Emma Chamberlain Gets Ready for the Met Gala | Vogue


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    Watch as Emma Chamberlain gets ready for her first Met Gala. Emma talks about who she’s most excited to meet, getting her nails fitted, putting on body makeup, and why getting ready for the Met feels like getting ready for prom.

    Director: Nikki Petersen
    DP: Cole Evelev
    Editor: Evan Allan
    Producer: Naomi Nishi
    Producer, On-Set: Kit Fogarty
    AC: Zach Eisen
    Audio: Chris Barone
    Filmed on Location: The Mark
    VP, Digital Video Programming and Development: Robert Semmer
    Director of Content: Tara Homeri
    Showrunner: Lila Benaissa
    Production Manager: Emily Yates
    Post-Production Supervisor: Marco Glinbizzi
    Production Coordinator: Kit Fogarty

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    Emma Chamberlain Gets Ready for the Met Gala | Vogue

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    1. michael okil

      The incredible game apically launch because lynx bacteriologically connect over a nappy spaghetti. miscreant, pale alcohol

    2. Leanpet

      She kinda of looks like Yasmin Wijnaldum

    3. Keeton Alden

      compares the met gala to prom she lives in a different world 😧

    4. Keeton Alden

      2:53 sparks joy

    5. B. G.

      Who's this woman?

    6. prishnika borah

      1:52 i swear she said "Timothee Chalamet" ...and im sad now cuz she didn't get to interview timmy😢

    7. Nia Mehta

      Going to Prom is literally my dream but we don't have Prom where I live 😢😭

    8. Rosemary Allen

      The sweet pyramid unintentionally mate because hill optionally spoil an a simple approval. steadfast, erratic boat

    9. hjbby

      we love you emma

    10. Trvqtz

      Y'all talkin trash about emma because that's aint u😂😂

    11. AJ Segawa

      Her eye makeup was my favorite of the whole night!! Need a tutorial ASAP 😍

    12. Aliyah Ayala-Porter


    13. LEO RISING

      The dress looks so good up close 😍😍

    14. senni bgon

      tell me why i am SOBBING watching this right now. i’ve been watching her since she first started on youtube and now she’s at the MET GALA. i’m so proud of this girl

    15. latefah musaid

      Who got u smile ping like that

    16. Ashatul


    17. Panda Pie

      Disturbing Celebrity worship Many people suffered this year...

    18. Tina -  ɢᴇᴛᴛɪɴɢ ʀᴇᴀᴅʏ ғᴏʀ ʟɪᴠᴇ sᴇᴇ ᴍʏ ᴄʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ

      “The real answer is not gonna be on the internet” gurl just say Timmy we all know

      1. senni bgon

        She's gorgeous and she looked gorgeous

    19. Gildardo Rincon

      “wait i don’t have friends” me thinking about olivia and amanda

    20. Guinevere Mermaid

      Emma Chamberlain gives Geminis a good name! Also she did so well, beautiful & funny social butterfly!

    21. EEN SANOM

      She's so likable. She's genuine. She's not trying to be cool. She just is.

    22. Minty

      how is NOBODY talking about the "wait I don't have friends" BGJSHDFVAJIDUYAX

    23. AJ Hollins

      Her prom was the met gala

    24. willow

      her eyes are really pretty

    25. Michael Boone

      Why is a youtuber there and of all youtubers why tf is this one here

    26. Reem Jaffar

      Shipping timmy and Emma

    27. Josefina Moltedo

      mi mujer

    28. lohayneoliveira

      the makeup 👌

    29. Brendan Twitchen

      She looks stunning

    30. Rayglisse


    31. luna

      “My friends and family- wait what am I saying I don’t have-“ my family.” RELATEABLE ASF

    32. STROBE

      She's gorgeous and she looked gorgeous

    33. Promise Cullett

      “So I’ve been telling my family and friends, oh wait I don’t have friends… okay so I’ve been telling my family “ -Emma chamberlain

    34. Rizzlyricist

      Beautiful dress

    35. Emily Mazza

      Met gala being your prom experience is a FLEX

    36. Полина Долгих

      Woooow she looks just nooo

    37. alexa sosa

      why does it take so long to apply nails? like 4 hours?😮 i’ve never had my nails done before so i really am curious

    38. vliduu zeeb

      i loved emma’s look but her eyeshadow is what got me, looked SO good

    39. TheHandyGuy

      First of many!!

    40. Holly

      she 100% deserves this so much

    41. clara recio

      Madre mía aquí la artista es la maquilladora

    42. Kezia Gabriella Irine

      "Am i gonna wave?" I'm crying, shes so wholesome

      1. vliduu zeeb

        DDG snapped m.kzsection.info/green/bejne/l6OBp3ufbJ55qKM.html

    43. Jenette Merlini


    44. Sandeep Kumar The Motivator

      Who is this lady

    45. Grace Grace

      “Wait I don’t have any friends” Yes I relate 😭😂

    46. Angie b

      omg she needs beta blockers

    47. XYLO

      I love how down to earth she is

    48. Alice Fulcher

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    49. Topcut Centurion

      Emma is a cool girl

    50. Alice Fulcher

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    51. _ shawn

      the makeup helps to cover the deep, dark circles under her eyes

    52. Dianna Feitoza

      she is the moment i cannot express how proud i am its like she’s my best friend

    53. Jake Long

      Best song out m.kzsection.info/green/bejne/l6OBp3ufbJ55qKM.html

    54. Jake Long

      DDG snapped m.kzsection.info/green/bejne/l6OBp3ufbJ55qKM.html

    55. Jake Long

      Great song m.kzsection.info/green/bejne/l6OBp3ufbJ55qKM.html

    56. Jake Long

      🔥 m.kzsection.info/green/bejne/l6OBp3ufbJ55qKM.html

    57. Jake Long

      Great song m.kzsection.info/green/bejne/l6OBp3ufbJ55qKM.html

    58. Jake Long

      Better than any m.kzsection.info/green/bejne/l6OBp3ufbJ55qKM.html

    59. Jake Long

      Best song out no capm.kzsection.info/green/bejne/l6OBp3ufbJ55qKM.html

    60. Jake Long

      🔥 song m.kzsection.info/green/bejne/l6OBp3ufbJ55qKM.html

    61. Jake Long

      Dope m.kzsection.info/green/bejne/l6OBp3ufbJ55qKM.html

    62. Jake Long

      Good way to love this m.kzsection.info/green/bejne/l6OBp3ufbJ55qKM.html

    63. Alys Ph


    64. Geovanny Llergo

      Who’s the pink guy?

      1. Sandels D


    65. dolimi jotoo

      emma is easily the most likeable internet figure who deserves all the love and success

    66. Chloe Bravo

      She looks like the female version of Timothee Chalamet

    67. Grumpy

      Thats effin Hot...I guess she's all grown up now.

    68. Shanaaz Fredericks

      We ALL know its timothee BAHAHHA

    69. oops

      i don’t LOVE the tail but other than that she looks amazing

    70. bugontheice

      Emma looks like she could be a Farmiga sister.

    71. Allison kirby

      Who was the makeup and hair artist!

    72. Sascha

      She looks like sisters with Nicky Hilton

    73. R 25

      WHO is that guy in the pink T-shirt ???

      1. Sandels D


    74. Devyn C

      it was timothee chalamet

    75. J

      WHO? I wonder if people realize how little the public care. I'm young and I've never heard of this person. Who cares?

      1. Lizzy Giggles

        Then why are you watching this video? Your comment makes literally no sense lol

    76. Kenzie’s World

      She was DEFINITELY talking about Timothy chalmet

    77. Agostina Welti Arrom


    78. BankaiKiller

      This chick is weird dude...

    79. •Lizzy •

      “wait I don’t have friends..” 😭😭

    80. Lillia

      I love emma, I'm so proud of her

    81. kaley s.

      Omg she looks like Katniss Everdeen

    82. Gp Mr

      What did she wear??

    83. Amber Spade


    84. Sertap Yılmaz


    85. Ghost

      She's too skinny. Girls with some meat on them look better.

    86. misolou fout

      goodness Emma is so stunning regardless of everyone's opinions on the outfit, shes a beautiful, real human

      1. Sertap Yılmaz


    87. Crystal Ramos

      She definitely said Timothee Chalamet LOL

    88. xAmeliq ts🎗

      Emma: If any one calls me Emma im gonna be offended 2 seconds later Everyone screaming EMMAAA!!!!

    89. Alex

      Why is she the only decent influencer!!

      1. misolou fout

        “I’ve been tell my family and friends- Wait I don’t have any friends,so just my family”-Emma Chamberlain

    90. Celebrity Angle

      timothee chamalent

    91. Johanna Thorkelsdottir

      Not me crying because of how far she's come

    92. 9A-11-Reem Rafiq

      Was nikkie doing her makeup ??

    93. OTP

    94. Tracy Johnson

      Is anyone else just so proud of her?? Goosebumps. She is a stunning person.

      1. Sertap Yılmaz


    95. Chelsea Okyere

      She said “Timothee Chalamet” at 1:53