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    Watch as Kendall Jenner gets ready for the Met Gala. Kendall talks about her love for Audrey Hepburn, and why she was the inspiration for her Met Gala dress. Kendall and designer Matthew M. Williams break down all that went into the look, including 2,500 hours worth of work with the help of 30 different beaders.

    Director: Tucker Bliss
    DP: Anthony Carella
    Editor: Victoria Mortati
    Supervising Producer: Jordin Rocchi
    Producer, On-Set: Sarah Feldman
    AC: Maisie Gibb
    Audio: Gabe Quiroga
    Filmed on Location: The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel
    VP, Digital Video Programming and Development: Robert Semmer
    Director of Content: Tara Homeri
    Showrunner: Lila Benaissa
    Production Manager: Emily Yates
    Post-Production Supervisor: Marco Glinbizzi

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    Kendall Jenner Gets Ready for the Met Gala | Vogue

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    1. Agian Andagian

      All I see is address that reminds me of Kim

    2. RaZoR WrAiTh

      > >

    3. Ali Yiğitsoy

      mmmmhhhmmm kendall :)

    4. Z

      She doesn’t even have an inch of the class Audrey Hepburn had!

    5. Monni Khan

      They are giants

    6. DOUGIE FRESH 007

      My guardian Angel

    7. ListentoChristion Chris  Brown IJM

      Hope fully nmsu Jan 2222

    8. ListentoChristion Chris  Brown IJM

      Sober breezy ok benadryl and a puff of weed after dance rehearsal at youngs park cbijm 10/21

    9. satoru gojo


    10. Me

      Why pick one of the dresses that was NOT designed by Givenchy?! 🤣🤣🤣

    11. kaylynn maisley

      typically, i find the nude mesh and stone look very overdone; however, needless to say, this dress is absolutely STUNNING and Kendall absolutely KILLED this look. amazingggggg

    12. F L O

      Audrey was BELGIAN.

    13. Jon Donjuan


    14. Kassi B

      Beautiful but I bet this was an itchy dress 😂

    15. LadyFancyful

      02:35 interesting that she even couldn't seat in that dress

    16. Ay N

      Kendall nice

    17. mariam


    18. Laylla's Locker

      Love these videos. Beautiful women, beautiful dresses, but this mask-random-folks wearing it while others don't, and all are packed in small spaces is so silly. If one thing covid confirmed 100% is that the human race is made of fail.

    19. Shelley White

      The dress is absolutely gorgeous and she wears it well, I’ve newer watched Kendall on tv before in any of the Kardashian series and she seems like a lovely girl, so well spoken, naturally beautiful and loving life by the looks of it, good on her 😊

    20. wania khan


    21. Usman khan

      Beautiful honey 😘😍😍

    22. Anna Lovato

      You've been obsessed with Audrey your whole life and you think she's British? Must be so hard not to say dumb stuff when your filmed all the time. The stuff I said when I was her age I'd die if someone played back to me.

    23. Camila Gayá Correa

      i'm not a huge fan of kendall as a model but i have to admit that this year she was the best dressed in the whole Met gala

    24. Alexander Hurlbutt

      🎄WITH THE FIRST STEP by Patricia Breen designs … 🎅🏈


      Deepika and kendall look a lit bit same

    26. Alexander Hurlbutt

      Kardashian greeting…

    27. Alexander Hurlbutt


    28. Alexander Hurlbutt

      Guo pei next year… thank u next!

    29. Alexander Hurlbutt

      They edit out the new guest designer in the bathroom during this filming… last week it was in here… Kendal Jackson another silver mesh dress w pasty’s and underwear… I liked the first one this one looked old… ur gold not silver Kendal Jackson is gold… or red rose’ not silver…

      1. Alexander Hurlbutt

        Nude mesh dosent apply it’s underwear

      2. Alexander Hurlbutt

        I hope ur old enough to wear Champaign red and rose’ ur on red carpets!

    30. Amar Kaur

      Can anyone tell me where I can get the dupe of the choker she wore?

    31. Alice

      So so so so disappointed that she didn't do the Audrey hair. That would have made it wonderful, now it's just meh.

    32. Martin Hernandez

      This was the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. A dress could not be prettier. It's how jlos was back in the day

    33. juarez69

      It’s the Hunger Games becoming reality.

    34. Ligia Castellanos

      Es una dama muy bella elegante y con mucha clase👍

    35. Salma Paruk

      Aubrey Hepburn was not British. She was Austrian.

    36. Black Pink Elsa 🌹

      This color can’t seduce audience.better use ruby dress

    37. dyu cat

      A SERVE

    38. Sittie Nihaya Radia

      She's like a Barbie doll.

    39. lina jaat`


    40. Hartini Tini

      Kendal look most beautiful on that gaun chic..

    41. we dislikeA troll

      Too good

    42. Kate Parker

      She said Audrey was British and was was NOT! Learn your facts.

    43. Hanna Hanna

      Kendal est la plus belle des ttes les sœurs kardashian. Elle a une beauté pure aucune chirurgie esthétique. C est un bijoux même naturel

    44. Fashiontrend Digital

      This is the best red carpet event! Every celebrity is beautifully dressed with a special attitude.

    45. Fata Hamza

      Yo super 🧡🧡💜

    46. Nat Ju

      the collar is crap, and why can't you cover the tuches too?! Could have been a great look.

    47. Saaw

      She didnt understand the theme

    48. Sylvia Wilson

      She forgot her petticoat.

    49. Alissa Bowers

      Since she is a self proclaimed lifelong fan of Audrey Hepburn I can’t believe she thought she was British. Painful to watch. The dress is stunning and she looks amazing though. Just feel like you should do your research before you talk to vogue about fashion inspiration.

    50. Nora Santos

      Wow she is beautiful and gorgeous ever what amazing gown 😍😍

    51. Florida Living

      Like this is important in this day and age

    52. Julie Rocha

      The most beautiful of all the sisters

    53. Hasret Ogur

      By far my fav met gala dress ever

    54. Marika Waldraff

      Every time she has something changed in and on her face! Sad!

    55. Payshenxx Akolokwu

      D designer shud just state d exact days it took to mk d dress. Which one is two thousand,five hundred hours again?

    56. An account

      I don't like this year's popular Met Gala looks in general. Not Billie Eilish's, not this...It's not the girls, the designers couldn't pull it off, I think.

    57. An account

      It honestly looks like fancy drapes thrown on a nude swimsuit. How did Hepburn inspiration turn into this? 😭 Who would see this and say uh huh, Hepburn inspired!? 😭

    58. Paola Garatto

      with that dress, she couldn't sit in the limo...?

    59. Valentina Dian Larasati

      The best so far!!!

    60. Esme Trist

      She’s not as skinny as her pictures …

    61. Roddy Richer

      God bless everyone and their family blessings

    62. V Mrqs

      She looks stunning! Kendall got a beautiful smile.

    63. Ar Ly

      "I've been obsessed with her my whole life" .......riiiight.

    64. Raymond Wannabe

      Yao my name is Audrey and my room has Audrey hepbren everywhere

    65. hannah caudill

      she inspires me so much

    66. BAYAR

      best one

    67. Roslynd Rosëin Dacey

      Audrey Hepburn was not British, she was Dutch. Belgian by birth and grew up in the Netherlands. She lived in the UK with her mother only temporarily

    68. Driven Thoughts

      The chief undershirt sporadically perform because toe lally bolt qua a tight price. efficient, military africa

    69. Adrita Majumder

      I love how it did not involve much makeup or anything except the dress itself. It was gorgeously simple.

    70. Adrita Majumder

      Kendall and Gigi absolutely looks GORGEOUS and NAILED the theme. Kim on the other hand.. I mean if she was going for batwoman then she nailed it.

    71. sm c

      She wins

    72. zeerak tamkeen

      although kendall wore but gigi have that charisma, style and beauty of audrey hepburn wished gigi would have wore it.

    73. Ivana Janković


    74. Brittany Burgess

      People can say whatever they want, but this dress is so gorgeous

    75. PB

      Not sure if I saw it here, but does anyone know who did her makeup? It was absolutely perfect!

    76. Joanne Maurer

      A Goddess!

    77. Muzlighter ***

      I am overly obsessed with her!

    78. Kavin Cooper

      The vengeful beat interestedly form because wallaby clasically replace aboard a ambitious wing. luxuriant, silent feast

    79. rianne


    80. Alexander Hurlbutt

      I am a homeless animal on the run the government is burning my family and all my animal friends homes please leave Super Bowl snacks out for the baby bears Chicago really needs a win this season I put out a few pork tenderloin this week cleaning out the fridge for my animal boyfriend and his endangered tailgaters… we like selfies… not shots…

    81. atterol jones

      She ain't no Audrey Hepburn in or out of the invisible knock off gown.

    82. Lydia Christofi

      I feel like Kendall is trying to take credit for making the dress like she probably didn’t contribute to the design or the making at all. All she did was say ‘I like Audrey Hepburn’ and ‘yeah let’s do that’

    83. Zeynep

      she looks GORGEOUS!!!!!

    84. rifa

      Why isn't everybody talking about how handsome and cute was Matthew?

    85. Rajpreet Kaur

      But I thought the met gala was about dressing, to begin with, not stripping.... Eww

    86. A V I I

      I LOVE how the dress wasn't over the top yet too simple either it perfectly matched her vibe and she looked stunning af

    87. Jennifer

      She seems so different then what I’ve seen of her sisters. Much more down to earth and she really is a natural beauty (not to say she hasn’t had surgery but much more natural then the sisters and mother)

      1. Dustin Benting

        Of course she's different they all are in their own way actually

    88. MMaya

      my fave Met 2021 look, beautiful classy timeless dress

    89. Baby Booh

      Must be nice to be this gorgeous

    90. Bruna Marote

      she's so pretty 😍

    91. soulmistin

      "Even though she was British, she was kind of the American movie star." she was Belgian and lived in Switzerland but ok

      1. Aleksand Alexander

        @Leah Finlay you didn’t get it. I get that but she came to the American Hollywood industry and American films.

      2. Leah Finlay

        She grew up in England and had a English accent but ok

      3. Aleksand Alexander

        She was in American Hollywood

    92. C G

      She is not a cool looking girl. a bit too commercial. --my opinion.

    93. Radha Kundu

      This dress wouldn’t look perfect without KENDALL. Kenny literally made this whole outfit heavenly.. She has the perfect body..

    94. •N x f e l i b a t a•

      Kendall was one of the people that actually dressed as the theme for met.

    95. Charlotte Coolik


    96. Wanda Perkins

      The public pressure finally tour because pedestrian plausibly fix opposite a axiomatic existence. chunky, moldy ease

    97. man hello

      Loved her costume

    98. Jitty Vasquez dela Cruz

      Audrey Hepburn is Dutch

    99. Katie Carrasco

      this is crazy

    100. none

      Omg she looked so pretty 😭