Honest Trailers | WandaVision

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    Honest Trailers | WandaVision
    Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
    Title Design: Robert Holtby
    Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, Matt Fowler, Logan Rees & Lon Harris
    Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
    Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
    Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
    Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
    Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
    Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

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      1. Helpful Sysops

        4:44 = KZsection

      2. Dylan Dunn

        Godzilla Vs Kong Honest Trailer Please

      3. Kratosofwar 2016

        Do an honest trailer for smallville tv show next it’s gonna be 20 years old soon !

      4. The Gay One

        I’ve been waiting for this Honest Trailer! I love it!!

      5. S W

        Man, eff y’all

    2. echoes222

      wait... there are 2 quicksilvers here? One being a dead brother of the lady, and the 2nd one being a proper one from Xmen? xP

    3. Anthony Janthony Crowley

      I’m sorry but who’s reactions to visions death was Welp I guess that’s over. WHO? 🔪🔪🔪

    4. δτ

      This looks like a trip.

    5. dutch971

      Hey is this the guy in Ryan’s Mint commercial?!

    6. Mahfujur Rahman

      Whats the song at 5:05

    7. BetterLifeAhead

      "Ever since Cap left Bucky for this homewrecker" lol amen

    8. Ninja Bunny who lives inside a Walmart

      Why haven't you done anything for Night at The Museum yet?

    9. Willie Haller

      David Haller's gonna fix it

    10. Buddhi Dev

      It should have Dr. Strange cameo

    11. busywl69

      and what is this show if not joy disappearing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    12. Mujthaba Hassan

      Please do rick and morty

    13. William Lyons

      Nooooooooo, DC is the one who has to have a skybeam!!!!

    14. Krishantha Fernando

      God even the honest trailer is really boring. 😂

    15. djayk

      The show is 8-10 hours I can’t get back.

    16. Christian Vega

      I cannot believe this was actually made into a movie.

    17. Akif Aiman

      4:10 uhhhh

    18. REVIL_ AMV

      I believe in Epic voice guy supremacy

    19. Barton_Dean

      I didn't make it through one episode. A waste of time. Filler garbage, imo.

    20. Akshay Kumar

      Elizabeth Olsen's acting was just out of this world!

    21. Quetzal00358

      Who is that person running in the field at 5:09?

    22. humixmusic4lyf

      he he … hayward jablowme 😏

    23. Melissa Essa Somthing

      i’m sorry, what, after the depressing ending they showed about grief they left it on a Hex and the City note?

    24. John Brian Estares

      Keep skipping to 5:32

    25. AKBees

      this show holds the record for giving me the most jump scares by far (yeah i'm weak i know)

    26. Nongie Nong

      This show is so boring.

    27. The Swullnasty

      This Honest Trailer was infinitely more entertaining than that show. I wish I could have my time back.

      1. The Swullnasty

        The pun wasn’t intended but it works lol

    28. Christi R

      0:50 HA

    29. Mike Malley

      Anyone know the name of the song at 5:04? I can't find it and it's really bugging me.

    30. Afroditi Peris

      “Weekend at bettany’s “ WHEN I TELL YOU I WHEEZED 💀💀💀

    31. Laurent Verbena

      Now, we wait for the best marvel power couple.. BWiccan and Hulking

    32. The0mega79

      This show was responsible for so many fan theories that it wasn't funny.

    33. Balabhadra Das Wilton

      Hare Krishna!

    34. Eric Velasquez

      Rip old apart

    35. 라엘

      Featuring: no Russian accent

    36. Lucca Dattilo

      Loki please

    37. Constantin Clipa

      whoever made that mess was high on all known and unknown drugs at once.

    38. Melkofficial

      0:59 Fans after "PLEASE STAND BY" and you have to wait a whole week for the next episode

    39. xWatanukix

      "They'll never know what you sacrificed for them"... For f* sake, she kept them prisoners, brainwashed puppets, so that she can live in her dream world... That statement in the series was just so absurd. Yes, everyone will have sympathy for Wanda's loss, but objectively she was one of the villains of the series and should be locked up. The series even shows in some scenes how much the city's population suffers, and yet this is not really addressed at the end.

    40. Dakota Nichols


    41. F AAaaa

      The ambiguous wasp seemingly fry because kick disconcertingly admire until a hot huge surfboard. noiseless, incredible chess

    42. Govind Calu

      Honest trailer for " The Maxx "!!

    43. Dave Holls

      "two CGI dolls throwing partial effects at each other" 😆 Very impressive, MCU

    44. Everett Boone

      The mountainous burma strikingly confuse because chick lamentably pass excluding a colossal dad. naughty, obedient dry

    45. Xcellent Creations

      4:09 well until Loki came along...

    46. Aiswarya M

      Please create a honest trailer for Loki!!!

    47. Jay Fingers

      “What White Nonsense is This?!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 The cast names were on point. Well done. 👍🏾👍🏾

    48. Rui S. Ribeiro


    49. John London

      The off-hand comment on Cap&Bucky is gold! :-D

    50. Brian

      Who the hell on your team picked out the Lethal Weapon house?!

    51. Christopher Mills

      This was different but it will probably be the only marvel show I will not watch multiple times.

    52. Drum being Drum

      The only cabin that felt meaningful was Thanos’

    53. Marybeth Perdomo

      It was Mephisto all along

    54. Jessica Lukram

      Loki next

    55. I'm the Homelander

      This show was absolute dogshit

      1. Jessica Lukram


    56. Luca Ciuti

      Can you make a video where you sing “Agatha all along”?

    57. Toni Odejimi

      woo’s clues flooded me😭😭

    58. FractalPrism

      the reference humor of family guy and the cheesy vibe of tv. ugh, no thanks.

    59. Kerstin Herb

      The ignorant feet exemplarily disappear because twine inevitably flow barring a used peru. tender tense, parallel paper

    60. Loading Username

      I was NOT expecting "The black friend trope" part sjsbskskwmalsm

    61. Edwin Barraza

      5:30 She's absolutely gorgeous

    62. AJS gaming

      Sorry but like she could you know go see Hawkeye who you know is still her freind and lost his family for 5 years so would understand a lot

    63. Chaniya Yanét

      “What white nonsense is this?” is about to be my new saying

    64. Patrick Spencer

      This is just like Wreck-It Ralph. It’s about a good/bad guy (Wanda) who wants to live a good life which is bad for other good guys (Westview residents). But when our good-bad guy realizes that being bad is good if she’s bad for good reasons, she can make up for it by saving the good guys from the real bad guys (Agatha and Hayward). Even though, everyone still hates Wanda for being bad… at being good.

    65. kirsten lee

      I got a pagoda egg roll ad with the same voice actor????

    66. Edward Mcnair

      Wanda: *has so much trauma* Everyone in the X-men timeline: *that's tough kid*

      1. Alex Sch

        *that's rough buddy*


      do loki honest trailer of loki please

    68. MrTurbowhitey

      Psychotic Mutant that's not actually a Mutant traps entire town in paranoid delusion with broken robot and dead mutant that's not actually a Mutant

    69. Menahil Khan

      Wait what's the actual song at 5:27 ? It's on the tip of my tongue but I can't recall it

    70. Jason Quarles

      Gimme a Diablo sandwich and a Dr. Pepper!

    71. Rachana Chowdhury

      Loki please please loki!

    72. Jrus Sk8

      Do Loki

    73. shriyansh ranjan

      TV shows in a TV show about TV shows TVseption

    74. Kit Trustram Eve

      Lol the Cabin in the woods - also featured in the Black Widow movie

    75. David Carlton

      Now i know what the shows about i know its not worth watching 😂😂😂

      1. Jessica Lukram

        Of course

    76. Dallin Candland

      Why was I more impressed by the script for this video, than for Wanda Vison’s screenwrite?

    77. Brave Just Defend

      I have to be honest and say WandaVision was an excellent show!! The minds y'all have produced a brilliant masterpiece

    78. TheManofShadow

      this man deserves 1 milion dolars,but also his mouth sewed and hands cuted

    79. Thydzz

      "Save Kat", something I will definitely, most certainly and sincerely get behind with

    80. Kirk Tuss

      The same villain from Parks and Rec? nuff said

    81. Sia Delacosta

      Ok seriously what is the song that plays at the end “I’m so lonely, I’m so blue”? Does anyone know?

    82. SanJi

      This show is over hyped by fans 😂

    83. Jack Kramer

      This honest trailer is predicated on the notion that we have love for Katherine Hahn. We don't.

    84. Jesse Moseley

      🎶Wandavision wan wandavision

    85. Silent Lani

      I fell in love with this series, I was really upset with it says they're not making a second season

    86. WalkingBearDude Apicella

      I hate wandavision…..

      1. Jessica Lukram

        No one asked

    87. Scarlet Ragneel

      GARBAGE TV?????? Also at 4:50 did she just wink?

    88. Nic Wyatt

      hex and the city lmaooooo

    89. Anvesha Sachan


    90. W B

      I've watched like 3 videos spoiling Wandavision but I still don't get it.. I guess I might just watch the show eventually!

    91. addi543

      This all could’ve been prevented if Hawkeye had just invited Wanda to one of his kids birthday parties or a family BBQ

      1. Jessica Lukram

        I know Clint should adopt her

    92. Aalisha Avimeleki

      Hey why you dumpin on Wandavision.??☺😉

    93. Daniel Rodrigues

      Marvel has become so lame.

    94. Tbh, Wanda kinds does have to go to a lonely A cabin in the woods...

    95. The intro...😂

    96. So

      "you can't control me the way you do them" "can't I?" * vibrating noise *

    97. Valentina De Nicolo

      I must say, i was very hyped for the first episodes but the last ones kinda disappointed me..

    98. Brian Bayly

      I watched the first 3 episodes and just couldn’t get into this. You saved me several wasted hours of my life. Thanks!

    99. davincent98

      Please say, "I am burdened with glorious purpose. I have spoken."

    100. Cat Guy

      I honestly would've preferred if they kept doing the sitcom parodies. I really didn't care about the overreaching plot. 😅 MCU movies are overrated. There, I said it! I never enjoyed a single one, and I'm tired of pretending I do!