If People Rode Dinosaurs Instead of Walked.

Daniel LaBelle

Daniel LaBelle

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    1. Wey Han Ng

      Can we all take a moment to appreciate how he jumped onto the stair ledge whilst wearing a dinosaur costume

      1. Shaikot yoyoyoyoyo

        I know

      2. nwonknU


      3. ぷにぷにどハマり人間


      4. 𝙺𝚊𝚗𝚊𝚘


      5. Rayne Baker


    2. Saint Sinner

      Neighbors looking out seeing him on the roof and be like “HONEY THE NEIGHBOR DUDE IS AT IT AGAIN,GET THE CAMERA”😂😂😂

    3. Rui

      The structural integrity of that stair ledge he jumped across onto astounds me everytime

    4. Kad-

      his neighbours looks at him like "Lock the door hun I don't want our kids outside seeing this mad man"😭☇

      1. alli Moormeier


    5. Tyard OvdaBULLDH!T

      This dude is hilariously INSANE!😂

    6. Random guy

      I got to thank Daniel for going back in time to get these dinosaurs.

      1. Abdirahman Adawe


      2. Maria Rostran


      3. ZK Productions

        @MASTER FLASH i bet a 9 year olds smarter than you still


        ​@ZK Productions you are probably a 9 year old using his moms phone 🤳😌

      5. Funny Redemption

        @ZK Productions man just ignore these idiots, they're the common KZsection kids believing what they want thinking they're always right, they act like victims when they are the ones who started the whole argument

    7. DARK FF 1K

      I love how Daniel got all neighbours into it 😂

    8. Dakota Morrison

      The funniest part, is if this was possible, I can 100% see this being a thing.

    9. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤٴ

      Him doing that on the stairs shows how much brave he is

    10. Tow 4-45

      Can we all take a moment to appreciate how he kept the dinosaur up an how he put his legs in it?

    11. Christy Dalrymple

      Would LOVE to see the neighbours’ faces when they spotted you on Max on the roof!! 🤣😂❤️

      1. bocil YT


      2. Eneida Pernia Noriega⚡

      3. Eneida Pernia Noriega⚡

        ​ K oooo los look look look look

      4. Eneida Pernia Noriega⚡

      5. Eneida Pernia Noriega⚡

        ​ Oooo ll Llo oí ll look llo

    12. 19RagnarökBefriareOchDöd88

      finally seen something funny and worth to spend watch time, well done mister dinosaur😂

    13. Renier Botes

      Let's all take a moment to appreciate that he is actually running fast

    14. dantheman87

      This is one of the funniest videos Ive seen from you! Thank you for making me laugh

    15. Roseabell_123

      His neighbors be like: 👁👄👁 omg he’s at it again

    16. One808master

      His jumps were too accurate, i wonder how many attempts took him😂😂😂

      1. RyanPlayzCC

        But how many times did he slip It must have hurt

      2. kid

        It's very easy once you gets used to them

      3. Tobías Centurion Aquino

        Gyk muerto

    17. Moralesdaguy

      “How funny and true do u want this to be?” Him: “YES”

    18. Mr. Pekka

      Imagine the neighbors seeing this guy 😂😂😂

    19. The Fizz

      I couldn’t help but laugh when he tripped after running after the deer😂

    20. Beata Jałocha

      I would like more videos with this nice dinosaur. 😂 You're doing fantastic with him 😂🤣

    21. Mayur Chaudhari

      This man is so skilled. Your costume confused me at first i thought you were legit sitting on someone inside the costume.

      1. Biochemistry Debunks Corona►odysee•com (film)

        @RealRomplayer 🤣

      2. hqnnvl

        ​@marissa binatac

      3. Technician Dnyaneshwar


      4. 赵艾特

        @RealRomplayer I😅:

      5. MattapoisettPatton27

        @Irma Irma what

    22. gxbrielasr

      This man is the definition of "what r u going to do with 1 min? *you'll see* "

    23. Kenidy korra

      I love when he says she sees a deer and then he runs and then I just love when his tail goes back and forth it's adorable

    24. Major Cumberdale

      Pure genius! Can't stop laughing!

    25. Brenda GC

      Está pequeña parte de mi vida se llama felicidad ✨

    26. Bestie hi

      This guy is so talented on how he can jump from a stair ledge in a dinosaur costume

      1. Isidro Rodriguez

        But. Can I tell. You something.

    27. Ema Brewer

      The way this man single handedly did parkour, climbed a ladder, and jumped off a roof in a Dino costume

    28. michael close

      I want that costume so badly! I love your videos, they always make my day better 💕

    29. Vermillion Stallion

      imagine what would've or could've happened if he has a REAL dinosaur instead.

    30. Jenny Collins

      Shoutouts to them for having to use a time machine and go back to the prehistoric times and tame a dinosaur just for your entertainment

    31. Andrea likes cats

      The fact that he went back in time just to get a dinosaur for a video is truly amazing absolute dedication right there

      1. Random person with an opinion

        ​@Rdeez r/woooosh

      2. Arnold Exconde

        ​@Eric Linq 6e

      3. Muskaan

        are u all kids?

      4. Nadeem Khan

        ​@Eric Lin

      5. Rdeez

        Can't believe you guys think its a real dinosaur, what a bunch of idiots.

    32. MJ

      This man's athleticism is on another plane of existence 😳

    33. GameDev DemonPawi

      The most talented feature of this guy is doing so many sick movements in house but doesn’t even damage one furniture 🤣🤣🤣 bro that’s a gift



    35. Adverbs Rock

      This is a work of art. I love this.😂

    36. Kevin Jazy

      The way Daniel trained his Rex is unbelieveable. They're usually very possessive.

    37. GamingLight Theater 1 - Theater Animations

      He answers the most random questions none of us are brave enough to ask

    38. Moon

      Ark: Survival Evolved music just pops into my brain seeing this derpy costume. Gives the true experience watching this video

    39. Autumn

      bro has to do this in a dinosaur costume, all respect 😌👍

    40. Naomi M

      The tail had me dying 🤣

    41. Shan

      It's amazing how he manages to make us laugh by using his athletic skills. He has a great comic sense too !

    42. GhostEdits

      This guy needs to be a comedian & an actor 😂😂😂

    43. Nyoom Monster

      That parkour was the most impressive thing I've seen this week

    44. 🍀Brenna🍀

      you make me laugh all the time🤣

    45. Have a Good Day

      Only Daniel can make it look so good

    46. Kpop lilyy (kpop1o1)

      "Mommy I want a dinosaurr" "We have a dinosaur at home" The dinosaur at home:

      1. WST

        Mom what is dad doing home with the dinosaur The dad and the dinosaur:

      2. PerpyTheSmallEngine

        dinos went extinct billions of years ago

      3. Алена Плохотнюк


      4. LaminateShark

        People own dinosaurs?!

      5. gary young

        Are u referring to your grand parents 😅🤣😂

    47. Gray Fishing

      when he falls, it’s so hilarious😂

    48. Live Life with Snigdha

      Bro,u r too good.😊.u make me happy always.

    49. KIRITO .S.P

      Oh my friend, I'm dying of laughter 😂😂😂

    50. Baby Owlshark

      Just when he was running on the roof got me cracking up

    51. LilyFlower129

      Neighbors: What’s sound now?! *looks outside* Daniel: struggling to work with a dinosaur Neighbors: Now he has a dinosaur.

      1. Technician Dnyaneshwar


      2. ambush

        @Jellie Carpio ano??????

      3. Jellie Carpio

        Malambot katawan ni nayeon jooe jissoo Nancy mcdonie jellie yeyeman

      4. LilyFlower129

        @Aiden lol

      5. leafpaw

        @Tric Bros Studios poor thing

    52. Mastertuxedo12

      The funniest thing I’ve seen in days lol

    53. Livy


    54. ★シャーロット★

      My mom says not to lean on the railing while on the other hand this guy is JUMPING UP THE RAILING!! 😂 LMFAO💀💀

    55. BlueWolf

      How does everyone make a joke out of everything except for me😂

      1. Grace Lxe

        Well what did u find funny?

    56. Taqee Mohammed

      I cannot even imagine how you managed to pull off all those stunts

      1. Technician Dnyaneshwar


      2. วันดี เพชรดี


      3. Rubies of Gold

        The roof! 😳

      4. DRIP verse 💯

        The running tho 😂😂😂

      5. Gymnast5567

        I would never rid a dinosaur 😂

    57. Ava Collins

      I'm on the ground laughing my head off

    58. Dave

      Is it just me or is that lady walking like she’s in a computer simulation😂😂

    59. eric robinson

      The perfect person in their perfect costum, what could go wrong? Slapstick!

    60. Hey_it'sFay

      The neighbors while he recorded this: “HON HE’S DOING IT AGAIN GET THE CAMERA-“

    61. Bryleigh Ruff

      Can we take a moment to appreciate how he jumped off of his house and dinosaur costume without falling over

      1. Andres Buitrago

        los pies son falsos y el es el que camina jaja

      2. Млашвив Ившаниру


      3. Млашвив Ившаниру

        ​@عبود 0😗😘😚😘

      4. عبود


    62. Sharpvessel4987

      “He don’t bite, his name sweatpea”

    63. gacha_lola

      Omg this dude is legendary😂

    64. DualSense Entertainment

      Neighbors: "Helen, he's on his roof again 🙄"

    65. Mlg Breeze

      Actual comedy!! 🤣

    66. W EASTIN

      Can we all take a moment to realize how confident he is with his jumps?

      1. Jesica Papadopulos


      2. Myshel W

        ​@W EASTIN 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 Fgteev

      3. MD Akib


      4. chee wei Chee


      5. Elsayed Soliman

        ​@Шод Shod 666666

    67. RecologySpencer

      This is simply a masterpiece

    68. Bryce

      His house has been jumped around in more than a trampoline 😂

    69. MommyTellsMeI'mSpecial

      im a bit disappointed that it took me a few seconds to find out how the costume is moving by itself💀

    70. Cole Michelin

      “Mom he’s on the roof again. He’s wearing a blowup suit as well… get the camera”

    71. ❆Đông❆

      This is actually my childhood's dream, riding a REAL dinosaur and travel around the hometown.

      1. Маданбек Хафизов

        Dragons are better 🤗🐉

    72. Yahoo The blink

      This man is a legend

    73. Yeetboyaction

      I suddenly have the desire to get this costume.

    74. Coindragon4635

      His neighbors, honey Daniel is on the roof with a dinosaur costume on.

    75. CANAL36 - OFICIAL

      Parabéns... queria muito uma fantasia dessa...

    76. Preeti Berwal

      Can we all just appreciate how he jumped onto the stair ledge whilst wearing a dinasaur costume with Daniel on his back.

    77. Mey Mokoja_decampur

      Using a Dinosaur to walk, Because you never want to walk on grass 💀

    78. Leah Meskin

      The 2nd one and the one “oh look a dear” OML I loved it 😂🤣🤣

    79. jj1243

      Are we sure that Daniel isnt related to Jim Carrey?

    80. Din Din

      Nobody talking about how he jumped from top of the garage and didn't even hurt.

    81. FreshlySqueezedCorgiLemonade

      The fact he jumped off his roof for us to make us laugh just what a legend right now 😂

      1. RealWorldTeeTee

        @ᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ I was waiting for u to end it first of all

      2. ᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ

        @RealWorldTeeTee it's really annoying let's just end this shit

      3. RealWorldTeeTee

        @ᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ because I don't have to if ur anwser is stupid why would I reply

      4. ᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ

        @RealWorldTeeTee yeah ok sure but that's still hasn't answered my reply but ok

      5. RealWorldTeeTee

        @ᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ I'm replying cause I want to and I really don't wanna be mad at anybody rn so pls stop being a foolish mean person

    82. Faozi Zy

      Neighbor: "Normaan, look! Noh he ride a T-rex!"

    83. Samuel Silva torres

      Even I started to believe after a while lol

    84. JamesGames64

      That's cool that you got yoshi from Mario, respect 🗿😎

    85. ItsZaSho

      Although it a costume but u manage to make it look real #RESPECT

    86. Omraj Holkar

      “Honey! The neighbor is going crazy again!”

      1. dino thats not racist


      2. GRB USSD

        masiey paul

      3. SITI AISYAH


      4. Gilang Saputrabjcv,cxhhjl KB

        ​@Dário Stive qqaaaaaw

      5. ASTA

        Says the one who started rumbling

    87. Milena Zdravkova

      that jump took the life out of me he was so close to the lamp

    88. Just Merasmus

      I want this costume lmao

    89. Kalob Hawkins

      I kinda want a 🦖 costume now 🤔🤣🔥💯😁


      haha it's so funny I'm dying of laughter

    91. N.V.HanumanthRao

      Man, he'll do anything to make us laugh 😂

    92. winged furless

      Hes so fast with this on. I could barrly move a muscle when I was wearing this-

    93. Cory Taylor

      Anyone gonna talk about the fact that he jumped the stair ledge and wearing that thing😂

    94. Lizbeth Acosta

      Max is faster than my grandma🤣

    95. Heaven Buncum

      This looks so real lol😂

    96. KiøARMY ⁷⟭⟬

      It's difficult to control your hands and legs in such things actually.. Hats off bruh😌..

      1. Technician Dnyaneshwar


      2. KiøARMY ⁷⟭⟬

        @Luke Hart okk

      3. KiøARMY ⁷⟭⟬

        @Luke Hart not edittt.. I think u r not understanding 😅

      4. KiøARMY ⁷⟭⟬

        @Luke Hart that legs are duplicate😀😀😀... Dinosaurs legs are actually his legs..

      5. Luke Hart

        So he’s riding on what?

    97. Keah Harrison

      This man has crazy leg strength

    98. Yellow Backpack Guy

      This guy is extremely athletic.

    99. rob67hack666 smile

      😂its so funny to see dad😂

    100. Hector Bravo

      Can we all take a moment to notice how he jump off the roof