I Attempted a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke

Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations

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    1. Palathaxx

      I thought the weird glitchy flashbacks were just flashy and fun, but according to the comments, Jaiden actually failed the Elite Four on her first attempt and got a retry. That was a fantastic and creative method to both be open about your loss, as well as make something wildly entertaining and visually spectacular! Excellent work, Jaiden!

      1. Stephanie Pedong

        The retry is from a poll

      2. Valde Nilsson

        Ooooh thats what happned

      3. A Creative Name

        Ok i like it but She could have said that just so we know and (i) we dont think its part of the game or something

      4. Sparkus Clark

        @LesserTie282 the livestream channel gave her permission to do so. Also the guy over at Pokemon Challenge said it was okay too bc it was her game and also made for a gwat story

      5. LesserTie282

        Why did she get a retry

    2. MaxCat

      Jaiden: oh crap Dwayne is dead meat Dwayne: *it’s about drive it’s about power WE STAY HUNGRY WE DEVOUR*

      1. Super Sonic Gamer


      2. Jelly gamer


      3. MaxCat


      4. Mystery Man

        I changed the game so what's my mother****** name! (ROCK!)

      5. MaxCat

        @Jelly gamer black and Samoan my veins my culture banging with strange

    3. Marcos luis Martín Morales

      Me: plays a nuzlocke The game: "have you ever had bad luck with crits?" Me: "no..." The game: "would you like to?"

      1. Stephanie Brooks

        The game: well there you go

      2. Stephanie Brooks


      3. Bret Terry

        @Ricardo García right. There's always an element of luck, and sometimes it is bad luck. You can't control what the AI does against you. I just meant you can make some choices that help luck be in your favor. If you're trying to catch a Pokémon, using a high-crit move like razor leaf is not the best choice. If you use a regular move and still crit, then luck is really not on your side.

      4. Ricardo García

        @Bret Terry but wasn't only razor leaf or night slash, every minute has two crits in it haha, like crits from Porygon's psychic or Ponyta's flame wheel. Rngsus, I guess...

      5. Boredomisinfinity

        you aren't playing a nuzlocke if you don't get critted 3 times in a row.

    4. amy

      I mean, how sad was Failure's life tho. The unwanted unloved child literally named Failure, still a baby brought out to be freaking obliterated. Jaiden I blame you for making that animated part tear jerking

      1. •Ten ten•

        Super sad death

      2. YourAverageGamer

        It doesn’t help shinx and it’s evolutions are my favorite. It hurt. It hurt so much.

      3. Electric paisy

        and the moment she walked away from it and it wanted to follow at first 🥺

      4. Werdplay11

        She made the baby try to freaking follow her! Why, Jaiden, why!?

      5. Abyrae

        My headcanon is that the whole split reality that happened in universe in Giratina's distortion world (which was the narrative chosen to depict her losing the original fight against Elite Four and redoing it) happened as karma because of Failure's "sacrifice".

    5. Latteness

      The ending literally gave me chills. Stop it Jaiden, you’re so talented wtf.

    6. Buttery butter

      Jaiden: Pushes shinx out to die Also Jaiden: *He sacrificed himself*

      1. Seth the Lucario [Es ut Fnf and more]

        Basically shadows death in Pmd Explorers of Death pokepasta in a nutshell

      2. Axel Miranda

        duuude, that moment almost made me cry T_T

      3. Tawheed Ahmed

        If only she kept failure in the team. She would've had a decent Electric-type with Luxray.

      4. Yehonatan Duek

        The dead can't write history

      5. Jacob Kyrie Chua

        Press F to pay respects

    7. Mega Charmaster

      Cynthia’s Garchomp: Face it, you’re never going to get my power. Flakes: Do I look like I need your power.

      1. Nancy Hwu

        16:19 jayden in the backround belike

      2. Atizador de Chimenea

        Sometimes you just need SPEED. I mean... the stat.

      3. Candice Talley


    8. Bradley Stevens

      I love the little details showing the personalities of the pokemon. Incredibly effective way to make sure we connect with and root for them. All the way down to alt-universe Scizor with her arms out trying to protect her teammates as they're all incinerated. Super super well done.

    9. Nevah Spettigue - Ross

      Looking through the comments, that’s as SUCH A COOL ending and twist to put in the video. At first I was confused, but diving deeper into it, I figured out what had happened. Under these circumstances, I still think you did an amazing job. A quote I love is: “If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain” you put up with the rain, while losing some Pokémon. But second chances were given, and you took it gratefully. You beat the Nuzlocke , and that’s what matters. In my opinion, you did a great job. While you think you were defeated, mistakes are to learn from, and you learned. You learned from your mistakes. (This may not make sense, and jaiden, if you do see this, sorry you might not understand it, but you did great.)

      1. Marco Pierucci

        @J. Amb WHAT? Pokemon is not real?? God things I have to read. Could not care less if it's self imposed and if it matters or not. She did not finish the nuzlocke, she did finish a playthrough tho. Good luck chap

      2. J. Amb

        @Marco Pierucci Pokémon isn't real lmfao. Nuzlocke is self imposed rules anyway, so they don't matter at all.

      3. Joel F

        @Marco Pierucci There is a pretty big difference between the real life and a video game, she may have lost in the publics eyes, but in this case, it's her rules that she is allowed to bend and break

      4. Marco Pierucci

        @Joel F She beat the game, not the nuzlocke. Good luck in your real life excusing yourself like that when you screw up, lol.

      5. Joel F

        @Marco Pierucci its a set of self imposed rules, she got a second chance and she beat it

    10. Adie Bernhardt

      Coming to this a year late, but the narrative use of the failed run? I absolutely love this. Gave me the same feeling as the old nuzlocke stories when this whole phenomenon first started.

    11. Firestar

      I’d like to clarify this, Jaiden lost on the Elite Four on her first attempt. Colgate died to Aaron, explaining the distorted visions, and Oops and Flakes died to Bertha’s Ryperior, which once again we saw Ryperior holding their corpses in the distorted vision. From there Jaiden knew she couldn’t beat the rest and gave up. However the chat let her try again and she agreed but she wouldn’t count it as a win and the following is the Elite Four in the video. So when Jaiden gets torn into two by Giritina in the distortion world the copy of Jaiden that fell is the one that lost the Nuzlocke. I really like what you did with the plot in the video Jaiden.

      1. Tremaine Cabrias


      2. Guy man

        Thanks for explaining that to me i really didnt understand befire

      3. Sterrow

        I have a question... where does she stream Is on twitch or youtube? Because I can't fine her twitch account.

      4. Soon_Shark

        Thx for the info!

      5. A Sus Potato

        That's why

    12. El Rocky Raccoon

      Jaiden's storytelling techniques are amazing. I really felt invested into this. I wish I had seen her livestream of it.

      1. mystakit_ XD

        There are archives, just look up jaiden animations pokemon platinum nuzlocke VOD

    13. Tabby_cat Meow!

      Ah yes, frosslass, the most infamous pokemon in Jaiden’s nuzlockes.

    14. JELLY

      jaiden, the story YOU gave to your story was amazing, i loved the thoughts at the end, this is what everybody should do, make it your own story and dont stick to the games backstory, make it your own

    15. Aliyah Stinard

      For those who didn't catch it: on Jaiden's first run-through, Togekiss died to the first of the elite 4. Garchomp and Oops died to the second, and Magnezone, Torterra and Scizor died to the third one.

    16. Awesomebacon

      “Oh hey, a cute Nuzlocke story!” *22 minutes later* *Ends with an existential crisis*

      1. The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

        @DoN't ok

      2. My notifications don’t work

        @Tgame 43 .

      3. Tgame 43

        @My notifications don’t work .

      4. Tgame 43

        @My notifications don’t work Thank you, but you have not been able to take a joke. Sorry.

      5. My notifications don’t work

        @Tgame 43 You realize you’re proving my point.

    17. WhiteBladeZero

      The animation of Failure watching Jaiden walk away and staring at the Froslass made me feel so bad for the poor baby. He didn't deserve such a sad ending to his young life.

    18. Isla

      Rewatched this and the ending is still so powerful…

    19. Don Cool

      I’m so glad she got to have her retry and still felt that it wasn’t right only for it to be the violist thing ever

    20. Cousin Chefs


    21. Eli Asper

      For those who didn’t watch the stream, Jaiden actually lost her first attempt at the Elite Four. Her Togekiss died to a crit Stone Edge against Aaron’s Heracross, and her Garchomp and Quagsire had really unlucky deaths against Bertha’s Rhyperior. Since the rest of her team was weak against Flint, she gave up. However, since the reason for her losing was extremely unlucky and not mistakes on her part, she did a poll asking if she could retry the Elite Four. 70% said yes, so she did it again. She won, but it was hollow. “Alternate Timeline Jaiden” was her, when she lost the first attempt.

      1. vaibhav madan

        @joshua kim ur starter can turn into any types and u have charizard . so yeah ur going to stomp even without exo share

      2. NellOwll

        Thank you very much for clearing that up. The context really helps.

      3. Billy

        Thank you so much

      4. Pedro Henrique Carneiro

        It was her birthday too...

      5. .°Eππe¥uex™ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ


    22. Candy_bunnyqueen YT

      I actually felt like I would cry towards the end when it showed all of her Pokemon to date and the ones she uh... Sacrificed.

    23. Dr. Pepper

      Damn, Jaiden got Random Critted so many times in this version of Pokémon Platinum. I'm almost convinced the entirety of The Mons in The Game had a TF2 Frying Pan equipped in a Hidden Item Slot

    24. Aki

      Jaiden's storytelling is amazing The glitch part gave me chills and after knowing what happened, I respect her so much more Accept failure and try again is nothing wrong and hey, cool animation added

    25. Guillaume St-germain

      Not gonna lie, this got me scared when I was watching this alone in my room at night. I mean im easily triggered, so Bertha's devilface and the corpses of the pokemon got me offguard. Anyways this was an amazing story

    26. Victor Guerrero

      First nuzlocke: Fun and friends Second one: distortion and depression

      1. buobeep

        @BestBoyOtto i feel dumb now, thanks fr tho i just checked out that chapter, yeah they probs are thx

      2. BestBoyOtto

        @buobeep This is late but I think Eater of Plastic meant an event that occurs in Arc 6 of the web novel and light novel of Re:Zero, but you are probably right since I don't think Eater of Plastic has read Arc 6

      3. human

        Hi Never gonna give u up

      4. DaviFuy

        Caramba outro br por aqui?

      5. Petrafied 391

        Seems about right what’s your point

    27. Stephanie Pedong

      For anyone confused about this, Jaiden actually lost in her first try, When she talks about the "Other Jaiden" that is a sign of failure, The other Jaiden is the other try, Thank me later when you get what i say, Colgate died from Stone edge (Bertha) Oops and Flakes also died from Bertha, And Flint killed See Turt and her Scizor, Soon after she lost from the Elite Four, She set up a poll saying if she should retry winning against the Elite Four, And almost everyone said Yes, She retried the Elite Four and finally won, That is my explanation.

    28. Optomis power

      This might be her most death filled nuzlocke so far.

    29. Mingau Feliz

      This got unexpectedly deep and sad at the end. You've outdone yourself, Jaiden. Congratulations on making amazing videos and helping us think about life and (hopefully) learn something that makes us better people 😊 (and yes, you deserve the happy ending, you're awesome and we love you 🥰)

    30. Borja SanZar

      I never comment, I promise, but this video is just worth it. Thank you Jaiden; please keep doing what you do! (Clap sound)

    31. abdur tagari

      This went from a typical nuzzlock to a anime with a dope storyline honestly this was amazing

      1. Pedro Pimenta

        The manga was better.

      2. Your_localWeeb


      3. Jessica Hill

        I like pink shinks

      4. yoriichi tsugikuni

        Why did she make the 8th gym leader look like minato.

      5. Kryam

        @Lin Lili (Qtps) yes shinx

    32. Ojas Deshpande

      okay you literally managed to absolutely give me shivers with this video. This was incredible. The animation was ON POINT. The storytelling was on point. Everything was on point. This is the best video I have watched recently. Thank you for this.

    33. Alone_Hooman

      this was just a piece of art! I love the details and the end part with all the questioning life decisions, it was just awesome- Great job jaiden!

    34. Aquaria Sketches

      Ahhh, Failure dying makes me cry every time XD especially now that I have a Luxio on my Shining Pearl team, it hits home (Her name is Lemon Drop btw and I love her~)

    35. fireballtimes

      The glitched part was actually really well done, nice one Jaiden 👍

    36. A Dog who apparently knows how to use the Interwebz

      This wasn't just an animation about a nuzlock, it was a masterpiece.

      1. Chris fnf

        This a good video not going to lie

      2. ematic0054

        A masterpiece about a nuzlock

      3. Altarux

        @DanTheRobot 000000⁰0

      4. Lamar and lily


      5. Nahla Mulrain

        @Meh yea

    37. Christopher Mahanna

      This is why I love nuzlockes because of the stories you can interpret from them and the connection you form with your pokemon.

    38. ArkhamBeast12

      Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. Not gonna lie, there were a few moments, even in the ending, where I almost cried. Truly. This was truly amazing to watch.

    39. Jamie Cox

      Love Jaidens Nuzlockes, all the animations make the storyline so much better and adds a proper show to the game. Best out of all the ones I’ve watched

    40. Gretgor

      OMG that ending really fucked me up. This was such a great story to follow!

    41. Jason Lim

      Turtwig: kills first Pokémon Jaiden saw Teriyaki: “good, good”

      1. mattieboy_lol

        Teryaki: soon i will have a new apprentice, a far more younger and stronger one.

      2. Espantalho

        "Let the hate flow through you"

      3. Familjen Bängtsson


      4. jb-arnav bansal

        If you know you know

    42. Luis Auzeta

      The way how scizor grabs Cyrus by the neck and jaiden demands him to fight is hilarious 😂😂😂

      1. Ahmad Zaed Bin Abdul Aziz

        Lesbian Li My Pop


      Easily the best nuzlocke video there ever was and will be.

    44. KittyUwU

      The fact that she used her first loss as a way to make it cool and interesting is just amazing!! It came out amazing too!

    45. biofrog

      I have watched this so many times because I love the whole story but out of all the times I watch it no matter how many times that last couple minutes always gets me is it feels like real pain I don't know what's going on in your life but damn man

    46. Bryce Stavely

      Cynthia: *Stands Intimidatingly* Also Cynthia: “EGG?”

      1. 🎫what?


      2. ob glob yigy


      3. Jumpyy Jasminee


      4. NimbusTTP


      5. Adam Chmielewski


    47. I lost my sock.

      This is, by far, my favorite Nuzlocke animation. And for so many good reasons. The comedy. The friendship. The story. It really felt like an anime; awesome plot. I love it. ♡

    48. Twizzly Jelly!?

      this is a whole experience, its just like a movie, with losts, that make me sad :(

    49. Duy Long Pham

      I just found my new favorite Pokemon Nuzlocke channel! Love the way you tell your story!

    50. CB gaming

      I've watches this a million times why is the ending only now making me tear up?

    51. Heisenwolf


      1. Axomio123

        Wtf, tio lobexno

      2. Tadeo

        lic. el papeleo para el aguinaldo porfavor

      3. Janny UwU

        Que haces aquí tío lobeexxnooo?

      4. uz ligthman

        santos bacalaos es el jefe :D

      5. Luis Mario Herrera Jiménez

        Salaberga, el licenciado patas

    52. Charles McClure

      I love your story telling with these. Your sense of humor is great. I deeply enjoy these animations you make

    53. Holy Smug Cats

      cant believe this was a year ago, this amazingly formatted video is so fun to just re-watch every now and then

    54. Marina Oba Galvão

      This is a MasterClass in how to tell a story amazingly

    55. Vasuki

      The ending touched my heart 💘

    56. TheDittoKid Bottom Text

      Jaiden: *exists* Pokemon platinum: Here's every crit at the wrong time

      1. Amsure Enough

        idk wtf is going on, but sword and shield hand out criticals like candy. on both sides

      2. Kimberly Davila

        Oops! All crits!

      3. Ron Brokaw

        Currently on my 9th FireRed Nuzlocke attempt, I can assure you that it is very much a Nuzlocke thing in general. Lol. Of all 14 Pokemon I've acquired so far, only 5 have managed to live long enough to see us get past Vermilion City Gym. 😂 I take a couple risks here and there but even with safety measures, the game will take what it wants.

      4. Burgerity


      5. Carl Smith

        Turt doesn’t actually die in either timeline

    57. LamaKitty2010

      6 year old me: "i would never cry over pokemon" You can fill in the blanks from there

    58. Cheem Dog Plays

      remember when failure the shinx died on this video? in my nuzlocke i found failure at the same route, i evolved him into luxray and he is literally carrying me every pokemon the died and was left behind became my team

    59. gungame

      if this was a movie it would be top 1 the storyline and everything was just perfect

    60. JELLYman

      This is like so emotional even though its a POKEMON NUZLOCKE ANIMATION but when she said she didn't deserve the win and thanks to all the sacrifices and bunch of pokemons that sacrifice themselves appear...this really brings tears to my eyes

      1. Thaddeus Genhelm

        The comment about deserving the win is actually because of the fact that she lost her first attempt (the "alternate dimension" version of herself), but the chat wanted her to try again, hence why there are "two" versions of her.

    61. Phantom_

      Jaiden: *is scared* Cynthia: may I offer you an egg in this trying time?

      1. Phantom_

        @Artist Crimson Red More like, Jaiden: BAKA!

      2. Can The Man

        E G G .

      3. lankybox fan


      4. lankybox fan


      5. s0ftwwqre!


    62. Sidra Wall

      I've watched this 3 times now. Jaiden's animations really don't get old

    63. Robert Selley

      4:07 I trained my Zubat up to Golbat and then I got Crobat four levels later. He was so helpful in Brilliant Diamond

    64. Jordan Payne

      I love the extistential and philosophical question you posed at the end when it came to your victory. To think that in theory there are different dimensions where different Yous go through different things, and to realize that there are yous possibly out there are going through so much worse and horrible things, when you yourself are feeling blessed and grateful at just one moment in time. And to feel for those possible versions of you and how they would feel. It helps to appreciate others more once you can appreciate those yous in another universe.

    65. davidzalez

      the way you added the glitching as how you failed the first time is really good storytelling tbh

    66. DinoDealer 1196

      when failure had this innocent look on his face as they turned to see frosslass and the quivers of fear genuinely made me so sad and i almost cried

      1. Jessica Tucker


      2. Cool Carson Gacha

        if ur crying over someone else’s pokémon nuzlocke somethings wrong with you

      3. Expleiter

        she needed more love

      4. Arthur Manoel

        Ikr! I was legitimately sad

      5. jmcsquared

        Especially since, as a Luxray it could've crunched that Froslass to death. Poor Failure never reached its potential 😭

    67. A Jacob

      This was honestly the most heartstopping thing I've watched in days. Incredible.


        There is another

    68. Cris Tomé

      this is emotive, brilliant, creative, innovative, and very very well done. congrats on your storytelling, talent, you created the whole universe a pokémon fan goes through their minds in one video. f*cking awesome ps: quagsire is my fav mon their animations were THE BEST

    69. Mason Ma’at

      I just want to say that ending was beautiful and wanted to make me cry

    70. JELLY~¿wisp?~

      Oh my god jaiden,the animation and lore to this nuzlocke is so fricking good you done amazing please do more of these

    71. RunningAmpharos

      Jaiden: literally about to save the universe from a satan caterpie Cynthia: *May I offer you a nice egg in these trying times*

      1. mattieboy_lol

        @Pyromaniac i thought It is i, Grunty boi Or as my subtitles say it "current tip boi"

      2. Susmita Mukherjee

        Satan. Caterpie.. very nice

      3. Ana edits

        @Im rapidly approaching Your current location yeah

      4. ッ nishiki ッ

        @SOUP demonic yanma

      5. iirainbowcrystals

        This is literally the best comment ive ever read

    72. Broccoli 2000

      I love the commentary and the animations are amazing well done.

    73. Ilbram Harker

      Oop’s positivity is contagious, almost took my mind off of the fact that I gotta move in the middle of winter and couch hop for a week. Thanks, Oops.

    74. Heimata Karika

      These made me sweat and shiver at the glitching part i really felt that-

    75. Kev Wavy

      Omg , I can’t believe I just ran across this. Do whatever makes you happy. These are amazing

    76. Ramnuoel

      Jaiden: *Literally having random critical syndrome* Cynthia: May I offer you an egg in this trying time?

      1. Some Potato

        *E G G*

      2. DylanCT10

        dorkly AND mandjtv reference :3

      3. 8o8Max_OwO_

        Hail yeah!!

      4. Darkner

        Dorkly reference spotted.

    77. DougieDoug 7

      This is an OUTSTANDING video!!!! Great work!!

    78. Matt Gador

      When you watch the trailers for Legends Arceus, you realize that the Professors had a point about how deadly walking into the tall grass is

    79. eммᗩ._.

      Watching this as I play Shining pearl for the first time. Picked a starter at random by closing my eyes and landed Turt :)

    80. Blakstone531

      The ending is just incredible. It got me subscribed.

    81. Mystical STD

      Start: Fun and wholesome End: *existential crisis*

      1. Chuubaccatheworld

        I wanna know the name of the piano pice in the end does anyone know?

      2. Anaea

        @Duan Name Breaking rules of the n u z l o c k e

      3. Mystical STD

        @littenger ik I remember

      4. littenger

        Well for those who haven't played the game to say the least those guys are demons and Cynthia's garchomp ptsd

      5. Winter Kingdom

        @That Guy Named George she actually lost the that was the flashback looking things when she was fighting them. But the chat gave her another try which didn't make it feel right to win. So she played twice which isn't completely fair as a nuzlocke

    82. fairy

      one year later and this video still makes me emotional ??? that end man ,,,,,,

    83. CT - 3512

      "I was terrified of his cranidos, but it was KOed by a razor leaf before it could do anything" fittingly, also known as the rampardos theorum.

    84. S.E.J.L

      Me: sees Jaiden getting torn in two Me: ...I could make a story off this!

    85. Sir Gecko

      Whoever tries a nuzlocke on brilliant diamond or shining pearl is a mad lad bro

    86. GameMusic

      Alternative Title: Jaiden having a Mental Breakdown about Critical Hits

      1. Jaid3n

        @ZZBlaydz Good Bentellect reference

      2. Summer S

        To trure

      3. Trevina Solyman

        T r u e

      4. Aero

        crits in platinum are bull they happen way more often in that game than any other that ive ever played for some reason

      5. Y e e t blop

        So true!!! 😂😂😂

    87. shelley robinson

      I love how she animates her character

    88. Bubbles093

      I named my Brilliant Pearl Shellos ‘Squoop’ in honor of this video, and she carried me to victory against Cynthia’s Garchomp 😭

    89. linootin

      Quagsire is my favorite pokemon, and I used the yawn/ice beam strat to beat garchomp, and it worked very well. Ty, wouldn't of been able to get past is without that.

    90. Owen Porter

      That was an AMAZING endingv!

    91. Swoquik

      So for anyone confused about the whole giratina timeline jazz I’ll explain. In the nuzlocke during the stream Jaiden had lost half her team while fighting the elite 4 and held a poll during the stream where she would restart from the Pokémon Center in front of the elite 4 this is why she kept seeing flashbacks those are the Pokémon who died during those fights. Just thought I’d explain for anyone confused. Edit: For anyone looking for the stream it was reuploaded by “A daily dose of Jaiden”

      1. Keith Marshall

        If I ever played I would fight till the end or until I hav no Pokémon left

      2. Vaurius

        Makes it less cringy. That’s nice

      3. MocheyMice


      4. James Pudney


      5. magiko 82

        I still have no idea and I'm still extremely confused, thanks for trying though

    92. Shadow_Wolf21

      "this lady Cynthia came up and was like Eeggg" That's the greatest thing I've ever heard

    93. Juaco Productions

      Okay. Don't get me wrong, but I think I might try going for a nuzlocke run someday. If it's an animated storytelling like yours, it'd also be nice, since I'm already on the end of my digital animation career and I'm willing to try going further with my content.

    94. Derell Sherman

      I'm a sucker for really good animation and deep lore and to think I would find both in this video.... *Cries a single tear of happiness*

    95. Joshua Allred

      It’s like I’m watching an anime. Jaden, you are something else, thanks for this AMAZING story

    96. LittleKid

      Jaiden:*Almost loses 2 Pokemon due to crit hits* Cynthia: Can I offer you an egg in these trying times?

      1. Yoshi The Bear

        @Three Watermalon's I’ll complete it 🍉

      2. LittleKid

        @Three Watermalon's Your name is “Three Watermakon’s” but you commented 2?

      3. xxultrabeasts faiz


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      5. LittleKid

        @Yoshi The Bear *Thank you.*

    97. César Patiño Rodríguez

      I'm crying with man tiers, that ending 😍

    98. Yuooo Tubeee

      oh my gosh the way she storytold this holy cow i saluted like i couldent help my self

    99. arikacheese

      I literally cried when you left milk. I could never give somepokemon so precious up 😭

    100. Gabe M

      Me: *Gets defeated by the ice type gym* My team level returning to the gym: "So you have chosen death?"