Jung Kook from BTS performs 'Dreamers' at FIFA World Cup opening ceremony



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    Relive Jung Kook's iconic performance of Dreamers as he was joined on stage by Fahad Al Kubaisi .
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      1. Hong Phung Nguyen

        Best World Cup Opening performing ever! The most talent and humble Artist I have ever seen !!!

      2. Carlos Formentao


      3. Carlos Formentao

        você é lindo so eu Emanuelly

      4. xiao yang

        Jungkook song is the best song of FIFA WORlD CUP.

      5. Ronald Lauber


    2. Obre01

      No soy Army, ni conozco mucho de BTS pero reconozco que fue una increíble presentación!! Se nota el talento y transmite una buena vibra, la emoción del mundial es una cosa increíble

      1. smart people

        Thank you

      2. ᄋᄋᄐᄐ

        Headliner 직캠 영상으로 봐야함. Fifa영상보다 훨씬 좋음.

      3. -El Bromas


      4. Aze_Army girl🇦🇿Jk600?#ytaboneleriçekme


      5. Feli0908

        this is JUNGKOOK! this is not the group! JUNGKOOK is a beautiful genius.

    3. Elle's Life

      We need the entire performance please. Fahad's part was also magical. Brought this performance to the next level.

      1. hello i like youtube

        it’s on BANGTANTV channel!

      2. BTSoutsold

        u can find the whole version on BTS‘s channel :) watch it there

    4. tthhv

      Orgullosa de que un artista tan increíble cómo Jungkook tenga está oportunidad tan increíble de presentarse en un lugar así.

    5. Jungkooklegend

      Поддержим Чонгука! Ты наша радость и гордость! Jungkook we love you and proud of you!

    6. Brigitte Velasquez

      Muy buena canción para un mundial. No soy fan de BTS, pero esta presentación fue excelente. Deberían ponerla completa su presentación.

      1. karan aujla

        You can watch it on BTS's official channel.

      2. V

        Bütün performansı BANGTANTV'de izleyebilirsiniz 💜

      3. Carla Novoa

        En el canal de bts,llamado Bangtantv está completa 👌😄

    7. YouTube

      a performance to remember 💜

      1. Dynamite

        Thank you

      2. grace amazing

        the fan made video has been taken out from the KZsection charts, but the official MV and performance by FIFA for Dreamers by Jungkook still doesn’t show up on the charts. Please look into this ASAP.

      3. Andrea Cadena

        Now count CORRECTLY the views from the OFFICIAL CHANNELS (FIFA AND BANGTAN TV) thanks.!

      4. 튼튼엄마

      5. grace amazing

        The official MV + performance of “DREAMERS” by JUNGKOOK which were uploaded on FIFA official channel were not counted in your charts but unofficial lyrics video was counted. Please fix this mistake as soon as possible!

    8. Prima Vera

      La voz de Jung Kook El baile de Jung Kook La actitud positiva de Jung Kook El mensaje de Dreamers La música que te invita a bailar Simplemente perfecta

    9. María M

      sin promoción previa, sin que lo promocione en sus redes, jk solo trabaja y deja que la gente juzgue, el cielo es tu limite.💜

      1. Veronica Aguilar

        Asi es !!!

      2. DebunkBuster


      3. Natacha Domitro

        muy cierto, ❤🐰❤

    10. Ellie

      No suelten este performance!! Estamos a nada de los 30 millones!!!! Vamos ARMY!!!

    11. Andra K

      Seriously this performance was excellent! Jungkook is perfect so it's not a surprise that his performance was perfect as well.Everyone was extended impressed.Even Mr.RedOne the producer of this song complimented Jungkook and said that he already made history with this performance! Jungkook,you are stunning!

    12. Creative Interior

      I'm not a fan of anyone in bts, but this spectacle was so impressive, if the world has blessed them with such a fanbase, they must have so much talent.

      1. Treesha Tisha

        They are... Thanks for showing them respect..💜

      2. RIYA ROY

        Indeed they have...thank you for your lovely opinion

      3. Vera Diah

        Thank you , yeah Fans will not stand a group/Artist without a talent

      4. 💜BTS Magic shop in your heart 💜

        Even if u r not fan but still love it how u respect of them

      5. ÅRMŸ Ñēłłîõttå

        Thank you for appreciate BTS as a group and as individuals. They are amazing.

    13. 👉Amelia- g0 T0 MY Channel livе (now)

      No soy Army, ni conozco mucho de BTS pero reconozco que fue una increble presentacin!! Se nota el talento y transmite una buena vibra, la emocin del mundial es una cosa increble

    14. TheFanDog19

      Sinceramente cuando la escuché instantáneamente me gustó y mucho

    15. Jessica MaR

      No puedo dejar de ver la presentación y la canción ver a Jungkook bailar no sale del mi cabeza

    16. Bruna Alexandra

      Que orgulhooooooo nosso gold maknae armyssss

    17. Moirangthem Rohit

      As a football fan, Junkook just introduce a iconic song with Cool, calm and peacefully to the world🌍. I love this song.❤️

      1. Aliah Abdul Wahab

        You are right.. listening to this song..JK n Fahad bring it cool, calm and peaceful to the ears . Well done to them both. The performance by JK and the dancers pleasing to watch .

      2. KookiesBun

        Thank you so much for this sweet comment and appreciating jungkook and liking the song ❤🫶🏻🥺 also it’s spelled “Jungkook” 🥰

      3. cristina maria kassama bag

        Thanks 💜

      4. tinny napitu


      5. 이다

        Fabulous! I love this. ^.^v

    18. Sayima Ahmad

      When he starts with "look we are" i get supreme energy with goosebumps 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 magical voice

      1. Aqibshahfitnsss


    19. Maxine Kim

      This performance really exceeded my expectation. Jungkook's indeed a powerful and great performer. I'm falling for him over and over again, ugh!

    20. G_a_u_r_a_v G.

      Not a army .. but this is one of the best performance I've ever watched .. what a charismatic voice .. I love their songs now. . ❤️ Thank you both for performing this great song .. 👍

      1. juliette.!~

        @G_a_u_r_a_v G. stay mad

      2. G_a_u_r_a_v G.

        @patric "everyone YOU know " you don't speak for others.

      3. patric

        nah bruh literally everyone i know hates this performance, im so surprised and in shock people like this song (not saying it's bad)

      4. G_a_u_r_a_v G.

        @Arisya Hamiza yeah.. I love that too. ❤️

      5. Arisya Hamiza

        Im addicted JK song Tittle still with you

    21. Paola Agüero

      Muy buena presentación junkook!!! Un tema muy emotivo ,siempre con carisma y buena vibra!!!"BTS"

    22. Miss Paper Maker

      Never been an army nor a fan of BTS, but Jungkook, seriously didn't let the world down with this performance. Currently obsessed with this song. Now, I know, how and why they have this kind of fanbase. True, pure talent. 🔥🔥🔥

      1. chrisna mirantika

        Thank you 🙏🏻

      2. Hein Htet Ko

        Love 💕

      3. Dynamite

        Thank you 💜

      4. AM L

        Agreed 👍

      5. cristina maria kassama bag


    23. Sandra Ibañez

      Apoyemos esta presentación todos somos Dreamers 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    24. 🤯ID 0342 - TAР ME t0 havе Sех With (me)🤯


    25. tthhv


    26. Cecília

      Que jungkook e farah através de sua canção traga Paz Mundial para os países em conflitos! A vida é tão curta e cheio de sonhos! Que se estenda a bandeira da Paz através desta música de jungkook!

    27. S

      I am not an army or anything but I have to say Jung Kook is a pure talent and charisma.. his voice and dance are just perfect, he truly did a great performance 🙌

      1. se se

        @S yeah that proves my point …..

      2. S

        @se se I am young

      3. se se

        @S only young people know that

      4. se se

        @S my parent abusolutly don’t know that they don’t even know who bts is lol

      5. se se

        @S only k pop Stan’s know that army means their fans … other people think it’s armed forces lol

    28. Katy

      jungkook eres lo más bonito de mi vida, te amo mucho, es tan admirable todo lo que haces, de verdad estoy tan orgullosa de tí, no me canso de decirlo.

    29. adacentu_

      Estoy orgullosa de ti jungkook✨💜

    30. Andra K

      Jungkook,you were absolutely perfect,your performance was flawless

    31. To you who found me

      Popular opinion: Everyone wants this masterpiece to reach 30M!!

    32. Yıldız

      This boy screams stage dominance. His stage presence and energy is unrivaled.

      1. Wiliest


      2. KookiesBun

        @Aman Raishut up hater

      3. Grammar Police

        @Alka Goswami who

      4. 64 siskat

        @Alka Goswami we know it says that in the title...

      5. Aman Rai

        @Salampeep TM yeah so TRUE.. 🤣

    33. Mayra Servi

      La canción es hermosa !! Y la presentación expectacular ♥️🥳

    34. Veronica Marjorie


    35. Эмма Мирзоева

      Я никогда не слушала БТС, но Катар выбрал прекрасного исполнителя. Очень интеллигентно, без пошлости и с уважением к местным слушателям. Молодец парень, быть участником бойзбенда и вытянуть в одиночку такой масштаб. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

      1. Dynamite

        Run bts practice izlemenizi tavsiye ederim BANGTANTV'de 💜

    36. mom boys

      he sings soon after a breathless dance, and his song is stable

    37. Steven Ramirez

      No conozco ninguna canción de BTS pero está presentación estuvo sencillamente espectacular! No hizo falta ninguna shakira, ni dua lipa ni Nadie!

      1. willmony YGG Coul baker

        @C A L E B M O L I N A los que son asi como usted normalmente carecen de argumentos y se rigen por las emociones, asi que calladito, que asi es la realidad

      2. wenamecheinsama

        @violeta bravo bueno ,yo vi que los futbolistas y los amantes del FIFA comentario eso

      3. DiegoXxX

        @Alexa Construir un estadio a base de miles de inmigrantes???

      4. fragil al viento

        @wenamecheinsama eso si jungkook mostró su propio brillo y demaciado orgullosa de él 💜

      5. Alexa

        @Konthea chhke nhi ya ahora se inteligente y menos manipulable , día lupa , y Shakira han dado conciertos en Arabia saudita , LATAM dónde también se explota a personas , la diferencia es que en este mundial se ha hecho más bulla por qué es más fuerte pero no menos válido , la hipocresía amigo

    38. Sumaiya Akter

      Jean Jungkook won the hearts of the football fans by his amazing and soloful performance in the world cup ceremony. Really amazing, so appreciable. ❤️❤️❤️ Take love from Bangladesh.

    39. L̴i̴n̴a̴ C̴h̴a̴tT ̴ -m̴e̴- 👉t@p

      Not a army .. but this is one of the best performance I've ever watched .. what a charismatic voice .. I love their songs now. . Thank you both for performing this great song ..

    40. Nicky

      He melts my heart. Wow! So proud of him right now! I watched the full version of this also the other day on BangtanTV chanel and was delighted also with the other performer who had a voice like honey. Interesting to see their different styles. So proud of this young man and all the BTS boys. Is always weird watching them perform without their bros but wonderful also to see them doing so well both as a group and individually. Thank you FIFA. I am not sure why the whole performance was not released, the rest was also fabulous.

    41. 😈Veronica- g-o t0 МY chаnnеl live (now)😈

      Hermosa presentacin Jungkook lo hiciste genial Army est tan feliz

    42. poe lusi

      This guy started giving out free tickets in 2013 and now he's unlocked the world cup. We are proud of you Jungkook👑💜

      1. Suhaima Armyyy💜💜

        Yeah their struggles😭😭😭

      2. Only Math


    43. Aqsa

      This will be remembered in history!!

    44. 🍑Barbara- Go TO МY Ch@nnel livе (now)🍑

      As a football fan, Junkook just introduce a iconic song with Cool, calm and peacefully to the world. I love this song.

    45. Marli Travassos

      A melhor música 🎶 de todas as copas! 👏👏👏 Jungkook💜💜🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    46. Khadija Mora

      Bravo Jung kook très belle voix et prestation

    47. Durjoy Max

      Not a fan of BTS, but I have to admire that this song has already made a huge impact in the shortest time. Jung kook really did well as well as Fahad Al Kubaisi. Respect.

      1. Durjoy Max

        @Arnami Ghosh Yeah true.

      2. Arnami Ghosh

        @Durjoy Max fr and then they would call kpop fans toxic.

      3. tinny napitu


      4. Durjoy Max

        @Abdul Bari Khan Who told you to see comments bro? And who told you to reply like a dumb in an appreciation comment?

      5. Akira

        @Abdul Bari Khan What's wrong with people of all audiences, appreciating this wonderful singer?

    48. آماليا..

      I didn't know that his voice is so beautiful. It's the most beautiful opening of the World Cup my eyes have ever seen. Greetings from Saudi Arabia🫂🤍

    49. mileydis rios garate

      Hermoso jk fue una presentación impactante para el famdo ARMY 💜

    50. 나비LIGHT97

      This person is my biggest pride. There's nobody who makes me as proud as Jeon Jungkook, definitely.

      1. Abo Alaz


      2. Lucy Anyango

        Yeah my baby always nails it I'm always proud of him hats off man

    51. Lyubov Chubarova

      Чонгук! Обожаю, люблю, горжусь!

    52. Tawhidul Islam

      I'm not a BTS fan but I have to appreciate their work :)) they really works hard:) and This guy really did amazing... Love from Bangladesh🇧🇩

      1. Private

        @RahNus subject matter aside.... adoption is nOT A JOKE. Watch what U say

      2. dk

        @Rjej Rjej There is no benefit in these Indian companies showing millionaires. If these company owners do not help the poor people of their own country.

      3. Rjej Rjej

        @dk and indian company byjus is a partner in the world cup where are bhikari abdoolstani companies or kangladeshi companies?ps forgot to mention that much more than 7 million kangladeshis and Rohingyas are in india pls take them back

      4. Rainy Rain

        @maninder singh think before you talk.....how rational it was!!!

      5. Lam

        @maninder singh rendian spread hate everywhere

    53. Victoria Bortoletto

      No me canso de ver esta presentación tan linda. Ojalá pudieran subirla completa con Fahad Al Kubaisi!

      1. Victoria Bortoletto

        @Vaca Teodora Sii. Decía porque creo que merece estar aquí también 💜

      2. Vaca Teodora

        En el canal de BTS (bangtantv) está la presentación completa con Fahad.

      3. Victoria Bortoletto

        @ESTEFANI SOLIER Sii la veo siempre 💜


        Pues si :c, pero si quieres verla completa esta en el canal de bts

      5. Najmah Akib

        It's true..

    54. Alejandra Quintana

      Orgullosa de JK y orgullosa de ser Army

    55. Kenya Rivas

      Fue una presentación muy bonita y muy chida 😃😃 jk lo iso bien muy bien

    56. 🤯Mу iD 4178 - tAP mE t0 havе Sех wITн МЕ!🤯

      Hermosa presentacin Jungkook lo hiciste genial Army est tan feliz

    57. Khadeeja Ahmed

      The song was perfect for real…jungkook attracted not only army,but also all football admirers..it’s just sad that fifa cropped Fahad’s part while singing cuz he also worked on this song even if it’s just a small part…we’re proud of jungkook cuz he’s for real talented and his moves were fluent❤

      1. Roza Kornak, PhD

        Agree. Now we have Dreamers music video dropped today with full song and Fahad's part which is fenomenal.

      2. İbrahim.ky_159

        O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted. Surah Al-hujurat 13

      3. Lizbeth

        So unfair. Thankfully, they included his part on the official video that was just released & he did an incredible job.

      4. Aryan Khan

        Kinda Agree With It.

    58. Miladis Torres yero


    59. tuana_sgr

      I get goosebumps everytime I watch this performance. It raidates such a positivity and a feeling of togetherness😍

    60. Sunshine

      I'm proud of him like a mother is proud of her son 🥺

    61. Natacha Domitro

      El deporte,la música,el arte supera todas las barreras sin excusas, Eso es DREAMERS , pasión, sueños,respeto ... JK Y FAHAD sensacionales, Gracias a la FIFA por elegirlos, no se equivocaron.Jeong Jungkook excepcional. y el MVoficial es una belleza.💥💥💥🤴💜💜💜

      1. Abo Alaz

        افضل تعليق تم قرأته . شكرا لك . احسنت

    62. 𝓡𝓸𝓱~

      I love how some football fans are actually loving his performance

      1. Arnami Ghosh

        @Surian bruh are u for real??😅😅😂😂. Learn smthing before u comment. Their fandom is right now the biggest fandom. 10M views are nothing for them. We just casually watched this video. If we streamed it would hv 100M views by now!!!


        @Surian that’s what I’m thinking

      3. Surian

        @MISSION POSSIBLE 😤🙉 they are paid people or bots

      4. zyyaley

        @MISSION POSSIBLE 😤🙉 abt the views and all like i said u dont know anything our fandom is really huge and it’s common to have that said numbers but then again you wont understand coz you aren’t part of this fandom itself alright have a nice day let’s end this here thanks.

      5. 𝓡𝓸𝓱~

        @MISSION POSSIBLE 😤🙉 ok?

    63. marjorie gopee

      An amazing performance by Jung Kook with his song Dreamers. Absolutely beautiful! Awesome!❤❤❤❤❤

    64. Miracle Osita

      Looking at the bts or each member of the group, I’m not even surprised they have a huge fan base. This is awesome ❤️❤️

    65. MISH P.S

      Hermosa presentación

    66. 😈Mу iD 4178 - T@P ME T0 havе seX wiтн МЕ!😈

      orgullosa de ser fand de BTS , apoyandolos en todo, orgullosa de este gran paso de jungkook

    67. Borntobereal 2004

      Coming from a guy who was never interested in bts and kind of looked down upon them.This boy gives off such innocent but playful vibes at the same time and the way he just seemed to be effortlessly pulling the live singing plus THAT DANCE(Man,can't get over that dance) is just beautiful.This boy really gained my respect.Wish him a more successful career and may he go more far.Waiting to see him in future in more bigger places

      1. karan aujla

        Thank you for appreciating.

      2. Aliah Abdul Wahab

        I agree. The dance move is so smooth . This young man is amazing.

      3. tinny napitu


      4. Sweety

        Thanks 🥰🙏

      5. liberator6

        @shawn derby “ARMY” is the name of BTS’s fandom. That person wasn’t talking about the actual military. 😅 BTS’s fans are called “ARMYs.”

    68. Luzromy Saenz

      Lo máximo jungkook voz baile canción extremadamente excelente jungkook lo maximo Bts.

    69. Siska Tan

      JungKook bravo as always ! So proud of you and love you all BTS !❤

    70. Agusniar Ditasani

      Not an army but this is spectacular

    71. 🤯ID 0342 - TAР ME t0 havе Sех With (me)🤯

      Many people around the world has chosen this performance as their favourite time of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Opening Ceremony! To all those people out there BTS ARMY wants to say THANK YOU cause we know all the effort Jung Kook of BTS put in this moment!!

    72. AST

      I knew it he would never disappointed us. This performance, song and his vocal were amazing. It's worthy for World Cup song.

      1. karimvfx

        @AST way better wc songs, this one is basically average

      2. AST

        @karimvfx why? It wasn't bad at all.

      3. karimvfx

        no lol

    73. 🤯Alice- Gо t0 МY chаnnеl l-i-v-e -NOW-🤯

      Muy buena cancin para un mundial. No soy fan de BTS, pero esta presentacin fue excelente. Deberan ponerla completa su presentacin.

    74. اسيده يونغي يونغي

      I love you Jungkook, you are our pride, the legend of the world

    75. emile

      é tão bom ser fã dele, tenho tanto orgulho

    76. mish

      Eres el orgullo de corea junto con los tannies, koo, te amamos

    77. i am still in 2019

      The best thing about this performance is that you can see that this man is singing from his heart and the way this song is representing Qatar's music style! The perfect song for world cup

      1. Bolo Reynoso

        he is def singing from somewhere but his actual vocal cords, cuz this sucks balls xd

    78. 🔥Alice- Gо T0 my chаnnеl l-i-v-e -NOW-🔥

      An as Asian I'm so proud of JungKook and Fahad for representing us at such a big stage.

      1. introvert62

        I like you picture 😍

    79. The school fever

      Jungkook is just amazing we are so proud of him 💜💜💜💜

    80. Dayana Sousa

      Simplesmente maravilhosa a música adorei

    81. 🚨Barbara- GO t0 МY СНаnnel live *now*

      Performance linda demais, tinha que ser n, Jungkook dana muito, e tambm transmite uma segurana muita grande, e ainda deu show menso no escutando sua voz.

    82. Jeha

      Once he was a 15 year old boy who said "Mom I'm on the TV!" and now he is a grown up man performing in front of 5 billion people..... I'm so proud our Jungkookie😭✨

      1. 1trillion years ago

        This comment was on Bantang TV also happy to see this comment here 😅😆

      2. Ayu Sulistina

        And all the brothers say jungkok is grow up

      3. 🖤.な テ な の.🖤


      4. nakabuye zaituni

        Me too

      5. Siya💜


    83. daniela

      jk lo hiciste increíble corazón, no hay un día que no escuche y vea tu presentación junto a fahad, orgullosa de ser tu fan

    84. pjmphrodite

      Such a great performance, you did well our kookie Jungkookie!!!💜💜


      From Sénégal 🇸🇳❤️ j'écoute la chanson souvent en mode répété 🥰 Félicitations 💙

    86. camila mendoza

      Que hermoso !!!❤️

    87. Salma Ęider

      Tengo que admitir que los chicos de BTS tienen mucho talento. JungKook lo demostró con esta presentación y recientemente quedé muy sorprendida cuando otro integrante de este grupo vino a Argentina para presentarse con Coldplay.

      1. hung nguyentien

        haha, quảng cáo kèm

      2. roxana frias frias

        los 7 son muy talentosos

      3. tinny napitu


      4. Erica Llinas

        @Carlos tipica niñ@ buscando atencion

      5. And Chisco

        Jin 🙌🏻 La verdad es que cada uno tiene lo suyo y si son super talentosos.

    88. Sonia Maria

      Abertura mais linda de todas as copas do mundo 🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️

      1. Abo Alaz

        فعلا . انه رائع ومعبر

    89. Sem Sangvat

      I listening 🎧 to the Dreamers song almost every day. Because It's great song.

    90. Joy serah Ejakpofo

      Jungkook is my favorite bts member and this song is so touching i really love seeing the whole world so united 🥲🥲

    91. 😈Mу*iD*5567 - TAР Me T0 HaVe Sех wITн -ME-😈

      Jungkook en verdad es una estrella, naci para sto, stoy orgullosa de que ests llegando muy lejos y que tuvieras la oportunidad de cantar en el mundial de Qatar 2022

    92. Waqar Abbasi

      You don't have to be a BTS fan to admit how beautiful this performance was.

      1. Sulthan_M

        @Arnami Ghosh chill i was just stating my opinion why so salty?

      2. Arnami Ghosh

        @Sulthan_M lol why so salty bro?? Anyways admit it or not he just ate it.

      3. Borntobereal 2004

        Agree with you bro.I was also skeptical about this singer but l admit my mistake.I can't deny how wonderful he is.Those people who are still hating him even after this amazing performance are just narrow-minded,prejudiced cowards who are too afraid to admit their mistakes.

      4. Sadie Ve

        it really was. there are so many hateful people afraid to admit it but they’re amazingly talented

      5. M.K


    93. EvaImam

      I LOVE THIS SONG! Perfect and so uplifting!

    94. thil

      what a performer, very impressive ❤️ Jung Kook

    95. SAYMA🍁

      Awesome!!just super,,jungkook No one can beat him❣️

    96. Children fun time

      I ain’t much a big fan of any band… but i can see why BTS is so popular around the whole world! Their performance are always impressive

    97. A Poddar

      What a feat Jungkook achieved at such a young age.. he has amazing stable vocals when singing live.. I hope people who are not into kpop or bts appreciated his efforts. He is a really hardworking artist. I am glad he got this platform. Proud of you Kook 💜💜 beautiful song 😊 though my forever favourite WC song will always be Cup of Life

      1. Okapi8786

        Proud? I’m so disappointed in him for performing in Katar. He is performing in a stadium built by slaves😡 I love BTS but i will never, ever celebrate Jungkook for this action.

    98. Monsta X

      Gracias Kookie, nos trajiste suerte😍👏😊🇦🇷, te amo mucho. Lejos una de las mejores voces del K-pop 👏🤗

    99. Tan⁷ia

      "We will make it happen" Argentina made it.. Congratulations from a Brazil fan🤗

    100. fati fifi

      He is such an amazing performer!!