Blue Origin's NS-13 Mission: NASA Tipping Point Partnership

Blue Origin

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    On Tuesday, October 13, 2020, Blue Origin launched mission NS-13 to space and back. On this flight, New Shepard flew 12 commercial payloads, including the Deorbit, Descent, and Landing Sensor Demonstration with NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate under a Tipping Point partnership. This was the first payload to fly mounted on the exterior of a New Shepard booster, opening the door to a wide range of future high-altitude sensing, sampling, and exposure payloads.

    Learn more about this mission and the payloads flown on New Shepard on .

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    1. Jimmy Fadink

      Deja vu all over again. Congratulations and thank you!

    2. D'BUSHMAN


    3. Randy Kintzley

      It's a lie that NASA could only target within a radius of miles. One of the later Apollo missions landed very close to a previous probe site just to show how well they could target a specific location. They suited up and actually walked over and retrieved a camera off of the original probe and brought it back to earth.

    4. Brian Bassett

      I like seeing all these people so enthused, so excited by what they do, but... when I was a kid they were doing it to acquire knowledge, now it's only attempted with the idea of potential future profit. Space exploration to space exploitation by sociopathic billionaires and then undoubtedly leading to space warfare. I truly hope humanity never walks on another planet. Stay safe.

    5. Ck digital The Q of 6th

      Blue Origins, basically designed the perfect Space Elevator, in reality a roping/reel elevator is impossible, due to the Jetstream atmosphere layer, Jeff always talked about Mt Ararat, being a better visit then Mars, why not a elevator there & back, just do away with parachutes, but just for emergency reasons use.

    6. Yssa Rabe

      Why focus on moon. but you haven't launch any orbital rockets? i might say that papi elon is the best.

    7. Barack Obama

      Y’all going to get to orbit or....

    8. Lam0rak

      Blue Origin is a joke.

    9. Jeremy Banks

      Bizarre to me these guys are celebrating their recreation of technology we had almost 80 years ago now. Where's the ACTUAL PROGRESS here? I'm not seeing anything worth watching.

    10. Joeytechnologies

      Ah love copy 🐈

    11. T12π¥

      Awesome way to go!

    12. Amachetay Cybo

      livecams are boring show the live mars feed on charlie base internet boring fuck.... i mean i can just remote view it tho so hahah

    13. Amachetay Cybo

      what bout solar warden and radiant guardian prolly not revelant for us to conciouness be using warp drive everyday n stuff yet but we do already in a astufs

      1. Generic Username

        Were you having a stroke whilst typing that out?

    14. IlIlI IlIlI

      you have to work on your marketing. Jezz.

      1. grzesiek1x

        it is funny when you want to give advices to the richest man on earth haha

    15. FaZeDeath

      Just quit and work SpaceX.

      1. Kena Kiruri

        Bruh competition is good, also different strategies, stop hating

    16. Crappy Troll

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    17. Nivas Roy

      Nice work 👍👍

    18. Chethan Sagar

      Unpopular opinion: Blue Origin rockets look ugly! (I said it) I know it’s not about the looks but c’mon!!! - it’s inspiring to see a rocket launch and land. - Ending my rant - #NoDisrespect

    19. MonkeySpecs301

      it looks like a dick.

    20. kh40yr

      Heck with the capsule,, I wanna ride the booster back down.

    21. Abhishek Lal - Vlog

      We had enough of Rocket show from Blue Origin, now do something like Space X.

    22. undertow

      How many times have they launched new Shepard? Seems like if they’re planning on people riding in it soon they should have launched 100+ times. It’s reusable and only one engine so no reason not too test the heck out of it.

    23. COSMERE

      Elon musk is super triggered

    24. Michael Jaen

      con of United Launcher is having a lander taller than its crew. way too hard to climb up for descend.

      1. Patchuchan

        Well they're all taller than the crew but things are a lot easier if the cargo is kept close to the ground. Spacex's lander they might have to anchor it with cables before the can unload something like the SEV.

    25. Aman Solomon

      Jeff who

    26. FEBM

      *Le va a romper el orto a Elon le va.*

      1. David Lara

        @FEBM Buena esa jaja

      2. Jose Jiménez

        Tambien a ti un saludo

      3. FEBM

        @Jose Jiménez Sí. Por supuesto. Era un chiste porque nadie habla español aquí y poner un comentario técnico en inglés ya me aburrió... Quería ver si lo leía algún hispano parlante. Es un gusto saludarte. Abrazo !!

      4. Jose Jiménez

        Estas muy equibocado amigo elon musk tiene muhos años mas de experiencia y ademas tiene un hardwere mucho mas desarrollado que blue origin

    27. Mercurian Brachistochrone Trajectories .Ltd.

      This is what you have to show in the year 2020 ? Pfff... This proves that throwing just money on rockets WILL NOT be enough. Goooooo SPACEX !!!

    28. Das gesunde Zeugenmehr

      *Great Advantages of the Moon:* 01. Gravity in Space (Highly significant) 02. Water in Space (Highly significant) 03. Raw material Processing of Asteroids (Highly significant) 04. Better space telescopes e.g. to explore the exoplanets 05. Rapid subsequent delivery of equipment (e.g. for repairs) 06. Stimulation of the robot and tunneling industry as a whole 07. Almost live robot control from Earth 08. Strengthening global cooperation 09. Moon cemetery & starry sky lunar tourism 10. Biological and civilization backup archive (in lava tube colony) 11. Proud of the greatness of the moon civilization 12. Moon lift and mass driver possible 13. Low orbital escape speed (2.3 km / s at the equator) 14. Hyperloop from the raw material asteroid mining area to the mass driver base 15. Extraction of raw materials for parasols in front of Venus 16. Probably Fusion Power Plants (Infinite Energy) 17. Moon logo laser advertising (from the "gateway" in the moon orbit) 18. Rolling out green soil around the bases over the moon sand 19. Increase in the lunar albedo (by leveling the craters and pits) 20. Space light mirrors in lunar orbit bring permanent solar energy to the moon 21. Solar wind power plant (energy generation on the moon from the sun's electrons) 22. Zeppelin halls for building large spaceships 23. Exploring the billion year old moon 24. Exploration of the asteroids that struck billions of years 25. Advanced bacterial and animal research for genetic engineering 26. Evolutionary marine animal and marine plant research at 16% gravity 27. The civilizational base for the Martian moon expedition

      1. Das gesunde Zeugenmehr

        Night Lighting for Metropolitan Areas.

      2. Christopher Carr

        RE: 19 -- Hmm, so what's the goal of increasing the moon's albedo?

    29. Gustavo Correia

      SpaceX gonna kill bezos

      1. Hsm99 !

        Bruh stupid fanboy. Just runnig with all others. It is good that they have a competition so they are faster, cuz everyone of them want to be the first. So they have no time

    30. FabulousUfoCrashesKinetically !

      so uh, when you going to orbit.......

      1. 🥳✓

        @Divesh Dodia bruh the rate blue origin is doing things the time they go into orbit by themselves is probably 6 years

      2. Divesh Dodia

        When even mars has starlink

    31. FabulousUfoCrashesKinetically !

      so uh, when you going to orbit.......

    32. DYxxxY

      It's all looks like Jeff's SCAM for PR purposes

      1. Borat B

        The U.S government was on the verge of breaking up Amazon for getting too big, Jeff has his hands in too many sectors. When he started Blue Origion and started funding and building his own next gen rocket, the government silenced on breaking up Amazon. Building a rocket on private funds and creating high tech sector jobs in different states makes you friends in the government.

      2. Davros_ADL

        @Aluisio Fernandes da Silva Junior I'm pretty sure the LEM's ladder was not 12 fucking metres.

      3. Aluisio Fernandes da Silva Junior

        @Davros_ADL , the ladder is not different than earlier Apollo missions (and it is way safer than 30m of height cord platform from SpaceX), the fuel is hydrolox and it can be refueled from Moon's regolith (good luck if the fuel tank of SpaceX fails), the crew module can be ejectable if the landing failed (good luck if the landing legs of SpaceX fails).

      4. Davros_ADL

        @Aluisio Fernandes da Silva Junior The ladder is a fucking death wish. It will be by far the most expensive. Even if it is re-fuelable, this means nothing when that fuel goes basically no-where.

      5. Aluisio Fernandes da Silva Junior

        @Davros_ADL , but Blue Origin is way better HLS than the others. It is the safest from all. It is the only one that is ejectable and refuelable on the moon.

    33. Mike C

      21 years later, you do NOTHING and your stupid lander is a relic from the past...

      1. Anonymous L

        @Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25 good luck powering that orange rocket to space.

      2. Anonymous L

        @Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25 me too.

      3. Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25

        @Anonymous LThank you my human, tribalism hitting space hard again muh dude, i am no elon fanboy, i am a fanboy of rocket science and hydrolox engines.

      4. Anonymous L

        @Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25 you burn hydrogen and oxygen very efficiently.

      5. Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25

        @Anonymous L dumb elon fanboys gonna fanboy.

    34. Starhopper

      #team spacex

      1. Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25

        wrong channel

    35. Larry Smith

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      1. Kirk Claybrook

        Cool story bro

      2. Luke Lamont

        Ok then.

      3. Jaydev Pillai

        Is this even relevant to the subject?

      4. Erasmus Guy

        Thats not got much to do with rockets.

    36. Kylamiis

      At least they used meters in this video...

    37. lcdvasrm

      They had miles wide targets, but they also had brains, massive training and big balls. So Apollo 12 landed 200m from surveyor. Just trolling around.

      1. James Tiner

        I know right? How'd they forget's one of the coolest missions of the program

    38. xXRobloxMaster69 Xx

      Self landing rockets? I feel like we already got some of those

    39. mark thurst

      That is a penis shaped space ship. They're going to ram into space. Repeatedly.

    40. Sup ☻︎

      I’m With space x Never with Blue orgin

      1. Anonymous L


    41. Bill Randolph

      I can't wait til there are like 10+ countries landing on the moon via there own Space Agencies. Only then can we start doing great things. I don't include China in my future, in fact I hope all their rockets blowup on the launch pad. Thanks for Covid-19 Pricks!

      1. Bill Randolph

        @Jake McKee

      2. Jake McKee

        @Bill Randolph so I’m right. You are a Nazi, reactionary right, libertarian, idiot who says that anyone doesn’t agree with their thoughts a Communist liberal. Also, what cops have been shot? The cops are the ones doing the shooting. Plus, Joe Biden said he should prosecute rioters. Not the peaceful protesters, unlike our upside-down bible holding president. I’m not in support of anyone who riots. I’m also not in support with Rittenhouse who shot two people and then walked away who was a die hard Trump supporter. I’m not in support of our dumb, autocrat president who sends tanks out to kidnap peaceful protesters. I’m not in support of you and your neonazi, White supremacist way. I’m not in support of the minority Republican Party who cheats and colluded with Russians and Ukrainians so they can take control of our government. They suppress our votes and take our lives so they can stay in power. I’m done, go to hell nazi.

      3. Bill Randolph

        @Jake McKee You are a Communist loving Liberal twat. Anyone reading your rubbish knows this as well. Instead of wasting peoples time here why don't you hookup with the other Democrats/Biden supporters that are rioting, committing arson,looting, and shooting cops in plain daylight. Hey you can hold up a sign that reads "China is great. Death to America. Socialism is Great!!". Tool.

      4. Jake McKee

        @Bill Randolph I consider myself above average. I’m am astronautical engineer. I had to learn basic rocketry and orbital mechanics at the age of fourteen. I had be the best I could be to get where I am now. I had to get scholarships. I know a lot about space and politics. I also know a lot about biology too. It may surprise you that I know that when a country gets an epidemic, it’s not their fault. I say you hate America because you seem to support our autocratic president who is willing to take America and our democracy and through it our the window. He hates government and is willing to dismantle it when’re he wants and he has a bunch of idiots like you who support him. Our 200,000 deaths are not China’s fault. It’s not mine. It’s our dictator-wannabe president’s fault. I’m guessing you support him because you keep repeating what his lackeys say on Fox News. Good night.

      5. Bill Randolph

        @Jake McKee I'm getting bored phukking with your dumb @ss. You truly are dumb as snot. Have a good night and try not to drool yourself to death moron.

    42. The_White_Lotus

      The last thing this world needs is Amazon going to the Moon. FFs.

      1. Filip Priečinský

        probably Elon ordered something...

      2. Bryson O.

        I wouldn't worry. They haven't even achieved orbit.

      3. Heiden Lam

        @Friday Goood k then, I guess

      4. Heiden Lam

        @Friday Goood he mean he need Amazon to be able to deliver things to moon

      5. Heiden Lam

        Hell yeah

    43. Robert Carter

      Does it stay up long enough for a rich person to JO before coming down? Such an advancement for humanity good going Jeff.

    44. Yoav Koursh

      the dinetcs lander is much better as a crew transport, i respect blue origin but its just to complicated with like three diffrent moduels. im not even talking about starship which will be great as a mass transporter to make the moonbase while dinetics will be the crew transport, kinda like spacex bieng the saturn 5 and launching skylab with its first crew, but the rutine crew changes was made by saturn 1b or in this case dynetecs

    45. Jose Andrade

      Why is it taking years and years to achieve nothing?

      1. Ironcheater101

        @Luke Lamont that would only be the case if they excluded spacex

      2. Luke Lamont

        @Ironcheater101 I think he was just meaning the space industry in general. But okay.

      3. Ironcheater101

        @Luke Lamont hes talking about blue origin

      4. Luke Lamont

        Mainly politics and budget cuts. If Nasa retained the same budget as they did 50 odd years ago, we would be MUCH further along than we are now.

    46. edwin kania

      Blue Origin is making Sheppard use Dead Reckoning on the moon.

    47. W H

      Given the Apollo flights Luna landings last minute adjustments for acquiring a "flat" no crater small pad area one asks how SpaceX would be able to determine that a touchdown place is not a "tipping over" place

      1. Kirk Claybrook

        It'll be mapped in minute detail long before a landing

    48. Highball 734

      You haven’t even put anything into orbit yet. This is years away.

      1. Highball 734

        Aviator I agree. It’s extremely optimistic that a company, who has not achieved orbit, is touting their theoretical ability to land on the moon within a few years.

      2. Aviator

        That's optimistic.

    49. BumbleC

      Jeff who?

      1. Luke Lamont

        @Aluisio Fernandes da Silva Junior it's, not that hard to understand. Basically there was a video interviewing elon musk and when he was asked what he thought about Jeff Bezos and blue origin he replied: Jeff who? So OP is quoting what he said.

      2. Aluisio Fernandes da Silva Junior

        @Luke Lamont , what is the joke? Sorry but I'm not english native speaker...

      3. Frank

        @Luke Lamont oh sweet irony.

      4. Luke Lamont

        Rip all the people who didn't get the joke.

      5. Anonymous L

        Jeff bezos

    50. justjohnny05

      "she" that is definitively a "HE"

      1. Rn1024

        @El Inextricable do u know what we call this? we call it an r/woooosh

      2. Donny Darkoh

        @El Inextricable I don't think the joke is funny I am just saying what the op was getting at.

      3. El Inextricable

        @Donny Darkoh You cant stop bringing that subject up even when joking. Thats how bad it is.

      4. Donny Darkoh

        @El Inextricable It's a joke because it looks like a's not that deep.

      5. El Inextricable

        You amuricans are obssesed with gender pronouns, what a pain in the ass

    51. Notxam

      Bro blue origion kinda trash tbh

      1. Frank

        @Notxam Why does that make them trash?

      2. Notxam

        Well, they go from a tiny suborbital booster to building a freaking mega rocket that’s like one of the most powerful rockets ever

      3. Frank


    52. MRK814 33

      Will Blue Origin ever cross over Penuel?

    53. Konrad

      SpaceX better

      1. Konrad

        @Anonymous L spacex better it's joke :D

      2. Anonymous L

        Stop comparing every AEROSPACE company to spacex

      3. Konrad

        @Frank spacex better

      4. Frank

        @Konrad So you got nothing. That's what I thought. Just another sheepie.

      5. Konrad

        @Frank better

    54. berlinroots

      Just the tip.

    55. Doodle Boi

      So, Question.Can you Make an Orbital Rocket But With The Same engine As New Shephard?

      1. Doodle Boi

        @Alvin Gerardo Sebastian Gultom thanks. I really want them to succeed but they are just S L O W

      2. Alvin Gerardo Sebastian Gultom

        @Doodle Boi just but several more engine, remove unnecessary mass (if reusable) and add second stage .

      3. Doodle Boi

        @Ставридес Келевра I know but WITHOUT It

      4. Ставридес Келевра

        they made next model, BE4, already, actually

    56. Millin-AVP-Education AV-King

      Cool 😎 rocket 🚀 bro

    57. Chris Jones

      I will volunteer to be sent in to space!!

      1. Mankind

        @Chris Jones Bitch, I am the kind to start my own aerospace company, yeah aerospace Engineering major and Business minor here, but keep dreaming loser, eventually in one of your wet dreams you will get to go to space.

      2. Chris Jones

        @Mankind Yeah they probably do but sadly inbred hillbillies like your self will definitely never go. How is your wife? Sorry i meant sister.

      3. Mankind

        Pretty sure they have better options than you two

      4. QuantumX

        Same bro

    58. Skukkix23

      well lets land an orbital stage booster first

      1. I Surrender

        @J.R Isidore just because SpaceX moves at the speed of light doesn’t mean Blue Origin is slow. New Shepard didn’t fly until 2015 and falcon 1 started in 2006. If you don’t take the necessary time, mistakes will be made and failures will happen. This is rocket science not 5th grade math. It takes time.

      2. borja montoro

        @J.R Isidore thats a fact but its no easy task to land a vehicle vertically at orbital speed, and they are trying to develop other kind of space tourism, and tech to land on the moon for the artemis program

      3. J.R Isidore

        @Adrian Is bad They need to move faster. Before this, it'd been 10 months since their last NS flight.

      4. borja montoro

        @Daniel no

      5. Daniel

        Blue Origin = Boeing 2.0

    59. The Indy Space

      Wow, Awesome..!

    60. Prime orbital space