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Czn Burak

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    1. Czn Burak


      1. Joseph Garcia

        God bless you

      2. Maximiliano Centurión

        Bien hecho

      3. Tung Hoang Dinh

        Good bro!😇😇


        Czn burak abimiz adamdır ve iyi biridir

      5. Imrana Kouser

        @Antoni Klimarczyk what? I don't understand u

    2. sarath chandran

      First time I have seen him not smiling, that understands the impact of poverty all over the world.. hats off to u man❤️

      1. Manon

        C’est bien se que t’a fais sa me toucher ❤️❤️❤️😘

      2. Ola Alaa


      3. Elbis Peña - Soy Cantante Pop💔

        ❤ may you fulfill your dreams greetings from Colombia 😎🤖

      4. Michelle Tanjay


    3. Carla Kende


    4. Josy Moreno

      Parabéns meu irmão o mundo precisa de mais pessoas como você, que Deus te abençoe em tudo o que precisar

    5. Света Стародубова

      Доброе сердце-ярче чем солнце!!!

    6. Mr. apex

      This man is an absolute legend ❤

    7. imbadat_thisgamebruh

      Man you actually went there and gave them food, you’re a legend.

      1. Elbis Peña - Soy Cantante Pop💔

        ❤ may you fulfill your dreams greetings from Colombia 😎🤖

    8. Queenin Venessası🦋🍡#200?¿#benQueenim

      Allah israf edeni sevmez... siz ise insanları mutlu ediyorsunuz!🇹🇷

    9. 《°•DARLING•°》      {I Love Neymar Jr}

      Ah be Burak abi...Sen çok iyi kalpli ve özel bir insansın...❤💖 Sevgilerimle...

    10. Him Kay

      I love hearing him tell the boys ahlan wa sahlan. Only people who help others know the meaning of peace and joy.

    11. María Gonzáles

      tiene que ever más gente así como este hombre no sean desperdesidores

    12. Gummicraft 0105

      Por favor, si alguien habla español o lo quieren traducir, nunca en su vida desperdicien comida porque hay gente que no tiene que comer y uno no quiere acabar como ellos... No bajas sin tu like... 😔

      1. Elbis Peña - Soy Cantante Pop💔

        ❤ may you fulfill your dreams greetings from Colombia 😎🤖

      2. Tamyres Mendes

        Yo ablo y compreendo tienes razão

      3. gumball waterson

        mi no speak espanol

      4. Erick Wallis

        es verdad

      5. Allstarsops

        Please if someone speaks Spanish or wants to translate it,never in your life waste food because there are people who don’t have food to eat and you don’t want to end up like them.

    13. Claudia MFlo

      todos debemos ser como el ayuden alas personas ❤

    14. strawberry shortcake

      What an amazing person, the world needs more people like u 🤩

    15. HakuZaku

      This man understands... ...don't be TikTok, be better, be an actual human being

    16. The most beautiful moment of football.

      You are a very respectable person by God. Indeed, from humility to God, he raised him

    17. British-rat

      I love how he actually made it for them all.Its so heartwarming 💕

      1. ember. draws

        I know right he is so nice I hate the food wasters like topper guild

    18. Juan Agustin Farinango Tibanta

      Q buen corazón ❤tienes Czn Burak eres muy amable con lo demás mereces estar en el cielo

      1. Alan ST

        Ya c murio we

    19. Leah Berning

      Bless every kid having a hard time put a smile on their face! God bless all!

      1. lior yunfh

        “There are starving children out there, don’t waste food” This guy: actually feed them

    20. Diego Montel

      Meu Deus, isso foi incrível....

    21. Евсейчик Вероника

      Какой Вы молодец!!!многие людей не ценят пищу просто похабно относятся не понимая смысл что кто то действительно не доедает и действительно ценит каждый кусочек пищи...

    22. Shadman Zawad

      First time I'm seeing his face without a smile

      1. Abelardo Retamoza

        kun iqi 😈😍

      2. Raimundinha Souza

        @Salahiji ❤❤🤲🤲

      3. Hugo orlando Aquino

        @Veldanava kun Ronaldo (:

      4. Shadman Zawad

        @MONA JUNE BONGCAYAO how is this a bad comment? We were concerned #youretoxic


        Maybe leave a nice comment why do guys care a about hes smile so much does it do anything to your life??

    23. Алексей Пономарев

      Большой человек с большим сердцем Молодец брат🔥

    24. Wale Kolade

      Oh this actually made my day. You actually went there and gave to them great job man

    25. Alan Gabriel Eskenazi

      This is one of many reasons that this guy is the best!!!

    26. Χαλήλ Μεσρήν

      Μπράβο ρε άρχοντα .... Ο θεός να σε φυλάξει...

    27. Paci

      Finally, he found the meaning for Respect. This man is a legend

      1. Elbis Peña - Soy Cantante Pop💔

        ❤ may you fulfill your dreams greetings from Colombia 😎🤖

      2. Ashu Mahant


      3. Ikram

        Are u high?

      4. Abdi Khalil

        What are you talking about. The sub doesn't even say respect

    28. lucaochian

      Respect for this man ❤️

    29. Nephinho vlog

      THE MAN with billion heart❤️

    30. Anime TV

      Personas Como el necesitamos en este mundo 😔💫

    31. Quick songs

      A lot of people on tick-tock donate to shelters to look good but this hero fed a whole village while sharing his journey it is the first time I have ever seen him not smiling that showed how much it impacted him and he did something about it

    32. Фатима Тамбиева

      Пусть Аллах вознаградит тебя Burak Özdemir❤️за твоё прекрасное сердце❤️которое при любой возможности старается помочь и принести радость в жизнь людей❤️😭🤗😘💚

      1. Elbis Peña - Soy Cantante Pop💔

        ❤ may you fulfill your dreams greetings from Colombia 😎🤖!

      2. N......😘 Barboza

        Jesus Cristo

      3. Мариам Гасанова

        @adhbrvhhn безстыдник

      4. Salahiji

        ❄️❄️\\\\\PARABEN LINDA festa. Que *((0.9.0 Silite.uNo bom que saiu do jeito que você sempre quis ela estava muito linda eeeee aaa * mamãe também baok meme....**♥️♥️

    33. Semiramis Demirezen

      Abi sana çok saygı duyuyorum bu davranışlarınla herkesin kalbini kazanıyorsun abi helal olsun 👏👏👏

    34. Jose Vivar

      Que lindo personaje que es el.. Un gran corazón es lo que tiene💗 saludos desde chile 💪🇨🇱🐧

    35. Fire🔥Face

      *"But they're hungry!!"* Him: "Not anymore" 🦸

    36. Alessandra Silva Dos santos

      Muito lindo amor pelos povo

    37. 𒊹︎ɪᴛs_Cʟᴜᴇʟᴇss𒊹︎

      I just love how he thought of the poverty around the world , instead of wasting the food like some people do for videos. He made food for the people who mostly need it. Well done

      1. Pratima Heisnam


      2. 𒊹︎ɪᴛs_Cʟᴜᴇʟᴇss𒊹︎

        @TheLonglegend idk but it's his choice really but I'm greatful for him doing that

      3. TheLonglegend

        Why does he only show those type of people because he’s kind of incorrect because not all of them like you gotta take the math test or something

    38. Sidney Gomes

      sou seu fã vc é um ser humano evoluído

    39. josue velez

      This literally brought a tear to my eye God bless you and thank you for your greatness

    40. Tony Morales

      Exelente mi brother, personas como tú muy pocas en éste planeta 👍🤝👏👏👏👏

    41. Luisa

      Eres un ángel para quienes lo necesitan más, Dios te siga bendiciendo!! 🙌❤️ Veo videos donde desperdician comida cuando más pueden ofrecer a quien li necesita pero no lo hacen solo quieren ganar likes

    42. Tpbond

      Bro this guys really said “Hey! There are starving kids in Africa who could have ate that!” Then actually fed starving kids in Africa

      1. SeeТайм

        And when I see ads like send some money to people starving in Africa, I don't actually send them money, I better help my local people.

      2. SeeТайм

        Not only in Africa people starve. It's just a stereotype that people only starve there. Where I live, some people also starve. And this amount of starving people is quite much

      3. Vaul

        He just gave it to starving kids and never mentioned where they were from, the comments did

      4. Elbis Peña - Soy Cantante Pop💔

        ❤ may you fulfill your dreams greetings from Colombia 😎🤖

      5. Gregory f

        @Rosaline Deladem um we’re not generalizing anything, it’s still a fact that there is poverty all around Africa as a whole, no one’s gonna name off all the individual countries that have poverty in Africa because there are quite a bit of African countries that have it

    43. 4inxo T1ymxo

      Ма Ша Аллах1 Бурак . Ты настоящий мужчина, настоящий мусульманин. Да хранит тебя Всемогущий Аллах1.

    44. José Alfonso Mendoza Armenta

      Ese cheff se ganó el cielo que buen corazón tiene 🔥👍

    45. LittleCreamCow

      The first time seeing my Owners Smile it makes me happy.

    46. Irene Saez

      Muy buena persona bro ❤️❤️👏

    47. Нинзя Телепузик

      Единственный чувак который реально съездил и накормил, а не просто снял видос!!! Респект 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

      1. Elbis Peña - Soy Cantante Pop💔

        ❤ may you fulfill your dreams greetings from Colombia 😎🤖

      2. God bless me

        @Yaroslav Mudrui 🤡🤡

      3. God bless me

        @hhhh yes, it's a country.

      4. Лилиана Мхитарян

        @hhhh yes

    48. Soinas Doyi

      Q buen corazón tienes Czn Burak eres muy amable con lo demás mereces estar en el cielo

    49. Bana vr

      why so many dislikes on such a heart warming vid!!!

    50. Carlos Martins


    51. Ariana jocabed Payan cruz

      Es mejor pensar en los pobres y no im pirta el color ❤

    52. Abdul Sultan

      Finally, someone on the Internet who actually uses his frontal cortex.

      1. Elbis Peña - Soy Cantante Pop💔

        ❤ may you fulfill your dreams greetings from Colombia 😎🤖

      2. marlon luna

        @The Man Behind The Slaughter ggtwrhdtv

      3. sarazan


      4. Paola Rojas

        @Michal Hudíček 🙏😇

    53. seqa seqa

      Allah iyi insanları korusun 🤲Azerbaycandan selamlar

    54. Grace Vent

      El mejor vídeo de este hombre :usar sus capacidades donde más lo necesitan🤍 Evidenciar a los que tienen abundancia y solo hacen estupideces.

    55. Светлана Утяшева

      Молодец! Правильно сделал! Лучше людей накормить. Обожаю твои видео.

    56. Аяна Сандакпаа

      Большоой молодец! Человек от Бога! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    57. Abrahan Ladino

      En el mundo no todas las personas son malas un ejemplo es el 💖

      1. Elbis Peña - Soy Cantante Pop💔

        ❤ saludos desde Colombia 😎🤖

      2. Genesis Valentina Velazquez Rodriguez

        Si es cierto dios te bendiga

      3. Ami Leiruz Rossi

        He cierto

    58. 恒骏

      True chef character, I saw his pupils for the first time

    59. glauber barros

      bons exemplos parabens e continue assim DEUS TE PROTEJA

    60. Ali Zeedo

      Man he is soo kind😇💗

    61. nani 2.04

      Que bueno que hay personas que no desperdician y que de lo que tienen dan a los necesitados

    62. Uncle

      He brought back respect. He has earned it. 🥺🥺🥺

      1. Uncle

        @Ayxan lol

      2. Ayxan


      3. Alvin

        106 likes but no comment? Damn!


      Bendiciones 🙏.. y sensatez a las personas inconscientes x favor!!

    64. Pablo Fernandez

      Gracias ...gran labor ...tomemos este ejemplo ...para tomar conciencia ..en un mundo lleno de egos ....cosas como está dan ganas de ver ...después k cada día es más toementoso ... No pierdas las esperanzas..

    65. Lukas Kenny

      En güzel iyilik iyiliğin gizli olanıdır bence Sosyal medyada paylaşarak topluma bilinç kazandırmış olmuyorsunuz.

    66. Erkan bey

      Yüce Allah işlerine selamet versin inşallah

    67. ViralCub

      Man you have a golden heart, I respect you so much. Keep growing, keep helping others. ❤️

    68. Cherry

      You did the right thing man ❤

    69. Sistherswould

      He‘s smiley ist so cute 🥺

    70. Djdhhd Bdbdbdb

      والله انك ابن عز وابن كرم وابن جاه والله يجعلها ميزان نت حسناتك على قد ما قدمت💖💝👑🌺🌷✌☝👍

    71. NGM

      Burak helal olsun sana Allah yardim edene herzaman daha fazla versin

    72. Cheeky Monkeys

      This guys different to the other people who get on this trend, he actually does something about the situation. He doesn’t do it just for the views, he’s a legend.

      1. Chris_the_skip

        He could have done it without filming it if it wasn't just for views. Most people don't get out there camera before helping people, they just do it. Were these people starving, or they just wanted free food?

      2. Uriel Gutierrez

        That's exactly what I was I thinking

    73. Ramyiah

      I love you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💗 THANK YOU LORD FOR SUCH PURE SOULS

    74. Sarah oi Regina

      Que bom saber que ainda este pessoas boas e que pensão no próximo no mundo

    75. Laura Maria

      Personas así Nesesitamos en todo tiempo

    76. حسين / Hussein

      You taught such silly people a big lesson 🤝🏻↗️🔥💙

    77. Hakikathanem

      İsraf haramdır... Helal olsun abimm 🤍

      1. Hakikathanem

        @William Dankworth en zengin kıtası olabilir ama maalesef susuzluktan ölen çocuklar var açlık susuzluk almış başını gidiyor :(

      2. Ruhi Abdurahman Yegul

        @William Dankworth evet biliyorum kardeşim en zengin kaynaklara sahipler. tüm bu elmasları, değerli taşları ve diğer önemli kaynakları Afrika ülkelerinden çalanlar sadece batı ülkeleridir.

      3. William Dankworth

        😂😂😂 I’m Nigerian stop letting this people fool you African is that richest continent in the world

    78. MvP Judge2WorLd ™

      That's why I love you. Greetings from Azerbaijan Czn❤️

    79. Virna Lepun

      Muy lindo te felicito ❤

    80. Santiago Caceres montaño

      hacen falta héroes como el