Enhypen 'Blessed-Cursed' | Line Distribution



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    1. sunoonie

      Cr : susuumie

    2. mizuki

      manifesting for jay to have the lines he deserves 😭

    3. ✨JaY-YaHhhCoRnSaLaD✨

      Jay's voice is really mind blowing even if it's only a few seconds. Enha's vocal is a heaven sent

    4. bluejays

      please give jay,sunoo and ni-ki more lines😭

    5. Lunatrix

      Park Jongseong sounds so good!

    6. Zeba Siddiqui

      Engenes are so excited that they even did line distribution in teaser 😆

    7. March_Borne♓

      Finally Jay getting what he deserves ❤

    8. taylor x kiki

      They better give NI-KI more lines. Tired of always seeing him last 😭

    9. Jona Mcintosh

      wow.. it is very great so i like to listen music it.

    10. ♡  ᴱᴺ⁻JIA!!


    11. jungforthewon

      i think here

    12. BlinkEngenes

      Jay owned this era this is what happens when lines are given to jay

    13. Myamya Aye

      I can't wait

    14. Gummy Kpop

      Suka banget🤩💖

    15. rey

      i thought that the last line was niki hshs anyw thank u for this !

    16. M G

      I think it was heeseung who sang the last line

    17. Lara Croft

      It’s Heeseung not Heesung

    18. Ngọc Diệp Nguyễn