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    1. Leiliane Santos

      20:23 *MY PHOTOS HE RE* YES.UNOS.BABY ❤💛❤10:10 Hopi:"Sweeter" 11:12 Sun: "Hooter"00:19 Joonie: "Cooler"08:00 Yoongy: "Butter" 23:26 Son unos delos mejores conciertos Я обожаю этот ремейк. Такой красивый клип,танец,аутфиты и мои любимые девочки.

      1. Mercedes Abreu


      2. Mercedes Abreu


      3. Hitchildrennotjuuls


      4. Simple_Puppy


      5. n0tgaby!! -


    2. José Cruz

      Eso se llama respeto... Aún cuando sea tu pareja o en cualquier relación, se debe respetar si la otra persona está vulnerable o en este caso dormida 🥰

    3. Adriana Gimenez

      Que tierno morí de amor 🥰 demasiado bello su gesto ♥️

      1. Akbar Gabbar


    4. Cleunice De Souza Pereira da Silva

      Respeito. Muito bacana isso. 😍

    5. Langston George,Jr.1

      He is definitely a good husband, so nice of him. I noticed that he wanted to grab her butt, he just couldn't do it. He let her continue to sleep, awwww ❤️❤️

    6. Magali Dal'Olio

      Achei muito fofo 😍😍

    7. joselene Laureano Andrade

      venceu a tentação e teve respeito 👍👏👏👏👏

    8. Aaliyah Estel

      Awwww, he sounds like the best husband ever.

    9. Лида Калашникова

      Хороший муж, хорошая жена, уважают и любят , что ещё для счастья надо?!!

      1. Gabriela Gabriel

        ​@Казбек Ибрагимов

      2. Казбек Ибрагимов


      3. Казбек Ибрагимов

        Засадить на пол шишки Лида ты че не врубаешся

    10. Rony Lemos

      Esse representa a classe.🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏

    11. Doreen Onekalit

      God bless him even more 🙏🏿

    12. Hnas Supremo

      Quando o cara come fora e chega empanzinado 🤣

    13. Jocelyn Garvin

      This man is a certified keeper!!!

    14. A Brazalves

      This is a husband....caring and gentle. How nice of him

    15. Bill Jones

      My wife does this to me and I'm an old man now it's still fun.

    16. Daljinder Kaur

      So sweet. Truly a loving husband.

    17. Жамиль Габдурахманов

      Это и есть любовь и уважение

      1. Nezziex

        Лучше бы присунул, вот это и есть истинное уважение , удовлетворение обоюдных потребностей

    18. monaliza820

      My husband always did the same thing❤

    19. EmpressGeorgena

      He’s thinking “Finally, a moment of silence - How rare, yet so precious!” 😅💭

      1. R A

        Then proceeds to turn on PlayStation

      2. Baburao Aspanna


    20. Tatyana Petrov

      My respect to them both. She chooses right the man. He is in love with his woman. Love and happiness to them both.

      1. HỒNG QUÁCH

        ​@Gangster Nagalakshmi và .,

      2. Gangster Nagalakshmi


      3. Алекс

        She went to the market and chose it.

    21. itelvina israel

      Que fofura é lindo ❤❤❤

    22. Pete Chia

      What a sweet hubby. He wanted to grab some cheek SOOOO BAD!¡ But decided to let you nap instead. AND A BLANKIE!! Awwwww

    23. Aviya

      Detrás de la cámara, mi esposo es un hombre muy bueno, un buen padre y una persona cariñosa.

      1. Ray Wong


    24. Patricia MOOTOO

      Respectful husband !

    25. Jalisa Simmons

      That was cute 😭🤣🤣


      Such an awesome husband.

    27. Taeyoung Kim

      Respect to cameraman to using his last invisibility potion

      1. Большой Мальчик

        @Mathi Muller and my mom’s a virgin

      2. Mathi Muller

        Is a hiden camera

    28. happy🌹

      Reaction spot on ❤

    29. Monica Grieco

      Que lindo ❤️

    30. Wanda Sant'Ana

      nossa que marido bom ta dificil hoje em dia uns so sabe reclamar da gente

    31. Bill Lozier

      obviously staged but sweet anyway. A lessen how the clothes they are wearing match the interior of the entire space. She must be a decorator.😁

    32. Elizabeth Alencar

      👏👏👏👏muito AMOR ❤❤

    33. Christina Richardson

      Temptation, temptation, temptation ..... he was so sweet in the end though.



    35. Askya Lumumba

      He is probably happy to go and watch his TV without any interruption

      1. Kirk Tsosie

        Amen to that!

      2. Bearded Lonewolf

        Exactly, or play video games lol

      3. marty mcflyy

        🤣 and not having her hog majority of the bed and shoving her ice cold feet in his back right as he's about to doze off

    36. Arjan One

      i love this I think I need to get married now

    37. Milady Virginia

      He's so sweet and caring!

    38. sozoseo

      Блин, самое милое что я посмотрела за последнее время))

    39. Estela Sanchez

      He was so sweet, GOD bless him

    40. SHAKTI

      God bless such a nice husband

    41. ЮЛЯ Титова

      Какой заботливый муж 😊

      1. Maria Mendoza

        ​@Патимат МагомедоваDe los AZ

      2. Oksana Tiilikainen

        @Fernan Dave ???

      3. Fernan Dave

        ​@Oksana Tiilikainen oo 909

      4. Oksana Tiilikainen

        @Патимат Магомедова ???

      5. Oksana Tiilikainen

        Тоже так подумала.

    42. Shirley Reed

      What a beautiful. Couple❤

    43. Dee March

      That was beyond sweet!

    44. luz salazar

      Jajaja me pasó igual 🤣

    45. Catilene Ferreira

      o pé ficou de fora ,é um amor 👏👏👏👏👏

    46. vitória ferreira

      Muito lindo parabéns

    47. Esthela Gastelum

      Hooooommmnn I love his reaction 🥰♥️

    48. jin ki

      I never wake my wife up in that situation, married men will understand

      1. Gurpreet Singh

        yea u should keep her satisfied

    49. Tom rubro-negro 🌪

      No meu caso é inevitável kkkkkkkkkk

    50. Анна Барма

      Он действительно её любит! 👍

    51. 댓글만

      Husbands are happiest when their wives sleep

    52. Isabel Cristina

      Que lindo !Isso é um sonho!

      1. Akbar Gabbar


    53. Gishe Vera Vasilievna

      О Боже, как мило. Мужчина, да ты просто Ангел.

      1. Консуэло Ло

        Ангел, с шаловливыми ручонками😂

      2. Вован Сидорович

        но она хотела что-бы он был похотливым мужиком, а не ангелом...,наверное.....

      3. You Tube

        Нет что вы она хотела чтобы трахнут а ...он тупой не думаел не смотрели жупу.....

      4. adrian w

        много от нас са, невидими

      5. Сергей Мерзлов

        покрыть а не укрыть

    54. Андрей Андрей

      😂😂😂Так бывает при съемках

    55. Aysha Anjum

      Always everyone inside the frame 🤣

    56. BTS.. lover "army"

      Caring husband ☺️

    57. Matt Merchant

      Been there and it is tough not to go for it but when ya love er you do exactly what he did! Respect! 🙏🏼👍🏼💯

      1. Matt Merchant

        @Paul Lester bye Paul! I've sent others but obviously KZsection didn't approve if the content

      2. Paul Lester

        Are you from the same planet as us...your as bad as them pair

    58. Себастьян Феррейро

      всегда так делаю. Не буди лихо, пока спит тихо 😉

    59. pet aalto

      This is how real Love acts 👌 Love want to cover, but a "lover" want to undress and get "good" only for himself. It's called abuse...

    60. Neena Louise

      Now that took strength psychologically 💪🏽

    61. Марина Оболенская

      Как мило❤А мог бы сделать " кусь"😂

    62. Галина Лукьянченко

      Встречая мужа с работы , главное выбрать, правильную позу . 😀😃😃😄😃😃

    63. Мария Путова

      Очень мило😊

    64. Mariana Fascina

      E assim andam os maridos de hoje em dia😫

    65. Yovani Salazar

      She should’ve “cut one” and seen his reaction 😂

    66. Светлана Смирнова

      Любящий мужчина знает, что женщину надо держать в тепле . 🤗 Мило душевно.

      1. Giyono giyono

        ​@MB MB waârr ò0kni

      2. MB MB

        А шорты зачем в трещину затолкала?

    67. Shire Fernandez

      My husband, who at the time we were boyfriend & girlfriend, did this alot of times but I wasn't pretending. I actually pastout & when I come to I would have blankets on me


      He was a caring husband, but he failed to read her intentions.

    69. Gustav A.

      good guy, love him

    70. Gabriela Basilio

      Que lo cuide !!!!es un tesoro de hombre🥰🥰🥰

    71. Pop Sugar Sprinkles

      That's the kind of man we need more of 💖

    72. Гузель Загретдинова

      ООО, как же классно👍

    73. Rosh Torres

      Que lindo!

    74. 河野麗子

      Where can I find such a careful husband?❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Daniel Danielyan


    75. Susan D Hays

      I would love to have a man like that that's called unconditional love wow what a man he's a Superman for her! Love and light Miss Susie

      1. Raymond Akinmolayan

        Quite a superman. Sup?

    76. Charles Forsyth

      A camera on a tripod, in the middle of the room, is they key to a good husband

    77. Mike Smith

      Loving that wine collection!

    78. Marleni Gomez

      Que lindo el amor es más fuerte que la tentación 😅

    79. Silvia Aguilar

      Ay que ternura que bello señor la dejo descansar y la cubrió

    80. Jeff Rusch

      Always let a sleeping dog lie. The same goes for wives. 😎

    81. Jason Khan

      He's a great guy!👍

    82. Vito Tamarazzo

      Yeah, she's exhausted. Pool boy just left. Good husband for covering her up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    83. Violetta Thomas

      Too sweet!!

    84. Marie


    85. Victor Tinajero

      Mil respetos gran hombre es la actitud

    86. Kiran Priya

      Yes....He is gd husband😍😍😍

    87. Senake Dharmasena

      He is not like a husband but like a father..! 🤣

      1. Mika Mika

        Right cause in my house that would of been sooo different lol


      Ahaha same my husband when i sleep he touch my butt🤣

    89. Валентина Латышева

      What a careful husband,loving his wife! Really!?

    90. Sky Decay

      Everyone knows what was he going to hold and what he holded 💀😂

      1. Bbb Huhy

        Ko changing jalab lar

    91. Heather Mouradian

      Now that is what i call a loving husband

      1. pmsl

        It's staged

    92. Brenda R.

      Awww, whata sweetheart! ❤💛❤💛❤

    93. Amorphic Spirit

      I liked his first instinct, but the second one was acceptable. lol


      Producer: How fake do you want this? Female Actor: welp, only as fake as the notion that my husband would put a blanket over me if I was sleeping.

      1. D. ANDERS

        Welcome to the Adley Show ;)

      2. Birte Oldhaber


    95. Flor Abreu

      He's so adorable

    96. Mônica Macchioni novo canal

      Nossa que carinho. Isso é amor

    97. Lori. D

      And I'm here asking myself : did he not see the recording camera on the pod, the ligh circle turned on, and how many takes do they had going on until that buttcheek seemed natural and not exposing more than it should

    98. carola hidalgo saavedra

      Cuando se ama se cuida

    99. Heather Powell

      Ooooh so sweet🥰 loving husband 🙏💯

    100. Mika Mika

      Everybody's husband is different lmao me and mines is laughing like he would of tried to get in smacked it bite all types of ish... He said said like the crack Eselle when he was running on friday and spotted the clothes in the lawn lmao ctfu that would of went so different...