Garkuwan Cindo versus Dogon Sisco traditional boxing dambe Gargajiya

Dambe Unlimited

Dambe Unlimited

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    Traditional boxing dambe Gargajiya involving Garkuwan Cindo vs Dogon Sisco at DeiDei Abuja Nigeria @Dambe Unlimited

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    1. Lubem Gwar

      As a former amateur boxer, I happened to be in the same camp with these guys in the 2002 sports festival in Nigeria. I can say for a fact that the 'gloves' they wear is worse than bare knuckles. We boxers mocked them for their poor boxing skills but the fear of getting bruised by those rough and coarse gloves kept us from challenging them to a sparing. The gloves are made of a kind of rope that is knotted every quarter of an inch of the rope. It is very coarse and deadly.

    2. Wesley Simon

      This is how it wad done in the ancient days. It's honestly refreshing to see them uphold their tribes tradition.

    3. PIRATE55HIT Inc.

      I remember this! 1 night looking at Sumo wrestling, and this popped up! I'm glad it popped up because this shit go hard!

    4. Oche Elaigwu

      Lol I and my buddy covered this event in nasarawa state lol damn amazing and breath taking to watch in real time

      1. Dambe Unlimited

        The game has a lots of fans, especially from the Northern part of Nigeria 🇳🇬 We loved Dambe

    5. Backwoods Jordan

      He is lucky dude shoulder poped out he was getting taken up through there 😂

      1. Rico Team

        @Nick Kray that is possible

      2. Rebel Zoe 1804


      3. ChocolateHoney 🍯 🍯

        @d'b salva thank you

      4. d'b salva

        @ChocolateHoney 🍯 🍯 pretty

    6. Josimar Albino

      Bom que os médicos estavam lá... Muita eficiência

    7. Mytarious Gaither

      This is greatness!!!

    8. H D

      These guys are hard as hell!

    9. Jean-Esdrace Charles

      Keep on keeping on! Never give up! Hard work pays off!

    10. Medicinal Or Nothing I LLC

      When your referee is also a physician 🥰🌞🥰

      1. SUCA MOTON74


      2. Anton Nb

        Multi tasking

    11. J Cruz

      These boys are built different! 💪💪💪

      1. Mr Mighty

        Nah. They soft.

    12. Bulletproof Biceps

      I’m gona tell my kids this was DC versus Jon Jones.

      1. Boxing Guru

        Ayo 😂😂😂😂

      2. DUB TV

        Don’t do that because Jon wins

      3. Dj Washington


      4. SCFC1 SCFC1

        Nah this Eubank vs Nigel Benn

      5. Mariani Abdullah

        @Don Underwood rumah selamat selamat vfvc 5 6 c c xD X

    13. Samir Ahknoch

      This is what they wanted to achieve!!!

    14. Reality And nothing else

      He was literally winning until his hand dropped, sorry cham

      1. Dominik Dolski

        No he wasn't

    15. Old game

      Вот почему Афроамериканцы всегда были хорошие боксёры !! У них эти традиции в крови уже , видимо испокон веков💪

    16. Vocabulary Millionaire

      Welcome to the mothers land where everything is organic, including MMA.

      1. John Pippin

        @Vocabulary Millionaire no problem

      2. Vocabulary Millionaire

        @John Pippin Exactly! Thanks for the answer.

      3. John Pippin

        @Billy Bathgate because we all have ties to Africa.

      4. Billy Bathgate

        Why is this called the mother land

    17. NiggA Please

      As a black man is it really any question of our strength and ability in all these European sports?

    18. Bobby Q

      When it comes to Senegalese fight, this kind of thing always happens cause of the charms they use. They don't fight with their strength and smartness but charm.

      1. Bobby Q

        @Laye Diop Africans are strong but Senegalese fight with charm

      2. Bobby Q

        @Badou ndiaye are you from Senegal?

      3. bill daecda

        Yeah but this is nigeria 🇳🇬 tho

      4. Badou ndiaye

        😂😂 dude you lying

      5. Laye Diop

        Are you sure about that

    19. emmanuel tosin

      The only sport where fighting your opponent with a charm(voodoo) is allowed,very interesting. I hail my Hausa brothers

      1. Alex B

        @Alchimia Art it’s part of their culture, nothing to do with respect

      2. Alex B

        That’s not true!!!! It’s allowed in multiple combat sports in Africa. Look at Senegalese wrestlers they do the same

      3. Alchimia Art

        Are you fa real bro mane you're just joking because in lagging respect

    20. Руслан Алланазаров

      Вот это я понимаю, Хардкор ММА)))

    21. Manny Kingz

      When I saw the tall guys stance with his feet far apart I was like yeah he’s gonna take that L .

    22. ʍɨǟ ʍǟʟᏦօʋǟ

      Hey Youngstar.Quest I love your videos ♥️ l have a vid request. Could you please do a Video showing your Workout plan/ rountine for eaceh day of the week?.

    23. Zulu musica incondicional Nation alma

      Hardcore 💯🔥

    24. Aaron Johnson

      I was finna say Crip Mac then got it together 😂😂😂🎯

    25. Anani Folly

      The origin of MMA


      Ini Baru jagoan 🥰😍😘

    27. Stephan Mallam

      Good Sportmanship... better than the Cities n Towns .... Bravo..!!!

    28. Мухаммад Гаджиев

      Хищники 💪 без кап рубятся 😂💪

    29. Asian62

      I love Africa ✊️✊️


      This would be a good *Festival* entertainment, When only one hand can be used to hit and the other only for grabing. i remember doing similar like this back when i was at Elementary school. 😁

    31. ПРАВДА.

      UFC 90е годы👍

    32. Guillermo Alto

      Kind of like Kempo Karate with that emphasis on the backfist.

    33. Helio Ricardo Melo

      O Adesanya foi derrotado kkkkkkkkkkk

    34. Malcom Joy

      Can this be added up to Olympic games

    35. Donday Pheromone

      In Street Fighter we name it “ SAGAT “

      1. NYC Dollar Van

        Nice 👌🏾💯.. that lifting knee block was always on point

    36. brainretardant

      All that's missing from a world class PPV is dipping that wrapped arm in resin and crushed glass

    37. Adam Khan

      Yep good old shoulder injury after taking a few swift ones as per usual

    38. james davis

      True warriors

    39. Pik9y

      Классный Тамада) и конкурсы интересные)

    40. Kacper Plata

      Respect that was hard Fight

    41. BARTU

      In America they wonder… Why *WE* *have high cheek bones?* 😂

    42. Ralph Cenatiempo

      Popped his arm, dam that hurts.

    43. omar Al-Gafri

      Referees must be taught first aid and joint injuries such as this ruling

    44. Jesse Rodriguez

      Wow these dudes really fight with only one hand 👀👏👏👏👏

    45. Spencer Kelly

      I love this💯💯💕💞💕

    46. Tuan Nguyen

      The better was lost just because his opponent knew to hit in his weakest body part.

    47. Анатолий Зайцев

      Лысый молодец Протестует против своей победы

    48. XxMarVeLKniGhTxX Gaming

      Should of took notes from Don Frye🤣

    49. Vinai Patabutr


    50. ki_raiden Metal

      Dambe the legend

    51. Michael Hill

      Brutal 🙌🙌🙌👍😎

    52. MrWonkawonka

      He was getn his azz whooped, till the other warriors shoulder popped out of place.

    53. Birender Singh Sachan

      Wonderful awesome fantastic sports well done keep it up 💞💞💞💞💞🌹🌹🌹🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 cheeeeeeers

    54. Theoderrick Evans

      Only if they had an army of that caliber to defend Africa from the colonial establishment 🤗

    55. Clifford Birchell

      That Homer boy seen stars in the middle of the day

    56. Rogerio Soares

      Luta esquizita. Parece GTA😂😂

    57. Lachares Alexander

      Wow Imagine if they used two hands

    58. Patriot

      Check out the guy with the robe holding the megaphone at the end 🤣🤣

    59. Matt gaming

      Now this should be added into vegas gambling. Id place my bet.

    60. Сапар

      Вот они ломают друг друга!!! Пропадают таланты...

    61. Slimmy Hendrix

      Lil buddy's Shorts 🩳 are so tight, if he tries to get something out his pocket while he's got them on he'll pass out from Lack of Circulation

    62. Mudog486

      Looks like the dude literally hit his shoulder and made it come out? Anyone else seeing that too?

    63. -Youtuber Gagal-

      MMA African Version.🔥👍

    64. Liafomi 420

      My boy fighting with the daisy dukes on🤣

    65. Точикони дунё ба пеш!

      На ходу чинят бойца и дальше продолжают поединок🤣

      1. Али Алиев

        Барои ки шери наран

    66. Frank Pauling

      My man beat him till he faked a Inguries this was professional ASF the ref step in expeditiously

    67. John Wick

      He's winning the game but he got injured

    68. Yin

      How real men fights

    69. Michael Brown

      That's some hard core shit

      1. Ronnie Mushiwokufa

        Welcome to Africa

    70. Шахриёр Мирзомуродов

      Нихрена себе, чо за кулакам 😊😁😂👍👍👍

    71. Jock City

      reminds me of blood sport

    72. mark moya

      Fighting in Jean booty shorts.. Damn. Also, they tugging on that dudes arm who dislocated his shoulder like he stole money, another..Damn.

    73. JAMA Bro

      как. будто арбитер бижыт по поле с свистком😅😂😂

    74. Namaste

      They have the same hand dressing and Pra Jiad as Muay Boran!

    75. Imron Sholiqin

      Satu level di atas Pencak Dor indonesya

    76. JB

      LMFAO 😂😂😂

    77. Robert Allen

      That's a wild go at it. Sonny Liston is said to have...dislocated his shoulder in the first Heavyweight Championship Fight with then...Cassius Clay...later to be named...Muhammad Ali.

    78. charlie williams

      Big man has lots of.power in his.punch but small boxing skills.

    79. J.Sargent91

      Only won cuz Bros shoulder popped out. He was getting the work

    80. Dennis the Menace

      Serious physical sport there boy