FULL Penalty Shootout & Trophy Lift | Chelsea v Liverpool | Emirates FA Cup Final 21-22

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    Liverpool are crowned 2021-2022 FA Cup winners in the 150th anniversary of the Emirates FA Cup.
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    1. imolemen ugberaese

      Notice how Alisson waited to give the ball to every player shielding them From any impending mind games. Top guy.

      1. Bobby Bobstar

        First person to do just the opposite? Dudek Istanbul

      2. Trickbop

        He's the daddy


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      4. Forward To The Past

        @zahrans yes...copy Anis Khir's comment🤡

      5. American Film Noir

        It was probably the cretinous behaviour of kepa the last time Chelsea lost that suggested to Alisson he should do that. The moron should've been booked 3 times.

    2. S-a-M

      League cup final 0-0, Fa cup final 0-0 These two teams may have drawn twice but matches itself have both been brilliant to watch, it shows quality of teams,both can attack but can also defend to a high standard

      1. Ann Cee

        @Reeze Vlog ď

      2. Simon Oliver

        I thought the league Cup final was much better than the fa Cup final actually m8 as a spectacle ie for the neutrals but to be fair I couldn't really care less about that I am just really happy we came out on the right side in both of the finals to be honest? I mean you will have to go a long way to find a better standard of penalty shootouts tho pal again particularly the league Cup final only one player missed in that kepa I think three players missed in the fa Cup final obviously only one of the three was a Liverpool player I think anyway? I mean I have always been of the opinion that the only thing that matters In a Cup final is that you win the performance essentially is completely irrelevant really its who wins the trophy at the end of the day? I personally don't think our performance in the champions league final was particularly worse than the other two but if you can't score you can't really complain can you so credited to real Madrid it was written in the stars that they won that after that comeback against m city imo because that was insane I think I still can't believe that really happened that's the great thing with football you just never know do you that's why we all love it as fans ?? 😁

      3. Trucker

        Both finals were utter dogshit

      4. Ann Cee

        Not twice 4 times this year

      5. Deadeye1967

        Liverpool are still the more attacking team, they throw more bodies forward than Chelsea and take more risk and have to rush back to defend a lot.

    3. NF Channel

      4:45 Marcos Alonso 5:52 James Milner 6:33 Azpilicueta 7:25 Thiago Alcantara 8:12 Reece James 8:55 Firmino 9:47 Ross Barkley 10:45 Alexander Arnold 11:29 Jorginho 12:48 Sadio Mane 13:33 Hakim Ziyech 15:08 Diogo Jota 15:47 Mason Mount 16:37 Tsimikas

      1. Andres Quinones

        Thank you 😊

      2. bosepants

        Bro knows what we need

      3. Igor Petrovic

        Thanks bro

      4. Bobby Bobstar

        @david malcom why

      5. Bobby Bobstar

        @Cole King why would you need it

    4. Anis Khir

      Alisson did big favour getting the ball and handed it to the Liverpool players himself. No room for Mendy's mind game. He defends, he protects his teammates💪

      1. Amy Duke

        $ 😃MONEY

      2. Amy Duke


      3. Bobby Finn

        Goat,he is

      4. JP JPG

        Nu pno

      5. JOHN HADLEY

        Liverpool win

    5. S-a-M

      Wasn’t a marathon shootout this time but the winning penalty couldn’t have fallen to a more happier player You could see how much it meant to tsimikas literally days after his birthday

      1. Thomas Foster

        An we nearly ad clint demsey yrs ago. No offence .😄😄😄

      2. Univers des maths   World of mathematic

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      3. Daniel Bennetts

        @jhdg It is. That's why we can call you what you are - a sad moron.

      4. Nutty Game Walkthrough

        @S-a-M that dude probably doesn't understand the meaning behind your post. I'm sure 500+ (and counting) folks do.

      5. jhdg

        @S-a-M that's the beauty of KZsection. It's called free speech.

    6. Hakuu_A19

      Gonna savour all these moments from one of the best squads I'll ever get to see ❤️

      1. Mark Smith


      2. mizanur rahman


      3. mena souvlaki

        It's your manager mate. Sensational. Even letting tsimikas take that spot at the end. Building the young lads confidence hugely, and Klopp is strengthening his Robbo replacement. Smart

      4. mena souvlaki

        @Swanny94 gold

      5. Swanny94

        Agreed, chelsea have a team full of ballers

    7. manwithnoname

      brilliant tactic from Allison hand delivering the ball to each player so when the lfc players made the long walk to the spot he was there to greet them and offer encouragement than Mandy trying to play mind games...such character and leadership for liverpool

      1. Bobby Bobstar

        @Ksatria Pawana just watch big dude's in the 2005 champions league final

      2. Tay T T

        I thought i saw klopp lookalike

      3. Steve Ambrose

        he should have got sent off

      4. Oswell Muranda


      5. Ksatria Pawana

        @Raflee Rosli ouwh i see. Appreciate it thanks

    8. M. C

      Body language is interesting. When Tsimikas stepped up for his turn, you could literally see that he was glowing, like he has been waiting for this particular moment for his entire life. All the endless hours on FIFA, this was it. The real deal. And he knew even before he took that shot that he was going to score the winning goal.

      1. Bobby Bobstar

        Behave yourself if you ain't glowing after being gifted the chance to win the cup you aint human

      2. Lekstar79

        He asked to be the 7th kicker, he knew

    9. Frozt Pally

      Fun Fact: Liverpool have won 3 Cup's Final against Chelsea with 3 penalty shootout and 3 different Goalkeeper

      1. Bobby Bobstar

        @petr okoli I'm 21 thickie

      2. petr okoli

        @Bobby Bobstar yes oldee

      3. Bobby Bobstar

        @petr okoli do you need help kiddo 🤣🤣

      4. Simon Oliver

        @Faye southall yes I certain think so 😁😁

      5. Faye southall

        Nice fact

    10. fountains faith

      A very big congratulations to Liverpool FC on your well deserved victory. It's been an amazing time with Kloop as the coach of this great club. An astute manager, there's no downplaying of the efforts you have made to make Liverpool a Champions club. When you were at Dortmund I followed you and saw how you moulded the team to be fierce and devastating, and now you have brought this to Liverpool. I wish you victory in the champions League finals against Real Madrid. As for Chelsea my team, you need to go home and regroup. The team need to play like men,and not small boys. We need to see a Chelsea team of battlers with gusto and confidence when ever they file out for matches.

      1. d s

        @Tony Castles The blather is so fluid, but respecting the man's name is totally unwarranted. Any requests to do so simply attract yet more juvenile noises. 🙂

      2. Tony Castles

        @d s Well thanks. But you can do it too. Just gotta believe in yourself!

      3. d s

        @Tony Castles Your maths skills are epic too. Well done!

      4. Tony Castles

        @d s I guess he does mean Jürgen Klopp. For this i needed exactly 3 brain cells.

      5. d s

        Never heard of Kloop.

    11. LongJohn Gold

      Thiagos penalty is just sick...pure elegance + precision

      1. Football Nerd

        @Lee 97YNWA It went in off the post. Tyler doesn't have a clue half the time.

      2. Lee 97YNWA

        i really want to see a replay of Thiago's penalty, Martin Tyler in commentary says, "he's Paneka'd hime" it certainly was not a Paneka, it looks like he gave Mendy the eyes and then went the other way?

    12. Augustine Akagri

      So proud of our team, we have always done it the hard way. Congratulations to every Liverpudlian.

      1. rush hacker

        @Daniel UK yeah

      2. Daniel UK


      3. Brogan Josh

        Pudlian sounds like a dog breed

    13. Matthew Sheen

      Seeing Henderson talking to mount instead of celebrating really just sums him up as a player .

      1. chilaka ikechukwu

        He showed Real leadership quality 🙌🏽🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️

      2. RB26 Benjamin

        @Dominique Zillmer-Stumpe true maybe he born June like me that's what I'd have done too

      3. Dominique Zillmer-Stumpe

        Hendo IS one of the nicest in the industry today

      4. RB26 Benjamin

        True humble in defeat and victory what a guy

    14. Trung Dung Dang

      A great game by both teams. Congratulations to Liverpool on becoming the FA Cup winner, an emotional and dramatic victory for Liverpool ❤️

    15. William De La Rosa

      Seeing Henderson lift a trophy will always be epic 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    16. biji bijian

      what a time to be alive as liverpool fan. thanks to boys, klopp, and staffs. love them

    17. woodkey1

      Can't seem to find minamino in the team. After all his goals and contribution brought us to the finals of League cup and FA cup. Huge respect for Minamino.

      1. BAM Mözzi

        EVERY player in the Squad contributed to this WIN, to the Season and know they are 'valued' by the Club and the Fans. Its not about 'who' plays in the Final - although I'm sure some may feel a bit disappointed, its about the 'results' and Minamino has Won 2 trophies this year already. I believe he will get a medal too - just not 'presented' to him on the Balcony as they only have enough for the Matchday Squad. At the end of the season, he, like others, will no doubt have a team Photo with their Trophies - lets hope a couple more to come...

      2. O'Brien Denis

        Fun fact, he's still the top goalscorer in the cup games

      3. Rahel Kidane

        You can see him at around 19:30

    18. S D

      Tuchel messing around with his notes for a minute, then asking Mount and others in the group circle if they want to take a pen. Creating a super high pressure situation for kickers. Even if they want to say No they can't, it will literally feel like letting the team down. Klopp on the other hand, individually approaches each taker, asking on 1 to 1 basis, giving his standard loving hug, putting less pressure on the players.

      1. Sir OJ

        @Fadhil Muhammad for sure bro

      2. Fadhil Muhammad

        @Sir OJ nah mate,

      3. sagahammer

        @Sir OJ Klopp is a sore loser and a disgrace

      4. Sir OJ

        Absolutely rubbish, I think its sheer luck

      5. S D

        @Muhammad Fact they won...oh twice now...maybe shows it does. Infact you cant prove otherwise lol if you think about it

    19. RSC

      as a chelsea fan, i was disappointed we lost, but the immense rivalry between the game was just superb, fair played game

    20. Brendan Daly

      My condolences to all chelsea fans , u have carried yourselves extremely well in your battles with us (liverpool)this season, you have done your club proud ❣

      1. Ciaran mc cusker

        Your chances of seen your captain lift the trophy died

      2. Captain Trinidad

        @Kszwòm'cszkászký Salty Much!? 🤣🤣🤣

      3. Sveta Sologuba

        Deserved, if you belongs to Russian oligarch who sleeps with Putin

      4. j m

        @Kszwòm'cszkászký oooo someone getting sour eh?

      5. Brendan Daly

        @Kaustav K.Patro eh only to you 😁

    21. CK Romulus s11and

      Happy for Liverpool,and especially my 64 year old uncle,who use to tell me story's of how great this club is,I'm happy both he and the team get to dream again,

      1. Ann Cee


    22. kim jung on oppar

      Congratulations to The Biggest,The Greatest and The Most Successful Club in England..The Mighty Liverpool Reds..

      1. Swanny94

        You spelt Billericay town wrong

    23. Καυλέντιος Μαγειρίτσας

      17:21 BRO! Rhys Williams is way stronger than I imagined. He was holding Konate like a baby. I am sure he didn't last long but still, Konate is a beast and about 95kg.

    24. All Rounder

      Minamino was incredible in this tournament

      1. BAM Mözzi

        He has been a Great squad player and his contributions are a reason Liverpool have won 2 trophies and 'could' win (although 1 is definitely out of their control) 2 more. There is no way Liverpool could compete with 'just' a 'first XI' and a few 'subs'. EVERY player, regardless of how 'few' minutes they have played, has been important to their Success so far. Minamino also showed that on Tuesday at Southampton!

      2. beween

        so sarcastic

      3. Capz Allison

        He would of done more than salah

      4. Raja

        @Subarashi bruh it isn't joke,

      5. Shake li

        Sadly, he was conspicuously left out . Don't know why .

    25. Xavier

      At 13:18 I really enjoyed watching how the Chelsea bench emotionally reacted to Mendy's save , pure emotions

      1. Cell

        @Live Channel the player who wanted to, unsurprisingly, move to a big team?

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      3. chilaka ikechukwu


      4. rumpus

        @Fajar Maulana he’s a bot

      5. Live Channel

        13:29 enjoy mane's smile

    26. Bin yeamin

      Comms when Mendy saved : Outstanding Save, Mane had Anxiety When Alisson Saved : Unfortunate for this great young player.

      1. T. D.

        Liverpool fans acting like victims as usual. Nothing new here, move on ladies and gents.

      2. Andros C

        @Candra Wardoyo stereotyping. Chelsea is no longer a Russian team

      3. Tofu Teh

        @General Kunta i think its less of that and more of man utd bias

      4. Winser21

        Martin Tyler is a well-known Man U fan. No surprise there.

      5. Sean Quinn

        @Candra Wardoyo nope, if anything other way round. they pep as another fergie

    27. Jared Rodriguez

      Klopp one of my favorite coaches ever everytime they win he interacts with the team so well celebrating with them hella joyful

    28. Gumitir ID

      What a penalty by Thiago. World class

      1. anonymous32167

        It hit the post right? Tyler saying panenka like an idiot

      2. inouesugi

        And I wonder why there's no replay for such a brilliant shot

    29. 𝕁𝕒𝕕𝕖

      An exciting match,nice saves from Mendy and Alisson. At the end,Liverpool won but I think Chelsea did a great job. Nice match❤

    30. Enigmatic Stranger

      It's always a joy to see your team wins, but I do feel for these young players on the losing side in such a cruel outcome after 2hrs.

      1. Denis Cheruiyot

        And imagine on top of it to be racially abused 💔

    31. Alfonso Neil Jimenez Casallas

      congratulations, Liverpool, you did a great tournament and you deserved to win it!

    32. Mr Singh’s stereos

      Tyler absolutely crushed when Allison saved from Mount

      1. BarebackBarbarians FC

        @Rick James it's not convinced it's been proven a while ago in an interview he let something slip. About fergie era united one time. And the sadness in his voice when mount misses it is the icing on the cake.

      2. RB26 Benjamin

        @Ismail Abubakar reminds me of Gary Neville sometimes

      3. Ismail Abubakar

        His bias is o plain you can't even enjoy the moment.

      4. Ismail Abubakar

        His bias is o plain you can't even enjoy the moment.

      5. Rick James

        @RB26 Benjamin he didn't play professionally but people are convinced he supports Man Utd

    33. Ashley Tombs

      Yes as a Liverpool fan what a great day what a great quad still on but we have to give credit to both the goalkeepers they made some absolutely brilliant saves Mandy kept Chelsea in the game and Allison made some decent saves but the penalty save was the icing on the cake These two goalkeepers played absolutely fantastic but they still didn’t even get man of the match that went to Luis Diaz considering he’s only been at the club for 5 months he’s played like he’s been there for 3 years what a player

    34. Scouser Tommy

      Love Tsimikas’ celebration, running to the Chelski fans & cupping his ears!!!

      1. Scouser Tommy

        @David Tawse Anyone who knows anything about football would beg to differ!! Even a majority of Chelski (oh, I forgot, the Abramovich cash cow years are over! No more buying titles for you😂) fans would say Chilwell is a bargain basement Robertson.

      2. David Tawse

        @2006 HondaCivic Chilwell>Robertson

      3. 2006 HondaCivic

        @David Tawse better than Shitwell

      4. FirstStriker

        @David Tawse John terry wants his role back.

      5. Cunty Spunkfuckshitpiss

        @David Tawse what do you get for finishing 3rd? Chocolate coins?

    35. Lawrence Owusu Gyamfi

      At 13:18 I really enjoyed watching how the Chelsea bench emotionally reacted to Mendy's save , pure emotions

      1. Patricia Padilla

        Yehh.. . Especially Tuchel! 😝

      2. USSF - United States Space Force

        yeah and i enjoyed them crying when liverpool won

    36. Sad

      i still can't believe that we did it, unbelievable..2x with chelsea at penalty shootout and 2x we did it..wow, just wow with the mentality monster that they have

    37. Rebecca Bailey

      I knew from an early age that I was supporting the right team, I’ve supported Liverpool for as long as I can remember as it’s what I grew up with since my dad supported them and the rest of my family do as well, it’s not just about football as to why I support them it’s because of how kind and compassionate they are, the way Henderson was with Mount after they lost was very heartwarming Tsimikas, our hero! 🔴🔴

    38. Pornprai

      I have loved Liverpool for thirty years, ever since I watched football, Liverpool is Number One in my heart.

    39. Art Garfunkel's Ginger Fro

      So hard to lose this way. Congrats to Liverpool and also Chelsea for playing some great football.

    40. Andy Chan

      Luis Diaz, what a player. Already earning the MOTM awards in the fa cup final less than six months

      1. humberto castro

        👏👏👏👏 su comentario sobre Luis Días.

      2. Andy Chan

        @Andres Gómez ryan giggs nvr went to the World Cup either and the current Luis Diaz is no way near ryan giggs heights. So, our Luis can wait.

      3. Andres Gómez

        Hahaha this is funny right ?? but he is not going to go to the World Cup that is a shame!!!! I am waiting so hard for that to happen. ;) but that victory doesn’t mean that Liverpool is s superior club only win by the penalties hahaha but yeah enjoy the momentummm

    41. prakhar sachdeo

      this season has been such an emotional roller coaster as a liverpool fan. with just three games to go before the season is out ..I feel so nervous once more 😅

    42. Tumi M

      I haven't watched soccer in 3 years and to my surprise Milner is still playing. This guy is a Footballer he played all positions excluding GK. And he still look like he can play for another 5 years what a player.

    43. Earlhyn Noona

      16:50 Tsimikas moment! 20:38 the replay moment. Love every bit of it!

    44. Robs beast

      18:17 great gesture by Henderson. cheering up his English teammate M. Mount

    45. CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      Notice how Alisson waited to give the ball to every player shielding them From any impending mind games. Top guy.

    46. Conneck mhike

      *18:43* gets me every time 😂😂😂

      1. Woosshhh

        Jumpscare 🤣

    47. Mr Cat

      Martin Tyler sounds like the saddest guy after Liverpool wins

      1. BarebackBarbarians FC

        The happiness in his voice when mane missed its so Biased the guy shouldn't be given lfc games.

      2. A P

        @Hassan Qayyum yep listen to the 5 live radio commentary for the difference. The latter is amazing. Shearer does a great job as co-commenter. If anyone competent compared it with Tyler they would let him go immediately.

      3. Abdul

        Martin Tyler can't hide his sentiment u see the sorrow in his voice

      4. A P

        That’s because he’s a manure diehard fan. Shouldn’t be allowed to commentate on liverpool games

      5. Candra Wardoyo

        he want to cry but he had to talk 😄

    48. HGL 2020

      So proud of our boy Kostas. We miss our super squad with Tsimi, Podence and Omar destroying any team on the way

    49. Joe

      This was 10 times more nerve wracking in the stadium itself

      1. Chris Kavanagh

        wow you went to the game soz hard

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        investitionsziele Text👆

    50. Aaron Abarca

      18:16 This is why this England team has reached two semi-finals and one final recently, they put their differences aside and support each other. Unlike the "golden generation" from 2006 to 2010 which failed despite having a much more talented squad.

      1. H 01

        @Aaron Abarca Yeah instead of ben white and extra players etc... sub in milner/ross barkley/jwp in for guarantee. milner, kane, reece, trent, jwp, ross barkley, grealish, for pens

      2. aramo91206

        liverpool is the best team

      3. Aaron Abarca

        @Honest Farmer Ligue 1 Fan I know, I'd bring him just for the pens if we are allow to call 26 players

      4. Honest Farmer Ligue 1 Fan

        Back then Many Chelsea players refused to pass the ball to Arsenal players, and vice versa..

      5. Honest Farmer Ligue 1 Fan

        @Aaron Abarca Milner has retired from national team for a quite long time

    51. TheMauritian

      Why was Minamino not listed as a backup on the roster for this game? He was incredible in Liverpool's path to the FA Cup.

      1. Shake li

        I concur with your views. Sadly, he was left out . Don't understand & cannot understand. Yes, he is incredible & sharp player. Hopefully, Klopp will field him in the remaining two EPL games.

    52. DigitalVei

      One of the best Liverpool season. YNWA!!

    53. Up The Reds

      The difference in tone of Tyler’s voice when Mendy saved vs Alisson saved is hilarious. He hates us 😂😂😂

      1. Nad K

        @Up The Reds 😂😂 no I watched it on BEIn sports, Peter Drury, top guy, real passionate about pool. But I can imagine him sounding salty

      2. Up The Reds

        @Nad K did you hear him when Minamino scored tonight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 like he was at a funeral

      3. Nad K

        I noticed that too 😂😂😂

    54. Parvej Pinjari

      Man..Milners's footwork for Penalty is an absolute Joy to watch..Smooth like a Poetry..6:04

    55. Adi R

      16:04 Glad Alisson was smart to stop and catch the ball a second time. It could have been disastrous.. that ball would have bounced into open net.


        @Soak yeah

      2. Soak

        It would have counted if he did not do that


        absolutely that was in my mind

    56. Michael Tony

      Kepa hiding tuchel's chat from the cameraman with his gloves is some of the best goalkeeping I've seen from him in a while

    57. Desmond Lam

      I panicked for a moment when Alisson casually caught the ball at 16:04 as if he did not care. It would had counted if it rolled in.

      1. Marcelo Augusto

        @Rotimi E You can see that the referee didn't take his eyes off the ball until Alisson finally caught it

      2. Mobility Issues

        @Rotimi E if the ball doesn’t stop moving it’s still a life penalty

      3. Rotimi E

        Actually my understanding is that would count during a penalty in a match but not during a penalty shoot out

      4. Bruce Hoo Fung

        he made sure to catch the ball from rolling in and said to the Heavens...thou shall not pass

      5. Harsh arora

        @Yvonne Anderson haha he saw that goal where a keeper saved a pen he started celebrating and stopped paying attention to the ball it bounced and went in

    58. Anna Carter

      What a great team and what a super great coach 👏 the best in the world 🌎 thanks guys always a pleasure to watch you play keep it up let's go for champions league now surely you will make it no doubt supporter from Malta 💋❤⚽️🏆

    59. ryanpiyo

      Klopp’s pre penalty huddle VS Tuchel’s was quite different and I believe gave the Liverpool squad an edge. Klopp’s just a wonderful people person.

    60. Sean Clark

      I don’t care that we didn’t score a goal in both finals (and UCL), I’ll take winning trophies like that all day as long we get to tuck them safely in the trophy cabinet. Y.N.W.A. 🔴🏆🏆.

    61. Charmayne Ben Hamo

      Magnificent Liverpool FC. Thank you 👏👏👏👏👏

    62. Bella Ethio

      Wonderful Liverpool. They deserve it. 👏👏👏👌👌👌

    63. Александр Долженко

      Я горжусь тем, что болею за этот клуб!!! Мы лучшие!!!

      1. Giancarlo De Stefano


    64. freddie

      ive rewatched this shootout 3-4 tomes and it makes me smile everytime i see tsimi celebrate


      Get in reds 🔥🏆 from Unbearable’s to Unbelievable’s 👏👏👏👏

    66. Cedric Tamo

      loved how they screamed louder when Tsimikas rose the cup. was so cool 😢😊

    67. The Great Pretender

      18:16 Henderson a captain through and through

    68. kris kerpuchki

      the celebration at the end was absolute madness! Money can get you a lot of things but you CAN'T buy this!! nobody does it like us we are the Rolls Royce in European football!!

    69. GC J

      Even though I am a Chelsea fan. Liverpool has played so well and deserve the Trophy. Next time let's hope Chelsea will be the winner. Let us still have the thrill of Sportsmanship over the disappointment of not being a winner.

    70. steven mah

      You can see the leadership in Liverpool team - Hendo - Milner - VVD - Allison The mentality is all on them

      1. fahim s

        Seen it in Thiago, sadio, mo, Robbo as well

    71. Shukor Hadi

      Quick thinking by Alisson, kept the ball from bouncing back into the net after saving Mount's penalty.

      1. Amaechi Justin

        Can't count cos it's penalty shootout not regulation time.

      2. Augustine Akagri

        Yhh, great reaction. Prevented any controversies

      3. skinnyCrisss

        @João Marcos yes sir.

      4. Olasunkanmi Adefemi

        @João Marcos Yes

      5. Olasunkanmi Adefemi

        That was the first thing that came to my mind after he saved the ball and it bounced back

    72. David Ogar

      i love the eye to eye contact Mendy gave Mane before the kick and he saved it... such a very humble goalkeeper

    73. Seon Howard

      Love the support liverpool players showed to sadio mane after missing his penalty kick shows what a wonderful group of players liverpool have.

    74. ling Zhao丿

      Me and my friends were watching the penalty’s live and they screamed so loud when Mendy saved Mane’s penalty but went quiet when mount missed

    75. Benjamin Thomas

      Great penalty shootout. Two great teams.

    76. Tolu Asaolu

      Now let's hope we can win the Champion's League. I feel sorry for Chelsea. 3rd loss in 3 years at the FA Cup

      1. Cell

        💀 L

      2. Andros C

        No worries. Now go and reclaim that Big Ears.

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    77. Sir. Isaac Gakuo

      the save by Mendy was big moment for Chelsea, see how the whole squad at the bench celebrated especially Tuchel.

    78. Faizinho silva

      I have seen it like 100s of times but still can't get enough of it 😀

    79. richard simon

      Congrats Liverpool 😍😍

    80. The Fenian

      Perfect vid to watch over my morning coffee. Nothing like reliving #2 for the year. Roll on #3!

      1. Daan Description

        HALLA MADRIDE .!

      2. Pragyananda Maharjan


      3. Bonda

        Hopefully #4

    81. Mohd Zain

      Well done Liverpool We are the "CHAMPION" YNWA..

    82. Joseph Joestar

      Martin Tyler is so anti Liverpool he doesn't even hide it 😂 his reaction to Mane missing after the other penalties going Liverpool's way, miserable bore

    83. Charles Kabuchu

      Proud to be a Liverpool fun from kenya 🇰🇪

      1. Linnet Kipruto

        Thanks bro. Pia mimi

    84. Ramoloi Mofokeng

      Interesting how Alissonmakes a point to deliver the ball to each of his teammates

      1. David C

        Smart move

    85. Natalka ewa wozny

      Well done Liverpool 👏 👏👏👏

    86. BA CL

      I truly feel it for Mount. Absolutely gutted.

    87. B Muanga

      Congratulations 👍👌💪 Best team in world 👍👍

    88. Lionel Hong

      Don't know why they didn't replay Thiago's penalty, it was the best in this shootout.

    89. iConic TV

      Frankly, Liverpool was so confident.

    90. Mr. Afdhel

      4:45 Marcos Alonso 5:52 James Milner 6:33 Azpilicueta 7:25 Thiago Alcantara 8:12 Reece James 8:55 Firmino 9:47 Ross Barkley 10:45 Alexender Arnold 11:29 Jorginho 12:48 Sadio Mane 13:33 Hakim Ziyech 15:08 Diogo Jota 15:47 Mason Mount 16:37 Tsimikas 34:42 That momante 🏆🏆

    91. Jerome Garzia

      Sweet revenge after the defeat 10 years ago. Well done Liverpool you did great in this tournament. YNWA

    92. Budak Tepen

      Won 2 cups...another 2 to go. Go YNWA. What ever happened.. this season really an exceptional achievement by the Reds.

    93. Bruce Hoo Fung

      Congrats Liverpool and big up to Mendy, he's done a better job than Kepa, the only positive thing I've seen Chelsea done in this game

    94. Art by sadia

      That is why Allison is the best goalkeeper in the world 💗 Congratulations all reds❤️

      1. Cell

        Courtois is miles better

    95. Alex Rodriguez

      Muchas felicidades a todos en especial a Luis Díaz 👍🇨🇴

    96. Layth Barzangi

      Adrian carrying Kostas on his shoulders is one of my favourite moments of the night. 😊

    97. Mithlesh Trivedi

      Chelsea this year- Lost EFL cup final penalties Lost FA cup final in penalties Lost quarterfinals in CL to invincible Madrid this season from an almost winning position! People questioning Tuchel should change something in their life!

    98. antonios vallis

      These guys is an orchestra and the maestro is a personality that the world of sports needs him. He has got a different varnish !!! The name of the orchestra is Liverpool fc and the maestro's Jürgen Klopp. I am grateful !!!!!!

    99. Patricia Padilla

      Liverpool Winnig no matter what!!! Incredible Work Reds!! 💯👏👏👏

    100. traveller

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