Home Alone in a Rush 2

Daniel LaBelle

Daniel LaBelle

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    1. jaywannabe

      that last bird part was genius ngl, 10/10 video for me😂

    2. Elizabeth Wang

      For those people that are in such a rush they don’t have time to watch the movie. This is so good. I hope you get to do a full length movie of your own.

    3. JenniferCline22

      "YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM ME KID!" Then gets hit by a iron.

    4. Mystery’s Music

      This spiraled into madness so quickly, and I’m here for it.

    5. Natalie Nyampruh

      This guy should be in acting, he is always hilarious!!

    6. Domthebomb6767

      Bro needs an Oscar for all this pain

    7. Adam.L

      Imagine the amount of pain Daniel had to go through to make this 💀

    8. プリティ


    9. subbrn

      Alternative title: Home alone but it's realistic

    10. •Just_a_Country_Girl•

      Looks like Daniel is going to have to hire the people who can clean your house in one minute from all the icecream, whipped cream, and pearls that fell on the floor 💀

    11. Ahmed Efe Özer

      "no humans were harmed in this film."

    12. Atharv Gautam

      I can't even imagine how much pain you both had suffered in making this video.

    13. Pilar martinez

      RIP for the guy who was pretending to be the bad guy 💀

    14. JĔŘŘÝ

      The bird 🐦 part was amazing 😹😹😹

    15. Anne gon

      I love how he just got hit by a brick and hes still ok xD

    16. Titus Chon

      Daniel goes through so much to make us entertained!

    17. Sus stuff I do and found  Sussy

      The bird had me cryin

    18. katakbara


    19. Lakhvinder Singh

      The amount of time he fell to make just one perfect shot 😬

    20. gabriel banjac

      the pain he had to go through just for a vid