DIY Twin Axe!

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    1. Mike S

      By adding the two together he increased the cutting surface area, reducing the effectiveness of the axe.

      1. kent david


      2. 0001 Subject

        @Madason not only as a weapon but as a utility tool. It went from a versatile tool to a "firewood splitter" only tool.

      3. Madason

        So I'm not the only who knows about weapon design

    2. Phantom Uchiha

      Weapon Type: Twin Axe Damage: 200 Mobility: 60 Fire Rate: 10 Durability: 120 Info: This axe has been smith by the very well handmade but unfortunately this weapon has a very low mobility and really heavy (somehow very cool with the cut of the math symbol)

    3. 220grizz

      "Damn dude what did you get hit by?" "Oh you know a axe that’s built like a call of duty cross hair"

      1. Costantly k

        @BearMeatTaco Try reading again, bro.

      2. T0PHATJ3FF

        @BearMeatTaco ?

      3. voxari

        @BearMeatTaco ?

      4. BearMeatTaco

        Bro so brainwashed he couldn’t say “cross”

    4. Lynx Witch

      Your welding is so good !! 🤩 I miss welding honestly

    5. Carlos Mota

      Ideia 💡 genial, parabéns.

    6. Sahil Verma

      Shopkeeper: So you want one or two Him: Yes Edit: Thankyou all for the likes 👍🏻

      1. Dimpi Kumari


      2. Shah Wajahatali

        @balibalibro apà

      3. SoupVR

        @balibalibro wut

      4. balibalibro

        Great know the axe have low quality products :v because it's not usefull, it's have problems with aero dynamic

      5. SoupVR

        @Mikolaj Chrapek same bro

    7. Chris Townsend

      It would be great in a homemade wood splitter!!!! Awesome

    8. Jay

      There actually a reason Axe's aren't made like that. It's been tried. It won't actually chop a solid log. The force of the axe head during impact is distributed along too much of an area. Making it likely to just get stuck and not cut all the way through. It's the same principal as the bed of nails, you can't walk on one but you can walk on 100

    9. Unknown Hero

      Me wood chop in Skyrim: What the hell this take a years

      1. Dalton Farley

        @Skyler Martinez I speak left

      2. Dayanad Rathid

        @Dalton Farley gGGV

      3. HiTroy

        @Skyler Martinez if you read it in an Italian accent it’s correct

      4. Skyler Martinez

        Speak right next time

      5. Skyler Martinez


    10. Junqin Cai

      You need to have high strength and even higher accuracy in order to use this axe to its fullest potential. Only a direct hit right in the center of the log will split 4 equally sized logs

    11. DeezalDad

      It's actually pretty tough to cut through that kind of steel. It takes a while even with a good cut off wheel. Thanks for the video. The axe head is on upside down.

      1. DeezalDad

        @Bruni got it, thanks for your time 👊

      2. Bruni

        He probably did it so that people would comment that it's on upside down, thus boosting engagement

    12. Timothy Higgins

      I could see this being useful on pine. I'd try it. Split wood for years, think pine would work. Dried out a tiny bit.

    13. why...

      "how to make useless ax looking medieval mace"

      1. BHruaia Aziel

        Its not useless since he can split the lumber in 4 pieces in 1 swing

      2. Pashalis Bouroudis

        So I am not the only one thinking "he just made a mace the wrong way"

    14. Garrett Scott

      Glad this person actually does a full bead when welding this. For someone on KZsection videos it's almost impossible for people to do full beads when make videos like this but he does full beads

    15. The Burrito Monkey

      Yes, this was developed long ago. It's called a mace and functioned much better

    16. TReXcuRRy

      Heh, there's a reason why this contraption is not a thing. It's easy to align your swing sideways, but hard to align it further/closer from you. You would rarely cut it in 4 equal quarters with this..! Also, last minute you put the head upside down bro! Cool music tho 🤣

      1. Ssddf1

        This video is cool but mine is way cooler

      2. Alex Nope

        That explains why the wood was already split

      3. i1KiCK1BUTT

        @Scrap Maw you would waste all your energy trying to swing that thing best use something sharp and lighter.

      4. Scrap Maw

        It's better for an apocalypse 😂

      5. Fonz Torres

        I'm not the only one then...

    17. Ryan Robinson

      "You can't reinvent the wheel." This guy: *reinvents the flanged mace by just turning it sideways*

    18. No Name

      I have a lot of questions about this axe... but the most important question, which is often applicable to all DIY/Life Hacks, sounds like this - why complicate with a normal thing that already normal works?

    19. Kevin

      Did this to my log splitter and it works great.

    20. Георгий Олейников

      I like it so much when DIYers come up with difficulties for themselves, and then heroically fight them.

    21. crab

      I thought they were gonna make a double headed axe, but this is still pretty cool


      So we not talking about how insane those welds are

    23. Mikey

      People like to hate but I only see a passionate guy that have fun building and exploring new things. Keep up your works man💪

    24. BSB Gaming

      Those welds my good sir are just candy to my eyes so perfect

    25. Moody Dude

      Yes, I can totally do this myself, at home.

      1. Matias Nicolas

        @Blobb2013 If you can do this already, you don't need the tutorial

      2. Blobb2013

        Well, some ppl have a welder and angle grinder at home... just because you cant do it doesnt mean anybody else cant do it 🤷 Maybe learn to do some shit yourself other than spending your time on the shitter with your smartphone 😅

      3. Matias Nicolas

        Just saw the title lol

    26. Aulia Kariman

      Atk : +110 Vit : +24 Agi : -5 Special effect : every 5 second you will give extra damage to opponent, if their type is Plant and Brute animal it gives you +50 extra damage

    27. Littlemetermac Gamer

      I think it'd worm good for splitting logs if you were to use a sledgehammer on the bigger logs and still do it normally on the smaller.

    28. Ven

      Still waiting for the part where I can DIY this at home.

      1. yawn

        i mean you can, the tools used are really basic lmao

    29. ye boi fidel snips 22 ya got the sznit,el

      Damn those are some quality welds. Impressive

    30. Badger

      The welds are very rough, probably won't hold for long. Axe head is literally upside down, driving a metal piece puts too much strain on wood for a binder between the handle and head so it's probably gonna snap, looks overall decent but has a lot of flaws.

    31. Taylor Moser

      Now that’s some welding! I see so many people just tacking everything together cause they can’t actually weld and drives me nuts!

    32. Ushakov.

      1) Площадь соприкосновения больше - больше силы нужно прилагать чтобы разрубить бревно. 2) на маленькие дощечки аккуратно больше не порубишь, мешает эта херня. 3) Теперь передняя часть сильно тяжелее части которая держится на рукоятке. 4) больше не порубишь ветки или ствол маленького дерева. 5) неудобно точить 6) выглядит убого 7) уверен не практично и не крепко. 8) травмоопасно Вердикт: ху-е-та

    33. william gray

      For once someone that can actually weld in one of these videos lol

    34. Dilligaf1622

      Damn those are some beautiful welds ❤️

    35. Сергий Казанцев

      "Голь на выдумки хитра"! До чего только не додумается творческий человек - ради того, чтобы упростить свой труд подобными изобретениями!

    36. Ultimate Crusader

      This will be less effective with cutting hard material. So kinda impractical but looks pretty cool.

    37. Muskets Rule

      Mmmm yes a diy that everyone can do at home finally

    38. MR

      AWESOME! Beautiful work.

    39. Ekko bellick

      I dont think thats a twin axe, it looks like a mixture between an axe and a mace. Its an effiecient calvary weapon though. Pretty good from horseback to infantryman

    40. Paul Irwin

      Quality. Your welding deserves a “thumps up” mention too!

      1. Paul Irwin

        @Just Some Guy with Grasses On Very Wrong plus, if it wasn’t made of two inanimate axes, the whole process would have been far too shocking, very violent and brutal. At least the end product was functional and “looked the part”. Another win for form AND function. Hooray! 👏🏻👏🏽👏🏿👏🥳

      2. Just Some Guy with Grasses On Very Wrong

        Disregarding the butchering of two functional axes, he literally put the axe head on upside down.

    41. Datboi23

      Yeah, I’d rather just forge it than mig weld it together, because that will severely reduce the overall durability of the head.

    42. Pol Ling

      Мало, мало топоров. Надо три! На 1 мегалях! Ждём!

    43. 한국어

      Knight from medieval: (Asks to make him a mace) This guy:

      1. SB19XA'TIN

        Renaissance is shaking

    44. Am0

      Must be a pain to grind, but boy is it cool looking. Looks like an axe version of a germanic mace

    45. star light

      Out standing idea 💡very functional, great👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

    46. Jhm

      Finally a video where they actually weld 2 pieces together and not tack it all the way

    47. User

      Видео о том как из двух хороших топоров сделать бесполезную какашку

      1. Bill Miller

        In Russia, bike ride you

      2. JR Hackman

        I want that cutting wheel. Cuts it like butter and never wears out.

      3. Friday of 13

        Он на просмотрах срубил бабла уже как 100 топоров таких))

      4. Joseph Anderson

        Love you guys

      5. ToxicGaming

        Доктору дью

    48. Mr 101

      Good welding job my man!

    49. Banom Non

      A mi gusto si las aletas van un poco más atrás del filo sería más funcional

    50. HairlessCat 645

      I know he has his reasons and what not but seeing the flux core being used instead of solid core just makes me cringe. At least he cleans it up really good

    51. PASH

      Brings a whole new meaning to *two for one*

    52. Хамзат Магомадов

      Процесс работы снят великолепно!! А само изделие-пшик!! Респект за работу!!

      1. АК-78

        Кто то любит говно в красивой обертке, а для кого то важно содержимое... 😏

      2. Хамзат Магомадов

        @Ruslanvgarage Garagnyi Респект ему за операторскую работу имеется ввиду!! Снято великолепно!! Сьёмка отличная,подача материала коротко,лаконично,красиво снято!! Речь об этом!! Изделие хлам и бесполезное по производительности!!

      3. Хамзат Магомадов

        @АК-78 Респект за операторскую работу!! Великолепно снято!! Видео(полное),есть в инете-скукота!! А тут просто,лаконично,красиво снято,операторская работа и съемки на высоте!!

      4. Хамзат Магомадов

        @patricio Как он одел,не одел-Не Важно!! Для меня точнее не важно!! Работа снята великолепно,монтаж шикарный! Само изделие-полное дерьмо по производительности!! Я видел полное видео этой работы-скучно и нудно!! А тут-коротко,красиво,операторская работа на высоте!!

      5. patricio

        Он еще голову топора наоборот надел

    53. Khloe Rabnta

      That’s actually brilliant 👏

    54. Adlawan Family

      This is a cool idea but you hung the axe upside-down. Your axe will be flying off shortly. You need to shape the handle first

    55. Vi and Cupcait

      Ah yes. The DIY using tools I have no idea about to make an axe I have no use for other than decoration.....Now to find out where to get these things and a reason to use it

    56. Zac

      The ultimate wood splitter Any other function of an axe is gone though

    57. doge breads for free

      Him:makes stuff Also him: keeping it in the 'never going to use stuff"

    58. CrusaderClarkII

      It's like a weapon from medieval age. AWESOME! 😳

      1. Abu Lahab

        @CrusaderClarkII A+ on the edit above.

      2. CrusaderClarkII

        @Abu Lahab just got fast type comment. 😅

      3. Abu Lahab

        “medivial”??? Edit before you impulsively post!

    59. ChavaTRuka

      Muy DIY, ahorita lo hago con mi soldador y mis herramientas

    60. Paddy

      I like how all these videos say "DIY" when we clearly dont have a steel grinder knocking about.....

      1. Waldo

        Get a workshop! What the hell!!!!!