Climbing Arborist removing a tree in a tight spot!



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    1. Adam Wiggins

      I love when people try to tell professionals what they're doing wrong...

    2. Armando Perez

      Right, I worked DNR for years , and that's not a "too deep" notch for a 9 or 10 foot log .... Just saying, that dude's formula was on point

    3. Mia Nitsche

      This is what my fiancé does for a living. Crazy seeing it from his POV. I could never 😵

    4. Nino

      My hats off to anyone who does this for a living! Much respect!

    5. Dorothy Hudgins

      That's a dangerous job. God bless you with safety! 😅

    6. Shiven Mehta

      I was just waiting for the “TIMBER” lmfao

    7. Quillo Manar SFM

      Bruh you know you’re a professional when the log that falls off the tree is not only perfectly sized but also lines up with the other logs on the ground and does your taxes on the way down.

    8. Kurt Martin

      Damn this brought back memories of my pop, RIP

    9. Laura Williams

      Wow! For your notch being too deep, as per keyboard warrior, it fell perfectly in line with your other logs. Great job Me. Pro. 🤗🤗👍

    10. Fernando B.

      I commend these guys. Probably another day in the office for them, but this kind of work looks absolutely insane.

    11. Henry Johns Year 8

      Nah when I walked home from school there was someone doing this in-front of a road and I was like oh god

    12. FunnyUsernameLol

      I thought he threw the chainsaw when he swapped directions💀

    13. Moliminous

      Didn't yell timber. How can he resist?

    14. Glowboi2k 18

      Bro his pie cut “notch “ is not to deep…

    15. Brian Rix

      His notch was not to deep when you r flopping logs. I thought the same at first until I saw the log come down and then I was like oh ok. I usually do a Humboldt from that hight or you can go deep. My uppers r usually Humboldt and my lowers r traditional. This guy knows what he's doing.

    16. kodzuken_

      this is a job….this job is fucking horrifying oh my god- i couldn’t, i’d pass out…

    17. Mark Weeks

      Dammn ! This Fellow is Up Pretty High , I Take My Hat off To The Ppl That Do This Kind of Work , I Slaute you .

    18. Theo Skeptomai

      I had to hold on to my chair arms for dear life just to watch the friggin' video.

    19. James Phillips

      I respect this. Man gotta have balls of steel to be up that high and trusting his skill to do important work while also proving internet crusaders wrong. What a champion

    20. okay cuttt!!!

      Respect, really. I saw painters at my society do this kinda thing (it's a 14 floor building) with nothing but the swing like seat they were sitting on. I got scared when they were painting next to my balcony. Those ropes that kept them on their seats looked super dodgy. But I couldn't say anything because they were doing it willingly. 😬