Cheetah vs Nyala Bull

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    1. Danilo Pineda

      Les va a costar el almuerzo a esos gatitos, el tipo tiene mas cachos que mi compadre.

    2. luncir world

      Ой бедняга, сама себя забила в кустарник, а там зацепиться рогами и... Легкая добыча! А им тоже кушать надо! Их мало на земле осталось! 🙂

    3. Виктор Козырев

      Чëткий гангстер

    4. Ae Sa

      It's a matter of time

    5. Vegp Vegsn

      The 1 of those horns are like swords and knives.....

    6. Валера

      All the same like people!

    7. Mikey Mckenney


    8. Arnaldo Camargo

      O animal está encurralado

    9. Abdalla said

      I like the way he defends his self

    10. Ching mei Tu

      No no no no no no don't eat that

    11. Anyanele Kelechi

      Cheetahs are cowards!

    12. John Reiter

      Smart bull using the brush as protective cover....don't think those cats have ever heard....mess with the bull you get the horns.....

    13. ابو ترك

      والله النشبه 😂😂

    14. Ronaldo Pereira


    15. Bimala Karki


    16. C W

      Cheetahs should stick to springbok and impala. Nyala are a little big for them.

    17. Ahmed Lezhari

      الله الله الله

    18. T .B

      Ninjas 🥷

    19. michael123cody

      How can u show a video like this and not show the end. We want to see something get eaten.

    20. indria drayton

      Nyala's like, I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU!!!

    21. Alicja Jacak

      Oglądanie tej samej sceny przez tak długi czas staje się nudne. Następnym razem napisz jak długo trwała ta walka i pokaż ostatnie chwile tej wojny.

    22. Mauro Sabino

      Criador e Criatura ambos Dementes .

    23. Shano Mumani

      Hu on

    24. Jatinder Pal

      Verry Smart Bild💪👌❤️

    25. Time is a path Walking to understand

      It's three against one that's not fair. A one-on-one that thing will kill that cheetah.

    26. Cicera Alves fernandes

      Tadinho do bode

    27. Abhishek Gunjan

      Labour is the success of key

    28. Md.Solaman Hossen

      Allah chaile baghkeo bull er kache har manate paren. Subhanallah

    29. Akkarawich nu meesaeng


    30. Nelson Hirose

      Quem está filmando será que não podia ajudar o animal sair do sufoco ? Fico.morrendo de do , outra também não tenho coragem de ficar filmando e postando

    31. J.J. Anthony

      Cheetahs are a bit over ambitious here, their eyes are bigger than their belly 😨

      1. Andjeo Cuvar

        Cheetahs can kill him if this bull nit have horn. Maby femailm. But mail not

      2. J.J. Anthony

        @Robert Schalk yes that's true. I love the way they band together, they have much competition with dangerous predators and cheetahs are in the lightweight division coz they're built for speed, they are beautiful animals.

      3. Robert Schalk

        Out of hunger!

    32. Chinaveerraju Bandla

      That's so cool guys

    33. Ina Osman Ina Osman


    34. No Lava Lama

      Only in Africa. Nice coalition though.

    35. Ivy Roldan

      What kind of animal is that?? 😦 Never seen one before....😦

    36. VAHID H

      Sick people !

    37. Bartolomeo Basile

      Incomincino a mangiare erba perché è meglio per tutti!!🥰

    38. Vivek Kumar

      Agar 1 sing mar diya to chita ki nani yaad aa jayegi...... 😄😄😂😂

    39. Sandeep Inje


    40. สมจิตร สมจิตร

      จะรอดไหมหนอ.. สงสารจัง

    41. Saravanan Maniyan

      பாவம் அந்த மானின் நிலை மிகவும் பரிதாபம்😢😢

    42. TigerJaw

      Cheetahs don’t have a chance in hell! They might as well move on.

    43. marineide lopes

      Bicho chato covardes pq não vai comer fruta capim miseravi 😬

    44. Debra Johnson


    45. Siro tv

      Never forgive to fight for live

    46. ejqhrl nmnm

      죽엇다 깨나도 치타는 세마리라도 저정도크기의 동물은 못죽임.

    47. Eleine Faraone

      Acho difícil ele escapar

    48. Adrian Canche

      Les pone con lamadre

    49. Dago Pulido

      At least let us know what happened at the end ,thanks

    50. Nasim Raza

      The most good

    51. Enzo Morf

      Too big for even 3 cheetahs

    52. Cecil White

      Bull is smart back up against the thick bush.

    53. Dry Ice

      Cheetahs trying to adopt tactics of pack of lions. Never risk trying what you are not specialized in.

    54. Cedric Wong

      Very smart using the shrubs to protect its blind side, so the cheetahs can only face it with its big horns

      1. Paul Rose

        You wantta piece of me., come and get it.

    55. Md Ismail


    56. Men of Culture

      Did they finish him?

    57. Darryl Hayes

      Too big for even both of them and fast too

    58. Daniel Chijioke

      This is so dangerous for the Cheetah family. Try something else unless the bull is hurting.

    59. Bal Kishan Yadav

      * The great warrior . 👍

    60. Dave Jones

      Looks to dangerous for 3 cheats

    61. Donald Johnson

      Nyala You Go Boy Let them Go have something else for Lunch with a Goring poke in the neck chest or side !

    62. Robert Schalk

      If Cheetahs had retractable claws, this act n all other acts of hunting would be substantially easier.

      1. Lee Lee

        @Robert Schalk not really, dogs & bears are non retractable, a cheetahs are semi meaning they cannot fully sheath them like most cats can, but they can however still extend them out like other cats to help them scratch, grab, climb trees etc if needed.

      2. Robert Schalk

        @Lee Lee like a dog n a bear

      3. Lee Lee

        @Robert Schalk they have semi retractable claws actually :)

      4. Hirsch Siamwanda

        @Robert Schalk looks like am not the only one that didn't know. 🙈

      5. Julio Lima

        @Robert Schalk pppp0

    63. Celeste Melo

      três contra um não vale é falta de concideração

      1. Vado Oliveira

        3 contra 3...esqueceu os dois na cabeça do Impala kkkkk

    64. Rajeev Kumarji

      Mashallah Singh ka Pila faad bahan Chhath ke teenon ke teenon ke se Aisa Mashallah ke paath Jaat Pata banquet Karen

    65. prima indra

      This often happen in human too. 3 vs 1. Coward enemy

      1. Clay Johnson

        Animals team up to eat their prey Humans team up because their cowards No comparison Try again

    66. SilvioDiOliveira

      Por favor visita se escreve também se poder

    67. Jhon Kanedy

      Bkn sembrng mangsa 😄

    68. Dawud

      The bull is packing 2 machetes.

      1. Lameshia Thompson




    70. Francisco 65

      so sad 3vs1

    71. Papa John David

      Oh looky, more leopards 🤣

    72. Ikrom Rustamov

      жырная еда но надо трудится

    73. shotika Suwannakoot

      Why don't you help the cow?

    74. Zekeriya Abul


    75. Zekeriya Abul


    76. Saboor Ahmed

      sochoo agar yhan jungle ka badsha 🦁 hota to

    77. ワシ さすが

      weaker big cats cannot have their lunch

      1. Rebecca Kennedy

        Exactly. At least not with that horned bull.