Honest Trailers | Every Quentin Tarantino Movie

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    Honest Trailers | Every Quentin Tarantino Movie
    Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
    Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
    Produced by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, & Max Dionne
    Edited by: Randy Whitlock & Kevin Williamsen
    Foot song by Matt citron
    Vocals: Annie Worden and Matt Citron
    Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
    Production Coordinator: Ryan O"Toole

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    1. Unusual Farrior


    2. missXspencer1

      Foot song skipped Leo dicapcap in the pool tube with his margarita is once upon a time in Hollywood

    3. Lenny Henry

      A Royale with cheese..

    4. Queen Amidala

      A retelling of Cinderella via Quentin Tarantino needs to be his 10th film. PLEASE.

    5. Brian

      Ok, that's ridiculous...in a good way

    6. Planet Nate Gaming

      Kind of missing From Dusk Til Dawn, he wrote it and co-starred in it

    7. Rasmus Tagu

      Best video you guys have made yet

    8. sansan

      you missed the part where he likes feet

    9. Vachagan Balayan

      oh damn he indeed has some fixation on feet :D i had no clue

    10. R

      Seriously, he has a weird obsession with the N-word, it's not even subjective anymore

    11. Efcon

      Feet are cool...

    12. Barton_Dean

      This reminds me how annoying his movies are. LOL at that stagecoach shot.

    13. Anonymous

      Lol why would you want MORE QT movies?

    14. Direito ao ponto

      In short, his overrated films are complete garbage, cartoonish, made by a 12 year old, with dumb revenge stories.

    15. Isabel Noyer

      Tarantino movies are so horribly overrated

    16. WestWard Media

      Quentin Tarantino: Basically Dan Schneider If He Kept It Age Appropriate.

    17. Mark Mac

      why does Tarantino love football fields? because theyre 360 feet.

    18. Yevki

      I have the opposite of a foot fetish. In fact I had to stop looking at the screen because I was feeling kind of sick

    19. Paul Schumacher

      N-Word pass

    20. Mercenary Tao

      Damn now im in the mood for Tarantino movies. Now which one to rewatch for the 50th time ?

    21. adam hamdy

      So true

    22. brion Madison

      He had me @ gave a bunch of white people the N word pass lmaoooo!!!!

    23. Jared Jams

      I’d like to see a video like this for Rob Zombie

    24. MFL

      love how the video shows dismembered body parts, chopped off arms, stabbings and shootings in all their glory, but have to bleep the word f*ck

    25. 8a8 1221

      You just nailed with the feet song

    26. Mr Deadpool

      That's song is legendary?

    27. Jacob L

      Also, hats off, this is a hilarious video! Or shoes, rather. Shoes off

    28. Jacob L

      Makes me sad that so many of the request comments don't say please. But, silver lining is that some of them do. I mean, being nice or at least polite costs nothing, and these videos cost you nothing, and if both those things are free yet they cost this guy lots of money and time and effort, and your life doesn't change if they do poorly, *annnnd* he is taking actual requests, I can't imagine not even squeezing in a "plz" at the least : p

    29. David Tunjic

      The feet part got me f*cked up..

    30. Bone Apple Tea

      What can the force do that the magic from Harry Potter not do that'd make it worth having over potter powers?

    31. Justin Pratt

      Don't forget all the East Tennessee references

    32. Andy Valencia


    33. everything I'm about to say is a lie

      Where did he find that feet song? I hope it was written specifically for this video but.... it probably wasn't

    34. Azhar Abdul aziz

      i think Tarantino is an Alien

    35. Spider Daunte

      Feet was easily half the video

    36. Marcus Lopez

      The hateful 8 was dope and hella long

    37. 「CELLO KID」

      What's the feet song's name?

      1. Big Hand

        Sounds familiar.

    38. Benjamin Perez

      Uma Thurman's feet.........YIKES.

    39. Robert Shelton

      Smokin Aces was good

    40. drive2xs

      One trick pony, at best.

    41. Peter Krug

      5:05 Did anyone else think the feet bit went on a bit too long?

      1. Big Hand

        No lol

    42. Bailey Bat

      Good lord, this dude is the ShowFeet guy of hollywood. super creepy

    43. Clips&More4You

      Quentin Tarantino likes feet. But never ever filmed a footsie flirting scene between two people! 😂😂

      1. Big Hand


    44. Bishop

      Smokin Aces was pretty good damn it

    45. Mike Val

      A man who never had an original idea in his life and is proud of it.

    46. Christian Cherukuri

      Do one for David fincher

    47. Aryan Mahesh

      Can't wait for a really serious moment and my brain just decides to go "FEET FEET FEET FEET FEET"

    48. NiGHTSaturn

      Whoever sang the Feet remix of Woo Hoo, thank you so much. It was so funny 😂🤣

    49. Chairman Meow

      Am I the only one who liked Way of the Gun and Suicide Kings?

    50. G M

      Damn it screen junkies. We give you a foot and you take a montage!

    51. Chris Freeland

      Probably starring Samuel L. Jackson

    52. Justin Tallman

      I'm so glad you brought up his infatuation with using the N word. Like, he looks for reasons to use it.

    53. nexxusty

      God feet are gross. WTF is wrong with some people.

    54. 1aundulxaldin

      David Carradine's the one person who's feet shot didn't get a highlight in that reel.

    55. Maxell Games Official

      This honest trailer is almost positive

    56. EPlays

      liked the Gorilaz music theme behind the video

    57. Christian Don-Rukantha

      What are the two movies at 4:19?

    58. tian

      Now this is what I call "accuracy"

    59. I'm No Expert

      honest trailers is the best

    60. bifcnan

      1:02 what movie

      1. bifcnan

        @Butch Coolidge thx. I don't remember tht scene

      2. Butch Coolidge

        Reservoir dogs

    61. C O

      Frankly he's really cliche and coring.

    62. David DuBose

      The feet feet still slays me every time!!!🤣

    63. Ashwin Kulkarni

      Christoph Waltz when he wants an oscar lmaooooo

    64. Breandan

      I managed to sit through a couple of his films only because I was doing home repair work and couldn't reach the TV. The rest I gave 20-30 minutes.

      1. Emi Dom

        So you were doing home repair work sitting?

    65. Razvan Boghi

      The feet feet feet song will stick with me for a while

      1. Big Hand


    66. Garry Kanter


    67. Linda W

      You forgot he direct part of Four Rooms.

    68. MoThanYouKnow

      8 Heads in a Duffel Bag, is truly a guilty pleasure of mine... like the Resident Evil movies.

    69. LookerStenographer

      6:25 Everything's all happy-go-lucky and then BAM!!!

    70. H C

      White people in the decades some of his films where based would use the n word

    71. Chart Action

      I was waiting for the feet lol

    72. pinchealberto

      The Force, dark side

    73. Jonathan Augustin

      I knew the feet jokes were coming and I *STILL* wasn't prepared

    74. Bane of the Greats

      How about an Austin Powers honest trailer?

    75. PC Reigns

      It's OK to talk about his movies buts not ok to ask him why he didn't speak out during the raping scandals of weinstein.

    76. Tommy's House of Munch

      I am here for the feet

    77. Maria Alejandra Gonzalez Austin

      This is your best HT yet!

    78. mexicangomez31

      His movies suck

    79. It's Fine

      I laughed my little toe off

    80. Jason Jeff

      Four rooms?

    81. Earic Espersen

      Love smoking aces, love way of the gun, and used to love Suicide Kings. that last one doesn't hold up very well, but still

    82. Brendan Devoy

      Who’s here after seeing him on joe rogan ?

    83. XavierKatzone


    84. Zero Bugden

      There's legit a scene in the where it zooms in on a foot squashing an eye and the eyes mushes in between her toes...... But yet the swearing is beeped....... Yeah right, that makes sense.

    85. Brian yeah that brian Strang

      Nailed it.

    86. DarthAlcoholic


    87. Oklahoma Hoss

      You should do "Every M. Night Shyamalan Movie"

    88. In Pursuit of Happiness

      literally had to fast forward thru the feet section to keep from vomiting

    89. Kris Holland Doyle

      Does anyone else remember when screen junkies was the best damn channel on KZsection. Such a damn shame

    90. Eric Hayton

      4 Rooms???

    91. Chris Hatler

      The feet bit went on entirely too long. Lost it's humor.

    92. Dangerously Cheesy

      Screw this channel, way of the gun, suicide kings and reindeer games are all awesome. Smoking aces was bad though

    93. Jix

      I've watched every one of them

    94. Epic Gamer

      shorter version: the most overrated director in history

    95. kinesis28

      This is too damn good! Brilliant editing, script, and it's outrageous I can't like it more than once!

    96. Matt G

      I like the feet part

    97. Dana Palmer

      Al Bundy "I'm not going to work tomorrow, there'll be feet there."

    98. thabo mapitiza

      05:01 - 06:41 Over a minute dedicated to feet that I didn't want to see but got ROTFL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Screw you guys. Great work

    99. Anjum Rashid

      If the feet feet tune sounds very familiar to you, check out Yip Yip by Daniel thrasher.

    100. Mr Picky

      "best films of generation" ? so you are not into movies? ... i see