How to Get LONG NAILS with 3D pen 😱😍 Best Girly Hack by La La Life

La La Life

La La Life

23 МЛН рет қаралды1

    How to get LONG NAILS in just a couple of minutes? Watch and try with us!

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    1. smelly

      I’ve been addicted to breathing for 37 years, this finally gave me the courage to stop my addiction. Thank you so much!

      1. Yoo Digraj sir is back


    2. hi Iam hafsa bye bye bye bye

      O my god it’s very useful idea 💡

    3. It’s me🍄

      The nails they made were way different then the ones she was wearing at the end

    4. yhana lei

      I don't like long nails I like the simple nails 👍😁

    5. Hi, I'm Neko

      How to get long nails: don't cut them for a looong time 😂😅

      1. Someone

        @Hi, I'm Neko I don't even have that kind of glue anyway cuz in my country it's pretty difficult to find things

      2. Hi, I'm Neko

        @Someone yep

      3. Ludmila Cristina


      4. Someone

        And you can just buy them it's SO much easier than the hack

    6. Fashion Queen

      I'm pretty sure having long nails is hard because you couldn't soda without breaking your nail or something sometimes it can be hard to pick up certain things I think

      1. Del socorro Cano


      2. Enrique Arias


      3. rizwan md

        @Veena Nursimloo nk

      4. Anita Oswal


      5. Anita Oswal

        @Veena Nursimloo lpllllĺ

    7. Juanchy Arias

      Que lindo 👌

    8. Baki 05


    9. Rahela Torbić


    10. John Gitau

      Wow that's awesome 👍👍👍💕💖

    11. Saiqa Khan

      💅 love ❣️

    12. bts family

      Nice one 👌

    13. Mishaal Hibah

      when the girl with the red nails touched her hair her middle finger nail came of 🤣

    14. Saiqa Khan


    15. rajesh mishra

      Amazing hack

    16. Be Tong


    17. thea sarinas

      Uau. uau. qua unhas. lindas😍

    18. Krittikashree Gunasekar

      Long nails is so dangerous☺☺

    19. Felipa Sison


    20. Katherine Utria

      Truco para hacer el ridículo en clase esperó que les guste :]

    21. Selia Busey

      Multiple reasons why I hate this hack Number one it will just fall off 😐 Number two it looks horrible 😒 Number three it's always hard to pick up things 😩

      1. Sanjit Pandit


    22. 🌸Axine🌸

      I love to keep my nails short cause it's IMPOSSIBLE to type and do stuff on my phone it's just a pain with long nails-

      1. sarahhh

        lmao i have long nails and i love them 💀 like they're not long to the point where it looks tacky or disrupts my daily activities, and they look good lmao

      2. Jmal Abdo

        @Aida Catic i

      3. Angely Rivas

        Karma iba la

      4. Gory Ahmed


      5. Sky Ninja

        also impossible to do 🖖🩲

    23. bimal kumar


    24. Aza Beltadze


    25. Zaado Muxumed


    26. bailey

      That long nail girl:casually is missing 2 nails

    27. Nadia Sami

      Amazing 👏🙀😮

    28. custodia Moreira


    29. custodia Moreira


    30. Salla Bosworth

      Bruh who has a 3D pen laying around 😅

      1. glitter  blog

        L .o L

    31. Chana Igondjo


    32. ???

      Uau uau que unhas lindas 😍

    33. viiont eooiy

      Having long nail is actually hard 🔪💀

    34. Lexie Packard

      You dont understand how much pain this brings me

    35. ♡ § t ã r ♡

      I was paralysed from birth and after watching this it gave me the strength to stand up and jumping out of the window.

      1. camilo prieto

        @Jiman Gman ;):0B

      2. camilo prieto

        @Jiman Gman e

      3. Jiman Gman

        @Singh bhual 0

      4. Berry Berry Strawberry


      5. Merary Diaz


    36. Mhamad Duske

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ LA LA LIFE

    37. Kegbss Jeve


    38. SINDHUSHREE. r.s

      I like the long nails ❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Topan Ahmad


    39. dafibazan353


    40. Anju Rai

      𝓢𝓸 𝓫𝓮𝓪𝓾𝓽𝓲𝓯𝓾𝓵 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓦𝓞𝓦

    41. Camren Jones

      It is great💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    42. Matilda Lulo

      "Why are my nails so shirt?"😂 Love it🥰

    43. Jonnah Gultiano

      Wow Beautiful nail color

      1. Angel


    44. mahir Sema


    45. Manisha Mondal

      Very. nicely😱😱❤❤🥰🥰

    46. Daniela Pita

      You're welcome 😊

    47. ¥•ØÅķ•¥

      Fun fact: you can just go to the nail salon 🤲🏾

    48. Parineeta bharali

      Anyone saw that the first girl's other hand's nail broke

    49. Srilatha Annavaram

      👍🏿 nice

    50. Archana Natarajan

      U can have some problems with long nails 😜

    51. Biplob Hossen

      nice idea

    52. Rosdaitina aryatie


    53. Айбарчын Жолуева


    54. Kayzel Caringal

      Wowwwww 😭 😍 😍

    55. jaheer hussain

      Wait the colour of the 3d pen was green then when she sticked in her nails it became yellow.

    56. Rosalyn dela Rosa

      Wow 😍

    57. Hanh nguyen thi hang


    58. Isabella Dapaixao


    59. Jannatul fardaus


      1. يحي الشعيبي

        اتمنى ان تكون بنته الله عليه و سلم مشي بغث

    60. vbddfy euuyt


      1. Mohammad Ahmad


    61. Sára Šrubařová


    62. Ana Sts




    64. Alejandro Hernández


    65. Amory Aidan

      ʀᴇᴀʟʟʏ ɢʀᴇᴀᴛ 🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. Raggy Maaño

        Yvhch hBj💊🎑🐹🐹🐹🐹

    66. Era Hoxhaj


    67. Trần Minh


    68. tania alaba

      That's is byutiful nail💝🥰

    69. elaine in channel


    70. Tabina Ramos

      Wow 100% of wow

    71. Aarati Kamble


    72. Amy todoroki

      Oh now im gonna take my fake nails on!

    73. Dafne Gonzalez

      Muy lindas las 😻💅💅

    74. JYOSTNA Das


    75. Озода Камолова

      I Love👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    76. cj wwo

      So pretty

    77. Yury Cifuentes


    78. Jaina Rubio


    79. Camila Macedo


    80. Shoan Omeir

      That so pretty

    81. Diane Joyce Tungol


    82. itz dhakshitha officialシ

      I miss the Old 2 minutes Before watching this 😭

    83. Siti Maeni


    84. Botirjon Rahimov


      1. Prince Kumar

        @Xavy Rivera p

      2. Xavy Rivera


    85. Asmae Khallouq


    86. •❁PastelFlower❁•

      Thanos, my respect for you has gotten to 70% now.

      1. Malika Gafurbekovna


      2. Justyna Wilgos

        @Кенжеш Акматалиева 5

      3. Nishu Singh Nishu Singh

        @Кенжеш Акматалиеваyyy

      4. Rabab Mebsat

        تببىمكنا وزمكمنوكمت مناة ظممتتوومتةةووةةن منت رايق ثالبى

      5. Thanos

        Glad to hear it, watch some more tictok, it will be 100 percent soon

    87. Gavishani Nethasara

      I can't buy a 3D pen can you send a location to bring a 3D pen

    88. Azaria Puckree

      Wow so cool

    89. Anwar Ahmed


    90. Jheo Villagracia


    91. Nadeemyousaf Nadeemyousaf

      Nice nail

    92. Arabb 46


    93. มัำ

      Having long nail is actually hard 🔪💀

      1. Heri Setiawan


    94. Eyda Cengeng


    95. Awatif Alqassim


      1. Karina Gutierrez


    96. Zack8243# FNF king

      Trust me you will regret those nails

    97. Хадижа Магомаева


    98. Kuoch Kuon


    99. Nirmala Sarojani