Caves & Cliffs | Alex and Steve Life | Minecraft Animation (Part I )

Skyres Productions

Skyres Productions

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    Alex, followed by Steve, enter in a cave to get some ores. In the cave, they also find the new things that will come with the new update in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs such as Lush Caves , dripleaf , azalea , spore blossom etc.
    After they get some ores, Alex and Steve are attacked by zombies and skeletons. They try to run and after a long fight, team work and Alex being so close to death, they succesfuly escaped. Once they entered in ,,deep dark" , the new biome, Alex and Steve meet the new mob , the Warden. After a short fight, Alex lost her trident and both of them realise that they have no chance against him, but they also find out that the Warden is blind. The animation continous with Alex and Steve trying to quietly recover Alex's trident and find a way to get out of there and then back to the surface.

    Songs used in this clip:
    1. The Drive Home -Clarence Reed
    2. Mural Legends - Adriel Fair
    3. The virus - Farrel Wooten
    4. The proving grounds - Dragon Tamer
    5. Place your Bets - Experia
    6. Night of Drowned - Dream Cave
    7. Extruded Life - Jay Varton
    8. Infiltrator - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
    9. The beast - Dream Cave
    10. Mirror 45 - Lennon Hutton
    11. Silver Revenge - Jon Bjork
    12. Narrow Escape - Dream Cave
    13. I am with You - Dream Cave
    14. Explored - Pulsed
    15. I am with you - Dream Cave (again)

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    1. Skyres Productions

      If this time Alex and Steve explore the caves , in the next part they will explore the cliffs. Here is Caves and Cliffs Part II :

      1. Suelma Pereira Araujo

        Oi sou brasileiro

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      3. Marileyde Silva


    2. Da nugget yeeter

      Finally, a minecraft animation that respects mojang by not having the warden being killed.

      1. Emília Chebeňová


      2. Emília Chebeňová


      3. Bruna Martini

        ALEX non my love lo con steve

      4. Luis alfredo Antonio López

        @:v gfdeweessswrw21457

      5. Arthur Hrp

        @Lincoln Thaddeus Cabailo hddhh

    3. Kyron Shadows

      This is really well put together. Really enjoyed this! Liked and subbed, amazing animation. Love how intelligent the mobs were.

      1. Skyres Productions

        Thank you!

    4. Cape Cat Lover

      I like how chill they are for being two adventurers in a hostile environment.

      1. Night's Edge

        They've been through worse, I'm sure.

    5. Davi Gabriel.J

      A Melhor Dupla do Minecraft ❤️🙌🏾

    6. Nezuko Chan

      I love how Steve laughed when Alex fell into water

      1. lulu Tang

        And Alex thouring him in it

      2. Mala


    7. Joseph Crews

      This is really good animation and storytelling! Keep it up!

    8. LugiaMasterO1

      I honestly wonder how armored enemies that very rarely make an appearance in minecraft would be portrayed in these kinds of animations

    9. Ranuse Withimp

      The best part is when they survive to the Warden without armor.

      1. Magma 500

        Styre its no best its poop

      2. April Shen

        That’s a very dream thing

      3. atila Maldonado

        The only explanation for this whould be that steve has protection 4 in his chests

      4. H&K 416 Pistol .22 LR

        He's for 1.18

      5. atila Maldonado

        Warden:(hits steve two times) Warde :WHAAAAAAT how are you not dead WHAAAAT i hit you like two times

    10. Oatmeal_ Doodles

      I LOVE ThIS! As for the only feedback I have, Steve’s design is kind of complicated and Alex is really simple. If there was some kind of change in the skins to make them both more simpler complicated wise, that would be really grate!

      1. Diego Partel

        They’re just game accurate

      2. Night's Edge

        I think they look game accurate, but then again I don't watch many Minecraft animations, so I don't know if that's a good thing.

      3. SteamCat Studios

        * great * 😏🙃

    11. ‎

      You create a story line for a game that has no storyline. Great work.

    12. LoneWolfAnimations

      Really good! I noticed you use a lot of vector key handling in your animation, that makes it a little "unsmooth" sometimes. Like the camera stopped very suddenly in 4:29. Leaving it on "free" would help it slow down. Just use dope sheet.

      1. Skyres Productions

        Thanks for the tip

    13. PlayStationGamerBoy 3000

      I love it when Alex hits the creeper and it just enters rag doll mode

    14. Red 123

      I wish there were game mechanics like these!

    15. WhiskerZss

      I like how when Steve mines the iron it gives him the block not the raw iron

    16. Habiba Barseem

      I like how they still got the ores even though theyre supposed to take raw materials

      1. Jesus magno Quispe conde


      2. Jesus magno Quispe conde

        @Shark studios yt alosno

      3. Anomi Indira

        Ya they did not see 2 vains of 8 diamonds I mean they can get better. Amorr

      4. preeti Singh

        @neelam gholap why it don't shine

      5. preeti Singh


    17. WinxClubArchive

      I really love this animation! The only suggestion I can give is to speed up the movements of the entities (Steve, Alex and mobs)

      1. Zeezy6six

        Hello here! Am an animator who create any type of animation video.have you been looking for someone who will help you to create your animation video of your here for any kind of your animation video. Thanks!!

    18. Deepti and Divyansh Agarwal

      Imagine finding diamond ores and leaving them, even if they have a iron pickaxe.

      1. Darkmegagaming

        probably have projectE installed at home and have enough of those, but forgot to bring a transmutation tablet or was just too preoccupied with almost dieing in lava and wanting out of that general area.

    19. Simple Drajo

      Hi, your animation is really nice, let's say there's just a little distance between it and a high-end animation, maybe you should try to blend the characters to the background by adding shadows, shader light would be nice, overall it's a great one, good job.


        José ✈️🚓🛥️🚇🇦🇷🪂🏊🏄🤹🚣

      2. Simple Drajo

        @Huseran Filo I afraid that's not how it works when it comes to animation making, the beauty of Minecraft through resources pack are undeniable, try to check out black plasma studio they keep everything about Minecraft intact and have extraordinary physic as well.

      3. Huseran Filo

        Mate, some of the beauty of minecraft is that fact is has really crap graphics, the animations should reflect that to some degree

    20. Chacon Studios

      Wow! This was amazing! I sincerely thought i was watching an animation from Black Plasma Studios. Had to look at your channel icon to realize it wasn't. And as others pointed out for feedback, maybe make their movements a bit more smoother and fast paced. secondary/arc animation would make things great. its not something i'm in a position to advice since i am working on that too with my animations, but nonetheless great job! :D

      1. Flagz ‘n Gunz

        I’ll watch your videos

      2. Skyres Productions

        @Chacon Studios [Minecraft] I got many views because the people are searching for this (cave and cliffs) . you should upload what the audience want , not what you want. And try to make good videos.

      3. Chacon Studios

        @Skyres Productions you’re welcome, and also if you don’t mind me asking, any advice on how to get more exposure on videos? You got crazy views in such a short time. My videos aren’t getting pushed out there at all despite my best attempts.

      4. Skyres Productions

        thank you!

    21. TDCGames&Ani

      If mobs were this intelligent then hardcore worlds wouldn't exist.

      1. Houtarou oreki


      2. Random YouTuber


      3. Hunt

        alr creeper I distract him/her with arrows and you sneak up behind and kill him\her

      4. DuoKeon 555



        @Alex Lexus 🚓🚅🚄🚔✈️🛫🛬🏩

    22. Nick G

      I really liked the underground plains scene at the end. It would be cool if the actual update made it possible to find overworld biomes underground, rarely

      1. Skyres Productions

        Underground plains? You mean that light beams (rais)?

    23. TechBroPlayz

      I love how the graphics are so realistic I wish Minecrafts graphics are like this

      1. Tyrannosaur JP3 guy

        One problem is, they should make the graphics look more real and they should make the cave more shadow like because it looks like it had no graphics.

    24. Schecter40 Minecraft Channel

      This​ is so similar to​ the Black​ plasma studio.​ I love it.​


      Wow you show caves and cliffs so nicely well done 👏✔

    26. monika adamcik

      I Wish we could climb like Alex. Hmm maybe another idea to update? Climbing picks, improved climbing, maybe some safety harness ?

    27. SomeRandomDuud

      Finally a normal minecraft animation, you dont get to see so many of them these days

      1. Skyres Productions

        Thank you!

    28. Thor

      Muito bom, eu amei, faça mais vídeos como esse

    29. Georgiana Facaeru

      I like how Alex when she was escaping from the cave ,she jumped like 4 blocks up

    30. Ebrahim El-Shawa

      9:32 Everybody gangsta till Alex jumps 3 blocks high..

    31. Schleim

      Imagine adding voicemod into minecraft 1.17 and approach Warden

    32. ThqtEnd3rGurl

      I like it! ❤ This is the first video I've ever watched from you. It looks like you make very good animations! You deserve a sub, so here you go! 😄

      1. ThqtEnd3rGurl

        @Skyres Productions Yw :)

      2. Skyres Productions

        Thank you

    33. Black Dream

      I Like How That They Have Sword But They Have No Armor

      1. Nikita никита маингравт

        Видио крутое

      2. Margarita Contreras

        lles dude

      3. Black Dream

        @Ayana Hussain hahahaha lol

      4. Ayana Hussain

        They have Armor they just don't wear it

    34. Ruso Depredador

      Exelente vídeo me encanto la animación . Espero que sigan subiendo videos como estos 😍🥰

    35. (R MMD)

      its a good improvement in your animation! introducing 1.17!

    36. Griffyn Williams

      i did like the part when they entered the lair of the warden.

    37. Fantomina

      That was amazing! Love it!

      1. Skyres Productions

        Glad you enjoyed it!

    38. Tesselled _Gaming

      imagine if the hostile mobs could fight like that. and this looks so realistic

      1. Ganesh Ashwatha

        Wow we will be dead and we cannot survive at all

      2. Riekie Laubscher


    39. Arumeen Arulert

      Woah, this animation is so great, I would love to watch more

      1. Arumeen Arulert

        @Skyres Productions dang, I really cannot wait lol

      2. Skyres Productions

        In 2-3 weeks

    40. Abd THE Gamer

      Moral of the story : Steve saves Alex a billion times and Alex is ungrateful

      1. YesItsYin

        @Abd THE Gamer this video

      2. Dattebayo


      3. Abd THE Gamer

        @~ M O S H I ~ when

      4. YesItsYin

        Alex be like: ._.

      5. ~ M O S H I ~

        But alex save Steve from kidnapping him by entity 303 and the guys whatever

    41. Ren cendGames

      How is this so good, you really deserve so much subs

    42. TheWalkingSpirit

      On Minecraft 1.17.0 they drop the iron ore Edit: How did they not see the Diamond ores? Edit: I wish the next animation they can talk intead of taking a vow of silence

    43. sayyed kasim

      Imagine fighting a mob with no Armour that deals minimum 31 hearts of damage

      1. Annette Ditse

        Then you might as well say your prayers

      2. Aniket Maji DAVMTPS3102


      3. K B Gaming


    44. Creeper Nation gaming

      Can we agree that Steve needs his own weapon that’s not a sword

    45. Ana Paula

      This animation is amazing !!!😍😍

    46. CraftedInsanity

      That jump boost potion she took before recording sure lasted a long time.

    47. Elida Herrera

      This whole movie was dangerous but cool this new update is INSANE!

    48. TammyGot

      Me Encanta!!Cuanto Detalle :D

    49. Leticia_pro9

      Adorei sua animação muito boa e a sharder é super linda😉

    50. Bryan Kranz (23 Subs)

      I've like how the thorn falled when the warden hit the wall

    51. Brickly Productions

      I love these animations they make Minecraft seem cool

    52. Deepa Prabhu Kamat

      Wow that's was so nice. Nicer than seeing animated movies. Love it.

    53. Music

      Its perfect Love all the action and drama This animation is so good I'm gonna subscribe

    54. Anamika Manoj

      I like how Steve saves Alex ❤️❤️❤️

    55. Wajahat Naqvi

      Beautiful animation! My kid loves it. May i ask which version of game is this? Or these animations are made from scratch? I am asking because graphics are very pretty

      1. Skyres Productions

        Thank you.

      2. Wajahat Naqvi

        @Skyres Productions Ah ok so these are not in-game graphics? Great job man for creating such beautiful yet close to game looking graphics

      3. Skyres Productions

        The animation was made in 3d software called Blender.

    56. Alexander Leeson 1606056

      it's very impressive that the warden did not 1 shot steve with no armor

    57. SpaceX 69

      I imagine that the new large caves will be heaven for Doom players.

      1. Reeve Bryllie Lawas

        Yup, & im not a Doom player, but I like Hard challage Combat, & also it will be my XP Maker

    58. Darkmegagaming

      me when they start running for the cave opening: "nice, they've got move plus and wall jump installed."

      1. Darkmegagaming

        @Y/N it is.

      2. Darkmegagaming

        @Y/N at night in a lot of modpacks caves are actually a lot safer than the surfaces. :p cause plenty of places to dig in or "crybox" to relative safety.

    59. Canux FF

      :0 que hermosa animación

    60. NeedToDev

      was quite disappointed when i saw the ores drop themselves instead of the raw variants ngl😂😂 jokes aside this animation is sick

      1. NeedToDev

        @Skyres Productions i didn't say that i didn't read it, i was just disappointed abt it ;-;

      2. Skyres Productions

        I am disappointed too When people don t read the first comment.

    61. Nałogowy PL

      Very good animation! :)

    62. Hurr Baba

      I like when they ignore the emerald and go for the coal

      1. Claudio


      2. akib shikdar



        @CiapekGaming 🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏💩💩💩💩💩🧍🤩🤩😅😃😂😙📞📞📞📞📲📲🔦🎀🍉🛑🚗🦼🦼🛻🦼🚇🦼🚗🚜🚜🚗🚜🛻🚌🛺🚑🚓

      4. CiapekGaming

        Lol and diamonds

    63. Bisu Gaming

      Wow In Reality Warden Is Impossible To Defeat Even If Wither Stronger Than Them

    64. Robertt

      Me encantó la animación, estuvo muy entretenida

    65. Just The Shadow

      Just wanna point out that there was no wooden shovel when Steve crafted the boat other than that great animation

    66. Ejaz Usop

      I love how the creeper is always a trouble

    67. Pillager

      The lighting and animation is so amazingly made.. keep up the good work

    68. Rohit ray

      Finally steve has a diamond sword...

      1. Rohit ray

        @Stepfi Nun you might have netherite then😂

      2. Stepfi Nun

        i ignore diamond

    69. Génesis Betsabé Angélica Cerna Burgos

      OMG esta animacion es hermosa. Me encanto.

    70. IcyParrot

      man, i wish minecraft was this detailed

    71. Isa MC

      I really like this video and the caves and cliff update is Awesome!

    72. Black Dream

      Plot Twist : They Go To Caves To Find Some Ores Like Diamond But They Ignore Them

    73. Skull Gaming

      So good,looks like an anime series.

    74. Ana Manríquez

      a steve se le partio el ojo de tanto estar en el agua con los ojos abiertos xd

    75. Excellence In Animation

      Fantastic job man!

    76. Pilhyun Kwak

      I like how they just past like three veins of diamonds when they meet the warden.

      1. Owen Dog ya bro

        @Devil_x_gaming both

      2. Kriza Mae Piñera

        i see diamond

      3. DJ Buzz

        @Devil_x_gaming in game I will kindly prefer diamonds...

      4. Prickly Pear

        @Devil_x_gaming if it is on hardcore world then i choose life...

      5. Glitch Mong

        @Devil_x_gaming diamond

    77. Arnab Ghosh


    78. Black Dream

      You Should Add Some Golems It So Nice To See Fighting Iron Golems And Warden BtW Nice Animation

    79. KyoHaki (Kyo)

      It's amazing!! I like how good your skill in blender tbh!🔥👍🏻

      1. Skyres Productions

        Thank you. Could be better

    80. pink haired dora

      Love the drip stone when it falls

    81. Benny Gamer MC

      Que buena animación 👌

    82. Jura Mis

      There's gonna be no other mobs than Warden in Deep Dark.

      1. Jean Wheaton

        But there is creepers and other hostile

    83. Thomas Shelby

      3:01 Alex: Uses Trident as a Melee Weapon 2:33 Steve:Uses Sword as a Ranged Weapon Me: Wait that's illegal!

    84. Radha Sharma

      I like that how they craft a boat without a shovel

      1. bhavani pakki

        In java we don't need shovels

    85. swagmatti88

      This animation is a masterpiece

    86. J. Piedra

      It was really amazing, I love it, everything was perfect to me, I see it to the end, and i don't regret, Im excited to see more animations from you. My claps for you

    87. Eric Yang

      The warden should have one tapped Steve it does like 3/4 of ur health when u have full netherite armour

    88. Snappy Boy Playz

      1:15 was very funny😂

    89. Hax

      Great video. Plz improve some effects of lighting and particles. Also you should add a little bit of a shake effect when someone falls or jumps from a height. I would suggest you to watch some of @Black Plasma Studios animations. There animations’ are really realistic and great

      1. Skyres Productions

        Thank you!

      2. Hax

        @Skyres Productions Yes I watched that part but I’m talking about the starting part when Alex jumped down and Steve fell from above Edit: plz watch @Black Plasma Studios. I also learned a lot about animation just by watching there animations. By the way keep up the good work

      3. Skyres Productions

        You mean camera shake? I already did that. Watch again the part when the warden steps or the dripstone falls.

    90. SteamCat Studios

      Great work!

    91. REMBO


    92. Arts&Play

      I love how the skeleton & Alex fight that was my favorite scene Well this full animation was so good Just loved it . 9/10 (-1 for the creeper design.)

      1. Arts&Play

        @Skyres Productions OK there, whoever made just need a touch up

      2. Skyres Productions

        the creeper wasn't created by me.

    93. Colden Hanses

      Great animation 👌

    94. DankerEagle 7018

      There are this moments that keeps me forgetting that this isn't BPS (BlackPlasmaStudios) , just another animator with good animation.

      1. sobat keren


      2. Rheina Bermejo

        @Nivedita Singh Ahh, atleast a good fanmade SoW

      3. tsrp stickman

        @Rheina Bermejo yes yes yes.YES

      4. Nivedita Singh

        @Rheina Bermejo Other fanmade animation channel Have revived the songs of war(sow) series Here it is

      5. Rheina Bermejo

        Ok all of you are saying it is cancelled, I know I know I have watched the cancellation when it is uploaded. But the thing is they can still continue and I am waiting

    95. Skyxy

      I love it

    96. CJ M

      I didn't realize that this actually isn't the Black Plasma Studios channel. LOL.

      1. LMstyle crazy

        Same here

      2. Cesar Torres

        Yea me too I thought is black plasma studio because is like creation of black plasma studio

      3. Kaone Malebo

        Me too

      4. Papari Devi

        The animation is too nice

      5. Papari Devi


    97. ASlayer

      The way Steve kicked the head of the zombie Ha Nice animation The lighting for torches probably be better

    98. David Gabriel

      Muito Legal Like Bom 🤩 Parabem Part 2 Caves X Cliffs

    99. ThatBassBeats

      Hahaha Steve fell flat on his face at the beginning.

    100. big brain

      Great video, great channel. Let's help this channel get more fans.