Football Matches That Shocked The World



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    Football games that shocked the world! Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG, Liverpool, Brazil, Germany and more in video!
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    1. TKHD

      2:59 Müller...🤷‍♂️ 5:38 Müller...🤷‍♂️

      1. larry moran

        @Balerdy 2021 and 2022 ? It's 2020 man 🤣

      2. Rajeev Dandu

        He destroys big teams.

      3. Rajon Ahmed


      4. Asterlina Borges


      5. shambles1x


    2. Chosen

      That old man hugging the world cup for Brazil still one of the saddest moments I've seen in sports history..

      1. Артем Жакин

        Oh, yes, I remember him.

      2. TheDanzomanzo

        @Shah's World Neymar's injury didn't help, but he was nowhere near as transformative as you're making him out to be. He's not turning around 7-1 dude.

      3. ISV International Virtual USVI Chess

        @Anthony Rei Delas is all this true?

      4. LUDI MAIC

        Bu hu, cmon he saw at least 3 times Brasil wining the WC

      5. عبد الملك البدراوي

        اي ولله صحيح ✅

    3. GummiBear27

      In Brazil Vs. Germany even Löw was looking kinda sad when the match ended, I personally was for Germany but that was one of the saddest days in football, losing 7-1 in your own country is heartbreaking.

      1. newbie

        @Tempius yeah. The team was scuffed. The support of home ground and the individual brilliance of the players like Neymar took them to semi. Like, the failure is not surprising. It's the emotions of the audiance. That is what hurts

      2. newbie

        Like, it's the face all those people in the gallery... It's a country who take soo much pride and peace in football 😭

      3. King Fayaiz

        Brazil wasnt a good team then. They rely highly on Silva and Neymar

      4. Chester Beaty

        the reason was . Brazil was not a team Like in the 90s , Germany was on a Mission

      5. philippa eilhart

        The best moment in my life nothing sad a bout it

    4. Samuel

      2014 foi tenso, evito olhar a repetição daquele jogo, ficou na história a dor, como também deve ter ficado dolorido o coração dos alemães quando o Ronaldo fenômeno fez dois gols na final de 2002, a diferença é que foi na nossa casa, mas depois teve as olimpíadas de 2016 que vencemos, e espero que em uma copa do mundo que virá, nosso caminho se cruze, e que possamos vencer pra descarregar esse peso, apenas no futebol, porque tudo isso é futebol, ontem nós choramos, amanhã serão eles, e vice versa, vamos em frente, aqui é Brasil pra todo sempre, com muito orgulho e amor 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 🇧🇷

      1. Jmrazz

        @ッєѵαηη that’s some real hate you have there☠️ well not to be the bearer of bad news but that not gonna happen. Even though I do think Brazil will win this year, there is also a very good chance for Germany.

      2. Jmrazz

        Good luck 🤞 I personally like Germany. This year we will see, see you then👍

      3. Vida Últil

        @Júlio Cezar nada é impossivel man, quem diria que um dia a nossa seleção tomaria 7x1 kkk

      4. Hipp KüchenIdeen

        ich habe es mir über Google übersetzen lassen. Das ist ja schon poetisch was du da geschrieben hast. WOW!

      5. andré pereira

        Ke nada, a diferença é que levou 7

    5. Lucas p'erro

      A virada histórica do Barça contra o Psg é inesquecível, mas a goleada da Alemanha no Brasil foi pesado pros brasileiros

    6. Donze

      2014 Germany is one of the best National Teams to ever play the game. The talent is undeniable, but anyone thats ever played at higher levels knows... Form matters. They had both Talent and Form of the highest caliber. Its rare, and was an absolute pleasure to witness.

    7. Maruli siagian _ 11

      Bayern : Scored a goal Cameraman : where is messi

      1. newbie

        Exactly. The man is shouldering pressure like no one else. Even Christiano is not having this much pressure coz people aren't expecting a lot from Portugal national team

      2. FK7K

        @mu3ad dz pepsi,péssi, meçi,meci

      3. FK7K

        @aaron dsilva no, cr7 bike, Messi yes?

      4. FK7K

        @kAiF BoLtE goat cr7

      5. FK7K

        @SUBRATA MAITY fds

    8. Axel

      There's also that game in which Lewandoski scored 5 goals in 10 minutes!

      1. the GOAT

        9 Minutes

    9. Demir

      I remember Liverpool v Barça games that were included in this video. In the first leg, Barça won 4-1 and in the second leg, Liverpool destroyed Barça. Also, if you go a little back in history, you gotta watch 1999 Champions Leage Final Bayern v. Man Utd, 2005 Champions Leage Final Milan v Liverpool, and Euro 2008 games Turkey v Crotia and Turkey v Czech Republic games. They were incredible come back stories.

      1. achmet lachdoch

        Yeah agree absolutely. Man turkey was something else that euro. Even against Germany, i think sahin. This guy who only scores at 90+ haha

    10. GuiOficial2

      2:40 Cara... Relembrar isso dá um bagulho na garganta... Segurar e guardar esse rancor. Pensar q o Brasil era favorito, jogando em casa, vencendo da atual campeã Espanha na copa das confederações e a Alemanha chegar e meter uma dessa é foda...

    11. Viriathus

      A match who shocked me and I will always remember is "Portugal : Netherlands 2006" 16 yellow cards including 4 red... 😰

    12. Misha Haijtema

      Muller one of the most if not the most underrated player ever. Absolute class

      1. Thomas Weber

        @Kinley Gyeltshen Well you could Call this a skill too - this be there where you have to be to score. this "not beeing able to get calculated". Even his own Teammates once said they mostly don't know what he does - even he doesn't know it - they just know get the ball in a Good Position and you can nearly everytime be sure he will be near to catch it

      2. Adrian Ciobanu

        @Nawi Ace so with Brazil was lewa boh.

      3. AD

        @Nawi Ace You started watching football after 2014? Because there was no Lewandowsky in Bayern before that. And Lewandowsky doesn't play for Germany either.

      4. Hendrik Gronies

        @Joey Tribiani congratulations u guys have something in common 😊

      5. Joey Tribiani

        Muller 💩💩💩

    13. Malik Hussain

      For me, the comeback of barca against psg is the most memorable and unforgettable moment in football. I broke into tears when Roberto scored in the last minute. My emotions are linked with football

    14. Max Janssen

      I'm really missing the Spain - Netherlands game in 2014 here, although Germany-Brazil was probably more shocking

    15. R Barnett

      The Brazil-Germany match is the most horrid game I've ever watched. To watch Brazil be humiliated at home when it was their World Cup sucked. When the German players stopped celebrating their goals after goal 3 made it even worse. It was like watching someone kick a disabled dog. Seeing the Brazilian fans suffer was awful. It was way worse than watching Maradona cheat to beat England when he was clearly good enough that he didn't need to.

      1. Kayus 83

        As a German, I agree with you. I wasn´t able to enjoy the match vs Brazil. But I didn´t liked my national team anymore, couldn´t identify myself with the players.

    16. yacine abdelaziz

      this is history of football the best moment we will never forget❤❤❤

    17. SquaresMan

      Bayern Munich vs Barcelona was the end of an era in my eyes. The end of total dominance from Madrid and Barcelona.

      1. Only vibes no lyrics.

        It created parerell universe

      2. Beaver 252

        @Datian0 That comment aged well lmao, Madrid won the champions and La Liga that season

      3. Namiq Movlayev

        @SquaresMan HALA MADRİD Real madrid winner UCL

      4. Namiq Movlayev

        @Datian0 Real Madrid UCL 😃💙💪

      5. mancity

        this aged well...

    18. Kuba 28

      Po tym 8-2 Barcelona się trochę wyspała według mnie to wtedy zaczął się ich kryzys

    19. Lawrence Maweu

      Klopp takes the award for coaches of the losing teams, for actually laughing at the situation

    20. Павел Жаров

      Единственный матч с участием Месси который меня потряс это полуфинал ЛЧ 2008, когда всю игру Барселоны не себе в соло тащил судья Эврёбе.

    21. chinni naveen

      when I was just 16 y old, watched with my dad we both supporting Germany that day my dad feel bad for Brasil after they were crying in stands but i felt so happy that day...❤ from India,7-1 Germany vs Brasil match. Most memorable.

    22. zVlaash

      It's kinda funny to see that Thomas Müller is at the origin of two of the highest humiliations of the football history

      1. Paul Paturel

        yeah it seems like the guy has a sadistic gene running in his veins... wonder what his familly was doing during the warrrr...

      2. Papaoutai Stromae

        7 x 1 wasn't just the highest humilliation of the football history.... it was the highest humilliation the Sports History!

      3. Sicelohh Willy

        Jose laughed then remembered there are cameras 🤣🤣

      4. M. P.

        @B D 99 You’re welcome. Yes it’s Kevin Trapp

      5. B D 99

        @M. P. Thaknks,it was Kevin Trap right??

    23. Ka Bueno


    24. Быйаҥ

      игроки такого класса не могут так крупно проигрывать, проблема внутри коллектива и в тренере. К сожалению не осталось уже авторитетных тренеров, способных поднять игру, способных менять титулованных игроков с игры, если те влияют плохо на коллектив. Знаю в мире только одного жесткого тренера - Тихонова Виктора Васильевича, земля ему пухом!

    25. Filip

      Barcelona vs psg was one of the best matches in my whole life I was so happy that I watched that game 🥲🥲

    26. Zulfikar Hayuningrat

      8-2 always in my heart 😂

    27. H M

      Lesson: Don't let Muller score first

      1. Leander Berg

        @Martin Kolev yes he actually can't dribble but hot positioning is always great. Constantly doing what he did on the first goal against Brazil. He just always gets into a position where A) the ball is headed and B) somehow no defender picks him up. His technique is known to look like Sunday league, speed is also lacking while his positioning is what makes him good. If course there might be better players but he's definitely good.

      2. Luis Meruem

        @Martin Kolev yeah, thats why he is one of Hansi Flick, Jupp Heynckens, LVG, favorites 😭

      3. Martin Kolev

        The worst player I’ve seen , a wooden technique, no dribble whatsoever and surrounded by fantastic teammates making him look better than he actually is.

      4. dr bilal

      5. Tanvir Rahman


    28. Denis Olivo García

      La goleada del Bayern al Barça fue lo más impresionante que vi... Brutal

    29. andré pereira

      Realmente foi chocante ver o Barcelona ganhar com um golo fora de jogo e um penalti forçado

    30. newbie

      By 6th goal, Klopp was laughing 😂😂 He knew looked like he learned what to do

    31. blubbfisch98

      I remember watching Germany - Brazil with a friend and at 4:0 we just looked at each other and went 'Yea, that's kinda enough. This feels wrong' World Cup felt great tho

    32. Chan -ID

      The most memorable was the Brazil-Germany match!

      1. The Scythe

        As Brazil fan I can confirm it hurt so much well I don’t see Brazil winning this years World Cup either but I hope they atleast reach semifinals or finals.

      2. liyanming li

        @Dale Harrison If you need funds please contact me

      3. Papaoutai Stromae

        @PRO Gamers 20 it just show how "teenager oriented" mind you have... trying to compare a BRAZIL VS GERMANY WC semi-final, in the host country, with the two most important 'football" national teams in history...with an UCL league game that happens every bloody year....

      4. Hamman Samuel

        There's a reason this match can be found on PornHub 😂

      5. Jeff M

        I honestly felt bad for the Brazilians at that point

    33. The Karpi

      Brazil & Barcelona: *let Müller score first* Müller: So you have chosen death

    34. Gabriel Silva

      Faltaram as viradas da Roma e do Liverpool sobre o Barcelona na champions League, além do massacre do Bayern contra o Tottenham por 7-2

    35. Alah Pret

      5:08 Thank you germany for the claps.. Thank you for your respect...

    36. Vicksmoka Official

      That Brazil and Germany game I watch live as a kid... I cried my eyes out

    37. Lisa Ruhm

      If you ever feel useless, remember, Oscar scored the 1-7 for Brazil in the 90th minute.

      1. Bhanu Singh

        Oscar so much talented footballer but money ruined him. I miss him 😢

      2. West Gøurribi

        Nope, he kept going till the very ending that's what only people who posses real spirits do

      3. Cristhian G

        Golden goal

      4. Kartal Nadi

        and after that World Cup, he moved to China....

      5. tobiasjc

        Not really useless cause you can write BRA7-1L lol

    38. marsh

      I feel like Müller is an underrated legend

    39. raihan salem

      3:28 That reaction explains exactly how disappointed and shocked the Brazilians

    40. Wallyson Pedra

      A derrota do Brasil para a Alemanha 7x1 ficou na memória de todos os brasileiros, além disso ficamos tristes em dobro, pois o Governo desviou Bilhões das obras pra sediar o evento. Até aquele momento éramos o país com mais títulos mundiais e foi uma surra inesquecível.

      1. Fabrício Lima Feitosa

        Até aquele momento não, até hoje é o país com mais títulos mundiais

    41. Александр Велесов

      Бразилия - Германия, смотрел в прямом эфире. Пожалуй самый трагичный матч всех времен и народов.

    42. ranDom

      I think there's one missing match - Robert Lewandowski 5 goals in 9 minutes from the bench when loosing 1:0

      1. Phantom Viper

        Lewandowski was like "alright, let me show what I can do"

      2. juanow

        @Nobreku he shocked the whole world, 5 fucking goals in 9 fucking minutes?

      3. Paul C


      4. Obama Bin Laden

        Yep thats crazy

      5. DiaGall

        @Nobreku something else?

    43. Jamie Hale

      Pogba laughing when he's just given away a penalty for a 6th goal says it all.

    44. Chrome

      Harry Maguire pulling down Luke Shaw is the weirdest thing I’ve seen 😂

    45. _.muhammad._

      Coutino being a star in Bayern But for Barca being a great player for Bayern not for us But people we still love u Coutino

    46. Christian Pauchet

      This is why Football is the King of all Sports by far. It's an emotion, it's pure passion.

    47. leni ortega

      The 1: 7 Brasil - Germany in a World Cup semi-final is historically by far the biggest event of the excerpts shown here, it was just fantastic and sometimes surreal!

      1. Christopher Fleming

        I remember beer and pizza as all my family watched that in a friend's house... a GERMAN friend. EPIC!!

      2. Baby Yoda

        @Ben Gadura for the rest of the world is was and it is a game everyone will remember

      3. Big Chungus Is My God

        @Ben Gadura it was for many people

      4. Ben Gadura

        It wasn't fantastic, we in Brazil cryed the entire night bro so, this wasn't fantastic

      5. Javi

        Yea but the people crying holding on to their fake world cups made my heart break

    48. Heist Gaming 2.0

      To be true Brazil vs Germany 2014 match was the most affectional match in the history. 😞😞

    49. Sona Oksuzyan

      I know what it feels like for brazil. Last game I was goalie and we lost 7-1, just like Brazil and one time we lost 13-1, and I was also goalie. It was a nightmare.

    50. Олег Шиндяков

      Блин,как жалко бразильских болельщиков... Для них- футбольные успехи их легендарной сборной- одна из немногих радостей в нелёгкой жизни.. Я смотрел этот матч Мы с друзьями в гараже собрались и видели этот разгром. Сами удивились,как раскатали бразильцев.

    51. ItzNate

      I remember watching the 2019-20 Champions League it was amazing to watch Bayern like that though I did feel bad for Barca

    52. Jonta Monta

      So no one is talking about How Aston Villa managed to score 3 Goals by just touching the players of Liverpool? Even Jürgen Kloop laughed😂😂

      1. S Harish

        And Aston villa finished with a positive 10+ goal difference despite finishing at 10th

      2. Fun Heights

        Adrian was the key flop in all of that 🤷🏾‍♂️

      3. yeet score

        @Smashing The Great ye

      4. Larree._.

        Without the Deflections and the 1st goal mistake by Adrian should have been 3-2 but Aston Villa deserved the win Adrians just a sellout

      5. Just Peter

        Saying this to hide the embarrassment or what?

    53. Damían Dumah

      Alemania 7-1 Brasil Bayern 8-2 Barcelona Chile 7 - 0 México

    54. Scharfschutze 99

      0:42 wow they actually took that penalty WOW, no wonder Barca is legend

    55. Thalles Jones

      Mano o engraçado é o Thiago Silva ter participado de dois 7x1 😯😓

    56. Plan B

      1:42 LOL Suárez deserves an Oscar xD

    57. Shivank Tiwari

      typical morning in Brazil mom: Wake up, it's 8! som: THEY'RE STILL SCORING?

      1. Matheus

        I'm from Brazil

      2. N. V.

        And so what?? 5x WC, 9x SAC, 2x GO, 5x CCC, 2x BCC and counting...😎😎😎😎 Show me a National Team with more trophys...

      3. Miyul10

        Didn't laugh

      4. Qwerty Mark

        @Unruh_ youtube has been filled with many copious comments "for years". You can literally find exactly the same comments in different videos. I mean it isn't even something new anymore. Why do some people still act like it is. Why can't some people stop being concerned about it.

      5. Aliân

        i dont like ur comment, makes me sad i hate remember that day

    58. David281

      Nothing could ever dethrone Brazil - Germany…

    59. Super Song

      never been more emotional for a losing team than the Brasil-Germany match

    60. Kledson Kaua

      Eu nunca vou esquecer esse Brasil x Alemanha

    61. Nothing Man

      A nadie le sigue pareciendo raro el 6 a 1 del barça al PSG? Recuendo cuando lo vi me parecía insólito

    62. el shawy

      I love how Germany constructed all of their goals

      1. Bisky

        @Ryan Morgan honestly The german run in that world cup was a disaster all together The loss against north macdeonia would have fit better imo

      2. Junior

        The good old days

      3. jack odone

        What let Germany win the World Cup wasn't banger shots, it was their set up. 5 free shots to a goal is better than one top corner banger.

      4. Männlichkeitsbeauftragter Alfons-Bernd Ladig

        @Ryan Morgan Germany was ridiculously bad at that time. Wasn’t a big surprise for me lol

      5. M. P.

        There were many stunning games. As well Tottenham’s 2-7 against Bayern in the CL

    63. Braian Torrez

      Siempre messi!!

    64. Creeplender1

      Man Brazil-Germany 7-1 is very memorable I didn't think they would actually Lose that bad

    65. tấu hài VN

      bayerrn munich always the strongest in image of all club in europe

    66. Adimirador bbreto 🔧

      Na copa do MUNDO,foi marcado no peito,humilhação do 7 a 1,o Brasil perdeu feio...(canta como se fosse a música do mundial do Flamengo hehehe)

    67. Lord Ransom

      England beat Germany 5-1 Liverpool v Barcelona (4-0) These are iconic games...

    68. Brandon Myers


    69. Carlos rato

      O maio gamanço do futebol neste século...o PSG Barcelona

    70. Franz Landorf

      One Match is Missing. The legendary Comeback from Borussia Dortmund with Jürgen Klopp

    71. Aryan M

      Title : " Football matches that shocked the world " Brazil : [softly]" Don't "

      1. Luciano Paciornick

        Yep. That 1x7 _still_ hurts. I remember watching it and thinking it was some sort of Punk'd prank.

      2. Luxter

        @João PauloI agree xD he is the best player but thats all he is. If u are good but cant teamplay ur useless

      3. Enrique A. Malavé

        @João Paulo Me a man of culture: South Korea 2 - Germany 0 😎

      4. Pou

        @João Paulo 1 Messi an Cristiano Ronaldo.*

      5. Baby Yoda

        @João Paulo Well the best are in Europe but anyway go on you have one more try😂

    72. Lucas M

      Alemania siempre Alemania 🇩🇪❤️

    73. let's talk about it

      I never see a goal less celebrated in my life 😂😂😂😂

    74. Azriel Naicker

      Brazil has won 5 world cups and lost 7-1 to Germany its shocking😮

    75. Santiago Dittler

      La remontada del Barcelona fue el choreo mas grande de la historia!!!

    76. Fezco🦅

      Bayern Munich literally just turned the champions league into a farmer's league that season 🔥🔥

      1. alpha Lucifer

        @Genn131 farmed by Frankfurt

      2. Johannes Aigner

        @Genn131 hahaha

      3. This One Comedian

        @Genn131 he said that season dimwit

      4. Genn131

        Farmed by vilareal lol

      5. Paulo Nonaj


    77. Kirk Grimes

      Now I know why Pep always succeed at whatever club he finds himself at. If only other coaches and teams can master this art of unselfishness. The 7 goals for Germany look at how they were scored. The 8 goals by Bayern, total unselfishness. When every player is a goal scorer how won't you win. Pep now I know. Now I know the reason behind City's dominance in the EPL since he came. Making your total squad a squad of goal scorers and players who are unselfish, just simple, plain simple.

    78. Eli Lopes

      São resultados difícil de acreditar, por uns grandes equipes com grandes jogadores se goleado dessa formas

    79. Siam

      10:15 That VVD and TAA spit transition 🔥

    80. Ricardo Zabala

      Nada más hermoso que ver a Brasil perdiendo así de lindo.


      This game Brazil vs Germany I will never ever forget in my life.

      1. TECH_NO_LOGY_16

        It was all bcuz Neymar was injured

      2. CMN HD

        @Raja Abbas 2014

      3. CMN HD

        Us bro 🥺

      4. lorinzo cartz

        I cried for this match tbh. Brazil is my teamm

      5. lorinzo cartz

        @Raja Abbas 2014*

    82. Kyuubi V.

      Germany must’ve put the Difficulty on Beginner against Brazil 🤣

    83. Muhammad Nasrol

      Layvin Kurzawa is the best in the business... truly powerful

    84. Falling Nukes

      I don’t understand how Aston Villa could beat Liverpool by that much goals

    85. Just Sailor Moon with a Mustache

      Germany could've easily made it 11-0

    86. ZennyXus

      My heart melt after seeing that old man hugging fake world cup for brazil, give this man a respect for his loyalty

      1. علاء عماد

        The German is ruthless

      2. Eriel D. Irhan Sanjaya

        you said fake???????? LOL

      3. Sayne

        @Eike Peetz Clown 🤡

      4. gskou

        He died

      5. cumposting

        Gaucho da Copa bro, he has passed away 😔

    87. laernulieNlaernulieNlaernulieN

      I think Germany destroying Brasil is the one that, even with hindsight, "shocked" most people.

    88. Renato Santos

      PSG foi injustiçado, dois pênaltis que não existiram.

    89. Hermes Maldonado

      Cuando estoy triste dentro a ver estos partidos y luego c m pasa la tristeza México vs Chile Bayer miunich vs barca Alemania vs brazil

    90. Steve vosty

      Mourinho had the Last Laugh😂😂

    91. i AM inevitable

      Brazil v Germany, even when winning with a huge margin, the unselfish plays by all German footballers. Amazing match.

      1. 心春明美

        German superior teamwork and professionalism

      2. Aalyson


    92. Christian García

      Esa golliada de Alemania a Brasil es merecida porque Brasil no merecía llegar hasta ahí sino Colombia! muy bueno 6-0

    93. N.cole101

      Mancity 6-1 Manutd should've been included. I remember when Ferguson was mocking Mancity in the pre-match press conference

    94. Garry McDougall

      Barca's comeback from 4,0 down in the first round will never be equalled.

    95. Haaland In HD

      I find it funny that klopp was smiling even though they were losing 6-2

    96. Gaurav Patel

      You know you're in trouble when Thomas Muller opens the scoring. And even in deep trouble when Alaba laughed after scoring own goal. 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Sai Rakesh

        Chelsea to Muller: hold my beer (2012 finals 😂)

      2. davis Grace

        Didn’t happened in 2012 finals lol

      3. çaimalin 030


      4. Dario

        @Chihab Benazzi Alaba laughed bc he saw victims from spain

      5. Mohamed El Idrissi

        Hklfetdshb ffrhbfd hfrb shbceu ukh

    97. Dr. Makaveli

      Was in the berlin fan park for that germany vs Brazil game. It was unreal. One of the best nights.

    98. Ramiro Rodriguez

      Messi 😍

    99. Santiago Lopez

      Y nosotros los argentinos mirando que ibamos a jugar la final del mundo contra un Alemania ganándole 7 - 1 a Brasil. Fué horrible y apenas perdimos 1 - 0 la gran final del 2014

    100. sandro wagner

      Nobody in germany knew how to react on seeing our boys destroying one of the most popular hosts in world cup history