感情好的D'jeeco Family

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    1. Lia Figueiredo

      Tayari é mesmo louquinha! Iriki é uma santa!

    2. Erica Shelton

      I believe that means, you already have, more Babies, than you two can handle ! 😋🤣

    3. Maria José

      O amor está no ar

    4. Alexandre Carneiro

      que lindo duas mamãe gorila com seus bebes

    5. Patricio Valenzuela

      The little one… he’s so cute and happy … with mommy and aunt..that’s a real family..,!

    6. Cynthia Jerro

      sometimes it's hard to get rid of the first one 🥰👍

    7. Lingiwe Mhlanga

      She's like no dear look at these 2 little ones, wait not now 😂

    8. Tiazinha do Sertão

      Daora muito bom o vídeo kķk..

    9. David Zdenek

      Joe showing Barak a little love and picking a few ticks off his back and ass . After all, what's love got to do with it? Thats just who they are.


      I want some more ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    11. Eli Kinder

      No hanky pinky while I have the baby in my arms! Lol

      1. Ockton McOzgarfleunts


      2. Brown Rabbit

        They're sisters 😄

    12. Tung jui YEN


    13. 推翻共產黨共產黨才是中國人最大罪人


    14. Anoris mercedes Guerrero victoriano

      Sencillamente hermoso 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    15. Itumeleng Mosailane

      They are in love 💜

    16. ivani vasconcelos costa

      Que pai amoroso , carregando um dos filhotes agarrado em sua barriga , enquanto a mãe carrega o outro. E ainda veio fazendo carinhos na amada . Hummmmm !!!❤❤

      1. Kimberly

        Omg I'm so glad you pointed that out I had to rewatch it You're correct I didn't even see that here I thought he was trying to make a move on Mama I still think that hahaha but thank you

    17. Madelayne Valdes

      Beautiful family ♥️❤️🥰 i love 💕

    18. Rosy De Sá


    19. Gerald Paulsen

      Legend want some action

    20. Bammer Smith

      Honey not in front of the kids.lets go to the bedroom.honey put that Vaseline on the door knob to keep kids out.

    21. georgina rodriguez

      looks like 2 pretty ladies got tired of waiting for their men and decided to improvise and take care of each other!

    22. BellaAnima

      Honey have you been drinking? You can’t seem to get it up so just stop. 😂😂😂😂

      1. Olga Gonzalez

        ​@brad james ibu ni huy

      2. Shaval Ram

        ​@brad james CT CT ma .

      3. brad james

        Ah like that one 💯💯💯💯

    23. Maridaas Mariya

      Nice family

    24. Pojok Bingin Bali

      Kelihatan seperti keluarga bahagia dantai

      1. Hari Sempol

        Di genjret dr belakang oeee

    25. Kimberly

      He's like come on baby she's like nah I'm just not in the mood you know with the our kid hanging off of My chest trying to nurse how about another time. I'm sorry I'm just not feeling it babe. Make gorilla finally gives in. okay And then what they don't show you he tries 2 minutes later when she stands up again is now a good time babe No mama gorilla says no still not feeling it

      1. Лидия Буренкина

        Ты не внимательная- это две мамаши несли своих детей! И вторая обезьяна просто держалась за первую ( вероятно ей было тяжело и ей нужна была помощь) --Внимательно смотри, когда вторая обезьяна села- у ней отчетливо виден внизу живота ребёнок и потом он лёг на землю вверх лапками! Если ещё показали хотя бы пару секунд подольше, то всё бы поняли!

    26. Aman Comar


    27. Van ha Dang

      Loai linh trưởng này cũng gióng như loài người

    28. Maria Albany Ocampo Jaramillo

      Linda familia con su bebe en el medio

    29. Vዥን Tube

      I Like It

    30. asmara Xaida

      Keep it up excellent brilliant Røbí brilliant bro

    31. Shiela Smart

      Ох эти дети! И кто их только придумал?

    32. Georgia De Salvo

      Were both using same baby, passed back & forth between them? Or did each have their own baby? And was "Casonova" the baby daddy on both babies?

      1. John Smeltzer

        Msee intercoutse

      2. John Smeltzer

        See sesee sex intercours

    33. Milagros Graciano

      Hey babe. let's go for the 3er one !!!!

    34. Pam Britz

      They're sisters. They're playing.

    35. Su Nguyen



      She says"Leave me alone".

    37. Lois Curry

      Talk about a quickie!!

    38. may _ lay trucker

      Oh tayari being so sweet 🦍🦍🥰

    39. Linda

      Hey the big boy had other plans till he felt the little one ha ha 😄😄

      1. Laure Cabit

        Ils n'aiment pas la caméra !🤨

      2. Brown Rabbit

        They're sisters, and they are both carrying their babies 😄

    40. alireza Nabavian

      love is in the air

      1. Maria Jose


    41. ELCHÉ

      Please honey it will stand if you touch it 😂

    42. Vincent

    43. Ringgo Davi Alamsyah

      lucu sekali

    44. Tony Nichols

      She shut him down quickly

    45. sashayah sasha

      Gorgeous girls ❤️❤️❤️💋💋

    46. Anthony Davis

      I can't even get you to help me with the first one! hell no!

      1. Fr Derrick Toya kondonga


      2. Classic Love

        I said the same thing😂😂😂

    47. Katalin Máthéné Paksi


    48. Hoff Bungo

      паровозики, теперь ты кондуктор )))

    49. James Huskey

      for those of you that don't know they're both females

    50. Christy D


    51. Mike McCormick

      Can't we just talk first?🤪😉

    52. subroto  senso

      waooooo mantab gaeys 👍

    53. Jose Raygoza

      BEST WIFE EVER will Say.. Not Now honey., Go with the Comadre Betty or Layla.. They're home alone all week.

    54. Sheela Singh


    55. HankandLouie

      Goofy Tayari 😝

    56. Daniel Crider

      ohh so you want to pay more child support is that what you want let me sit down and think about that. ahh no

    57. meeshiemaya

      Play date time!

    58. Janardan Lal

      Nice meeting

    59. Ksenia

      Мужики везде одинаковые : по-фик что дитя на руках, по-фик что не хочу!🤣

      1. Jose Castanea

        Aquí en colombia tienes un amigo 👍👍👍👍

      2. Jose Castanea

        Tienes whatsapp?

      3. Jose Castanea

        @Оля Подлесная cool 👍👍 yo soy de bogota colombia

      4. Андрей Ким

        да блин, всё бы вам мужиков хаять! это две самки с детёнышами на руках. глаза протрите!

      5. Оля Подлесная

        ​@Jose Castanea from russia

    60. ( ألمحترم يحترم)

      تحمل الطفل والأب والأم همهم بالجنس 😂😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Андрей Ким

        это самки

    61. Jerry Adams

      he just help her delivered the baby

    62. Sonya Wilson

      Sisters 🌸 Tayari and Iriki!

      1. Yin Kha

        ​@Jaiya Byrd t to uni HBO

      2. Jaiya Byrd

        Thank you. I couldn't figure it out at first

    63. Fr Derrick Toya kondonga


    64. #kingcobra

      Oh sorry honey, Dawn kid block the way out,😅

    65. Eli Kinder

      I’m sorry Betty I don’t go both ways. Jimmy would kill me if I did.

    66. Nurul yaqin Yaqin


    67. Madalena

      Kkkkk Essas irmãs é doidinha...😁😁🤭🤭🥰🥰

      1. Bro Nat

        ​@Awikhan Zono pp

      2. Awikhan Zono

        Images and images

    68. Nito Rodr

      🦍 ya no s le para🤣

    69. Raysa Antonia Román Feliz

      Los niños no lo dejan ser feliz

    70. Nieves Castillo Blanco

      Pues claro que si a fo.... Qué la vida se ba a cabar 😄😄😜

    71. Edwin Remo


    72. Mary G. Frank

      Hey! Don’t you see these kids looking? Just WHAT is your problem?

    73. it's, प्रेम 🖤🥀

      इसमे क्या हसने की बात ये तो अपना अपना प्यार है तुम भी तो फिर तो बाहों मे हाथ daalkar 😅🙈

    74. Джураев Абдунозим

      У Надий очеред по одному....

    75. Keith O.

      Honey please stop walkin u makin it hard on me!! I only got 3 inches & 5 minutes 2 finish..

    76. Ma. Mercedes Pastor Archundia


      1. Bikku Miya


    77. Егор Хохлов

      мы с Тамарой ходим парой

    78. Guzman aka vinne


    79. miro pesca

      Macaco na bruxa kkkkk

    80. Johnny Henry

      well, that male gorilla is a typical male, just can't get enough, lol.

    81. crimean

      Судя по отвисшими грудям и по большому свисающему животу последней гориллы, это не самец, а самка. Так бывает когда вместе тусуются беременная женщина и мамочка с ребёнком.

      1. Svet_Lana

        @Сандугаш Ежебаева они ещё и сёстры (Ирики и Тайари). У каждой имеется ребëнок. :)

      2. Сандугаш Ежебаева

        Так там обе самки с детёнышами ,только вот ,когда сели первая ,кажется села на детёныша второй самки ,лапками дрыгает

      3. Octavio Abad Segura

        I i

    82. Ajay Kumar


      1. Dorothy Johnson

        ​@Maseetah Kalang h8o iij

      2. Maseetah Kalang


    83. Christine MaCcallum

      A time to rest😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    84. Вася Иванов

      Это ж всу на учениях в польше

      1. Lana Smereka

        Иван Иваныч Иванов с утра ходит без штанов. Иванов Иван Иваныч одевает штаны на ночь.

    85. 구유석

      아이 왜그랴 ~~~~

    86. Linh Quan Bui

      Từ anh em đang còn trông con nè !

    87. Gonzalo Prada

      Son hermosas ..tiernas las hermanitas

    88. Michael Jordan

      There are two little ones

    89. JUNAID

      Arab kings

    90. Оля Подлесная

      me me me 😊

    91. Galina Karataeva

      смешные !

    92. Юрий Евдокимов

      Не узнаю в гриме,правее Кабаева?

      1. Андрей Ким


      2. Раиса р

        Это дочь твоя.

      3. Рада Маленовская

        а слева ты , без грима Копия 😀😁😂🤣😃

    93. Venktesh Chalwadi


    94. richi chxeidze

      А кто их в бикини нарядил то в лесу???

    95. mbah basir887

      Mantap hueee

    96. Каламкас Тлеукенова

      По ходу вторая самка, дитё первой самки

    97. Zine Nombuso Mbele

      I don't see what's going on please explain.

    98. Rovelisa Rivera

      560pt 😅

    99. Emile Kardjo


    100. Paloma Ferreyra