FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Teófimo López vs. George Kambosos Jr.

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    Highlights of Teófimo López vs. George Kambosos Jr. from the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.

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    1. Joseph Del Rosario

      Don't Undertamate your Oponent any fight congrats kambosos ❤

    2. TrapLives Matter14

      114-113 Lopez was accurate and I'm not a fan

    3. White彡Tiger


    4. Dalbert Miranda

      This what happens when these young fighters take long layoffs fighting 1 or 2 times a year thinking thats gonna help.

    5. Christian Cruz

      If Loma Can't Beat TEO as Kambo Badly did, then everyone is in Trouble.

    6. White彡Tiger

      Welcome To Delusional Club Broner, Wilder , Lopez 🤣🤣🤣🥊🥊🥊

    7. warningmode

      this what happen when you cherry pick

    8. Jerry Smith

      Teo missed his opportunity in round 10

    9. Ali Huynh

      I always root for the smaller fighter, if Kambosos was bigger he’d Knock tf out of Teo.

    10. john strawbridge

      Awesome George 🇦🇺 Too slowpez

    11. lalmuan chhana

      Congrats George kambosos jr, you've made it, you deserve it, and you are the new undisputed light weight champion 🎉🥳👏

    12. Schäfer G.

      George reminds me of a young Manny Pacquiao. Wild, accurate, raw talent

    13. Rico-suave

      Wow. What a performance and heart by kamboso

    14. Himangshu Baishya

      Op fight

    15. Logan Mannke

      Anyone who actually thought teo was for real.... Is an idiot lol. He didn't beat Loma, Loma allowed himself to be defeated

    16. TW LK

      Get ready for the next battle >>> Ryan Garcia

    17. TheFlorist

      Do they do Heavy weight fights anymore 🤔?

    18. IK S

      Kambosos weathered well the Teofimo's viscious rights, but I feel the belt is too much for it.

    19. smokey

      Lopez was too full of himself.

    20. Junebe Ebenuj

      Kambosos will destroy haney Haney almost went down in lenares..

    21. Mark Antonn Velarde

      Absolutely WOW . It was his night 💯💯


      Them boy’s was going at it so much energy

    23. César Alfonzo

      Fue el mejor resultado posible, era necesario que despojaran de los títulos a Teofimo López por la gran inactividad que desarrollo por su miedo a perder.

    24. Sgt. Hollow Point

      "Fight Highlights"= 90% of the fight. 👍

    25. dama asiong ting channel

      Lopez now 😭😭😭😭😭😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂

    26. Audio Technica

      Lopez tough it was gonna be easy uh

    27. Machine gun Gonzerella

      Ring rust is a hella of a drug

    28. Dany Lopez

      That was awesome

    29. Saved By_Grace

      Teofimo got what he needed!- a humbling defeat!

    30. Pat Margate

      pathetic loss

    31. Jose Nevarez

      No entiendo porque teofimo siendo profesional pelea con la mano izquierda tan abajo ease que le ganó ya lo abia estudiando todo con un volado lo prendio

    32. Thereal DrHankMcCoy

      And this is why Loma and TeoFemaleCOVID avoided Haney

    33. Analyn Villanueva

      Does kambosos really won this fight? Or is it a robbery? Just asking please 😂

    34. ken rush

      Can’t be a boxer fighting off emotion with no technique

    35. R T

      Happy Thanksgiving pelican lopez l hope you enjoy the fight with you dad n you team jijijijiji I i

    36. Machine gun Gonzerella


    37. Lor T

      The main reason Teo lose he never had a plan B. The same way ryan fought Campbell but it worked out it didn't for him. And he needs a real trainer not some called a trainer.

    38. Chacha Kora

      Not sure if kambosos know how many people he made their wishes come true!!

    39. Tommy Chaz

      Why did teo have this really dumb strategy ? Hands down guns blazing stupidest gameplan ever . Should of box this guy and won easily . His dad is a idiot coach

    40. Hector Morales


    41. Philip Urbano

      Deserve for kambosos to win congratz!

    42. Mohasha Official

      You want a fight, you got a fight.

    43. suwaiL Panda

      DudeS been in pacman's camp for 3 years and Teo underestimate that! That's what you got 😂

    44. Augustus Caesar009

      Now it makes sense, why he and his father avoid Loma rematch that would have been an absolute disaster for them.And one more thing there is no rematch clause in this match also like the one they had with Loma. Here's karma

    45. izzy _T

      It's crazy how everyone was making fun of Haney when he got wobbled by Linears saying that he has glass chin even when he outbox Linears, Teo got dropped and ended up losing the fight, why yall not keeping the same energy smh

    46. Daren Lopez

      Lopez don't have to worry about being undisputed and fighting Haney for that last belt Lopez dodged a bullet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏 and he says he won 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    47. mike shiva


    48. Peter Taylor

      Classless Lopez spewing BS after he got beaten. The man has obviously taken lessons from Trump.

    49. Barasketbol

      The guy really won the fight teeth in teeth out.

    50. Caravel Drawing

      So forgive him in raising Lopez hands. “Still undefeated” had us all fooled, as not many including me payed attention to the Australians record been a bit of an unknown, but the world and his wife new Lopez had a perfect record. Me hearing still undefeated knowing kambosos was undefeated also I instantly went with my Biases created by Lopez been a big name etc. I’m sure a lot of others did too. The crowd certainly did!!! So let the ref off for that. He wasn’t scoring it, to busy moving with the rhythm of a fast fight.

    51. X V


    52. Abu Arum

      Pasti seru...

    53. S Jay

      I can see Kambosos Vs. Haney looking a little like gatti v mayweather

    54. Shellz

      Theo will probably never own all those belts together ever again. The funny thing is that his dad still talking that he got robbed and begging for a rematch. Loma in the cut right now just CTFU about the situation.

    55. Sir Muneer

      Even ref is putting a great show 😆 4:58

    56. Wiz

      Жалко Теофимо!

    57. Joshua Mcdaniel

      Lopez is such a Poser 😂 I'm a Kambosos fan now... 💯😭

    58. Jeffrey Marty

      That fight is what it’s ALL about. Rematch!!

    59. THS Last

      Teofimo lopez don’t have a solid chin. Kambosos not even a puncher and dropped him. Keep that same energy y’all had for Haney who didn’t get dropped btw.

    60. Renaldi Putra

      ronde pertama kalau gak bel berbunyi,habis lopez

    61. charley222

      Teófimo López SR THE WORST coach in boxing terrible bad advise to is son all this for cloud chasing , he will ruin is son career , also overall very bad team work

    62. Pain_

      “You have a plan until you get hit on the mouth”

    63. Jonnyboi

      That’s first round drop softened up that eye brow . Set a precedent in the fight

    64. osama

      What's with that one commentator at the beginning going all "Lopez, Lopez..." even when he's not connecting some punches

    65. Anas Tsi

      So proud of you George!!You made all Greeks extremely happy with your great success 🇬🇷 Spartan warrior 🏆

    66. Adrian Asuncion


    67. Thomas Ford

      Down goes the mouth Lopez...... YES!!!!!!

    68. pr0jectSkyneT

      Teo need to change his slogan from "the takeover" to "the makeover"

    69. Calmgoodfire

      Bro he got humbled

    70. T-W-V Official

      they have to do a rematch they both went down once they both got dizzy from shots decision wasn't to clear REMATCH REMATCH REMATCH pls & thank u ... great fight and performance from both stillzzzz ...

    71. John Estrada

      Lopez ran out of gas

    72. Bloodlines Tv

      Thats for you Teo, you're just so dumb to under estimate GK's ability, got knock on the first round that's a shame.

    73. Tayanja TV

      I see that this Kambosos has a technique similar to Pacman but is a bit more defensive, obviously his jaw is quite strong

    74. Juliene Pagon

      The takeover has been taken over

    75. Rodrigo Villeda

      Esos l paso porq l papa d teofimo es muy osicon

    76. Rufus Collins

      Sr. 1st rd ko Teo 2-3 rounds max Aussie wins Teo post fight I won 10-2. Even Brooklyn booed you. Priceless. 🤣🤣

    77. Allinone The Great

      Blame Lopez pops I never ever seen a cornerman say to a fighter does he like the music that was playing in the background in a round break instead of giving advice smh that’s when I knew the night was over lol

    78. Ka-Freelance by Vince

      Spartan Kambosos!

    79. Don donzelo

      Belt grabber,similar to what Australians did to Manny Pacquiao,Anglo exist to steal

    80. faizal salim

      I think this is going to be the make or break point for Lopez. This loss will either break him; or ascend him into greatness.

    81. Demon Dog

      Teofimo is still young. He will improve

    82. santos531

      Humble pie 🥧 served!

    83. Ruben Torres

      Loma vs kambosa would be great or even kambo vs Nakayama!!!

    84. Holy Mankyu

      where is the round 11 ???

    85. Glenn Timmons

      Kambo. Thank you for dat..I don't care about fighters that have no CLASS..

    86. Justin Lopez

      Take that WBC email belt off from Haney... Kambosos is the rightful owner. He earned it... LEGIT

    87. Aaron

      2:15 the speed of that “short right hand” from Teo was UNREAL

    88. David Padilla

      I've never heard of kambosos until this fight, great for him

    89. Dream lofi

      Lopez badly underestimated his opponent and used the wrong strategy, as a result. Never Watched Kambosos fight before, made me a new fan! Great Fight

    90. DJ Dammbro

      Cuando se te suben los humos y piensas que no tienes rival. Nunca mires a nadie sobre tus hombros.

    91. No Nonsense

      R1 10-8 for kambosos ? Tf?

    92. larry roseline

      Never underestimated the rigth cross punch

    93. StainlessSteel

      Great performance from Kambosis, very determined to win no matter what….

    94. Irwan H

      KAMBOSOS yang terbaik dari pada TEOFIMO LOPES.....KAMBOSOS👍☝💪👏

    95. Lorenzo McMillian

      Fire the referee!!!! 😂🤣

    96. MarkTianz TV

      This guy's are the reason why boxing still alive.. CONGRATULATIONS KAMBOSOS! U deserve it..and also to teo thank u for the effort.. 🤣

      1. Maria Arambula


    97. Paul Burrell

      Teo reminds me of Mikey Garcia in that they basically jab and throw the right and and a hook or 2. Teo is more athletic and explosive, but once someone figures it out, it's all downhill from there.