Ice cream challenge! Strawberry cake vs soda



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    Ice cream challenge! Strawberry cake vs soda

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    1. 畠山浩司


      1. Maicon Brito

        Só não trai ele

    2. ZÉRO TWO

      Salaire tellement bon et j'espère que tu vas faire d'autres vidéos parce que tes vidéos elles sont extra et ça a l'air tellement bon

    3. 容子 寺西


    4. ff nava

      No sabia que el refrescó picaba👍🏼

    5. Voidyhub

      “Guys she ate my food so then I messed up her ice cream with soda (which totally wouldn’t make it better)” *not staged* *%100 natural reaction*

      1. Neon cloud

        Sods and icecream taste bad ngl

      2. вероника новый год


    6. aimame


    7. Oda ayanosuke


    8. ハルハル


    9. H K


    10. Ericka Claros


    11. 前野安彦


      1. 遥人 西土井


    12. TAISEI


      1. Juned Khan


    13. Rolex 007

      Hello Grandpa. So active even at this age. Marvelous 👌🤟🏻

    14. Valeria :)

      It must be delicious in my house we don't have that but face late we go for an ice cream 😋haha karma

    15. Meena Devi

      Cool 😎

    16. Finlay Samuels

      I just love it soooooooooo much

    17. mystical

      I can't bear that much creamy 🤢and colour full sweets btw they looks so beautiful

    18. Irrika Ika


    19. Marina Sawej

      Pov: It so good!

    20. Maria Ofelia Tovar Andrade

      I also want to eat that looks very good

    21. Lelanie Miranda #NewTeamHappy

      Wow so many cakes 🍰🍰

    22. J. Parker

      What do you do with the leftovers of the ice cream

    23. scarllet Silva


    24. AnnMari Santana

      You should just let her eat she's just hungry

    25. Ericka Claros

      That makes me to eat food

    26. タピオカ


    27. Ayoe Arnest


    28. 陽気な容器 180連


    29. привет я Полина

      Дедушка молодец! Не хочет чтобы её дочь(внучка) страдала кариесом и сахарным диабетом. Хотя сам кормит её вкусняшками

      1. жизнь 5г

        Я думала я тут одна русская

    30. Yasmel El adkha

      I can understand her how u can’t resedted to this magic food🤤🤤

    31. Gulnoza Hamidova

      You Always do it please don't. She will eat😋😋


      bang beli berapa

    33. Bruna Campos


    34. ワンコ


    35. Alejandro Mejia

      Omggg soo funnyy hahaahahahahah🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂☺☺☺😄😄😄😄😄🤣🤣🤣😂😂funnu prank

    36. Misno Inot


    37. strawberry_milk🍓🥛

      А я бы с энергетиком съела))))

    38. Cahyo Utomo

      Hmmm it looks delicious

    39. 琴羽 川﨑


      1. Lyca Guamos

        나 ~

    40. 또아 ゚ヮ゚

      탄산넣으면 더 좋은거 아닌강

    41. ZAKE20IK_O

      Bruh what energy drinks gonna do, I drank energy drink with cake and nothing happen to me.

      1. Dhiya Talukdar

        Yeah I was thinking that too lmao

    42. مصطفي عليوه


    43. Qarabag Azerbaycan


    44. うらら


      1. 彩


      2. Chaouki Israe


      3. 万里子 東島


      4. Toto.official_246


    45. Olga Reznik

      OMG 😱 😍🤩😻

    46. maria gabriela briceño pineda

      Me encantan sus videos😉

    47. muhammad revan

      Wow ho mezing 😋😋😋😍😍

    48. اللامي اللامي


    49. JJ pann™

      Imagine people being English in this comments

    50. Flor de Maria Donis Álvarez

      Porque si la mujer se comió unas cosas porque el señor todavía le prepara bien el pastelito 😑😑

    51. Rexy and the Indomius rex

      POV : your looking for an English comment

    52. Aniemuny Donato

      Wow sarap

    53. Олег Рогозин


    54. 🔥սիրուն աղջիկ🔥


    55. Sabu md sabdul mondal Islam

      Strawberry cake💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    56. Suthar Krupa

      Soda 😃

    57. My badri birds🥰

      What a revenge grandpa😂😂

    58. Anandi Arun

      Romba romba nalla irukku

    59. Princess nathalie Bebis


    60. Nia Rivera

      Looks goddamn yummy🤤🤤🤤🤤

    61. Claudia Mora Cuautle

      😋as me uno

    62. AWTS GEGE

      Wow, Dosen't she needs a cake for feeling better?

    63. Luvxbailey

      Bro Why Can’t She Just Wait For Her Cake Roll

    64. ranjan Shantha

      I want that cake

    65. Golivi Maneesha

      Meru chala అదృష్టవంతులు

    66. ArtWolfDraws🐺

      Um dude Soda is delicious

    67. Flordeliz Karina De la cruz Canales


    68. Hal Ridley

      If I were you and the guy with the blue thingy on his head and he were to be my dad and I was you know cause I’m a boy I will just enjoy the Beyoncé thank you and I will throw the entire table in my mouth

    69. Sofa Biru


    70. Zain Eslam

      انا جوعانه♥️♥️👍👌

    71. Sanchita Sharma

      Who is from India?

    72. suhee lee


    73. Andrea

      Me encantan sus videos son los mejores

    74. Amanda Wagner

      I would do that no matter what but why is it only gonna be one

    75. Asmaa Mahfuz


    76. khadraoui ramzi


    77. Нюша Исакова


    78. Александра Палмер


    79. Nurul Abser

      আঙ্কেল আপনি কোথায় থাকেন আপনার জিনিসগুলা অনেক ভালো লাগে

    80. ZKALAX

      172 time watching one of these videos