Desert Storm - The Air War, Day 1 - Animated

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    17th January 1991 - Operation Desert Storm begins. The largest military alliance in 50 years moves to liberate Kuwait, beginning with a massive "Shock and Awe" air assault on Iraq on Day 1. 2775 sorties are conducted against strategic Iraqi targets in the first 24 hours of the Air War.

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    Desert Storm Air War: The Aerial Campaign against Saddam's Iraq in the 1991 Gulf War -

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    1. The Operations Room

      This was a VERY big effort. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed producing this for you. It would be awesome if you'd all Like and leave a comment, it would really help get this video out there!

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        I 3b'gn

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        Good simple animation and clear, concise narration. Splendidly done!

      3. BuckyDent45ACP

        Excellent work. My hat is off to you sir.

      4. MVHiltunen

        Hmm. The study material and descriptions I've seen used in West Point, when they study this operation, is quite clearly inferior in quality.

      5. Some Dood

        Really awesome videos, love the amazing detail! I was wondering, is there any way for me to watch the Tomahawk missile hitting the Ministry of Defense building you talk about at 9:50?

    2. Combo_RC

      At 14:36 - the idea to use drowns to activate the SAM radar was the idea of the Israeli air force.. They were the first one to drowns at 1981 war....

    3. Ryan S

      After watching two videos I have fallen in love with your channel! Keep it up. 😀😀

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      Great detail, incredible information, keep the great work!

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      7yr old me: poking a wasp nest with a stick The wasps:

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      rather read a book about it...What was so Great about this READING.. video?

    7. Indian Tourister

      Bin laden didn't like Aircraft flying over Mecca and Madina

    8. Wingman46

      the us military is terrifying..

    9. Zachariah Morris

      The Mig 29 was a so call "F-15 killer" We seen how well that played out. 102-0 in air to air combat!!! The Eagles and Strike Eagles are so damn badass. Built in the 70s and the only plane in the sky that can match them is the F22.

    10. x 1

      You know what? I become really want to play modern version of Europa Universalis / Heart in Irons.

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    12. Klaus Eisenheim

      And Iran, China and Russia think they can mess with us, and the coalition forces?…Lol!!!

    13. Sam Schellhase

      9:50 is there any link to that? That’s got to be scary as fuck, seeing the flame of a missile fly past and blow up in a different building down the street

    14. Military Veteran Gaming

      Awesome Video!

    15. J S

      Excellent work! I flew off the Kennedy (CV-67) from the Red Sea(Intruders). I remember most of the details but it was nice seeing the big picture with the animation. One airfield I did not see on your map was Mudaysis. We bombed the living hell out of that airfield.

    16. Sour Kraut

      I laughed when the gun opened fire on the chaff a second time 😆

    17. SlowMotion

      Do you have a iraq shock and awe video? That would be awesome. If you don’t please make one.

    18. Rick Bourne

      You need to do Afghanistan 2021, as painful as that will be to watch.

    19. BlueBoy0316

      Down with the media.

    20. Janis Joplin

      Well done. If I wasn't there on the real day one, I would believe the narrative our "leaders" have given the GP.

    21. Matt Clarkson

      There are 3800 dislikes on the video..... probably Saddam's forces.

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      Noice I’m subbed btw

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      The amount of Planes is comically hilarious while still being powerful

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      fine ive watched it...stop recommending it for me

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      What software are you using to make these? They're amazing

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      How did nobody crash into one another lol

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      Great video

    28. samsoulee

      I can't even imagine how much this cost

    29. Mike Wilson

      This was in 1991! China has no chance in the Indo Pacific confrontation

    30. MeTaz

      Well done. Am a new fan

    31. Varun Shah VO-TV

      I want to join air force to kill after watching this video

    32. يَآسيَن ٳلہقـًيہسہيہ

      I have always wondered, in 1982 A similar situation have occurred with the "falklands war" it could be even worse because it was Argentina invading a part of Britain Itself, not an ally of Britain. imagine Iraq invading Alaska or Guam. Yet the British didn't Bomb buenos aires or force a harsh embargo for a Decade or Slaughter the retreating argentine army or Invade Argentina 12 years later . even with the fact that British casualties suffered during the Falklands were way way more than desert storm, still Argentina didn't get 5% of the Bad treatment that Iraq got. wonder why !

    33. jonesy97

      I was loading bombs on F-111F's from RAF Lakenheath (USAF) based at the time in Taif, Saudi Arabia ALL NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT! My load crew and I loaded 352,500 lbs of live munitions by the time the war ended a month and a half later. 883 bombs. That's just from one 3-man load crew, on one shift, from one base. So just imagine all the other crews doing the same thing on their aircraft, scattered all over the country! When most of the prime targets early in the war, we were loading 500 lb. GBU-12/B's to blast the shit out of Iraqi tanks in the open desert. Talk about overkill. Our wing destroyed 952 tanks, APC's, and other various types of armor. It was a slaughter. As it should be. Loved this video, btw. Packed with all the detail that makes it great. Thanks for doing these, and all the obvious hard work, and crazy amount of research! It is worth it! Well done, Ops Room!

    34. briggs hayward

      Amazing job. Thanks a bunch for making it man

    35. Silver

      I am learning a lot about history that is getting to be more and more relavent. I wish history classes would properly teach these newer conflicts.

    36. Loo Gaming

      A Scud Ballistic Missile Factory wait... I remember that mission

    37. Jacob Reynolds

      Had no idea there was this many planes

    38. Even.Ways Music

      The amount of airpower sent is just unbelievable. It isn't even fair lol. I just have one question which is aimed at anyone: Why could this amount of power and ground power be sent in 1991 but no where near this amount for Afghanistan?

    39. Thetequilashooter1

      Brilliant video! Great job.

    40. Varun Huidrom

      This is fuckin' overkill!!!

    41. Jerm

      I remember that on tv when i was a kid. They called the first phase shock 'n awe.

    42. Murtaza Alam

      This right here is the power of employing first-mover advantage, in this case the doctrine of Informationized Warfare. Now we shall wait and see who does so first with AI.

    43. Man of Culture

      2:10 if you look closely you can see the first pair of f117s just taking off at the bottom of the screen

    44. Cascito

      21:24 what happened to that poor F-15 🤔🤔🤔

      1. FRANMAS

        Mig-25 However that pic is from the 2003 invasion. Saddam hid many fighters in the sand thinking that the 2003 war was going to be just like desert storm and he was going to stay in power

    45. Cascito

      9:00 FNN 🤣🤣

    46. Ulf Häger

      It’s actually insane how much effort you have put into this. Truly amazing

    47. Craven Moorehead

      Fantastic video mate

    48. Alfred Morency

      This video gives me a craving to dust off my copy of the game Harpoon 97.

    49. downpicking

      I have a cousin who was a tank operator in an M1A1 Abrams tank during desert storm.

    50. Adam B

      Really seems like the anti-American/anti-western types are out in force in the comments the past few weeks.

    51. samlkay

      Your animation is incredible.

    52. torbillgren

      Good work, but the music is utterly annoying and pointless.

    53. Lucky Charm

      Now imagine if America was at war with China or Soviet and how the animated visual would look like.

    54. ugadawgs1990

      The Japanese surrendered on the USS Missouri. What a ship!

    55. Rusty

      Came back after the Afganistan accident to remember what it was like when America kicked ass

    56. (Reaction Channel) The Eastern Block Immigrant

      So, where's THIS U.S.A and it's allies against the Taliban ?

    57. Emanuel Crespo

      Dam this was great!!!

    58. Allan

      Yeah all very exciting but i don't believe anybody here understand the horror the civilians must have felt

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      Please do a video on the battle of jutltand. Love the videos!

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    61. xxxYYZxxx

      The damn military itself could use this fine video for training purposes.

    62. fastacker2

      I find it amazing that the Apaches could waltz right in at the opening of the war and completely destroy the radar sites like that. Damn!

    63. John Merton

      Did you send a copy of this to china for them to study?

    64. Trevelyn Swander

      Very informative! Thank you!

    65. Roland the thompson gunner

      Calling this a war is an insult to actual wars. Iraq had no chance.

    66. Gary Vallone

      For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son in that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

    67. Plutoid Federal Navy

      video starts: "seven b52 bombers take off from barks dale airforce base in Louisiana" me: bruh i lived there on that base for a year and still live in Louisiana

    68. xxmrrickxx

      Awesome overview. I did not know about the drone decoys. As I researched this I realized how brilliant this strategy was. They used BQM-74C drones that were developed for target practice. This particular variant was the first with a programmable autopilot to allow the drone to circle over the SAM sites. Mounting the drones on a pylon and using them beyond their intended function seems to have been total ingenuity.

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    70. Andrew Mills

      Its a terrible Turkey shoot :(

    71. Jordan

      Can you, even for a second, imagine being some guy that has been in the military for 20 years and your commander calls you like, "Hey, there's 20 American B-52 bombers coming towards your base," and you're just like, "Say sike right now."

    72. visiter1

      This is amazing, well done puts alot of TV to shame

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      incredible video

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      I think this is what is known as a "Turkey shoot".

    75. Pusheen the Cat

      The amount of force shown in this video makes me feel proud to live in America. We are very good at doing our job while looking like a badass at the same time

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      This is just incredible, love your videos, keep up the good work👏👏👏💪

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      amazingly explained and well produced

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      My god, the quality and detail is impressive. Well done sir.

    79. Thebeanman99

      The fact that a single nation can cause a war just by producing a little more oil is stupid. Cough cough UAE.

    80. hannibal4190

      Kuwait is a part of Iraq

      1. James Smallwoods

        No it isn’t

    81. Rudawg S

      Awesome narration of events.... While wars are NOT the answer and any loss of life is bad; I did enjoy your recount of the events during the the air campaign in Desert Storm.

      1. J gw

        Wars are not the answer. So Kuwait should have been abandoned to Iraqi invasion then? Please share with us oh great master your amazing peaceful solutions to all things. How do we talk down the Nazis as well while your at it?

    82. James robbo

      wow they got shit on.

    83. Charles Johns

      Stop all wars!

    84. Dancing Tiger

      I watch this whenever I am bored, the scale and detail of Desert Storm series is fantastic

    85. Joshua Wood

      good god, they didnt stand a chance

    86. nebulae87

      The USS Missouri and the USS Wisconsin are badass as fk. Those ships served in WW2 and are now firing tomahawks in desert storm 50 years later! Crazy.

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    96. Tri Nguyen

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    97. Senator Armstromg

      An absolute massacre of the enemy forces like this has to be more than just an operation. It was a demonstration. And it succeeded splendidly

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      Gulf War was astonishing. US surprised the world with it's technologies.

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