Evolution of Red light green light in squid game


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    1. ᴳᵒᵈƬheo

      evolved a lot

    2. sara sofia salas villarreal

      yo que sepa se llamaba zorro astuto

    3. Kenma._.Kozume Simp

      Fr tho-

    4. Boba bricks

      This is the...quicker alternative

    5. Jennifer Belén Saltos


    6. angela valdivia

      Solo juegos estúpidos que ponen más estúpidos a la gente

    7. xCloudly

      yes and now i acutally wont see red light green light the same ever again..same with the marbles tug of war

    8. Liannadelfin64


    9. Deadshot Gaming


    10. ເຈົ້າ​ຮັກ​ຂ້ອຍ?

      Squid game??

    11. XxlililanaxX

      Nostalgia from the first 2

    12. sonic 209

      Creepy and cringe music

    13. OID

      This music is really weird

    14. Trianna Sing

      Hey de horita no me dega de sonar la cancion en la cabesa

    15. BattyBatBoii_YT

      Oh lawd-

    16. victor alfonso sanchez orozco


    17. ulises 285

      Yo lo conosi como el zorro astuto

    18. ignacio gonzalez


    19. Giovanna Oliveira

      Eu brinco disso com meus primos mas não mato eles so falo para vou tar tudinho

    20. Lilia De la cruz

      Omg more squid game

    21. Camilo Meneses


    22. wilki girl


    23. lora لورا 😼


    24. Vivendo um sonho com a Maria

      Round 6

    25. Remastered Funky


    26. 234 173


    27. CHaïma CHocho

      راح الغالي رااااح راااح ودا غراضو معااخ

    28. Legend Lion

      I have also played this game in my childhood with my cousin's but we used to say chocolate chcoclate 123 instead of red light green light 😂😂

    29. breeze

      I hate this platform, only cringe is present here, i hope this KZsection shorts thing goes down and never returns, my god squid game isn't even that good, wdym game evolution, this is just fckn dumb

    30. tudo junto e misturado

      Melhor evolução de todas

    31. Unknown Man

      This is fake the squid game is planned since 2008

    32. dapawe

      Where is the place it is

    33. Patricia Cortez


    34. Умный Пингвинёнок


    35. kvlrr

      bro this is so damn cringe

    36. Monica Arellano


    37. Paloma Robles

      I love it

    38. itsjoaiah


    39. Jasmeir English

      I was born 2012

    40. Rio Hunter

      Me seeing ali’s hand appear: ALI ABDOOL

    41. Hello

      Number 2 makes me want to vomit

    42. Clariza Reyna

      Yes acion yes

    43. Baby Tacchino


    44. Charles Henrique

      So faltou o da pepa pig

    45. Lidiane Martins


    46. ♧•Bella popocorn•♧

      Guys this series was recorded 10 years ago ;-;

    47. Kelly Moura

      E isso mesmo 😂

    48. xxPastel Lilyxx

      It's life or death out there anymore

    49. las aventuras de Alexa la gata:3


    50. Luli Romo

      No manches no sabía ya vi la película esa también puede dejar el calamar me da ganas de jugarlo mejor adelante Sí pero no mejor no la pared Descansa ya mi papá que pare doy un like te doy un20000000000000

    51. kareem essam

      whats the name of this movie

    52. TheMostEpikGamer

      "Red Light, Green Light" was actually created in a school in belgium. If you moved when red light was said, you would get beaten up, but the principal allowed it.

      1. hyperflyer

        Source? "Trust me bro"?

    53. Amani Imran


    54. Pablo Matheus

      Round 6 oooooooo

    55. Sônia Marques


    56. Rudetza Canaviri


    57. Xxgacha creamyxX


    58. 리을유

      무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다

    59. 𝕋 𝕖 𝕒🍵

      KSJSKSK literally i want this in my garden like if you too want that in your garden :>

    60. Xbro48

      2030 making it into an official sport with tanks and everything

    61. Marco Anaya


    62. Maria Joelma

      Eita pega menor

    63. Lene Brito


    64. Becky Lemons

      Thats true lol

    65. mya~gaming~vlog

      I play this with my mom she say green light red light and we freeze when red and green go to her if I get to her first,I win if my sister does she win

    66. mya~gaming~vlog


    67. Emiliano Esqueda Sánchez

      Me and my friends olayed that game but maket more violent because if you move you get shotwith a paint ball gun bb gun or a yoja ballon

      1. Emiliano Esqueda Sánchez


      2. Emiliano Esqueda Sánchez


    68. Yasmine Tax

      Im 8

    69. jocelyn ponce


    70. Dx Playz

      Theres legit no evolution in red light green light in squid game bruh??

    71. Noriaki Kakyoin

      This is a dumb way to show the evolution of Red light Green light.

    72. Seth Appiah

      I HATE die cuz l will not go there l KNOW red light and green light

    73. Analia Carrizo


    74. Karina Tun


    75. Jesus gabriel Ramirez valadez


    76. Kevin Valdivia Luis

      No se por que pero viendo este tipo de videos me siento grande xd

    77. naruto

      Why did everybody think red-light green-light came from the show squid game? I'm not even old and I know this! No cap, everyone i know, thinks red light green light came from squid game

    78. Hang tight

      The Korean one is called red light green light but they don't actually say red light green light. They say something about 🌸 blossoms

    79. Bianca Andreea

      Good one

    80. Alice Rutina


    81. Erick alberto Lopez gomez

      Sierto xD

    82. Solovino0w0 Bambi

      Es verdad 🤣🤣

    83. elisabeta ilnica

      It’s just too real to be true

    84. Angela Flores 9C


    85. CITLALI😈

      the squid game 😈

    86. Panda 141


    87. Ioana Loredana Matei

      Evvero prima il banalissimo 1 2 3 stella adesso SQUID GAME come 1 2 3 stwlla

    88. Saray Eliana Gonzalez Martinez

      Me canta el juego del calamar 🥰🥰

    89. Balamberto Monzon

      Men en can to el ul timo es del juego de calamar

    90. Daniel


    91. ✨𝕊𝕚𝕞𝕡𝕝𝕪𝕪𝕂𝕒𝕪𝕪✨

      Society so violent these days lmao

    92. rainbowstar58


    93. Quavette Carter

      LOL DETH

    94. gloria rodas

      nombre de la musica

    95. Maria Vargas


    96. AAAAAA

      who the fuck calls it red light green light tho. its stop start. ive always know it as stop start.

    97. Anaconda Green

      Why did you put evolution of red light green light squid game? 1. Red light green light was made before squid game 2. Red light green light can’t really be numbered by evolution it kinda never changed that much

    98. Alejandro Miguel Chiquillo Bobadilla

      Ultime 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘❤💥

    99. kāmis tv

      Oh.......my.....god blood real blood scary