It's IMPOSSIBLE to get through THIS! [Minecraft]



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    This WORLD DARKEST TUNNEL in Minecraft. A 100 Block long tunnel to protect your Diamonds from your Friends! CAN MY FRIEND REACH THE DIAMONDS?
    WATCH this video to the end to FIND OUT!

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    Minecraft Safest Base. Build this tunnel with awesome traps for friends in minecraft. Troll your friends in this tunnel or protect yourself from all the zombies in your survival World. All your friends will have a lot of fun and enjoy this bunker. It looks like Dream got lost in his Manhunt with SapNap and GeorgeNotFound FINALE! Could Dream get through this tunnel?
    Recording videos like Minecraft: 10 Simple Redstone Builds! , Minecraft: How to make a working Elevator (easy) and Minecraft: 10+ Among Us Build Hacks is a really fun thing to do and I love to come up with new Ideas and Designs and present them in my KZsection-videos.
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    Stay Safe, BBlocks! :)

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    1. Laura Nguyen

      Times 0:00 Intro 0:12 TNT gravel 1:53 Lava stones 3:21 The Quiz 4:46 Cactus creeper jump 5:31 Code door 7:42 Hidden TNT Diamonds 8:00 Testing

      1. Mehran Yousuf Chowdhury


      2. blab beb

        @Laura Nguyen j p v thats it

      3. 嘿!小卡比!

        Wow you show all

      4. Nightstar the Animus

        thank you

      5. Gia Huy

        Finally, i can find an American-Vietnamese watch this

    2. LEGO Land

      Keep up the fantastic work and always keep me updated on your latest videos that are the best and will always be the best in the world.💘❤I make lego stop motion animation. you can see it

      1. William Krupa

        Cool, keep doing what you like!

    3. Fenrir

      That combo lock only has 32 possible entries. Wouldn't be difficult to brute force. In binary, UP represents 0 and DOWN representing 1, the combination is 10110, or 22 in Decimal.

    4. Phu Duong

      For those who don’t know, When the gravel is pressed on the TNT, it still destroys the surrounding blocks, so remember to break the gravel before the TNT explodes (or just build an obsidian wall around )

      1. Elham Khosravi


      2. KEVAL GALA


      3. Gia Huy

        I can find a Vietnamese again

      4. Deltaflame


    5. JavaXY App Studio

      His friend: Has a iron pickaxe Also Him: Doesn't realize that he can survive traps with iron pickaxe

      1. SHadow dfxcxv

        Thank you

      2. pc gamer


    6. TheRoboShep

      I like how he uses a pickaxe to mine stone in creative even though he can do it with his hands

      1. Daksh 777

        Waiting For the kind hearted person who can actually support me from his heart and understand my problem ❤😣😭😭

      2. m¡su

        It’ll be useless cus u won’t be able to get it😂

      3. Red

        @XxQueenAaliyahxX And what limb do you need to make a fist?

      4. XxQueenAaliyahxX

        F I S T I T S A F I S T

      5. tristan heiser


    7. William Krupa

      The great thing is as long as your friend is a good sport than this is decently tricky even though it's so simple!

    8. Mine Craft

      "Redstone is simple" never gets old.

    9. Joscrack

      Thanks Blocks now you gave me an idea to create a very trolls map for my friends!

    10. Angadnoor Singh

      That was really awesome!I wonder how do you get these amazing ideas!Keep it up bro.

    11. unlucky.

      The fact that he is using a pickaxe even in creative mode is just genius

    12. Shadow_PlayzzYT

      This one sentence never gets old: the redstone is simple!

      1. rainbow dash

        So true and right

      2. Im_Akwala

        Slap it on some merch

      3. GamerZorya

        @John Paul Fernandez ?

      4. John Paul Fernandez

        stop da cap

      5. The Manarpa Family


    13. Hedwig Quan

      I recommend you at the question trap you need to add wall so when players answer incorrect, they can't see the correct one when jumped to the wrong one. Make a dead end also.

    14. RANDOM

      I love how he gets a pickaxe to break stuff even though he’s in creative mode

    15. GAΜΞBLΟΧ 00 [GD]

      Really cool traps, love your videos BBlocks!

    16. Atharv chaudhary

      Finally he started breaking stone with pickaxe 😂

      1. hen ko

        I got my friends so good with this video. laughed so hard when they failed.

    17. Rats

      His friend: does it properly Smart player: digs around the traps in to the stone

      1. Matining Patrick John

        Genius players: Going around it

      2. Anna Gamer Official

        @DifferentAngle u are right

      3. Felix F

        @DifferentAngle he had iron pick bud

      4. Felix F

        He had iron pick at the end

      5. Felix F


    18. Fang Yueting (Qtps)

      You can just build around it or dig a tunnel to it. You can even break the traps.

    19. Jeffrey Yabut

      A sentence that will never be forbidden: The redstone is simple!

      1. Srilatha Kumar


      2. NSB159

        So true

      3. Intan Mahfar


    20. Oofboy

      I love this, I would do this to my Friends. Thanks for making This Video!


      I’m learning to use redstone by watching your videos

    22. Otavio Lopes Maes

      De Know That "The Redstone Is Simple" Never Gets Old

    23. George Naidanov

      The first one is really simple: He needed to find the first block that isn’t tnt and jump to the other side

    24. CSR 1095

      Why can't we just go over the ceiling? Nice traps btw

    25. Mr M R

      I love the fact that after the tunnel, it's a open sky from where anyone can enter

      1. GernallyGaming

        You didn't watch the video

      2. Marlyn Smith

        But the diamonds are a trap so it doesn’t matter

      3. Luca Reinhart

        ye you just have to make it in a cave or something that is covered

      4. To Hansen

        I love you vidios

    26. Praneeth N Naik

      5:49 'It is impossible to open' What if I break the blocks?

    27. wei lu

      For the first trap I would build the safe rote apart so you would have to jump and not walk.


      Finally using a pickaxe to break stones instead of shovels By the way love your videos

    29. AwesomeNinja9562

      BBlocks catchphrase: “The redstone is simple!”

      1. Irfan Haider

        A A xvriè

      2. BBlaze

        Very simple

      3. Andrew Dias

        @Devourrate yes

      4. Devourrate

        Anyone know Mumbo Jumbo?

      5. Nobody Has Ever

        this man is also known as the magma musen theif

    30. Muktasid

      I love how we can actually trap ourselves rather than our friend in this trap! 5:23

      1. Leon Byliniak

        @Myratrank Ikr, i still hate anime

      2. Myratrank

        @Leon Byliniak Cuz he is one of the popular commenter!

      3. Leon Byliniak

        Why does this guy have 152 subscribes?

      4. Emilia Rees-Heseltine

        I might not include that trap... Knowing my Parkour skills I don't think it would be wise


        @Purushothamanreal joke i will laugh next week

    31. Shaan Agrawal

      This is only useful when your friend is in adventure or he can break every contraption

    32. swiss002

      1:45 that build... you can actually sprint through it

    33. Allert Betten

      Does anyone else have that the parcour jumps dont get pulled down by the pistons

    34. Nightmare Bonnie's Christmas Show!

      That one smart friend: Just go around after seeing where the diamonds are from the end of the tunnel

    35. Jordy

      I like these traps (cuz I also prank my friends in multiplayer) keep Posting these kind of videos

    36. jelly9z

      BBlocks at the cactus trap: “Oh no! Anyway..” 5:09

    37. Kaden Skinner

      I love how he is in creative and still uses a iron Pic to mine

    38. Mohammad Moshiur Rahman

      Watching these tutorials are easy but building those are very hard

    39. Bad Hand Drawn Logo

      This is super easy. (Break pressure plates, crouch before walking through iron door, break the iron blocks, break the cacti, ect.)

    40. Jj Mn

      For the combination one, you can double the amount of levers but as a sacrifice, it has to be one block deeper

    41. •ShanaeXD•

      You have a great voice! You should use it more often!

    42. Ink⭐Sanz V 11

      How to easily beat the tunnel: break the blocks and put water

    43. Lumino OP

      I love how he is in creative but still use iron pickaxe

    44. KaBir Singh

      Thanks for making this video bc it is very useful to me cause my friend in minecraft stoles my all diamonds and golds

    45. BimDaTitanicNerd

      0:18 i like how he's mining the blocks with the pickaxe even though he's in creative mode-

      1. Ayo😳


    46. serry ciok

      You can just mine through the wall that makes this trap tunnel very easy

    47. Luis Bobadilla

      BBlocks always finds a way to make everyone's day happier and he inspired me to do more builds in Minecraft!!

      1. Gemma Howard


      2. Wolfy999

        Plus click bait title

      3. Wolfy999

        Same with the first one, could have had no safe route

      4. Wolfy999

        IDK they are all livable. Like the question one he could have rigged them all w/ lava

      5. Tanveer Hussain Bhat

        Yes GG

    48. Cas

      I like how you tell us what to do to build it

    49. ERIS gaming

      You know some tricks of minecraft and that's superb i love watching your amazing video's so keep it up bro 👍🏻❤️🔥

    50. Springtrap Gaming

      This may be perfect for public servers to make people rage if they really want those diamonds

    51. T W

      Nice build, but when I did it, my friends build there in or destructed the traps

      1. The Manarpa Family

        Bruh you copied make another one😐😒😚

      2. poppyelizabeth1

        u literally copied someone elses comment. if ur not imaginative enough to make a good one dont make one at all

    52. BearLaunch

      He is a legend. He is in creative and mine with a pickaxe😎

    53. Imagine It

      You are the best and more friendly and effective than others i love your skills..

    54. Mar Kei

      I always watch your videos every week and i love it💜💜

    55. Timur SES

      I love how Bblocks say "Redstone is simple" on every single video 👍

    56. Venner Mendoza

      "The redstone is simple" never gets old...

    57. Lubna Akter

      maybe add string on top of the cactuses so it doesn,t grow

    58. Andrea Magyari

      I feel a bit sad about that explosion.... This hard work turned to nothing. But you can still rebuild it cause you are best friend with redstone. PS:I would not say impossible for redstone. but for me its not soo simple

    59. Leaf

      At the end of the vault just mine the iron blocks, simple.

    60. Mr Cat

      This Is A Great Build Bblocks! I Will Build It Soon, You Are A Legend, Keep It Up Man! 😃👍

    61. No one

      all you need to go in without ever dying is a stack of cobblestone and a pickaxe

    62. Rubber232

      BBlocks: This the safest place to place your diamonds *Ender Chest: Are You Underestimating ME?*

    63. Aarav Mandyam Gaming rod

      This is the safest vault door His friend: *can mine it*

    64. GabriTell

      This is so crazi... and NICE! 👌 I think would be funny troll my friends with this


      Anyone doesn't reach the diamonds? Wait I have one suggestion! Just try to reach the vault. Its made of iron! you can take that iron becuase it is better that nothing! or you can break the vault and get iron and diamonds too. well then you can pass through each trap by breaking blocks and breaking bblocks rule

    66. Sarla Chhaparwal

      Hi BBlocks, I wanted to ask how do you record your videos?

    67. Hell Razor

      2:11 *the redstone is simple!* *Builds universe* The redstone is still simple!

    68. ABQARI _lego

      The trap is good enough to troll my brother 🤣🤣🤣

    69. Ms. Furuka

      Woah this is so freaking insane and funny at the same time!! 😆😍

    70. iMinecraft

      So happy I found your channel ❤️ I subbed!!

    71. Carl the NPC

      (Redstone is simple) never gets old

    72. Lepho-Kun

      The question trap is actually easy you just need to crouch and go through the door so you don't fall in lava and look and the right answer and go through that door or jump so you don't fall on the lava

    73. David Li

      Wow you’ ve build thusans of buildings that iam very impressed

    74. Esunisen

      BBlocks: builds trapped tunnel Water bucket: i'm about to end this man's whole career.

    75. Chams Malherbe

      To say that you just had to go through the top of the mountain to recover the diamonds

    76. Cliff Firmalo Vlogs

      Still holds a pickaxe in creative Good sport 👍

    77. Justin Z.

      *The darkest tunnel: Exists* *Mobs: Allow us to introduce ourselves*

      1. Grim Peter

        @OLiVIERA,,,,,,,😍 eww WTF bro

      2. The Vboiii

        Turn mob spawning off

      3. okay XD

        Peace full mode is laughing in the background

      4. A A

        If you go into peaceful the creeper trap won’t work.Welp RIP one defense

      5. Luis Bobadilla

        @Ritam Man lol

    78. Suki Wong

      can you build the first trap into middle, Right, right, left, middle?

    79. ZMaik Music Official

      Tutorial de cómo hacer amigos para hacerle estás trampas:(

    80. BruhBoy

      If he had a pickaxe, he could break the iron block to get through lol

      1. Florentinag ktfk Santi


    81. Mauro Lionel Mi Piano y Yo

      0:13 you know youre in creative mode right? You dont need a pickaxe

    82. Purushotham B

      Me: 1. Using rocket & elytra 2. Using another route 3. Letting the mobs in the tunnel to use up all traps

    83. Chris & Alex Time

      The way to crack the three doors is to throw something into the doors and see if it burns

    84. J.C gaming

      It is possible to go through this tunnel with perfect way to go🤣🤣

    85. Sophia Klemprer

      love your voice you should use it more for the videos 😀

    86. Mrs. Kitty

      You can simply beat this by walking around the tunnel.

    87. amogus amogus

      the 1st trap is easy to navigate if u have blocks or just walk 3 blocks near right wall and jump the rest

    88. Tanveer Hussain Bhat

      BBlocks Always Making A Video For Us #BBlocks Is Opest of the OP

    89. XD PRO GAMMER 0.1

      I also trap my friend using this trick and tip and he left in that server ; )

    90.  The NeoSpeakers

      Its more than legit. Its AWESOME! You really have a lot of patience and ur creative for that masterpiece :) new subscribers

      1. Dorca Fenly


    91. Narang Tatung

      His friend at last: "Yes :) I have done this! Now I can get this diamonds!:)" His friend after a huge explosion: "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."

    92. Julia Lee

      Congrats on 2M! And I think I would choose the redstone is impossible lol... I got the 1M subs right though! I guessed!


      Casually using an iron pick in creative mode 😂

    94. ItsGuest

      Imagine you build a trap 5 block gaps and your friend just only need to break/place block to pass without doing anything lol

    95. Μανώλης Σταυρουλάκης

      BBlocks: Impossible to pass tunnel! Diamond pickaxe:

    96. adriana puigbo

      The trap of how many did you get 2M subscribers was a HARD one, and I love how u put lava in the incorrect answers :)

      1. DifferentAngle


    97. Natpur1 Gaming

      When You Get To The Diamond Blocks... Make A Trap There! Edit: IK there's a trap but make them fall into the nether!


      Disclaimer: This channel is highly addictive 🙏❤️

      1. Rehan Mustafa

        Sooo true...

      2. Daksh 777

        Waiting For the kind hearted person who can actually support me from his heart and understand my problem ❤😣😭😭

      3. Thegirlwithbun_gamez

        It's saying it's strange because it's very active

      4. Hana heart

        Hey instagram

      5. Nalini's HomeStyle Cooking

        @Anupama CR what is that channel

    99. Archana Kshirsagar

      Bro u can make a bridge to there from up coz it's not hidden its stored open😉😉