Ice cream challenge! Chocolate vs strawberry cake



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    Ice cream challenge! Chocolate vs strawberry cake

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    1. All about April

      Everyone else talking about the challenge: me: how did she get that huge chocolate bar

      1. Kristi Snow

        Lol same

    2. lila🌺

      Ellos dos siempre me sacan una sonrisa aún en los momentos difíciles 👏😉 gracias❤️

    3. Bhoom splash

      Instead of adding egg can add sos, lime or onion

    4. Glitch

      Well that whole cake thing sure looks delicious

    5. Ingrid Abraham

      The chocolate looks so delicious I could eat one right now

    6. Peachyplayz🍑

      I love how they put faces on the eggs

    7. Juanita rios

      I Love It Its A Masterpiece

    8. Rafeek Rafeek

      Even if you put an egg in it, it will be very tasty 😄😌

    9. Janesa Aguirre

      That looks so cool I really like it please do more of those challenges please

    10. Nekoya /  Некоя

      海外の人からしたら生の卵は衛生面上危険だからあの反応なんだろうけど、 日本人としては普段から生卵食べてるからなんで生卵でその反応するの…?ってなるの面白いな

      1. にゃんこ


      2. qvizzz2


      3. 夜桜

        ほんそれ ケーキには卵入ってるよとかいう民も続出しておるw

      4. y d


    11. Anime Cat

      It's actually good with the egg it doesn't change the taste that much it's just protein

    12. Hailey Remling

      Looks so delicious I want it 😋 •́ ヮ•̀ 益

    13. 최용태

      진짜 궁금한데 달걀 넣은 철판아이스크림은 데체 무슨 맛일까

    14. Lеmоn4ik_YT


    15. Kimberly Palero

      Her: *eats chocolate and puts in* The chocolate: 😳😳😳😳😳😳😧♥️♥️♥️

    16. 鯱


    17. 💙 Isha Creations 💙

      How to made? Please share this recipe 🙏🏻❤️

    18. Oriyona Abdurahmon

      It makes it more delicious with the egg since it a CAKE

    19. 旧アソパソマソ


      1. Mehwish Baloch

        Yeah thats what i was thinking 😂😂😂

      2. アイス大好き


    20. Random POVs

      "You misbehave, you get da egg" -that guy, probably

    21. 𝒕𝒓𝒙𝒔𝒉𝒊𝒊

      That looks so good

    22. Madelene Karlsson

      How can he not see the chocolate she hid?😭

    23. Moppy—Darsh

      I remember watching this channel ! 😊


      The ice cream roll w/ egg looks yummy!

    25. AlexVlogs

      it looks good but i saw the raw egg go in it but it looks soooo so good

    26. VII collar五十嵐

      あのケーキの量に対して卵一個の味わかるのすごw 美食家かな?

    27. Wings 🦋

      It actually seems so yumm

    28. toca Iris

      Cada día una sonrisa 😊

    29. Ламинат

      Разве вкус и привкус яйца будет чувствоваться среди большого количества сладкого?

    30. 名無しさん


    31. Shipra Rai

      Where did u get all these sweet items everytime u must be having a bakery shop or an icecream shop pls tell

    32. れあ。


      1. Nuria Danis

        Aku inginsekali

      2. Nuria Danis

        Lezat sekali

      3. 廣田克範


    33. ꧁𝚈umiThe𝚂pace𝙷𝚞𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚛꧂

      The fact: you cant feel the egg and the cake is like half a egg too

    34. MiaGirlGames

      What do they do with the leftovers??

    35. Cring Jabla

      Yummy 😋🤤😯😲

    36. Luigi fan Luigi är bäst

      Yummy ice cream

    37. ♡︎GalaxyXFlower♡︎

      POV:the chocolate melts before the end of the video

    38. 山中陽向


    39. Stella & ken world

      Still tase good tho😂

    40. 平間京子


    41. @ßßÿś

      Pov : he realise that cake is made from eggs 2

      1. ꧁༺•DÎSHU•༻꧂

        I finally found an English comment

      2. Melissa Hart


    42. Angie Ng

      bro she can fit anything in there 💀

    43. 昱辛 陳

      Will the sound of knocking the egg be too obvious?

    44. ام منصور منصور

      عايزين في مره نشوفوا الشيكولاته بتتعمل ازاي

    45. Yeseo

      The second one is good haha

    46. 中里まり


    47. non.t


    48. まなちゃんねる💗⭐️


      1. すっぺらぴっちょん


    49. oooooo


    50. Nina vids🐶🦮

      That looks good🫠

    51. Arama Viorel

      The chocolate inside the girl: guys i think im melting guys GUYS!!

      1. unknown love †

        "inside the girl" heheheheehhehe

    52. ぬぅ㌨︎︎𓈒 𓂂𓏸💫


      1. Josefina Almonte


      2. 空っぽのななし_channel🦙🍡

        外国人からすると、外国の生卵は危ないので、やべ!て吐き出すんですよ 美味しいけどまじ死ぬ

    53. Роза Ли

      Не могу не оценить ваше мастерство лайком и подпиской

    54. Ydan Truong

      The fact that cake already has eggs

    55. タピオカ


      1. とな


    56. ♥︎ Zingy ♥︎

      First: why did you put it all over the pan... second: WHY START WITH THE MIDDLE

    57. むみ。

      ケーキのスポンジの良さを抹消し、その上綺麗に飾られたケーキの意味すら皆無。 こんなのが伸びるのってやっぱり海外だなぁ…と思ってしまう。

    58. ジョン万次郎


    59. Sandalik555


    60. Amy Burden

      *throws up egg* Me: *dad? Let’s make eggs with her spit bc that was the only egg left*

    61. ぼん


    62. りり ここ


      1. Sadiya Sufiya


      2. محمد الشمري


    63. Cassie

      계란넣어도 맛있을텐데

    64. Sharma

      The master always keeps an eye on the foxy girl

    65. Sermet Şahin


    66. A

      Girls with twin tails can melt chocolate in their clothes, right? ! I was surprised with. ! Marshmallows too w

    67. PANYUZU


    68. треш..

      Разве яицо настолько испортило вкус?

      1. Nezuko kamado

        Вот и я не понимаю почему она типо блюёт

    69. Abu Bokkar

      Tasty and so yummy

    70. Карине Хачатрян

      Ну слушайте, красиво. 😋😋👍👍

    71. jamal

      She looks like if Scarlett overkill lived a normal life as a regular girl and didn't become a villain

    72. Eman kh


    73. 雄次 小中


    74. Jckvjvh Jfjfjdjjf

      Sais trop drôle 😄😆🤣😂

    75. Dustin Long

      Eggs already belong in a cake

    76. 수

      계란넣어도 맛있을텐데

    77. Edward Mukwebo

      It still looks nice

    78. ようくんら


    79. Baddas_Girl♠

      Me;only one is not enough for me but the full is toppings Reality;oooohhhhh~~ riGht 👇-click if you notice it😂😂

      1. Andrea Vazques

        Cómo estás Yo muy

      2. Genesis Vazquez

        Me to

    80. Soup_Da_Pig

      I think he just had eggs in his pocket forever now