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    1. GH'S

      original :

    2. Preston Rush

      I love how the parents were like "good job wednesday i could never feel so proud' when she crossbowed the apple that is in pugsley's mouth.

    3. Hae Hae

      I love the detail of Gomez's clothes color changing after he met(started to date) Morticia. He became just like Morticia(like, being goth and everything y'know) and that's very romantic😭💖💖

    4. The bear girls

      Bro went from being taller than his wife to shorter

    5. Dieu Huyen Nguyen

      This short animation portrays the Addams family dynamic better than the Netflix adaption

    6. Senjik🖤

      wow, Wednesday's father and mother are so beautiful in their youth

    7. ZenIceHero

      This the Wednesday anime we deserve n need!😆

    8. Trey Owen

      Morticia and Gomez, still to this day they are relationship goals.

    9. Kaylee

      Would honestly 100% watch this as an anime

    10. わたげ


    11. FluffyFox

      i cannot handle how adorable and cheerful Enid looks in the end!! you somehow got to show her personality in just 4 seconds

    12. wing cross

      we need this anime NOW

    13. DavinZ


    14. Pikachu the Critic

      This is why I love the Addam’s family. They love each other, despite the weirdness they all have.

    15. blackwunk

      Been watching iterations of the ADAMS FAMILY since I was a child. I was a little older when I found out the original show was based on a comic strip called MY CROWD. Love this animation as well!

    16. PINK VIPER

      You should make your own TV show this is amazing 👏

    17. Grace G

      I’m genuinely surprised the parents only had two kids

    18. Fanny

      Creo que es obvio que yo soy la única mexicana aquí ¿verdad?

    19. LavenderOtaku

      I absolutely love that Morticia is just the epitome of “Proud mom vibes” throughout the whole animation where Wednesday and Pugsly are there. Just the look on her face is adorable.