How many Premier League teams can Trent name in 30 seconds? | Lies | Alexander Arnold & Gomez

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    Liverpool defenders Joe Gomez and Trent Alexander-Arnold are the first pair to take on our Lies game. Who will come out on top and take the glory?
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    1. Dohers

      Trent is the expert in coming from behind to win 4-3

    2. Callthe Copington: 17-3 MMA, 0-3 IRL

      This is why Trent could find Divock in under a second

    3. xElNinoo

      Low key one of the funniest things on the internet when Trent struggles to name more than half the league. He literally plays against these teams weekly yet can't think of them 😂 Love it

    4. Рустам Гильмутдинов

      How many European countries do you know?

    5. Nicolas Brelle

      That moment when your so far up the table you don’t even know all the teams down below

    6. HO

      Trent is so competitive no matter what he’s doing and I love it

    7. Luiza Coutinho

      Do this with Carra and Neville

    8. The Deku Tree

      Trent is so competitive, love to see it 😂

    9. Abdi Ahmed

      Trent just named his mothers friends, old sounding birds lol.

    10. Khalid Nur


    11. D Z

      Great to know Joe's mind works like ours. Once you think of Virgil, Matip has to follow. Once you think of Mo, Mane comes to mind. Good start

    12. Stephen Tang

      To me he deserves at least a very distinguished award for being providing the most goal assists

    13. Yunus_SSJ

      Come on Trent I could’ve named more teams than that

    14. Jordyn Nexus

      Love watching Trent in these videos, he gets so competitive 😂

    15. SheV

      Trent is seriously the most competitive person in anything he does 😂

    16. Aimee Whelan

      i honestly could listen to Joe and Trent's voice all day long. ' all the best ' joe response was brilliant. poor Trent looked devastated genuinely gutted he didn't get the premier league round right.

    17. Afropunkx

      Trents competitiveness is what makes him great on the pitch. He is a true winner.

    18. Jeremy Strickland

      "You pulled me massively with that", that was a golden reaction from Trent 😂

    19. Matthew McMahon

      Trent still being dead competitive even after he’s won 😂😂

    20. KingQuraish

      John Terry would’ve guessed a 100 in 10 seconds for the “how many girls names can you guess”