Honest Trailers | Cruella

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    Honest Trailers | Cruella
    Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
    Title Design: Robert Holtby
    Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
    Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
    Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
    Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
    Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
    Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
    Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

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    1. Lil.Oatmeal

      Me after watching this movie: “that was… insteresting?” (not hating.. the acting was good but I didn’t like the story) My friend: “My new favorite movie!”

    2. JMunday

      Do Willow

    3. Bella Brancato

      "The gown princess of crime" had me laughing for five minutes straight

    4. blue genes

      "Iggy Stop"! ❤

    5. subsonicdeathmonkey

      Still loved it! 😈

    6. Golden Griffiny


    7. MAZZ0Murder

      I still enjoyed it well enough :P

    8. Alyssa

      I..Actually loved this movie a ton haha, and I can't tell if it's because of Emma Stone or because of all the fashion lol

    9. Ninja Bunny who lives inside a Walmart

      Do Night at the Museum!

    10. Eden Kammeyer

      Are you saying I'll be dead in 10 years?!? I'm only 17!

    11. Rodolfo Rodriguez

      This concept is way to cool to be an Disney live action remake

    12. Christian chimchim

      Idc what everyone says,i loved watching the movie

    13. NienkeTichelaar

      Am I the only one that really enjoyed this movie? Was it perfect? No. Was it a fun watch? Yes!

      1. taniere harris

        Yes, it was a fun watch. Enjoyable and memorable.

    14. Daniel Kingston

      the last bit 🤣🤣🤣 "you know it's a good thing emma stone picked a random car on london street with the wheel on the proper american" so funny, it killed me 🤣🤣

    15. nothing_new _

      Do glee omlll

    16. nothing_new _


    17. nothing_new _

      Please do gleeeee

    18. nothing_new _


    19. MambaBreezy24

      Led Zep and The Stones on the soundtrack? Easy A.

    20. Kristy Lewandowski

      Great, now I need to watch Zoolander!

    21. Jo

      I love how they went from 9 year olds to 30 year olds in a ten year time jump😭

    22. Hank THE Patriot

      Say: Duuuuuuunnnnee ah

    23. BlackwingRed

      I wanna know who got Epic Voice Guy to do Balin's line 😯

    24. crimsonraen

      LOL This is sooo perfect!

    25. travis povey

      I haven't watched this HT yet but if you ruined this movie for me, I'll hunt you down!!!

    26. Varvara Ntenti

      It’s sounds terrible and looks like it doesn’t have anything to do with original Cruella

    27. That guy with the face

      Nothing evokes a wholesome atmosphere like the words Cruel Devil

    28. Graphyteye

      Cause Disney is well aware: "white women care more about dogs than other human lives" The cheek (to say it out loud)?! 😆

    29. mj101

      OMG, Mugato in his Derelicte days! I'm guessing the creators or Cruella were all on crazy pills.

    30. WarriorWolfeh

      I didn't think I would like a retelling of Cruella. I was so wrong. I loved this movie to pieces and I love Cruella. I genuinely don't understand the hate

    31. JM Mieux

      Do Cinderella 2021

    32. Aviva Sings Out

      dress fight easch other lmbo!


      please do an Honest Trailer for Peaky Blinders xDDDDD

    34. Lonelyfroggy

      If you really think giving a sympathetic backstory to the villain whose name almost sounds like "Cruel Devil" is necessary you clearly need to stop whatever you're smoking.

    35. Kokmun Liew

      Hi Honest Trailers. This is Kok Mun. Please do "Jungle Cruise"!!

    36. D Palmerama

      The main problem with this film isn't that it was another stupid "villain with a cliché tragic backstory", or that the actual Cruella in this film is Emma Thompson (who is also the best thing in the film), or that her being at school with Anita Darling doesn't make sense, or the ending with her giving them the dalmatians completely retcons the original film, it's that despite the stylish and cool looking trailers this had, the actual film is so boring! It's the drag from set piece to fancy set piece!

    37. Envyaesth

      I still enjoy it 🤷

    38. Dark Hours of Day

      On paper this movie was the worst idea ever. Somehow it was a heck of a lot more fun to watch. I blame Emma Stone's likability.

    39. Warnock & Ossoff WON!!!

      > white women care more about dogs than other human lives No 🧢

    40. Logan West

      “Vilquel” and “Cruellity” were genius and I hope they get added to the dictionary this year.

    41. Dr Fatma's Class

      Yep the dog parents were brother and sister and cruella helped them hook up-sweet home alabama

    42. A Nilz


    43. black tiger

      3:13 from which movies are the upper two?

    44. black tiger

      I’ve watched this movie twice in the last week and I just now realised that they are siblings OMG they are SIBLINGS!

    45. Marcel van Driel

      And I still loved the movie.

    46. Délire ENT.

      Don't look at ThAt dress Look at ThIs dress! ✨Nyaaaa✨

    47. Andrea Smeelie

      WOW! I never once thought that Pongo and Perdy were brother and sister! I just assumed that they came from a different mother and I still believe that but still EWW! Also why do people keep on picking on 101 Dalmatians so much? There was one part in the video where he said that in ten years people whom are nostalgic for the movie would be dead when that is so untrue. I'm 28 and I've loved this movie ever since I was a little girl and it's one of my all time favorites and the franchise itself is majorly popular for a reason. I can see why there are people out there whom may find it generic even though I don't get it but still yet come on it's a classic for a reason! The part where the guy in Honest Trailers was begging for us to come back had me laughing so hard though! XD

    48. Zendy Garrido

      New title, Cruella wore Prada

    49. Shaneika Johnson

      Naw you gon have to put some respect on this movie it was good 🤣🤣🤣

    50. Jordyn McConnell

      I thought this was going to make me so mad because I’m a HUGE Cruella fan but I dying laughing the whole time 🤣

    51. Arian Yazdanpanah

      can someone tell me whats the name of dress fight music ?

    52. CR spring17

      Nurse Rachet??

    53. Musicalfantastic

      I want a Live Action Redemption movie for Madame Medusa and Mr. Snoops from the Rescuers.

    54. GlitterDudeAki

      Honestly, I really like the Cruella film. It was enjoyable and one of my favorites. That is if you detach it from the original movie. Don't get me wrong, 101 Dalmatians is a classic. But Cruella deVil is not a character that should be redeemed. The character in the movie felt entirely different from the puppy skinner in the original movie. It doesn't give cruella any reason to hurt Dalmatians and I feel sorry that Estelle had to turn into Cruella because it makes the film seem so much sillier. It tries to redeem Cruella, but it comes up with the most basic way of doing it. If Cruella had a differently named protagonist, who turned into a different character, it could have turned out so much better than what it is. Because being connected to the original makes the plot kind of fall apart.

    55. Just another player

      Free guy free guy free guy

    56. TONY AYALA

      2:22 Best part xD

    57. NotReallyABlessing

      This is another case of for Hollywood by Hollywood

    58. Madd Dr. Ew

      spot on and also great movie

    59. Karendoppy

      VLDL makes an epic appearance

    60. Jack Wimmer

      Cat woman on Laundry Day! LOL!

    61. Ross Kerr

      I don’t think it’s fair that you mentioned the Joker, but not Harley Quinn.

    62. RawCookieDough

      Honestly it's a good movie if it's just a stand alone one

    63. Double0Seven

      Nothing is original

    64. Alex Panagos

      Definitely the worst Disney movie I’ve ever seen

    65. Ariel Steinsaltz

      I don’t think it’s a prequel to 101 Dalmatians, I’m pretty sure it’s a reimagining. We have no indication this version of Cruella is evil or will go on to do any of the things the animated version did.

    66. Eliezer3838

      I ain’t gonna lie. The costumes really did do most of the plot, character, and story work in this film.

    67. Madeline Friberg

      If anyone wants to know Orphan is based off of a true story and it’s terrifying. The person that she’s based off of is actually alive and free right now.

    68. Jules Mpc

      Its all to avoid pitching movie ideas from zero, to save marketing money x risk mangmnt, etc related. Thats why they do this: the risk to "reuse an existing brand, name, character, etc (or a well know story)" is way lower then working a full new one, hence they use the name you are familiar with and use it to sell whatever

    69. Nathaniel Castillo

      1:19 She’s definitely lucky to receive a Dalmatian for free. Irl, they’re so expensive that I’ve never seen one in person. They’re also very high maintenance

    70. himura haibara

      Oh well at least the visual's nice.

    71. Quinton du Plessis

      This movie suuuuuucked!!!

    72. Abhishek Paul

      thank god I didn't watch this movie boy would i have been bored

    73. Jabari

      Please do Suicide Squad 2021

    74. Dorothy Allspice

      Am I the only one who thinks that Emma Stone's makeup in Cruella looks eerily similar to that of Dr. Frank N Furter's?

    75. Artificial Switch

      Jeff bezos in the movie?!

    76. Emperor Xirco

      Emma Stone is amazing to be honest.

    77. Mewtata

      … why did her mom use Dalmatians? They’re not exactly peak guard dog, OR peak rich dog.

    78. sauce ski

      The Kirby's epic yarn had me dead 😂

    79. pyrokahler

      I just want a documentary about the fashion in the movie, tell me about the designers, coming up with the themes, specific style choices to reflect character etc

      1. Rachy V

        Omg yes I would love that too!

    80. ravaro02

      The more videos the less "starring" references I understand.

    81. A YT

      I was actually excited about this movie when I heard about it, then I saw its rating and realized that yeah, they were going to make a child's movie out a villain that makes coats out of puppies.

    82. Ce Ku

      Her mother was killed by Dalmatians? Dear God, this is Worse than I thought it would be. 😱

    83. Chris Kelly

      it’s one of the worst films i’ve seen in 2021. We paused it thinking it was nearly finished and there was more than 45min left. If you’re the type of person who thinks West Side Story is gritty or better than Romeo & Juliet, you’ll love this garbage.

    84. Erkko

      If it wasnt prandet by 101 Dalmatia s and was original, i could see this work

    85. S.K Naturegirl

      to puppies different litters

    86. Bob A Linx

      4:16 Nice, I love that game so much! Brings me back to my childhood...

    87. Sweet Potato

      Am I the only one who actually loved this movie?!

    88. GodlordAkira

      This was hilarious. I never got the whole trend with redeeming bad guys, whether it’s in TV or movies. The entire reason why I love bad guys is because they’re fucking evil!

    89. jhonathan mondragón

      Luv this movie

    90. Prieur Du Plessis

      "How Estella got her cruel back"

    91. Jory Harris

      Also, directors said this was not an origin story. This Cruella does not grow up to kill dogs.

    92. Jory Harris

      I hope I live past 46....I love101 Dalmatians

    93. Crawler 3333

      Whoever asked for the Baelin's Route quote at the end of the video is my hero.

    94. Video Bird300

      Disney villain cinematic universe 2014: Maleficent 2019: Maleficent 2 2021: Cruella 2025: Jafar 2026: suicide squad with Disney villains

      1. K.B.N

        2001: Mickey's house of villains

    95. Jason Med

      Viva La Dirt reference was great.

    96. dudewhoisdead

      Hollywood is a third world country in a Gucci belt.🤨🤨🤨🤨 This is just sad.

    97. Thanos Timestone

      I like Disney + due to the fact you can watch good movies and stop with the direct to vhs movies.. oh wait.

    98. Έτσι Γουστάρω

      To Mugatu and his Derelicte phase 😂😂

    99. Danielle Peel

      From adults who love Emma Stone, to adults who love Emma Thompson lolol

    100. Danielle Peel

      Oh my god....lol