How to make a simple wire clamp!!

Mr Nik

Mr Nik

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    1. Brandon P

      You’re great, thanks for sharing. This really is better than the 87 cents I was saving all year for my hose clamp

      1. hoshen Sanjaya


    2. Joseph Ercole

      It's so cute how all of you that know so much about the right way to do it look at this as if this person is trying to tell you not to buy an actual hose clamp. These videos show you how to think. How to solve problems in a different way. They show you how you could utilize old parts and make something out of them. That's all.

    3. Eva Kozma

      Overthinking is the enemy of being a practical handyman. Perfect example of finding a complicated solution for a simple problem. Fastest, cheapest fix for this is a correct size hose clamp.

    4. Lynn manzenberger

      I use the pliers in my toolbar for simple jobs as this !

    5. Joe Mac

      I'll remember this the next time I want to buy $300 in tools to make a $1 part. 👍

    6. D-Easy

      “I don’t have $3, but I got an entire weekend and ALL the power tools!!!”

      1. Lanren Aluminum

      2. Richard Palomino Chuchon

        ​@Sac Winged Bat's a Tad Bit Sad

      3. Dimon М

        (с) Doctor Dew

      4. MetaJamm

        @D. T. i have 3 at home.

      5. Mr. Meeseeks

        @alex39082 I know right. These "hacks" are ridiculous.

    7. Trucker Kaarlsen

      This hack was so clever, I’m gonna have to give it the Ole Green “V” of approval at the end! Ding!

    8. DPH1301

      Creative, especially if you have having to go buy hose clamps and you already have these items laying around

    9. Spanky444

      I don't care what y'all say, I love these kind of videos. Idk what it is, I just think it's so fun to see what people can make with a grinder, some screws, and a big hit of crack

    10. Bang Dipon

      Omg, it's very simple I've tried in my dream

    11. Mathew Underwood

      It is so much easier to have all these materials rather than a $.10 hose clamp! Thank you so much!!!

      1. João Texerinha

        ​@Chubbs Anthony

      2. Mr. Meeseeks

        @Chubbs Anthony Get bent and learn to properly wrench.

      3. TerribleDuck

        ​@Chubbs Anthony bot located

      4. спецоперация на украине

        you fool...в ядерную войну не будет хомутов за 0.10₽ ....))))

      5. Chubbs Anthony

        With 1.3 million views on a simple video, EFF your 10cent hose clamp

    12. Claudia O'Grady

      That is immensely satisfying!!

    13. Rohn

      I appreciate the tomfoolery. Problem solved and they made a tool. While not efficient, I respect the built not bought solution.

    14. Emothebabycool

      It’s simple when u need a hydraulic drill with a cutting attachment and bronze wire to make a clamp witch is probably around 500 dollars(not counting the metal that was cut with the drill)…or a 20 dollar metal clip

    15. Uber Owl

      What a great idea considering how incredibly cheap copper is at the moment. Though I am kinda surprised that he didn’t use gold, since it’s an even cheaper material

      1. rigman031977

        ​@Uber Owl gold on the other hand would be a cheaper alternative, IF cheap is referencing a poor choice of material for the task at hand... ...maybe

      2. Uber Owl

        @Craig Sharpe the wire he uses as a clamp (which btw a whole pack of cost like $1.29) is made of copper and the price for copper is going through the roof right now. It’s so incredibly idiotic to use copper for anything other than it really needs to be used for, due to how expensive it is.

      3. elderpebler

        @lawrencemacd63 what do you think the wire is made out of bruh

      4. lawrencemacd63

        What’s copper got to do with it 🤔

      5. Craig Sharpe

        ????? Copper prices??? Not sure what your saying but....

    16. Helbor Dual

      Simples demais heheheh

    17. Genildo Santos lopes

      Top demais 💯💯👏👏👏

    18. BB burst

      My favourite part was when he showed the “simple” part.

    19. Sahala ᯘᯪᯀᯉ᯲ᯖᯮᯒᯪ

      Wow this is so simple. All you needs is tools and time..

    20. Kyle Gates

      I swear I lose brain cells every time I watch one of these, and I don't have many left.

      1. Alex Cioata

        @Price's Property Maintenance this is my first time checking the comments on a short, it will be the last, so much hate for no reason... I guess people need to say something hateful to feel better,i don't understand, who is forcing them to do this or why you would suggest to buy a clamp, or why this would take a hole weekend? this a good trick that all this bastards will never be able to reproduce

      2. Amar Nath


      3. JerseyDevil

        Lol what’s wrong with making a tool meant for a specific job? It’s done all the time

      4. loualcinder

        Dude most of us are watching @ 420 pm. YT Shorts are only for stoners. 😄

      5. Beef-o-Juice

        Might be in the first place why you get this videos

    21. Ricky Paragas

      there lots of useful videos on the internet. this one is one of them

    22. JJ_ExMachina

      In an emergency you can take some wire, a stick and create a tourniquet to hold the hose in place. If it's an emergency and you have no other options. NOT whatever this is in the video.

    23. Teagan Walsh

      Or, you know, you could buy a hose clamp. They cost almost nothing and take seconds to install.

    24. Ivan King

      Pretty sure Gronk invented a hose clamp just after he invented the wheel.

    25. SA4

      Yes since hose clamps are very hard and expensive to get when compared with angle grinders, door hinges, etc

    26. jacob curcio

      It would probably ne cheaper, easyer, faster, and more effective to just go buy a hose clamp.

    27. Orlando Rosado

      It’s cool to watch and the efx makes it fun too,the ideas are great too ..but you might need like a tool garbage to put some of these ideas to work and if there’s like a Home Depot near by ..well I guess it’s not to bad to just buy the stuff than to go through this Cz it might not work has you expected it to be.Good luck

    28. fernando de Jesus Mendoza

      Woow realmente pensé que sería complicado

    29. asymsolutions

      A pair of duck bills could have the same sealing effect with copper wire or steel safety cable and almost none of the work.

    30. 青木康太「インディゴ」

      Love to see the content (and fanbase) for FunkFPV continues to grow steadily

      1. Gaming Rockstar


      2. Leeroy Jenkins

        he is out lord and saviour

      3. Dursun.X

        🤘🏻 Magic Pliers brigade reporting for duty!

      4. Dominic Malfara

        “Look at this goofy fuckin thing”😅

      5. John Easterling

        Hahaha, I was just thinking "can't wait to see this on funkfpv"

    31. Gregorio Anderson

      Bem simples

    32. Raul JRS

      Obrigado vou já comprar arame.

    33. Luciano

      I think this is amazing.

    34. Misha & Alena

      Блин 😂 ..ждал в конце что-то более полезное. Хомут с шурупом на затягивание в помощь..15..20 руб.

    35. Will Hutton

      I was surprised how precise he was able to use that angle grinder! Good work man!

    36. Luis Armando Barrios

      Excelente idea.

    37. Thomas Hill

      Astronauts must know how 🤔 to do this in their sleep. I think. ❤️

    38. demal9914

      What was so hard about using a pipe clamp?

    39. T H

      While at Home Depot to get all the BS to make this project, I just went ahead and bought a hose clamp. 😂

    40. mark Abbott

      YES you can do everything the hard way.

      1. Maurice Davis

        ​@Kc B lol, you are right with that statement that you made. I feel I wi) use this clamp for future needs

      2. Kc B

        @Cole Shapiro of course it will. What do you think was used prior to hose clamps? I can’t believe the amount of pathetic responses here from girly boys that have no ability to do something on their own.

      3. Cole Shapiro

        @Kc B: that wire clamp wont hold shit though.

      4. Heath B

        What if you live somewhere where this is the ONLY way or option you have.

      5. Sam Linkin

        @CornPopWasABadDude You ignoramus, I'm not French. Go ahead be the stereotypical American blathering mindless drivel, by the way, yes many people DO think Americans are stupid.

    41. Chadwick Heine

      *Replaces door hinges with wire clamps Job well done 👏🏻

    42. Ishmael Williams

      Isn’t there a crimping tool for this!!

    43. Robert Taylor

      You can buy a box of various sized hose clamps and just have them.

    44. Dominic Difuccia

      Welcome back to another episode of making something in a way that costs more and takes more time than just going to the store and buying the thing

      1. Ryan O'Keefe

        Welcome back to another comment from someone that doesn't realise there is a world outside of their own, where stores are not open on weekends and are often hours away. Most of these videos are complete garbage, but this video shows a simple tool being made that completes a job quickly and easily... You then use the tool on the next joint that you need to clamp... They KEY here is that its a TOOL to tighten the wire clamp. Once the tool is made, you don't need to remake it every time you want to clamp something.

      2. vedo94 x

        I didnt even know a tool for this existed.

      3. Terence Jay

        I've got to stop watching these because at the end of each one, I say 'Oh FFS...'

      4. Fringe Wizard

        Yep. It's like when I realized taking apart bad palettes aren't even worth my time because the recip saw blades cost me too much and wear out too fast so I become more selective in what palettes I take for my projects and sometimes just buy the wood for some parts I need.

    45. bobbob tomtom

      Omg thank you, I feel so stupid I been using hose clamps and a high tech overly complicated very expensive and technical screwdriver....I could've just spent all fuckin day doing this

    46. Duy Dinh Nguyen

      Good idea 👍🏼 but I have to buy a ring clamp for 50 cent? I don’t have tools

    47. Joshua Suggs

      I can’t afford a hose clamp so I’ll just use all this other material that cost about $50 not counting all of my time it took to do this

    48. Mikko Korkala

      How about metallic ziplock

    49. HVAC Life

      Those wire clamps work great. I have some that have been under pressure for like 8 years and they are still holding well!

    50. JJ_ExMachina

      I'm a use hundreds of dollars in power tools, destroy $5 in hardware to make a 50 cent hose clamp. Genius

    51. Karsten Wynns

      You know they make those for a few cent's and they are called hose clamps

    52. Murilo Bugattii

      Nossa, mega simples. Pqp.

    53. Алексей Михайлов

      В общем, мне надо просто найти болгарку, тиски, купить завес, болт и вуаля - стяжка для трубы готова. :)))

    54. 불곰

      "자 이제 뭐가 간단하지 말해줘"

      1. doyun0202

        ​@루네아 ㅇㅈ

      2. 루네아

        철물점가서 호스 클램프 사는게 더 빠를듯

    55. Евгений Александрович

      Сейчас медная проволока стоит дороже чем хамут с магазина.))

    56. Davie Jay

      Hose barb and a hose clamp are under $5 combined

    57. Romário Farias

      A alguns milhares de anos já tinha inventado antes mesmo do arame Uma torques

    58. White Rabbit

      Is it leaky though?? Yes it is! Just buy the hose clamps.

    59. Андрей Андреев

      Это тот случай когда легче найти тески, болгарку, дверную петлю, болт с гайкой, медную проволоку, сломать мозг чем взять хомутик и затянуть😂

      1. Владимир Цыбульский

        Да , кому эта хрень нада ?

      2. ASinov

        Главное не метод, а результат. Не в этом случае!

      3. NKN82

        Эту проволку можно затянуть и просто плоскогубцами или даже одной отверткой.

    60. Cruising Altitude

      A simple 27-step process to-….. 😂

    61. Миша Пух

      Тут не видно хорошего обжима материала трубы и торчащие остатки хвостики будут цеплятся за окружающие предметы и все разеденится.Обычно для соединения таких конструкций прмиеняют обычные порскогубцы и проволоку или в качестае рычага закрктки трименяют обычный гроздь или любой металический стерженнь.

    62. Sahil Sharma

      So simple

    63. mr pugtato 3

      Thats pretty neat but I think id rather spend $5 and go buy one

    64. yesteryear gears

      They actually sell tools for this exact purpose of making wire clamps. They have many uses not just for a hose. These tools are quite expensive so this is actually a pretty nice tool

    65. John Brown

      better than spending $30 to $75 on clamptite tool

    66. Cinnamaldehyde

      well, you damn sure ain't need to do that, but you damn sure did do it. Good job, I guess.

    67. Christian Orthodoxy

      Very good my friend. 💯✨ Awesome.

    68. Joseph Dejacque

      "simple"... yeah... we have different meaning of simple...

    69. Hypercube9

      And just like that you've saved yourself 39¢! Assuming you already have an angle grinder, spare door hinge, some wire, wire cutters, a bolt, and a wing nut. It would have been faster just to run to the store and buy what you actually needed.

      1. Hypercube9

        @Michael Osmon I know you are!

      2. Michael Osmon

        @Hypercube9 haters gonna hate

      3. Hypercube9

        @Michael Osmon "tells me I wrote a book" My last comment was 22 lines, THIS comment is 84 lines! What part confused you? "where there aren't any online retailers" There are online retailers EVERYWHERE! That's why they call them ON LINE retailers! Are you Amish or something? How do you not know this??? "hose clamps at $0.39 each when you buy 60" Hmm... you seem to have an issue with your basic comprehension. 39¢ was an estimate. It's 23¢ each if you buy 60! I hope you won't make this same mistake again in the future! "Are they all one size like 3/4"?" Nope. "What if your radiator hose blows? Are you gonna thread 8 of those together?" You COULD! "You think that will have more strength?" No, just the same amount as the weakest link! "No, in experimental aviation" And since WHEN have we been talking about experimental aviation?!? "...without this or some variation of this tool." I'm glad you FINALLY agree with me! As I have been recommending some variation of this tool all along! "it's a short and only to show the tool and how to make it." And if I had suggested this video did a poor job of that, you might have a point. But I did not. "all you need to do to fix the "problem" you repeatedly point out is to tighten the wingnut more before flipping the tool." And exactly what "problem" would THAT fix?!? "Chastises me for supposed improper capitalization" Supposed aka. NON-EXISTENT punctuation! "You can carry doubles of 8 different sized hose clamps to make sure you got everything covered" You mean if I know I'm going to have to fix MULTIPLE hoses using clamps?!? Yeah, whyTF would I bring extra hose clamps into THAT situation?!? "This tool will take up a small fraction of the hose clamps you carry" Now if only you knew the difference between volume and MASS! "A vacuum line in any vehicle will leak if you do not clamp it." Well, it's a good thing no one in THIS conversation is recommending we DON'T clamp it! Just that we don't need THAT tool. "Try wrapping some wire around it by hand and see how well that works for you." OR, do what I ACTUALLY suggested and use a twisting motion to tighten the wire. "this demonstration did not show the tool being tightened all the way," That's good. Because if it HAD, there would have been even MORE slack in the wire! "If you had any knowledge of the actual tool" I watched the video. If I NEED any more information than that, than I blame the video! That's hardly MY fault! Also, none of YOUR comments have added ANY new information! "this is a simplified version that is easy to replicate in your garage rather than buying the clamptite version for $95 or more." You compare this to a $95 version when you could just buy 60 hose clamps for $14??? Perhaps it's time you considered making your hose clamps a different way?!?

      4. Michael Osmon


      5. Hypercube9

        @Michael Osmon Okay Sally, calm down. You're clearly triggered otherwise you wouldn't have written that novel. (This comment didn't post either btw.) So I'm not going to reply to most of what was just you ranting. Is it that time of the month? As for "Stainless hose clamps are not $0.39 like you said so...", I chose 39 cents at random. So I looked it up and you're right. I can buy 60 stainless hose clamps for $14. That's 23¢ each! "And many of your points, which you seem to imply settle the subjects..." Well maybe if you ever addressed ANY of the points I made I might see what your argument IS?! This "tool" is inferior to hose clamps. If you disagree, you would be insane not to go into business selling these "tools" in the hose clamp aisle! I look forward to you actually proving me wrong!

    70. Сократ Платонов

      Пересмотрел около десятка хомутателей. Сделал из подручки свой. Но более #эффективного и экономичного - ещё не видел. Может мало видел)...?

    71. Minimalistica

      Wow so simple

    72. Daniel Menezes

      Não era mais fácil e barato comprar uma braçadeira ? 🤦 😂

    73. SWAZ

      Bout the simplest wire clamp i ever seen in my damn life

    74. Tyler Westman

      😂😂 you know pliers work the same way when you know how to actually use them properly

      1. JR Krahn

        And then you don’t even need to wreck a hinge in the process.😂

      2. Steven Reed


    75. Ediscipulo Costa

      muito bom

    76. Gary H

      Should I buy a hinge or a clamp ? Excuse me where are the door hinges?

    77. David Skinner

      That's going to save me a fortune

    78. David Hampton

      A $.10 hose clamp can't come close to making those sound effects/affects(never can remember witch/which won/one of those to/2/two/too use.)

    79. Arrest Fatigue

      Imagine doing all that instead of just twisting the wire with pliers… “hmm, where’s my metal grinder, dear?”

    80. Mr. Enot

      Ну конечно, купить хомут намного сложнее и дороже

    81. Peter Amodio


    82. Daniel Schmaderer

      Or get the right equipment which would work as intended and is dirt cheap. Seriously, you could probably ask someone to buy you one and they would due to how cheap the clamps are. You could probably find change on the floor walking to your car.

    83. Robert Jobin

      Or… hear me out… save yourself the cost of the materials and the labor and buy yourself a $0.75 clamp.

    84. Arduous Unknown

      They have a carriage bolt, a door hinge thin wire but no hose clamp?

      1. Ryan O'Keefe

        @Ferrum Ignis copper wire stretches. yes.. but it's being pre stretched with this tool. The only time loosening would occur is if the wire was tightened beyond the point of rubber deformation and to the point of plastic deformation. Copper wire under load, within the rubber deformation area does not magically reset it's state and lose its tension.

      2. Christopher Jansen Ng

        It’s like waisting half your life to do something that could be done in no time!

      3. Hellsong89

        Difference is how long of a hose clamp you need? I have hose clamps of plenty but just yesterday run into issue of lacking two large ones and really didnt want to connect several in series to get longer one, so this could been much better option than drive into store to get them. This is not half bad idea just needs bit tougher wire than that copper one.

      4. chris peterson

        And a grinder

      5. Ferrum Ignis

        @Flying Kamero _"steel plastify differently"_ Can you explain what you mean? If you talking about yield strength then this varies greatly with the type of steel alloy, but even mild steel doesn't creep anything like as much as copper. Pretty much all commercial/industrial hose clips are made from either galvanised steel or stainless steel and not from thin copper wire, why is that do you suppose? Steel wire is used for many industrial applications where it needs to resist tension for long periods e.g. tying rebar together for concrete reinforcement, retaining safety critical fasteners, creating steel fences where the wire is under constant high tension. You can even buy hose clips that are formed from steel wire...

    85. Ramadhan Alfiansyah PP



      ‘Simple wire clamps’ My brain: 🤯

    87. steve kempo

      A lot of work to replace a hose clamp. 😂

    88. Shaun New Bedford

      Can u jst do that with a pair of pliers?

    89. Alexey Zorkin

      Купи болт, купи петлю, купи гайку барашек, купи шлефмашинку, купи отрезной камень к шлефмашинке, купи медную проволоку. Потом выпиливай это все, причем с первого раза у вас это может не получится. Легче потратить деньги на готовые хомуты. А так да, видео класс🤣

      1. werlord87

        @Егор Г хомут стоит 60р

      2. mlk inc.

        ​@Solomon Kein ахахах

      3. Дрон Дятлов

        И на кукан от представителей поднадзорных органов на производстве.

      4. pumkavint

        На святой Руси говорят: когда коту заняться нечем он вылизывает свои яйца. Так и здесь.

      5. Александр Ш

        ​@Егор ГА сосед увидев недостачу забора объявляет вам войну

    90. Nolan McIntire

      I mean, it works, but you could've just used a hose clamp

    91. Corn

      I mean I guess it works if you keep the tools handy

    92. AlexIsLeftist

      mnhmm i can't afford a 1 dollar clamp, but i can afford to buy a probably like 5 or 10 dollar door hinge kit

    93. peerapong inchai


    94. Hugh Jass

      Someone show this to funkfpv I wanna hear him roast it.

      1. Eduardo

        Mejor comprar una abrazadera para manguera y más mejor

      2. IIGrayfoxII

        Its not worth his time to roast it. Its also not dangerous.

      3. yesteryear gears

        @Shawn O that's why you already have it made so you can use it when you need it 🤦

      4. Shawn O

        @yesteryear gears making this would probably take longer than going to the hardware store and buying one

      5. TiredMan99

        I knew this comment was somewhere in the comments

    95. Only Evrything

      Me : oh that's cool My brain : wtf is that

    96. Мендикул Каргаев

      А если гранату так затягивать?🤔

    97. Blow Me

      I can't express how this satisfies my ADHD need to find a way to do something better or different.

    98. Adam Chase Alvarez

      simple...yeah...very simple...

    99. RatorLP

      I have reached the stage in life where I actually own all the tools and material necessary to build stuff from these videos… I’m getting old man

      1. Tony Solar

        Sometimes its nice to have the ability to create your down tools.

    100. Jhon Wainne

      No te calientes, te sale muchísimo más barato, comprar una.