Dave Salmoni Scares Jimmy Kimmel with Wild Animals

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Dave unnerves Jimmy by bringing out various wild animals. Johnny Knoxville's presence makes Jimmy even more nervous.

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    1. Russell

      Johnny Knoxville is the perfect guest for this. He's actively trying to get hurt while Jimmy is cowering in fear.

      1. MisterD90 Gaming

        i dont watch any of these for the host, i like the cool animals and the handlers

      2. JonathanYT ;)

        I mean he is staring in Jackass. So he’s used to danger!!

      3. Stellra52

        you can tell he's really itching to pet that crocodile.😂

      4. EliTe

        @Oatmealman i mean he has hes own show so i guess ur wrong and second of nobody came for knoxville they came for the animals..

      5. Kirbo The Wirbo

        why would he be scared of floppa

    2. extendus

      I love how Jimmy is absolutely terrified while Johnny Knoxville doesn't even fear god himself.

      1. Fixedprobably

        @Rony Asare Bediako nop. There's elements and their quest to achieve stability. So if you wanna call chemistry higher power, then be my guest.

      2. Rony Asare Bediako

        @Fixedprobably so you think there’s no higher power?

      3. Rony Asare Bediako

        @Professor Oak ok so you think, the earth, I’m not going to say coincidentally but magically formed and gradually became solid and molecules and atoms formed creating water and mountains and ridges formed from nowhere and all of a sudden trees came up and boom humans came in through good old evolution 🌈 if that theory can be made sensible by scientists and that out of all the billions of galaxies we are the only ones with life smh

    3. Oborosen

      I just love how relaxed and ready to face anything, touch anything, pet anything and generally do anything around these animals. That Johnny is willing and able to do.

      1. CNB NEWS

        4:37 Floppa Comes.

      2. JonnyHardApples

        @Off My Meds They are around people a lot. They are trained for doing tours and stuff like this usually because they can not be released into the wild for various health or domestication issues.

      3. Off My Meds

        It’s because the animals are drugged up for the show. Or else they would’ve been torn into.

    4. Joseph O' Hara

      I love that Johnny Knoxville loves animals so much he doesn't care if he gets mauled horrifically on a chatshow. That's a real animal lover right there.

    5. ZmanVlog

      Johnny: *Has a long list of health issues because of Jackass* Also Johnny: *Taunts an alligator*

    6. Michelle Despres

      Dave Salmoni trying to protect the animals from Johnny 😂

      1. Lil Uminati

        i low key wanna see johnny fight a nile croc

      2. Roxas DVG


      3. beenaatlee


    7. Bryan Serafin

      I like how he’s trying to protect Johnny, but Johnny could care less about getting hurt.

    8. Bicth

      I loved when floppa just wanted to burrow behind his handler in the chair

    9. Banana Animations

      I love how the Floppa has a petco harness, tooootally not like domesticated cats

    10. Edward Billa

      Johnny rocks. I love how intrigued with each animal he is. Made a cool guest.

    11. D the Savage Schwenker

      You can tell Dave was annoyed yet scared for Johnny's actions during this whole segment

      1. Veselin

        @JOC 966 he's not childish, he just seems to love pain. He made jackass after all, a show about getting severely injured in a thousand different ways just for fun

      2. Choi Marquez

        He has trauma from Jackass 💀

      3. Paperkutchy

        @Leaness 98 he's a guy that got rammed by bulls for sketches. Yeah Johnny is kinda fearless as far animals go. Dave is probably more worried about Johnny freaking out the animal and it going berserk... on someone else.

    12. Bean

      5:31 i like how when he says “when he sees something he wants to eat” and just stares at the camera man for a second.

    13. c4

      "they're not like domestic cats" caracal legit does everything a domestic cat does and acts like one just a bit more protective

    14. trinity106

      Johnny is the perfect guest for this guy. What a champ

    15. Shammi ahmed

      jimmy is genuinely freaked out i can feel his pain right there😂

    16. Meghan Helms

      It's baffling to me that Johnny Knoxville has survived this long.

      1. TOM C.

        Jackass 4? I can't wait, those guys are crazy stupid hilarious! lol

      2. Mamodokod

        And now freaking Jackass 4 is being filmed. It's the best man I'm so hyped.

      3. TOM C.

        Except his last one! lol

      4. Thunderwolf207 Summit

        I know, but i think we should state the same about Steve O.

      5. FedUpBoy

        It's his disregard for his mortality that keeps him feeling young, in short, Knoxville enjoys life better than most.

    17. Britney

      His reaction to the animals are hilarious!😅

    18. KAPE BG

      Him : when he actually see something he thats what he wants to eat Cat : Looks at the camera man...

    19. Background Character

      “When he sees something he wants to eat” Floppa: *terrifyingly looking at the audience*

    20. platinum skys

      i love how Johnny was just trying to cause trouble and get hurt lol

    21. E

      Finally a guest who isn’t stupidly scared of every animal

      1. extendus

        @Ashlee Getting hurt is Johnny's whole thing

      2. Alex

        @Messie Tucker it is, of course as long as youre smart

      3. Emilia Steilsson

        Well it’s Johnny Knoxville..

      4. Green Taigo

        I'm pretty sure being scared of wild predators is just survival instinct. I doubt Johnny Knoxville has any survival instinct left tho lmao

      5. BabaTV

        Right like “trying to be funny scared” when it’s really cringy to watch …

    22. JustAnAverageEggGamer

      5:32 is still my fav thing on this whole channel

    23. aloneandannoyed

      Caracals are are my favorite mid-small wildcat species

    24. Tokamac

      Idc, I love Johnny he's absolutely a treasure to human kind XD

    25. M Path

      I can't believe they got a real Johnny Knoxville on the show

    26. Tallis Keeton

      sweet kitty :) I would love to get such a thing, big enough to protecting the house and small enough to be snuggled with humans on armchair like we see here with this guy :)

    27. Caitlin Paine

      There was a lesser anteater at a summer camp I went to who was known for liking shoes. At one point he tried to take my shoe off my foot and dug his claws in so hard that I had a bruise on the top of my foot for over a month. He was a sweetheart tho so I didn’t care that much lol

    28. Asta La Vista

      I love how the most replayed moment is when floppa comes out

    29. Michael Antonio

      0:21 Johnny Knoxville looks like he's constantly hiding so much pain.

    30. Faux Lady

      “Dave Salmoni keeping Johnny Knoxville from losing a hand for 9 minutes”

      1. PlatinumBeast

        I liked because I wanted to be number 6000. You're welcome.

      2. Angelique424

        you guys are hating on jimmy but like if youre scared youre scared. it is what it is, im sure youve got fears too.

      3. William Quantrill

        @Gifted Introvert its more funny when hes scared

      4. Gifted Introvert

        @lovelyrosebw right hes childish as hell smh lol

      5. The Fallout Phoenix

        @No One i wouldve pet every animal there even the croc

    31. Jo Lutz

      Johnny's a legend!

    32. GabPlayGamerZz

      I love how the crocodile not moving

    33. Malice

      I like how Johnny Knoxville doesn't scream, yell, and obnoxioisly freak out like other guests do to be funny for the audience that could freak out the animals as well.

    34. Edward Hines

      Johnny Knoxville and wild animals has the potential for havoc 🤣

    35. V XXIII

      Dave: "Caracals make terrible pets" Russians: "нет"

      1. me

        Floppa is cool

      2. Titan PG3D

        @mcdezzy no het means no

      3. Titan PG3D

        @Ultra Kaiju of destruction yup

      4. Titan PG3D

        @Sad Sponge it doesent. It means no

      5. Jimmy Playz

        SHUT UP *DAD, I LOVE FLOPPAS (no hes not my dad)*

    36. The King Floppa

      It was an honor to meet you Jimmy Kimmel

    37. Kay Fey

      I love toucans and caracals are some of my favorite cats!!

    38. Christopher Zobel

      Johnny Knoxville is so brave 👍🏻😎

    39. Icytiger

      Me remembering the meme about this caracal and the camera man😂😂

    40. Floppa

      Jimmy Kimmel is so famous he made it on the Big Floppa show

      1. KevinGamer

        @Xray sus

      2. El_bobby

        @Xray disrespect to the meme >:(

      3. real beanos 2

        @Xray I cannot believe you would say such a thing

      4. Hitler(?) gaming

        @Phagnabot about @Xray said "its not big floppa is Caracal"

      5. Hitler(?) gaming

        @jaxe imagine being most easy beat boss ever 5000 hp moment (No headless count)

    41. rad

      johnny: starts petting floppa dave: be very careful ok...

    42. Actually, my good sir...

      8:26 don't ever do this. The animal guy said his striking distance is literally his body size away.

    43. Ethan Emerson

      The caracal seems so friendly.

    44. Vinsmoke Yonji

      4:36 legendary moment🥳💫

    45. The Chad

      "When he actually sees something he wants to eat" *Looks at the camera terrifyingly*

      1. Ixqzuin

        Cameraman: 😥

      2. Randy Roberts

        yo i was like 😂😂😂


        We can only hope

      4. Joseph Clemmons


    46. Treyx

      "These might look like a good pet, but they are quite aggressive." Raise a Floppa Exists

    47. Abisal tacticz

      "When he sees something he wants to eat" The cameraman:*oh no*

    48. MonsetOnALeash

      5:30 "When he sees something he wants to eat, very few things can get away from it" *Proceeds to look into your soul*

    49. Alexander Babjak

      "when he sees what he wants to eat, very fue things can get away" *looks at camera*

    50. Y2K

      "they're not like domestic cats" he says while floppa does literally everything a domestic cat would do

      1. doge guy king

        @Bemused Bandersnatch So you are eluding to never buy a cat, because if so the world would be a better place for my nose, eyes and ears.

      2. Murfee Kyle Abelenia

        It's a calacal no floppa, But sure if your a floppa player.

      3. Avarren

        yaaaaaassssssss i whant one

      4. Nelson Tejada

        Floppa epic

      5. WinnieGamerz

        That’s only Floppa, no other caracal.


      Fun fact: Seeing that Floppa in real life. It was really cool!

    52. Hunter the hunter slime

      As a wise man once said "The flop don't stop"

    53. Robin w

      i hold my breath when Johnny did that

    54. Lil Fred

      "can i throw a berry at it" I dont think that's a bird johnny haha

    55. Heather G

      "It's not like a normal cat" - as it snuggles and steals his seat like a normal cat

      1. Lord Rat Hut

        How dare you refer to Big Floppa as an it

      2. Sir Charles The lll

        It’s not a normal cat it’s big floppa

      3. Johnathon Spade

        He/she wasn't snuggling. He/she was trying to hide. He/she is probably really freaked out by the show.

      4. Bintang Haryo

        Big Floppa

      5. typical

        Adek you ruined the joke

    56. FN Cinder

      5:32 “When he sees something he wants to eat” *looks at cameraman*

    57. Angelo in YT

      The moment that you actually waited 4:37

    58. Max

      jimmy's thoughts: I'm scared Johnnys thoughts: how do I piss it off?

    59. Franky

      "Ou I know, let's invite Johnny Knoxville as a guest out of all ppl" lmfaooo

    60. Brooklyn Brohat

      I love how the only animal that scares Dave is Johnny

      1. Fred A

        Because he doesn't respect boundaries. Ignorance like Johnny is why so many wild animals are killed just for protecting themselves from what they percieved as danger.

      2. Rayne Michelle

        @Nosferatu lol

      3. Nosferatu

        @Rayne Michelle no he means tired

      4. Rayne Michelle

        @Dion Shelby Do you mean wary? Weary means tired.

      5. Kriskazam

        @Dion Shelby thats the joke

    61. Moon Shoos

      johnny Knoxville seems extremely good with animals. I'm guessing That's because he's been moderately and severely injured by them a lot.

    62. Kai Notebook

      When the cameraman forgets his invisibility potion.

    63. ꧁𝔽𝕦𝕞𝕠𝕜𝕚꧂

      "When he sees what he wants to eat he-" the camera man 😳

    64. kowareta | sensei

      the toucan is so adorable

    65. FunkSwayed

      Dangerous object: exists Johnny Knoxville: imma touch it

      1. FFC Network

        @Hot Babe PFFT

      2. DJ's NoBoDy Cares!


      3. Pedro Marquez

        Coyote Peterson: i will do it too

      4. Terry In Da Chat

        imagine if that guy would've pushed Johnny in front of that Crocodile lol

      5. The Bits and Bops Shop

        He's not a wimp like Kimmel.

    66. Uma Som

      Love the Caracal ❤️

    67. Cool vinceky

      I love he says '' oh no no "

    68. Kane

      Jimmy:if he see something he wants to eat The camera man:😳

    69. My name is Oversteer, Torque Oversteer

      “Crevasses and things”, and Johnny goes “heh, heh”.

    70. thesunisup_

      “Obviously they are not like domestic cats” Floppa: proceeds doing the cat thing

      1. Kurakuraam

        @jaxe u actually can

      2. Dan Marsh

        This comment made me wait three minutes for the caracal to knock Jimmy's phone off the table.

      3. Jayden Dougher

        @jaxe more than one meme.

      4. Nelson Tejada

        Wat da floppa doin?

      5. GunDam_flops

        yay caracal

    71. Rony Asare Bediako

      Dave to Johnny: “bro, help me help you”.

    72. Albert Einstein

      5:32 when he sees something, he wants to eat ! Cameraman : ! Floppa : You look tasty

    73. Ben Robinson

      The animal handler, handled Johnny Knoxville like a dangerous animal.

    74. floppa and bingus

      5:31 dave:when it sees something it wants to eat Floppa:*stares into the camera mans soul*

    75. Paragon Robbie

      Jimmy: **Refuses to touch any animal brought onto the show** Johnny: "I'll put my arm in front of that croc for $20."

      1. Valdomir Soup

        no balls

    76. -Crenile-

      Me : Sees a caracal ( Floppa ) cat in the thumbnail Also me : Ah yes, let's see this video's comment section.

      1. {_KICKENDER_}


    77. DerpySquid4

      "Terrible pets" whenever I see one they are like stupidly well behaved and sweet. Except Plumbober, he's a bit aggressive. But Kimbo, Gosha, Gus, Marx, etc all seem like great animals. I think it's mostly how old it was when you got it, and if you treat it right. Gosha is living like a king and he seems chiller than nearly all housecats Ive met

    78. Natalie

      “Trying to get up and behind me”….😂

    79. Pa Ca

      "Im not gonna pet that thing!" Floppa: So you have chosen death...

    80. 2steezyforyou

      Guys this is so epic big floppa showed up on jimmy kimmel show

      1. DefaultExpert

        @Ronald Reagan Floppa roblox

      2. moxxie

        epok moment👓

      3. TGaming4

        Raise a floppa is so fun

      4. Experiment 53

        @Xray 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

      5. commns