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    Stephen Thompson | Sept. 21, 2020
    We've been trying to make a BTS Tiny Desk concert happen for years now - even gaming out ways we might move Bob Boilen's desk far enough forward to accommodate the superstar Korean boy band's dance moves.

    In the end, it took a global pandemic - and the launch of Tiny Desk (home) concerts back in March - to make something happen. With BTS cooped up in Seoul, the group held true to the series's spirit by convening a live band for its Tiny Desk debut, and even arranged to perform in a workspace with a music-friendly backdrop: the record store VINYL & PLASTIC by Hyundai Card in BTS's hometown.

    Opening with this summer's inescapable "Dynamite" - the group's first single to hit No. 1 in the U.S., as well as its first song to be fully recorded in English - BTS leaned hard into the new track's celebratory, "Uptown Funk"-adjacent vibes. From there, the group dipped into its back catalog, seizing on the opportunity to showcase its quieter side while (mostly) staying uncharacteristically seated. The breezily propulsive "Save ME," from 2016, ultimately gave way to a full-on power ballad in 2017's reflective "Spring Day."

    The latter track seemed especially true to BTS's hopeful nature: Introduced with a few optimistic words from rapper and singer RM ("It's been the roughest summer ever, but we know that spring will come"), the song reflects on a need to wait out hard times, even as the weight of present-day pain feels oppressive.

    BTS had intended to spend 2020 delighting the BTS Army in arenas around the world, only to spend these last few months performing in isolation. Released on the last day of a grim season, "Spring Day" provides a nice reminder of what awaits us on the other side. We just have to get through fall and winter first.

    "Save ME"
    "Spring Day"

    J-Hope: vocals; SUGA: vocals; Jungkook: vocals; V: vocals; Jin: vocals; RM: vocals; Jimin: vocals; KHAN: drums; DOCSKIM: keyboard; Kim Kiwook: bass; Shyun: guitar

    Video and Audio by: Big Hit Entertainment; Producer: Stephen Thompson; Audio Mastering Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith; Associate Producer: Bobby Carter; Subtitles by Renee Klahr; Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey; Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

    The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It's the same spirit - stripped-down sets, an intimate setting - just a different space.

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    2. MARMENiO

      Live vocals with the band in the background just hits differently. This is gonna be one of my favorite perfomance for these songs by BTS. I loved it so much.

    3. Chaweewan Famwan

      I'm a 70 year old grandma and i'm love BTS so adorable.

    4. kathy Nichols

      Well, I've been reading the comments, and now I don't feel so silly. I'm a 75 year old great grandmother from New Mexico, USA, and I love these boys so much. My goodness, they're the most beautiful young men I have ever seen. I love their voices, the way they dance, and especially their love and loyalty to each other. No favorites, just love 'em all. I can't stand to see one of them with tears in their eyes. Always makes me cry too. Especially V., and Jin. Love you boys. Take good care of yourselves and may God bless you always.


      Be Sure To Pre Save & Pre Order "Yet To Come"!

    6. Kimberly Abar

      I became a fan because of this video. I was especially captivated by Jin's vocals, J-hope's singing voice, and Suga's vibe. And after rewatching it several times, I just fell in love with everyone.

    7. Degra

      Just realized how amazing their vocals and harmony are ! They’re extraordinarily talented! not to mention the charisma.

    8. BootsandUtes

      Not going to lie, these guys can sing. They deserve all of their successes.

    9. arleth esc

      I’m not a fan of bts, but they have such a good vibes

    10. Brad John

      As a 26 year old dude I’ve never even attempted to listen to BTS. This was gold.

    11. Kristina Pereschino

      I love all of their voices to be honest! But Jin’s voice just hits differently!! 😂💜 He’s my bias for sure!!

    12. Lottie

      Jungkook’s vocals tho. His adlibs, runs and harmonization add so much to BTS songs it’s insane. He harmonises with all the members and his voice blends nicely while shining on its own. He’s main vocalist for a reason.

    13. emily

      song timestamps 💜

    14. Adeyemi Kasali

      I’ve never listened to them before, but after this imma have to.

    15. Caron Maart

      Oh my gosh, BTS is such a vibe. I can't be in a bad mood after this performance of Dynamite. The vocals, the rap solos, the outfits, everything is on point. They were also having so much fun.

    16. Lucy Johnson

      I have ADHD and never have the attention span to finish these videos (even though I love them so much) but I watched this one all the way through. One of the best tiny desk concerts I've ever seen.

    17. Valentina Kostina

      I became an ARMY after watching this in 2020!! Live vocal skills are very important for me when I choose who to listen to, and BTS are just the best moderm singers/rappers, in my opinion.

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    19. mareta Ahmed


    20. 5252z

      I really like the energy they can’t even sit down that’s how you know they love music