FIFA 23 Ratings ft. Ruben Dias! Can you GUESS the Premier League player by stats? | Uncut

Premier League

Premier League

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    In this week's episode of Uncut, @Elz the Witch , @AlexBeeOfficial , @Mkfray , @IshEverything & @Ben Black guess the Premier League player by their FIFA 23 ratings, including Casemiro, Mo Salah, Harry Kane & more. While @Man City defender, Ruben Dias reacts to his FIFA 23 item.
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    1. Daniel Summers

      Makes no sense that anyone who plays for city to have less than 70 passing😂

    2. Dj manco

      He said his pace is 63 to balance the card and he is completely right. EA does this all the time to avoid defenders and midfielders being too overpowered.

    3. Muzza

      I actually laughed out loud at the pass from dias to mahrez wtf were norwich doing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. Instrumental Recreates

      My man thought Mahrez would have 92 shooting. Other thought nunez would have 92 shooting also. Crazy

    5. Rafael Roa

      The fact that Son is still 89 hurts me😢

    6. Anthony Stewart

      The difference between Dias and VVD in pace is absurd

    7. Switched On Productions

      No way is Dias that slow! His reactions though 😂

    8. Tony Liu

      Imagine saying Nunez has 92 shooting 😂

    9. Rahil Mehta

      Kanes passing and dribbling is so underated

    10. Bibiana Chow

      I just love to see how the players react to their cards and ratings

    11. Labax

      no way bro guessed Nunez when he heard “92 Shooting” the ball knowledge is showing

    12. cxzgt

      cancelo should be in the 90s for passing. best passer of the ball with kdb

    13. David Gabriel Reyes Mendoza

      Lo bueno de Rubén es que gracias a su tipo de velocidad puede alcanzar a jugadores muy rápido

    14. Nur Sharmil Aqamar Safeei

      Just saying yeah, Elz The Witch has come a long way. From KZsection to interviewing player playing in the PL. What a story

    15. T W

      How Son isn’t a 90 is insane to me.

    16. Joshua Grant David

      Bro his English is on point. And hes so humble! What a beast and a leader

    17. Robert Callanan

      MK the only one with fifa knowledge

    18. RZn is Live

      For a Deffender like dias It's indeed a decent rating at his age , later we know he'll have 90 in future

    19. Luís Jesus

      The big one!