell

      Absolutely great stoppage he even hesitated to give the guy a chance but he saw how his eyes and such were recovering

    72. lovenlightman

      Buckley is great, Offence all the way

    73. Swimbait Sean

      One of the best stoppages I've seen in awhile

    74. r97neaL

      Buckley is way too explosive. That's why he keeps getting those nut shots. He isn't watching where he is landing his shots.

    75. Ullr

      The octagon needs a directional microphone on Holland.

    76. SensaiTheRuler

      Lmao Flying Karate Chop!!!

    77. Monscent

      Holland is such a talent. Just seems like he hasnt found a good training situation.

    78. Badcid

      Buckley comes out with with no long term damage. Way to be present Kevin

      1. Forrest Woodbury

        He new good càll

      2. Forrest Woodbury

        Qln like donkey kog

      3. Dynamo_0

        yeah the guy doesn't really need to be knocked out cold in his first ufc fight

    79. CaptainNotCappin

      I like you a lot man 😂 I’m dead Holland fse

    80. Cristian Chavez

      this was the fight where I knew Holland was the truth. I didnt think he could stand and bang with Buckly and his power but damn did he ever

    81. Henry Downes

      Yeah, really impressed the changes Kevin has made to his game.

    82. John Smith

      Ive always liked this fight and have rewatched it several times since 2020. I like Holland a lot, but I also like Wonderboy. I hope they both win lol

    83. Omer

      Buckley is one of my favorite fighters. His explosiveness is what makes him amazing. I am afraid he is gonna leave someone dead in octagon one day

    84. James Mainstream

      I remember coming into this fight as a fan of Buckley, hyped for his debut. I left a huge Holland fan.

    85. Muyanzi Reid

      I Love Holland in the Pocket...His Explosion, he Throws to Kill but never let's go of his Defense.

    86. sanjuansteve

      Great stoppage. It looked like he could continue, but I think that was a great stoppage.

    87. Jay Smoove

      I love how he licked his hand on the first knockdown and threw a laser right hand 🤣

    88. Times end

      Holland talking to he’s opponents is quality 😂 savage scrap

    89. GroovyXhriss

      Freaking Holland man, I forgot how good he fought here

    90. omar said

      The one who loose is very strong need to focus one point

    91. BassStrangla

      I like Hollands Kung Fu fight style! 🥋 I love it when Buffer says “fighting! Outta the red corner! A KUNG FU FIGHTER” 🔥 Haha so dope

    92. Youness Ouder

      This guy is hands down the best entertainer in the UFC now

    93. O.G Jacob

      This was my underrated knockout of 2020, so clean how Holland fires that 1-2

    94. Mike Gibson

      Damn if Buckley had the composer as hooland he'd be a beast.if Holland had crazy hands like buckley.hed be a beast.

    95. Emperor David

      Christ lord why is nobody talking about the sound of their hands colliding 🔥🥶

      1. Rekan Payne


    96. ellisv75

      been watching this at 0.5 speed and it helps see what shots really land and what dose not. I thought the stop was early but obviously once there was no protest the ref could see something I could not from his position and proximity and it is a credit to him that he stopped it because at the end of the day I would rather see these guys fight again (not necessarily each other) then to see him take 3-4 more hard shots while concussed.

    97. Mitch.G

      I love this fight. Great action back and forth

    98. TheAntManChannel

      Ahh, yes. The day Kevin adopted Joaquin as his own son.

    99. Enigma

      One of the cleanest 1-2s I ever saw still to this day

    100. Marianne Provost

      Buckley laughing at 6:10 always sends me idk why