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    1. Guilherme Magalhães

      Eu achei legal esse qual é

    2. Billie Hill

      The teacher was so mad at the end because the other boy just got caught and go back to the he seat and get try and he try again

    3. Diego Pache


    4. Leila Chakir


    5. Tatiana Bustamantek87


    6. Astrid Saquiray Gamboa

      Alguien sabe cpmo se llama el juego

    7. جودي الحلوة

      Name of the game



    9. renata zacarellijaureguy

      La nena parece la muñeca del juego de calamar

    10. davinshik_b

      Как называеться музыка?

      1. arjay dagoro

        P p

    11. Loan Kim

      What mane game

    12. Chris da gamer

      It's not "girlgamer" or "BoyGamer" it's just gamer

    13. Marcelyn Limothie

      That's like my love game

    14. كرار كرار


    15. RAzka08 gaming

      What name game

    16. gameplayer zilla

      Why does this feel cringe for me

    17. عاشقه قمر مار ❤❤

      ممكن اسم اللعبه فدووووووووووووه 💔💔

    18. Julia Datul


    19. женя андреев

      Squid game:

    20. keishaplayz

      What name game‽

    21. Skater-Noob

      I swear if i hear this version of this song i am going to literally fricking stop Watching shorts unless it a youtuber i know

    22. Durga Thapa


    23. Ashok mahanta Mahanta


    24. สมบรูณ์ หุ่มไธสง

      If you TUBE COBES you are doing good in my opinion the l o l have been working on it

    25. Aisya Sofea

      what game nama?

    26. Orochimaru & mitsuki

      They're school is literally inthe middle of nowhere

    27. Putri Dinda


    28. samuel anima

      Alguém br

    29. Taslima carcatdoll


    30. HyRara_.  ?

      name game?

    31. Mitin the Arî :

      What does this video about?

    32. Alejandra Cahuana Cardenas


    33. Wanderley Souza


    34. Wanderley Souza


    35. Rayffan gaming

      This look I'm sad for teachers is bad to exit

    36. Donnahjenneth Morte

      Im. The. Buy

    37. Jennifer Agustin


    38. It’s Fluffy Francesca

      I remember when we had the good old 10 seconds

      1. Vui0156 Hoc


    39. Deysi Cespedes


    40. James Putra Ilham

      james suka vedio

    41. Mya Zimmerman

      How dose she not Realize her class is gone there’s only 1 person left

    42. Isabelli Tonela


    43. Davi é Laura


    44. Aphmau fan


    45. Meali'i Puig

      Yo teacher is like a karen

    46. Exotic butters

      What is the game called

    47. Vitoriapatricia1234

      que jogo e esse

    48. el papi de feroz

      ojala la escuela no eds sista 😧😧😧😧😧

    49. emilyn thalya huallanca yataco

      Hay que risa

    50. Halilefe Delice


    51. Jerome Hill

      I LOVE this song and I can't stop watching this video I was crying a little bit but I am okay

    52. أبو مروان الرمضان

      السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    53. Marilu Suetugo


    54. Ибо Дурмуш

      Me: "sees #gamergirl" Also me: where gamergirl

    55. geca

      Le cringe

    56. 737 wings


    57. claudia figueroa

      Jaja tomé eso maestra😈😈😈👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    58. Jose Carlos Avendaño


    59. Thalie la best

      I love you musique

    60. Podder Prodip


    61. Azora Kuprienė

      I have a Question who play these games?

    62. Katy Orellana


    63. Agnieszka Komsta


    64. Руслан Петрусенко

      Лохлохлохлохлохлох'взлом куплю Бойчук

    65. Vanessa Cussolin


    66. Lamiya Semidova

      Oyunun adı ?

    67. ZEUS Perimeter

      Scheissmusik, dumm, nutzlos, unterbelichteter Schrott!

    68. Karla Cornejo


    69. Juan Miguel Garcia

      But how the teacher gonna call your mom and dad what it's real life

    70. Kirito-Kun


    71. Gabe

      remember Hill drive, Angry Birds, wheres my water, cut the rope, jet pack joy ride, Minecraft pocket edition,... those were the good old days untill this stupid apps popped up Forces you to watch ads

    72. Noraishah Omar

      Game nya nama apa

    73. Kirana Kirana

      Apa nama game nya kak

    74. Keirha Cornista

      The song is ugly

    75. akash modi

      Game name

    76. Luis Moreno


    77. Luis Moreno


    78. Sans


    79. Fatimah S


    80. Thedab Nahrim

      He was so mad 😂😂🤣🤣

    81. Diana Tindoy

      ok ok ok i did it for 100000000 times

    82. rainie teng


    83. CSZV


    84. Emma Romaguera

      Soo sadddd :(((((((((

    85. Trinh Phương


    86. Renbow Gaming Official

      geme apa?

    87. ل 5

      جميلة الاغنيه

    88. Ah Nan gaming

      What is the name of this game?

    89. Joward Claveria & Zion Gamer

      They are scanning the kids when they're in school that looks like squid game

    90. thug life

      My god she made the song Arcade a completely different song

    91. Ifazah Ifazah

      What is the name of this song?

    92. arzira amelia

      What's the name of the game

    93. Никита Касян

      Че за параша

    94. Eva

      dont tag it Girlgamer just Gamer if girl is a gamer just tag it gamer

    95. علوش

      ممكن اعرف اسمه

    96. jazlyn asyifa


    97. Alina_Roblox