How to harden an iron cutter blade😎👌

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    How to harden an iron cutter blade😎👌

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    1. Warriormedic68

      For those who have always wanted to have shrapnel wounds but too afraid to go to combat. Perfect

      1. Limar Balmania



        So you can tell fake war stories to girls at bars 😅

    2. Vlad

      For this, induction heating of the edge of the disk is usually used.

    3. Thee_ Number_Six

      How to make a brittle as blade explode under stress and remove body parts.

      1. Thomas Nolan

        Not that I disagree, but it doesn't seem to be going terribly fast, plus it's belt driven, so hopefully it'll slip if it catches instead of shattering

      2. godzilla7382

        if u watch it close check the arbor nut he is using on that mill. homeboi has been using a pipewrench for god knows how many years to tighten the arbor down. its literally tapered with how many times it's slipped off.

      3. Evann Niesen

        How to be lit

      4. Tung Le

        How to kill with “youtube tutorial” 😂

    4. альберт викторович захаров

      Это работа супер 👍👍👍

    5. pizza Dude

      You want to have the torch ring wider than the blade so you only get just barely past the teeth red hot also even heating is pretty important.

    6. Phendlin


    7. pat loughner

      Why not just use a cutoff wheel in a grinder? That whole build seems like a complete waste of time.

    8. marcelo campos campos

      Excelente invento

    9. shane clark

      I'm a licensed HVAC technician and that's the most awesome 👍😎👋 thing that I have seen on here yet. It's incredibly hard to get a clean cut around a compressor. I'll definitely use this trick 🤣😉

      1. shane clark

        I'll skip the harding of the blade as it was already hardened from the manufacturer already

    10. Goat Sinker

      By the people who still haven’t invented chairs

    11. Iluha 981

      Это просто у ребят нет отрезных дисков на угловую шлифмашину.(иностр.) Болгарка😁 И они восстановливают компрессора. Поэтому ровный срез.

    12. Rolando Talavera

      Es más caro el invento que la herramienta especial para hacer el corte 😁😁

    13. Раяз Гатауллин

      В старых газовых плитах есть готовая круглая горелка

      1. Ivan Tkachenko

        но у неё по моему нет той силы пламени,нет напора,не прогреет металл,да и он делал под определенный диаметр,чтоб зубья только закалить.Если бы ещё не повело,не крутнуло диск от нагрева,

    14. Marcelo Leones

      Genial 👌👍

    15. Juan Carlos Rojas González

      Bonito el quemador, pero es necesario para ese disco de corte? generalmente son de inox

      1. azam ujang need to harden that one..

    16. Al Prazolam

      So we decided tempering was just an unnecessary step, because.

    17. Einar Lotric

      It can also shatter now its hardened steel. And you quenched it twice which increases risk of delaminations causing structural weak points, so yes that can be dangerous. 💯😎👍🏼

    18. T0l3D0 419

      No tempering, he will get the choices he made coming back soon. Real fast in fact.

    19. Cleudo Bezerra

      Excelente ideia para abrir motores de geladeira.

    20. Geeeeeeeee

      Yeah, I don't think I'll be doing this one chief.

    21. Mike Eilbes

      Why not just use a carbide or diamond blade? I just use grinder cutoff wheels to scrap compressors, low volume

    22. DJON STAR

      Подобная закалка металла мало эфективна поскольку метал должен быть уже с углеродом 2% такой метал можно отпускать по прочности и закалять. А сыромятное железо закаляется только углеродистым порошком и электролизом. Углерод можно взять из батареек это стержень

      1. DJON STAR

        @Капитан чекушка. нет, этот метод так же можешь найти в ютуб. Для эксперимента парень закаляет так гвоздь, и напильник его не точит а закатывается.

      2. Капитан чекушка.

        А не цементация ли всего будет от стержня батарейки?

      3. Autumn

        0.4%-1.5% carbon...

    23. Kopcap Kopcapov

      а простая "болгарка" нет..., не помогает?

    24. Constantin B.

      It doesn't even get a homogenous heating pattern all around the disk! You're warping the material, you get uneven stress in the material, going at 10000 rpm... or so the voices I hear say, cuz' I'm not a metal worker...

    25. Jesse Pruitt

      Make sure to keep your face real close to it too!

    26. construçoes

      Muito bom cortador de ferro

    27. J

      Ill just get the right tool. Thanks

      1. Thomas Nolan

        In some parts of the world, there aren't 3 hardware stores in town, or easily passable roads to get to places all the time. So you do sketchy stuff with what you have/find, and most of the time it turns out ok

    28. Van Mann

      Necessity has always been the mother of invention, and Frank Zappa was actually the brains behind The Mothers of Invention. Its a curious thing…the human mind.🤔

    29. IsleOfFeldspar

      I’ve never seen a non-hardened saw blade

    30. Тот Самый Николай

      Столько усилий, чтоб добраться до меди?;)

    31. João Paulo Paulo

      Like for the creativity.

    32. Eric Godswill


    33. TruckStopSushi

      Dangerous af. Lol

    34. Sani Taylor


    35. 권영선

      고주파 열처리 기계이네요 ㅎㅎ

    36. Marcos da Silva Dias


    37. Jellyf0x

      Looked warped at one point, then miraculously flat again🤔

    38. Jon Hunt

      Okay, first of all you can’t harden iron. Secondly, that blade is clearly stamped HSS which is high speed steel, it’s already tempered. All you did was glass harden that temper.

      1. Clancy Allard

        @Autumn Ah okay, thanks for the information, i appreciate it. I completely forgot about work hardening lol. I've also heard something about cryo freezing but I believe that's only for certain types of steel.

      2. Autumn

        @Clancy Allard That would case harden it -- you impregnate the outer layer with carbon, which would become hardenable. It would become steel. You can harden iron a number of ways; work hardening (hit it until it becomes hard), nitriding (similar to case hardening but with nitrogen), and things like grain size control -- in addition to case hardening, though technically it becomes steel at that point.

      3. Clancy Allard

        ​@Autumn Don't you harden iron by burying it in charcoal then heating it to glowing temperatures? Like they used to do with arrowtips?

      4. Autumn

        You can harden iron, just not by quenching it. HSS has amazing heat resistance, it can be red hot and it still only temper the steel. Though quenching at red hot will still cause warps, and cracks.

    39. No one

      You know I'd normally be concerned but I dont think u got that hard enough to quench he even ruined the original heat treat

    40. Ellipsis

      You literally blued it, that heat treatment is actually gone now

      1. Hugo Milesi

        @Ellipsis yeah I figured

      2. Ellipsis

        @Hugo Milesi store bought cutting blades are treated

      3. Hugo Milesi

        No it's not, but not as hard as it could be, if it wasn't already hardened before he messed with it

    41. JohnBelwell

      They only harden the teeth on disks which are already as hard as they gonna get, not the structural part of the disk, not only you wrapped the disk but you also made it brittle as glass.

      1. godzilla7382

        these tools are made in some dudes mud hut i doubt they have the quality we're used to in the first world. honestly probably made from scrap metal off a clapped out jingle truck that finally broke in half.

    42. Cody Reber

      Do not do this. To start with your average person is not qualified to make gas connections. Secondly the speed of the blade could be a problem. A hardened steel blade can become brittle and become a shrapnel grenade if you aren't careful

    43. C0_ody

      How to ruin perfectly good heat treatment.

    44. Amit J

      Do not mess around with gas welding tips, redrilling can cause tip to heat up and melt causing a backfire in welding torch.

      1. Andrew Widdop

        Pack it it with brass wire wool

    45. N. B. P. Davenport

      How many Cuts can you get from one blade?

      1. StarDangerous

        Before or after going to the hospital....

      2. Schizo

        6 + 1 bonus, if the blade breaks and a shrapnel flies straight into your face.

      3. Brandon Reed

        Be safe and don't do this

      4. Szabi B

        I would say 5-7 but also depends if it’s steel or aluminum that is being cut in half.

    46. УЗБЕК техно

      Хороший идея малодец. Ок.

    47. Dog Walker

      That's Steel not Iron, You also destroyed the hardening.

    48. K.O. MO.


    49. Андрей Никитин

      а зачем фрезу из инструментальной стали калить в масле. это же бредт

    50. davkaya

      Disposable hardener. One use only....

    51. Phillip Seymour

      How to warp a saw blade.

    52. Galaxy2Free

      Hey bro, stay safe with safety cover with those blade. It becomes hardened but also "brittle" as the same time.

      1. N. B. P. Davenport

        Maybe he wants to become two people

    53. PerroFoca

      Qué peligro.

    54. MyMuka

      когда собаке делать нечего...

      1. Maksim Belov

        Когда коту

    55. Kevin Tucker

      The blade is steel, not iron. It is iron and carbon alloy. Otherwise Iron does not harden with heat and quench.

    56. artık önemi yok

      U are make a mini jet engine injection :)

      1. Shade Tree G

        Be closer to the injectors in the combustion chamber of a rocket engine, imo



    58. Robert Brza

      On todays episode of dumb ways to die

    59. Nikita

      Crei que iba hacer una pipa

    60. Marty

      The coldsaw is already hardened, why not just get it properly sharpened

    61. Evgeniy Blinov

      И пилу повело....

    62. Евгений Алексенко

      Сделать херню, чтобы закаливать другую ненужную херню...

    63. Gagik Tonoyan

      Good job 👍 ❤

      1. Ellipsis

        They actually ruined it. they blued it which removes the heat treatment, making it weaker

    64. Николай МАКСИМОВ

      Слишком быстро снял ролик

    65. Amaury Ayala

      They aren't hardened for a reason. It will be brittle and will probably explode

      1. Autumn

        Saw blades are hardened.

    66. николай шандор

      кто понял поясните пожалуйста

      1. Андрей Сармин

        ​@Aziat пилите, Шура, пилите.

      2. Илья Коротаев

        Теперь понятно, сделай всё сам, за 20÷ 30 тыс.р.в месяц. Или иди туда, не зная куда, принеси то, не знаю что?🤔

      3. Aziat

        Короче, чтобы распилить кожух компрессора от холодильника, надо сначала сделать горелку, припаять к ней тройник, рассверлить мундштук ацетиленовой горелки, потом обжечь, потом нагреть диск для закалки, купить фрейзерный станок, установить диск и распилить кожух😏 Иначе кожух не распилить😏

      4. dmk predator

        пакистанский надмозг закалил пилу что бы использовать ее в качестве дисковой фрезы. эта пила видимо сделана тоже в пакистане из мусорного бака или еще какого нибудь сверхсекретного пакистанского сплава говна и палок. и режет она скорее всего такие же пакистанские сплавы, но не закаленные. остальным же людям такой херней страдать строго запрещается - каленое железо сличком хрупкое и от удара может разлететься.

    67. Jacob deloach

      last time i checked copper has a low melting point

      1. Autumn


    68. Evann Niesen

      I like this

    69. The177Hunter

      Blade wasn’t evenly heated. Wtf

    70. Gunnar Wright Vlogs

      Ummm those blades come pre hardened you just un hardened your blade that things going to blow

    71. Андрей Алексеев

      Проще болргаркой

    72. The Esquilax

      Lol that mandrel nut. What in tarnation

      1. godzilla7382

        when you've been using a pipe wrench as an arbor nut wrench for years. it's slipped off so many times it's given it a custom taper job.

      2. Erik Verkade

        I had to go and watch it again just for that. What the fuck people just let is die already.

    73. Alexander Webb

      How to get a cutting wheel to shatter and fling shrapnel into your eyeballs

    74. Жирный Тони

      Что за бред. Качество такой закалки будет отправленое и неравномерное. На этой штуке разве что казан греть.

    75. Allen Martin

      Gene pool eliminator

    76. Chung Trần

      😮😊okay ❤❤❤

    77. fish oil

      shit job of heat treating and all that to do what a few minutes with an angle grinder would do?

    78. BluCheez

      This is ridiculous please nobody do this

    79. Joe A

      Not the way it is done

    80. Мрьл Мтдб

      Для этого придумана болгарка, и изобретать ничего не надо

      1. Мрьл Мтдб

        @Алексей Мирошниченко тогда согласен, наэлектризованную пыль от болгарки устанешь убирать

      2. Алексей Мирошниченко

        болгарка засоряет механизм компрессора который вскрыли для ремонта.

    81. Igor Ovcharov

      чуваку не ведома болгарка

    82. stell33 stell33

      Чтобы сдать полкилограмма меди истратил меди и труда на центнер.

      1. Igor Ovcharov

        думаю 250 полуляхов из 250 возможных

      2. Владислав В

        Он видимо ремонтирует компрессоры

    83. F A

      do you realize you might put someone in danger by copying this kr@p ?

    84. Stiv Stiv

      Местная закалка, если бы менее криво было сделано (оно и понятно всё руками сделано), то равномерность нагревания была бы более эффективной. А если в общем, то индуктивный нагрев гораздо эффективнее, но за неимением другого таким образом на производстве поступают. Здесь нет ничего нового короче.

      1. Муртаза-Али Магомедов

        можно просто сделать крутилку доя диска и будет равномерно или хотя бы напильником пройтись по отверстиям

    85. DireDepiction

      Made in China

    86. IIGrayfoxII

      @funkfpv fans unite

    87. bomtrady m

      Funk FPV?

      1. S Bayko

        This isnt stupid, it will work. Tempering isnt really important because its a mill.

      2. Mike Eilbes

        Yes please, he needs to comment on this!

    88. Gage Sons

      Funkfpv you seeing this?

    89. Вася Инженерг


    90. U.S. Militia


    91. Kevin Snyder


    92. Лёня Мутный

      Можно просто резаком нагреть

    93. михо lucky

      250 полуляхов!

    94. Jose Rengel

      Ahora todos son expertos en metalurgia.... cada quien trabaja como quiere y con lo que tiene....

      1. Raul Salvador

        Supongo que es mejor que alguien sufra heridas en la cara antes que herir los sentimientos, no?

      2. Noe Velez

        Amigo José Rangel respeto tu comentario pero lo que dice la gran mayoría es lo peligroso que es hacer esto y por lo mismo no se recomienda intentarlo y cada uno de los comentarios a su forma y/estilo pero todos con el fin de avisar y evitar accidentes. Lo digo con todo respeto. Saludos.

    95. Zhanarbek Amire

      Грехи замаливать конечно хорошо. Но неплохо было бы возвратиь награбленное и проданное иностранцам

      1. BIGGUEST

        Не в тему :-)

    96. Hanz Martin

      Spinning and heat up is better