How to Sneak Makeup 💄😂

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    1. Maya Perez

      The fact that the lipsticks we're squished and they replaced them like it never happened 💀 Edit: omg thanks for 790 likes I never got this many likes before ♥️

      1. Ayaz Khan

        @ffiiona 😊Baba how do you spell like😮hmgjfkhuhhk😊❤

      2. ffiiona

        i think she didn't want to wear squished-on-the-floor lipstick for a video so they replenished it, lol.

    2. Gettin Crafty

      the fact he never saw the makeup on the ground Her: i am a magician 💀💀💀

    3. Ivy Carey

      Bob: So where’s sally Gwen:idk just follow the tracks on the floor Bob: ok😄

    4. Faith Hanes

      So we’re not gonna talk about how the lipstick was on the floor, dragging carrying dirt with it and she puts it on her lips😐😭😭😭

      1. Potato massacre🥔🔪

        TYSM like gurl why😢😂🎉❤

      2. Alexandreia Portray

        Apparently not!!!!

    5. manisha pawar

      Okay how did her lipstick last in such a perfect shape

    6. kookiesandcandy

      When you realise you could've even used the lid of the lipstick to close it and still be able to walk & to prevent from the dirt to reach your lips/face😳😳😳

      1. kookiesandcandy

        @I'm in love 😘 yup that's right 😁😁😁😁😁

      2. I'm in love 😘

        @kookiesandcandy ik but at least she can walk

      3. kookiesandcandy

        @I'm in love 😘 But she wasted all the lipstick trying to walk and left the prints on the floor

      4. I'm in love 😘

        But it would be hard to walk on and it would slip

      5. Loghan

        That's what I said

    7. Jasmina Calixte

      “Ahh yes I love the smell of floor on my lips”

    8. Tiyana

      Wowww I'm sure everyone is gonna try this totally amazing and hygienic makeup sneaking idea. I'm sUrErE i WiLl

    9. Aisha

      Girl the lipstick was on the floor and if we try it will just make us slip to death👁️👄👁️💀💀👁️👄👁️

    10. IamNOTKOKO


    11. Lumity4ever

      “ mom can we buy some makeup?” Mom: we got makeup at home.

      1. Bill Sans

        ​@Kris Dantas

      2. DL Merrill

        the makeup at home

      3. Brookelyn

        The makeup at home

      4. Kris Dantas


      5. Kris Dantas


    12. Hemo😻

      “I’m sorry m’mam but we need to remove your lips because of infection”

    13. 『 Rin Offixz 』

      How to not need to sneak makeup: Do it at home

    14. My classmates

      Me:WAIT A MINUTE🤨!!! how the fuck did the lipsticks didn’t broke tho- Makeup scientist:WE FOUND THE MOST STRONG LIPSTICKS EVER!?💅

    15. Yellow

      No way he didn't see the girl making a mess on the floor- No way she wanted to use that dirty lipstick-

      1. Ummi Zmy


    16. Joy Figures

      the lipstick was on the floor ma’am-💀

      1. Phillip Oats


      2. Chloe Franck

        Lol yeah

      3. Anilah Otriz

        I I

      4. Shaiyr Alykulova


      5. ♡ZODIAC LOVER♡


    17. 𝕋𝕠𝕔𝕒 𝕣𝕠𝕓𝕝𝕠𝕩 𝕡𝕠𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕕 🍁🍂

      "I think just gets a lipstick would be easier 💀"

    18. Rosey Delmonico

      “Honey did you take my lipstick again”

    19. 𝓑𝓻𝓸𝓴𝓮𝓷 𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓽♡

      " whats the first 5 ways to ruin makeup " "Me" sticking it on the bottom of your shoes

      1. Clayton ribeiro

        ​@Aubrey DeWolfe zaa

      2. Geizel Nalusay

        ​@-DeezRat- lll 80

      3. Si Bila

        it's not dirty huh

      4. baseball fam

        Would people even think that it's good it's actually bad cuz I've been on that crusty musty Dusty musty floor no one wants to put their mouth on the floor so those gross

      5. •nezuko NEZUKO•

        ​@Tatiana Carolina Espinoza Ramirez

    20. Lixla Toca gal

      So your gonna use lipstick that’s bin on the floor where everyone stands?! 😂

    21. Rana Saab

      HER: showing us how to sneak in makeup Me: why does she need so many lipstick's...

    22. isabelle 👹💀

      The hickey on her neck be like: Baby you can’t even see me, I’m just a hallucination

    23. Raccoon_Pancakes

      I love the fact that you can literally see she can't even walk in this and if she even stands in this shit the only thing left from those lipsticks would be a stain on the floor

    24. Shirin Patel

      Is no one gonna talk about how the principal could just walk in the halls and be like what the heck are these marks doing on MY school 🏫 floor

      1. ~{§nøw-lø§t}~

        I think it's an airport- dono for sure tho

    25. Nicole Cordner

      Doctor: I’m so sorry your daughter has lost some brain cells Mom: no she didn’t my daughter is fine The daughter:

    26. Jay life

      Why is nobody talking about the hickeys on her neck-💀

      1. AshleyGames🇲🇽

        That was what I was thinking-

    27. Analeigh Jones

      Oml how does he not notice the trail of lipstick on the floor? And how she tries to use it after it’s been on the ground AND her back pack just appears 🤡 there is literally so much wrong with this clip 💀💀

    28. B Ravenclaw Princess

      How to: 1. Waste your makeup by smashing them on the ground 2. Touch the floor with your lips without actually touching it 3. Paint (more like stain) the floor with many shades 4. Disbalance yourself & probably fall 5. Let the floor use lipstick too. Cz sharing is caring. Edit: I didn't notice that her hairstyle suddenly changed & a bag joined in😶.

      1. B Ravenclaw Princess

        @Heuet You people can join too😅😅. Btw I am not bro, I am sis.

      2. Beatbox14Ys


      3. Heuet

        Bro u make the list

      4. tony bowers


    29. Anagha Nk

      What a genius idea 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    30. gade sirisha

      Me : I will use this The model : taking the lipsticks from the floor and puts on the lip

    31. Aubrey Becerra

      I cried when I saw the lipstick on the floor and the least she should have done was put on the caps

    32. Charm

      Who doesn't love lipstick smothered with floor seasoning 😙😙

    33. The Dinosaur mate

      Omg its so smart, i wanna try this 💅👌🤠

    34. Mondira Sarkar

      sooo funny 🤣🤣

    35. arlenini

      this evokes an emotion that i didn’t know existed

    36. Maria Barajas

      Bro lost his brain sells. Her: yes my make up is in good shape it is not like I ran to the store to get mole lipstick 💄

    37. 🌷s l o a n e🌷

      wow ive never thought of that, that’s genius! 💀💀💀

    38. *lonewolf* candy

      Forget sneaking lipstick in that trick is a lost cause. 💔

    39. UrLocalN0rmie

      Ya know, there is a thing called ROLLING IN THE LIPSTICK. 🤬

    40. EN-love♥


      1. Mamta Negi

        😂😂 yeah

      2. lyrics & slowed Mix


      3. 💙Dhruvi💙

        @EN-love♥ 💙

      4. EN-love♥

        @💙Dhruvi💙 yeah 😭👍

      5. Spotty

        No, it's just that the teachers are too blind to look an the bottom of your shoes and that you grew taller in a matter of seconds.

    41. Cassandra Beth

      That hickie though 😂

    42. Nyeah

      " Mom i invented a new l ipstick! " "Really honey what is it called? " "Floorstick" 👁️👄👁️

    43. Langosteño 2

      Pov: The floor was dirty. Pov 2: The lipstick was of poor quality and he entire lipstick was destroyed.

    44. Cartoon

      You know.. their is evidence of makeup trail on the floor right..? 💄💀

    45. Zoey Li

      The fact that she’s putting it on when they ALL touched the ground AND she’s putting it on in front of the class

    46. Tiya Kushwaha

      It should be " How to destroy makeup 💄"

    47. ☻kaela.merri11☻

      “bro where tf is janet” “just follow the lipstick” … “what the fuck janet”

    48. pp pp

      Bro’s asking for a lip infection at this point ☠️

    49. GL Blob

      "Yeah I'm just gonna put on a lipstick that I snuck in" "How'd you sneak it in??" "I put it on my shoes" "..." "ARE YA GOING ON A DATE WITH A RAT??"

    50. Sharon Burgers

      The evidence all over the floor of lipstick 💄 😅😆

    51. Mia Sukilatte

      this is gonna end one way or another either you goto the hospital from slipping or you get caught from lipstick on the ground. bro i would be so embarresed bc she did it infront of the whole class and she really put liptick on her mouth after it was on the ground AND THE SIGH SAYS NO MAKEUP BUT SHES WEARING IT WHEN SHE GOES IN pls no one use this 'hack'

    52. Jennifer Barry

      Bro. The lipstick was on the floor. It left tracks. I guess common sense isn’t that common anymore.😞😶💋💄

    53. Brooklyn Morgan memorial

      It would have been half okay if she used the caps and NOT straight lipstick 😂😂

    54. ~ChubbyQueen YT~

      It was from the dirty floor and then ur gonna put in ur mouth, it's kinda gross but great vid for sneaking make up ☺️

    55. Liya.D

      Me: Alr that’s enough KZsection for today 🐭

    56. 「Erina」

      think of this, the lipstick touched the floor, and you're putting it on your lips. you would practically be kissing the floor a bunch of times, The dust on the floor would also go on your lips and all the germs on the floor.

    57. KWEESY

      The lipstick looks too perfect when she put it on her lips

    58. JellyMilk

      "Mom, can I have some makeup?" "We have makeup at home" *The makeup at home:*

    59. dr. rio forever

      The moment she takes a step: *you didn’t have to cut me off*

    60. Finn wolfhard strangerthings

      We're just gonna ignore the fact that the lipstick Mas on the floor and that she used ot anyway. One more thing... why do you think this is a good hack 👁👄👁

    61. David_the_dog

      Is the teacher blind like there's no way she didn't saw her putting lipstick 💀

    62. Annabelle

      Bro that things probably got dirt all over it you were literally walking with them and also they literally make marks all over the floor it’s the worst way to sneak lipsticks 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    63. Tia Boghosian

      Manger: “How fake do you want this to be?” Them: “Yes.”

      1. Sour guy

        Dosent make sense

    64. Michaela

      Really 😂 This video is literally an entertain for kids

    65. Isabella Sutton

      No.1: you just ruined your lipsticks No.2: you’re still gonna use them after they were smushed on the ground?!

    66. Faqiha Mehra

      "the lipstick touched the floor" 😭

    67. Rufina Sanders

      Her:how fake do you want the video People making it: yes

    68. mimi miyu

      How is the lipstick still so perfect 💀💀💀

      1. Captain Purrlock

        The power of editing

    69. Lorelai Jauregui

      Nobody, NOBODY would go this far for makeup

    70. miso

      Step 1: find a blind security guard

    71. Zahudeen Halaldeen

      Too smart 🤣

    72. Sheep Animator

      After a week of use: *Why is my lipstick so dirty?!?!???!!!*

    73. nObOdY

      “Hang on let me just put on this makeup that’s been sliding around the floor real quick”

      1. •.༒idiot.kitten☾.•

        I was think that too

      2. LilyG


      3. Asiye Çiftçi

        00 olimpik

    74. Ganpati bappa Morya

      I am still in doubt 😅 why the lipstick part haven’t broken while walking? 😅😅😅

    75. Unći🍡

      The girl:i am sick doctor Doctor/me:well if you would've haven't put the lipstick on the floor you would've not be sick ma'am- The girl:ohhhh

    76. Aslisha

      How to paint on floor Them: yes

    77. 🦋pretty in pink 🦋

      Y'all are talking about the dirt in the floor but did anyone saw that the lipstick is still perfectly shaped.....after she is standing on it

    78. Sophie_the_bean :P

      Wow thanks for the tip, will be using that often🤠

    79. James Edward's


    80. sana khan

      RIP logic lmao😂

    81. MASS Art and Craft

      Your lipstick gonna be broken an you just waste all of them

    82. James Edward's

      Me: *walks in* hi mom Mom:hello *gaps* Mom: IS THAT A HICKEY ME: no *runs away * Mom: COME BACK!!!!

    83. Mikayla Damolo

      ...How does he not notice the prints of the makeup on the floor-

      1. Monal Gaikwad

        I think his eyes had big problem 😂

      2. ở đây có gái xinh

        tôi đoán anh ấy đang diễn rất tốt nên anh ấy sẽ giả vờ không nhìn thấy vết son trên sàn👀


      The dog poop on the floor:imma ruin her lipstick The girl:steps in it and keeps walking The dog poop on the lipstick:HAHAHAHAHA IM ON HER LIPSTICK The girl:uses the lipstick The dog poop on her lips:she will never know 😈

    85. Dodo head

      Excuse me I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work there’s literally lipstick on the floor

    86. Fadia Omran (Student OVHS)

      she can easily put it in the bag pack wtf!!?

    87. Rose

      someone:aliens don't exist her: you sure bout that?

    88. Taya Zainuddin

      the guard standing in front of the door be like: "she looks awfully tall today. oh look lipstick marks on the floor, I wonder how that could have happened?

    89. Dora

      The way the lipstick would break instantly

    90. BrOkEn_StArFiSh

      Me when I see this:the lipstick was on the floor😳...why!?🤢 otherwise it would have been perfect🤣 👇

    91. Kü4ømï


    92. 🌻Mayw 123🌻

      No me puedo imaginar que alguien haga eso 🤦🏼‍♀️ literal los labiales se aplastan cada vez que camina y todavia los usa mientras el suelo quien sabe cuantas baterias tiene xd

    93. B E L L A🤍

      “ how to ruin your makeup” “ how to get Covid 2.0” “ how to be stupid”

      1. Aisha the army girl

        @Anke Kirchhof what????

      2. Ап Па


      3. Anke Kirchhof

        ​@Aisha the army girl

      4. Anke Kirchhof


      5. NotFoundys

        When did COVID get an upgrade?💀

    94. Gaia

      What bro you're going to class in a dress like that. I would get expelled. My school is so strict about that. We like have to wear uniform and if we don't show up in uniform you get like detention but that's spaghetti straps doesn't follow the finger rule. No too short