Hilarious water challenge with the fam 💦

Zander Zone

Zander Zone

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    1. Zander Zone

      To all of you commenting that we “wasted water”… don’t worry we make up for it by having artificial grass. Everyone needs to relaaaax 😂

      1. Fine Canine

        i bet those who complain waste water every day and don't know about it.

      2. Mike Ox Maul

        you should be ashamed

      3. Mike Ox Maul

        so distasteful

      4. Camellia

        @暇すぎ ほんそれ てかコメセンスやばいw

      5. R4VI DzN

        ​@Flowtups bla bla bla bla bla

    2. S

      POV: You are trying find a comment that criticizes him for wasting water

      1. Electro Wizard


      2. FoxyRaspberryʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

        Exactly and I still doesn’t find any

    3. Miguel Angel Aguillon Vega

      Y en Monterrey sufriendo por agua 😂

    4. Ripoff rat

      I remember doing this in 4th grade lol

    5. 222 Intat Sookananchai

      People:STOP WASTING WATER People who have a whole entire 30min-2hours concert while showering:💀💀💀

      1. Ø R N A M E N T


      2. lol

        this is the definition of stupid

      3. Lucid-Dreamer

        @Jazz December is summer in some countries huh? In an alternate universe…

      4. Jazz

        @Blizzard ur a man obviously u won’t think it’s gross

      5. Jazz

        @Lucid-Dreamer it’s summer in some other country

    6. heyFragrance

      Why is everyone hating on this trend, it’s super fun lmao. You act like you don’t waste this much water in the shower.

      1. Patrick Rivera

        It's because it's kinda stupid

      2. heyFragrance

        @Gabriel dias Pires 😂

      3. Gabriel dias Pires

        But in the shower u use the water to yout personal hygiene that then that same water goes to the sewer, goes to a water treatment center to be used by other people, then technically you are not wasting the water since it will be used again, in the video they were sending more than 70/ from the water to the ground luckily it was artificial people like you mwm disgusted with so much ignorance fds

      4. AD

        @Hayami there are trends more contaminate and no one Say nothing yo that, and in shower people throw more water than here

      5. Hayami

        Yep I'm not, and u said it "in shower" not in a stupid trend 💀

    7. Someone

      I’ve done that before! Lol


      How did it went so smooth, and how did the water exactly reached the line so perfectly.............mystery

    9. Winnie Kelley

      Now that would b a great game in the summer time.

    10. ka zoon


    11. erin sanders

      Grandma sitting in the back be like: 😌

      1. :\  MR BANING ット Всем привет

        while you have water my country has a water crisis

      2. Ylli Lutfiu

        @Rosecler Souza lima 🤬🤬🤬🤬

      3. Rosecler Souza lima

        ​@Ylli Lutfiu

      4. زيوني عدنان

        ​@KamehlionHD ٣غش

      5. Marcus Leal

        ​@Swantel Pough emkakmkwwinnii

    12. it's all controversial

      The guy who chose to sit first in the line is the smartest

    13. Cooper Hough

      My family wasn't perfect but I think i'd still prefer it to living in a vlog family

    14. Geraldine Akufuna

      You have so much fun 🤩😊

    15. Va - Ta

      Лол, от того что люди будут писать что хватит тратить воду, я не перестану мыться по 2 часа в ванной

    16. FERNANDEZ Flaviano

      Oh interesante no sabía que desperdiciar el poco agua que tenemos era divertido yo entiendo que quieran jugar pero tranquilamente lo podrían hacer con agua salada(agua de mar) por personas como estás estamos como estamos

    17. Divs74

      The water could either get absorbed by the earth or evaporate and help in formation of clouds. Both of these are good so they aren't really "wasting" water

    18. Rishab Gill

      Save water drink beer 😂

    19. Saaill

      And this demonstrates how energy is lost in food chain. Meaning there are less trophic levels. (biology students will understand)

    20. GigaChad

      When this video popped up the first thing I thought was. “I’m thirsty,.. RefreshING!!”

      1. Jakubek Motweer

        Can you feel my heart??!

      2. GigaChad

        @GigaChad69 yessir all my GigaChads unite

      3. GigaChad

        @GigaChad69 I am uou brother

      4. GigaChad69

        @GigaChad 🤝

      5. GigaChad69

        I swear I thought you were me

    21. Anthea Mcglone

      Is it just me or did anyone laugh at the way she pulled her thing off. I just randomly laugh. Idk why but did anyone else uhh-

    22. Xingqiu lover

      This looks so fun, I want to try it with my friends!

    23. Wolfy Wlf

      “He’s got water guys he’s got water!” acting like their caveman out in the dessert dehydrated 😂

      1. Saint

        G they playing a game stfu 😂

    24. painted strokes

      I feel bad for second person 😂

    25. Kiki_luvs

      Atleast the first guy safe 😂

      1. chotapaket KA AASHIK 💕


      2. Hellohello

        ​@Samaterean oh they both look the same

      3. Samaterean

        ​@Hellohello they said lady not old woman

      4. Frooloo

        That’s a woman ☕️

      5. Sarah Davis

        True the first guy didn’t get any wet and the grandma is not that wet then the other’s

    26. Kali Schrader

      #FamilyGoals! This is the BEST! I love how all the kids hang in there even though they're all saying "it's so cold" lol😆

    27. My Little Corner!

      Wow such a lovely family game to play! Great camping game to play with your friends too!

      1. nVlYoDJxlS fZzcYoGUoq

        Why do people watch this am I missing something?

    28. ころれん推し


      1. 최종빈


    29. Beekeeperplayz

      " Augh Did i get it in, Did i get it in?" thats what she said

    30. uNkNoWn GuRLy GiRl

      That’s so fun 🤣 I didn’t expect to see the water bottle 🤣 I was like WHAT?! Lol

    31. 💗M i a💗

      I love how they casually have money hanging up on the clothes rack

    32. THE LEGENDARY adi_sfatm

      They put the water in a “bo’oh’o’wo’er”

    33. Kittiesfuneral

      “STOP WAISTING WATER” 🥸 bruh

    34. MaskyTK

      When someone broked says”Can you give me some water I am thirsty Them:How much water The broke guy:Anything just give me water Them:

    35. Maxiafton

      I did it with classic cups I was the last one to pour so I did it slow and my team won bc of em

    36. Maduraa ravi

      Me asking for water from my brother He and his friends are like:🥲

    37. QueenLyn

      Это так потрачено впустую😂 Если бы это был я, моя мама убила бы меня😳

    38. Xixi J

      Cross my fingers did he get it into the botel 🤞🏾

    39. 枝。


    40. Luca Pető

      Its much More fun when you do it in winter

    41. Sigma Chihuahua

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    42. Basketball for life

      The second girl was drowning 😂😂😂

    43. Ami

      "wait wait wait ✨i gotta swish it✨"

    44. SplatMan

      How random but cool do you want this to be Yes Ok 👍

    45. R4VI DzN

      Ahhhhhh que chato mano essas pessoas querendo cancelar o cara pq "desperdiçou água" AHHHH namoral, que baboseira

    46. Bobby Martin

      The neighbors 👁️🫦👁️

    47. Deacon The Great

      This is hilarious 😂

      1. That dude from backrooms

        @Ducky says you

      2. Harrison

        @Ducky says u jk

      3. Ducky


    48. ŰwŰ

      El sordo:😃 El ciego:💀

    49. Mohamad Halan

      The first guy: 😌 everyone else: Taking a shower

    50. Luz Emilia Adon Jimenez


    51. Amy Brown

      Bro got money for clothes 😂

    52. Olivia🤩

      camera men: i'm so glad i'm not apart of this i'm not looking forward to get wet the second person: i guess i just had my shower from that big bucket of water😂

      1. Sophia Rodrigues de Paiva

        SOPHIA 💕 💕??

    53. Dank Obelix

      African kid: "I wanted that" 💀

      1. AD

        If si for the water other KZsectionrs use 2 golons of water with other things then they throw it and no one Say nothing

    54. NoTOreoXd


    55. Nivaldo Rodrigues

      Olha Só gente 10🤣

      1. Nivaldo Rodrigues


    56. 네안의호랑이

      와 물부족이 심각하긴 하구나 겨우 이정도 물에 엄청 예민하네..

    57. Itz_LeahPlaysYT

      Practice makes perfect!!✨💗

    58. Evencio Martinez

      😂😅😂😂 XD jajaja

    59. FinnishTiger


    60. svnitea

      This is so cute though, I wish my family would do stuff like this

      1. Andersen Splob

        My family is always so lazy and goes to bed at like 6

    61. Kalpana Chaudhary

      2 number one's smartwatch will be like am I a joke

    62. DragonGamer9273

      This great example of water consumption and distribution in the world.

    63. Moremo Catering


    64. Davi Barros Gamer

      eu vendo o cara vendado olhando pra tras🤔

    65. Aerofi

      The kids in africa: Thirsting to death Meanwhile in america:

    66. Definitely not in love with Harry Styles👀

      Ugh I hate that it’s fall now I definitely wanted to do this with my family😂

      1. ~*𝙲𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎*~

        should've done it during the summer ig plus it won't be fall forever

      2. ESUNGHO

        If you try it now you will freeze to death

      3. ESUNGHO


    67. TheSlayGurls!

      I feel Bad for the girl LOL

    68. Ngọc Yến Nguyễn


    69. Dementia gaming

      Honey the neighbours are doing that weird thing again

    70. Aña XD

      la mamá:*c ahoga*

    71. Riah McKinnon

      The first one got almost all the 2nd bucket filled up till she spilled it before even dumping it 😂

    72. Ana havila

      Baby, I think I broke one.

    73. Saffron Maharashtra

      our government schemes be like that water

    74. Tatiana Ganiuk

      Классное соревнование

    75. Mr Lion Plays

      You have to pour it till the line "Everyones blind folded" You didn't have to cut me off...

      1. MsignOctopus

        @BabyHuurrs Oooh ok lol

      2. BabyHuurrs

        @MsignOctopus No, you’re right! I just wanted to explain it for the previous comments. I guess they said it because of the man pointing out that everyone is blindfolded which is obvious to see.

      3. MsignOctopus

        @BabyHuurrs i know but they literally just explained what the "Challenge " of the original video. Which isnt a "but you didnt have to cut me off moment" I'll edit if i find more information or im just wrong.

      4. BabyHuurrs

        For the people that don’t get it, I think they’re trying to reference the meme that plays that song when something dumb or of the obvious is stated. It’ll usually show lots of brain diagrams and stuff. it’s best if I link one of the videos so it’s easier to understand -> m.kzsection.info/green/bejne/12iBmn2yeJx3rac.html

      5. MsignOctopus

        Thats the point of the challenge...

    76. kate raven

      “Wait wait let’s swish it” water splashed up past the line and when it did he was like oh my gosh yeayyyyyyy!

      1. BeyondTrash

        He swished it to make it more visible, since water is y'know, clear lol.

    77. 유우

      4번째가 젤 힘드네ㅋㅋ 3→4 졸라불쌍라네 거의 다 받았는데 다 나갔잖아ㅠ

    78. Mr Passive

      You could tell the mom was having flashbacks of college with the way she took that waterfall.

    79. Stellakj2 🍄

      A mãe quase morrendo no começo KKKKKKKKK

    80. Missy Girl

      Some of y’all are saying stuff about them wasting water like have ya never been in a pool or something. Or maybe using water balloons or water guns. Ya need to think before saying something. We all use and “waste” water everyday.

    81. Walter•  • 15y ago

      People:there wasting water🙄 Me: u waste drops of pool water when u get out of a pool and u take 30 minutes to shower make it make sense

    82. Justin


    83. Luca Pető

      People in Afrika:💀💀💀

    84. Ani RayGar

      Que cosa más estúpida, con la sequía que hay en el mundo y la gente desperdiciándo agua. 😔🤐

    85. Kyelater33

      The first ladies reaction omg🤣💀

    86. Vule xD

      Bruh imagine swimming pools and water parks existing and people being like THIS is wasting our water

    87. nguem's choco

      ce jeux est créé en Afrique chez moi 😛💪

    88. Liam Smith

      Whoa it's almost like some places water isn't a concern... I don't get anyone saying wasting water... They can't just take a bucket of water and ship it to Mozambique or something

    89. 네안의호랑이

      와 물부족이 심각하긴 하구나 겨우 이정도 물에 엄청 예민하네..

      1. Kitty Cat

        This is not affecting any water shortages at all.

    90. Ni'Asia Countryman

      This gives me purge vibes from the blind folds 💀

      1. Maria Vallejo

        ​@amane's moon rock djjxidikkd kdjdkkkd jxjxjxjdfjjdjrjiikeirriirrrr4r4k4448 see d7s kejej

      2. I am the

        @Leo Carmelita Oh, Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahhqhahahahahahahahwhahahahahahahahahbajahahajqhahwhbaahbaahhaahhahahahahahahahshsgsghshshsusioksjksahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhqhhaahahqhahahahahqhqhqhqhqhhqhqhqhahqhaahabqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhahahahahahahahahahha realllyyy? It was giving me dinosaur train vibes 💀☠️

      3. Leo Carmelita

        @I am the "My cat 🥺😫" person! Hi! oh abahahhahahahahahhahahahjahahahahjajajajhahaahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahha reallyyyyyyyyy it was giving me Boss Baby vibes ☠️

      4. I am the

        @Leo Carmelita Oh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha really? It was giving me baby shark vibes 💀

      5. Leo Carmelita

        @I am the "My cat 🥺😫" person! Hi! ohhh hahahaha reallyyy?? It was giving me the backyardigans vibes ☠️

    91. Carmen Arsenie

      Africa kids be like: 😐

    92. ItsZinggg

      “Wait I gotta swish it” *makes it go over line*


      Ellos🌝 los de África viendo el video🌚

    94. Elmo

      Okay way off topic but why is the mom so buff

    95. DelaniaxEdits

      Nah the fourth kid got 3/4 of the water down his shorts lmfao 💀

    96. Margherita Gigli

      Hahah good❤

    97. Giga Chad

      Its not "wasting water." People really just trying to find ways to ruin people's fun. With that logic, does it not waste water to fill up a 38,000 gallon pool?

    98. meeka garcia

      That looks pretty fun, i might try it

    99. AquaNomical

      People: STOP WASTING WATER!! Also them: Having a 2 hour shower while singing to themselves

    100. Robert Caps

      Now that's good home entertainment for all to enjoy that's awesome