Blue Origin producing face shield components to help combat COVID-19

Blue Origin

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    We are proudly producing daily deliveries of 3D printed face shield components to help combat the COVID-19 crisis. Our additive machines are working 24/7, and the volunteers for this effort also support BE-4 engine development. We are grateful for their dedication.

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    1. funn flyers

      Space x 4 life

    2. Mortimer Madesen

      How about producing rocket components to help get into space.

    3. Joeytechnologies

      Basically a face shield is 2 plastic pieces so dumb

    4. Karmageddon B.

      They´re just working like in Amazon hahahaha how much they have to prdocue per hour 200-300? That´s why Blue Origin will never have succes.

    5. Das gesunde Zeugenmehr

      *If we erect a Parasol in front of Venus, after Centuries the Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen and Sulfuric acid will sink in the Craters due to the Coldness of Space.* *We can then enter the Planet like the Earth's moon and convert it into a Spaceship to other Stars,* *Because there we have almost the same Force of Gravity as on Earth.*

    6. Faris

      I thought the thumbnail showing blue origin crews cooking a pancake...

    7. MORGAN 666666

      Blue Origin has never reached orbit. 20 years of accomplishing nothing in a journey to nowhere.

    8. St Myles

      Interesting thanks for sharing Blue Origin.

    9. CYN3RGY

      Now all they need is an orbital class rocket.

    10. Johnny Pinkleton

      No wonder you guys take so long on space programs. Stop worrying about covid and start focusing on space

    11. Justin Kiff

      What about the rocket ?

    12. Lee Bruce

      You guys accomplished anything yet, looks like Space X is kicking your ass.

    13. future world

      Ракета то где? Один пластик. Планов громадье)))

    14. Magic Smoke FPV

      Now they just need to give them to Amazon employees lol.

    15. Cristina Maggio

      Andare nello spazio grazie allo sfruttamento e maltrattamento di migliaia di persone è schifoso

    16. E.D.M. Doc

      Dumb ass... Printing takes too long....of course you don't have talented tool makers to make them properly. Just like your space junk. Your making it easy for Elon. F u Jeff

    17. Jesus is Lord Forever

      A face shield for what? Isn’t Blue Origin an aeronautics company? Why are they making face shields?

    18. voxel

      que tu mano derecha no sepa lo que hace tu mano isqiuerda moldes de inyeccion

    19. voxel

      es publiocidad apestosa

    20. autocar updates veer

      Good job

    21. Kunal Singh

      Respect from india ISRO

      1. Kunal Singh

        @vijesh kumar we are not talking about sports bro

      2. vijesh kumar

        Ok representing Indian cricket team

      3. Director of the Notification Squad

        Some random guy on youtube representing the ISRO... ok. Respect from Raytheon Technologies.

    22. AngryBoy Kaas

      We would be all safer if you could make make humams multiplanetery instead of makimg some fucking plastic shity things amd trying to get positive feedback. Then you have those auto pilot zombies people reacting like: ah good job.

    23. Lyse Moreau

      I have another need for another plastic can I call you

    24. Gurumurthy K

      I love all my subscribers

    25. Austen

      Raise 3d!!!

    26. Moorish Brooklyn

      Wonderful job and intention.

    27. BrotherGaming

      uncle bengiman i love this

    28. Tractors Chemer



      Good Job ! Have seen those in the ambulances for the medics who enter the homes of infected.

    30. 이윤범

      베조스는 아마존이랑 블루 오리진 직원들 맘대로 자르지 말고 마스크 지급이나 잘해라 Bezos, Just don't fire Amazon & Blue Origin employees easily but support them with masks

    31. Tesla di Murbox

      Good work! Better to bring solutions than to complain or whine about the mistakes of others!

    32. Ako keng


    33. St Myles

      Thank you for sharing good news Blue Origin .

    34. OG Timbercraft


    35. Waylon McCann

      Hey Team Blue, good work here. Have you looked into seeing if your team and maybe some of the other rocket and space technology manufacturers could create air purifying forced air ventilators with parts and know how from CO2 scrubbers and oxygen recycling systems used in crew carrying vessels? I know it's never as simple as off the space-shelf and some Duct Tape, but a Blue Origin Purifying Forced Air Ventilator sounds like an achievable and great product to bring to the stage

    36. Cecile McPherson

      Hi, my name is Cecile and I am a journalist at the European Broadcasting Union in New York. We work with public service broadcasters around the world to help them find videos and images to broadcast. Is this your video and may we have permission to use it in broadcast and online player with a courtesy to you as per, please? Thanks & stay safe

    37. MrBinoctium

      what about safe mask for workers? :(

      1. Dynam1cS

        They didn't think about printing one for themselves was the first thing I thought.

    38. tamie341

      Thanks Blue! Can't wait to see y'all on the moon

    39. Luis Daniel Mesa Velasquez

      That offsets Jeff Bezos firing people for protesting unsanitary conditions:

    40. Alucard

      Elon, makes ventilators, Bezos, makes some clear plastic. ok

    41. TheNewFormat

      Thank You !

    42. None shall pass

      You would think that for a large company it would make more sense, financially, to just have some moulds made and injection mould the parts, rather than 3d print. If they plan to make several thousands of them, it usually makes more sense to injection mould. I guess its probably just more convenient since they already have all those 3d printers? Or maybe they just intend to use it as a stop gap between when the moulds are made? I would like some more details on it if anyone knows.

    43. Igor Gabrielan

    44. Soul less

      They're all missing masks

    45. TheElementalOrca


    46. Hutch5321

      Awesome! Bravo, Blue Origin!

      1. tamie341

        @Luis Daniel Mesa Velasquez Thats Amazon not Blue Origin dumbass.

      2. Luis Daniel Mesa Velasquez

    47. NeonsStyle

      They need to be disinfected or they can't be used. Everything the healthcare workers handle has to be sterilised.

    48. Sean h

      I was also impressed with Amazon's initiative to allocate equipment to be distributed to hospitals. This while the federal mental crisis units are out stockpiling all our toilet paper.

      1. Robert Pruitt

        From what I can tell, operation butt wipe was successful, and all toilet paper was bought, and it appears operation hand dry is almost complete as well. If this lasts much longer, we won't be able to buy notebook paper or post-it notes.

    49. GigaChad

      That's great


      Thank You Blue Origin. Your workers are generous Americans that answer the call.

    51. Wer Ner

      Это технология не для массового производства.Но пусть хоть так.

      1. test 1

        PR act

    52. Nick Moore

      Good job guys. Well done.

    53. José Furtado

      Usáis gorras y guantes para manipular los protectores, pero no mascarillas.

    54. Keith Allver

      Now if only Blue would put the same effort into getting New Glenn off the ground.

      1. Keith Allver

        @Fly Beep Jeff Who?

      2. Fly Beep

        You must be totally new here. Not knowing a thing about Blue Origin. First start with their motto and know what it means. Next check out their track record on deadlines which compared to SpaceX is actually genuine. Next see for when New Glenn is actually projected and then come back here, read your comment again and see how ignorant you sound.

    55. Krugman

      I want a Stratasys printer :*( gona cost more then my kidney :*(

    56. Skysurfer

      And your stl files...?

      1. VAXHeadroom

        Looks like they're using the one from Prusa

    57. Valadin

      LMAO ofc corporat greed cant give these workers dedicated working time to make something of urgent need to society, they have to do it in their free time and that BO even has the audacity to use these peoples sacrifice as an ad for the company. SEIZE THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION Value is generated by workers, not by capital. BILLIONAIRES SHOULD NOT EXIST.

      1. John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt


      2. Caitlin BenVau

        It takes about 5 minutes to set up the printer.

    58. Abhishek Karki

      Good Job!

    59. David Wiedenau

      Did you notice something? People taking extra time to work there instead of just putting their regular hours into this, they have to work overhours and probably not even getting paid bc they are „volunteering“. Great job jeff.

      1. EskerbTH

        David Wiedenau ok this is getting where i dont want it to go. Let’s chill guys

      2. Calvin Sylveste

        ​@David Wiedenau Don't be envious, and try and be rational. What does the value of Bezos's stock in amazon have to do with the operations of Blue Origin or how much people are paid at either company? How much have you donated to the effort?

      3. David Wiedenau

        C G You mean the us minimum wage of fucking 7.25$ while the workers cant even go to the toilet or wash their hands because of the rates they have to hit?

      4. The Sly Fox

        David, Amazon’s pays more than twice the us minimum wage and 150% of the German min wage for what is technically unskilled work. Amazon also offers insurance and benefits for both part time and full time employees.

      5. David Wiedenau

        C G absolutely true while trying to fundraise money for his workers instead of just paying better wage and paid sick leave which is, as a german, absolutely ridiculous to me

    60. Tricktastic

      Proud of the workers putting the time in, disappointed in the company for not paying them... I'm fairly sure Bezos can afford to pay these hard working people.

      1. D C

        @Corey Taylor studies shown that young kids are generous and share stuff, they help each other (of course you'll have some selfish ones usually because they were raised alone from start). It's the environment, the education that turn them into greedy goldenboy who could sell their mom for 2% more on their wage.

      2. tamie341

        Y'all really trying to find anything to bitch about right now! Jeezus how about being happy they are helping out unlike you snorting farts on your couch.

      3. Corey Taylor

        @D Murrman you know they never where taught economics when they confuse capitalism as a system of goverment.

      4. Corey Taylor

        @Valadin I would argue the exact opposite, the very basic survival skill of humans is to be greedy. to want more than the other to increase their odds or survival. its idealistic to think its not deeply ingrained in everyone, just that most dont get the opportunity to act on it and therefor for the sake of better survival that person would cooperate more with others around them. you cant just say "oh hey if you screw over this person that you will never meet face to face, and that you will never hear about again after today, oh yeah and they are just presented as numbers to you, you can have a free pass to live however you want for the rest of your life and do whatever the hell you want" of course everyone is going to do that, as far as they can tell that person basically doesn't exist for them. the only reason why you wouldn't is because you lived though feeling that effect on yourself. what you are looking for isnt a new system, your looking for a new and strict culture that makes exploitation taboo from the very beginning which is rare in the world. in your system someone would be put in charge to make sure everyone does what you want them to? those rules would then have to become law, and that person then would have the power to enforce those, must have the power to enact those laws. and if they have the power to enact those laws they have the power to change those laws. which just sends you back to square one. and even then what you are describing is a system of goverment. capitalism is a system of market. by definition they are separate things, and therefor changing one wont change the other by default. and as separate entities they can intermingle and effect each other. both can become corrupt but in the absence of corruption both would work fine. if you have an unspoken honor code engrained into everyone from a young age, passed effortlessly from one generation to the next. again making the things you describe taboo, as shamed upon as rape is in current society. and even then some would argue thats just as bad as totalitarianism.

      5. Valadin

        @Corey Taylor Humans are not inherently greedy or selfish, that is something imprinted on us by society/socioculture. The abuse of power(which greed is a form of) only can occur when you have unjustified power over others, which is in itself a form of violence(in a philosophical way). In nature all power is fully justified, a alpha wolf for example does not lead the pack because it was born into that position(Feudalism/Class isolation) or because others helped it into that positon, no a alpha wolf leads the pack because it is out of all the wolfs the best at keeping the pack alive. Capitalism is the epitome of unjustified power(after fascism which it is naturally adjacent too), capitalism is the accumulation of wealth (which is power) in the hands of the few, at the expense of the many, with the illusion the many could become a part of the few, at least feudalism was honest, that peasant cant become king, while capitalism tells the fairytale of "class mobility". The better system, is the system where power over your life is in your hands, where power over others has to be fully justified, by competence and by competence only, at every time, in every situation, no exception. A system where you are only allowed to make decisions, when they directly affect you and your community. A system that builds on cooperation, solidarity and sustainability, where every human being has guranteed equal opportunities no matter where or how they were born. This system can not exist within capitalsim and it can not come from the top, only we the people can emancipate ourselfs into this, through a grassroots movement.

    61. aullik

      Now are the actually helping or are they just another pr gag?

      1. Corey Taylor

        both, face shields are heavily needed, and unlike ventilators they are pretty hard to get wrong and wont do much damage if they fail. the problem is just you need a large access to space and resources to mass produce them, which they have and are putting to good use. at some point every company does something like this for PR, but if it actually helps and does good in the world who cares what their motivation is. its a win win in my books

    62. World Changer

      The ones who are helping out during this time are the ones that will succeed analyze that.

    63. Joshua Pritt

      The hard part is getting the clear plastic sheets for the mask. Where are you getting those? We are also printing the Prusa model face shield at Melbourne Makerspace in Florida.

      1. Adam Truszkowski

        Woo! You go guys!!

      2. kirby hu

        We use the scrapped x-ray film at first in china.

    64. codefeenix

      Tesla wear face masks, y not u?

      1. tamie341

        And Tesla also defied the stay at home order for weeks which eventually spread the virus to a ton of workers. But since your a fanboy, you will never acknowledge this. Grow up loser.

      2. Atlas Hugged

        You don’t need to wear a mask if you are not around other people. And they are limiting the amount of people working.

      3. Corey Taylor

        @snuffeldjuret well even then, a rocket lab is usually extremely sterile and clean and if this is somewhere where there isnt a large population theres a good chance that corona isnt even in their county or their neighboring counties.

      4. snuffeldjuret

        @Corey Taylor I am quite certain he/she talks about the safety of the worker, not the safety of the user.

      5. Corey Taylor

        @snuffeldjuret how so?

    65. Franko


    66. Lúpulo Los Castaños

      Excelente!!! De esta maldita pandemia salimos todos juntos 💪🇨🇱

    67. 2新しい

      Better than the PR stunt ventilators made by virgin orbit

      1. 2新しい

        I think a lot of people got it wrong but we must also remember that a company is not a person

      2. Fly Beep

        Or SpaceX sending CPAP/BPAP machines (with the SpaceX logo on it) and not actual ventilators but saying they are ventilators. Also, remember when Musk tweeted this whole corona thing was overblown and wouldn't be bad? Love SpaceX and what Musk is doing but that one left a nasty taste behind.

    68. 張蘋果


    69. Kwint

      This wasnt needed if trump isnt such a troll

    70. Rudolf de Lang

      Hopefully, the time when we all can hug again will return soon❣️

      1. Rudolf de Lang

        @cyber soul 🥴🤦‍♂️

    71. 밑바닥 동킹콩의 이모저모

      USA! BlueOrigin! You can do it!!

    72. Stuart Black

      This represents the very least the richest man in the world can arrange at this time. I hope he's doing a lot more...

      1. Valadin

        @Ian Slatas The machines are nothing without workers and so is the capital owner, the machines were made by workers, designed by workers and they are operated by workers. Blue origin get a billion every year from Bezos himself, they don't make profits, the very least the company can do is help out with the current situation, with resources and payed labour, they have the means, they don't need to make profits out of the situation.

      2. Valadin

        @Fly Beep Great Mister Gotcha meme, no one is gonna take that red herring, my contribution is irrelevant to the matter and even though I did contribute, it would make no difference to how absurd Bezos wealth is and how small in comparison hours charity spending is.

      3. Ian Slatas

        @Valadin You've made several posts clearly indicating you don't understand what volunteering is. That facility is not free for Blue Origin to run, nor are the 3D printers that could be printing something the company could profit from, nor are the materials and supplies it takes to produce the DONATED equipment. No one owes you a thing. Get off your behind and make something of yourself.

      4. Franko

        @Fly Beep he still lives with his momma and milks her for the new game console

      5. Fly Beep

        @Valadin Same for you dipshit, please mention what kind of contributions you're doing according to your financial ability. I bet it's NOTHING at all.

    73. Raymond Saint

      Imitating Tesla again :D No offense, but yeah.

      1. D C

        @Corey Taylor those are BiPAP machines not real ventilators and there are some concern about safety with this machines (not only the tesla ones).

      2. Corey Taylor

        tesla is making ventilators, Blue Origin is making face shields. two completely different pieces of heavily needed equipment. and Tesla's ventilators aint even done being prototyped yet also your thinking of spaceX, Blue Origin is an aerospace company, not a car company

    74. YewTewbe

      Jeff Bezos is so charitable!! What a guy!! Unless you're one of his underpaid and exposed Amazon warehouse staff or your country is on the wrong side of Amazon's tax avoidance. schemes. (This comment will probably get deleted/brigaded fast) edit - as someone has pointed out, 'volunteers' are making these so Jeff Bezos isn't even paying them for their time. He really is an utter shit.

      1. Corey Taylor

        @Jack its not a difficult thing to make, cut out some shapes and 3D print a thing. its not like a rocket lab would have a lot of 3D printers laying around (maybe one or two but not dozens) , so they would be more or less on the same ground if it weren't for Amazon's hundreds of facilities and shipping infustructure right next door

      2. Jack

        @Corey Taylor Well amazon don't manufacture anything of their own so Blue Origin would be his only option anyway.

      3. Corey Taylor

        this wasent one of Jeff's things. this was Blue Origin organizing all of this and its more of just letting people use their facilities. he doesn't micromanage his companies and if he where to have done this, he would have done it with Amazon instead because they would be able to make more and ship it easier than some isolated rocket development lab

      4. Jack

        cyber soul if you’re above all of us internet losers then why waste your time replying to us. it’s harder to argue with an idiot than a genius

      5. Jack

        They're volunteers so it's hardly any skin off of his back.

    75. isled


    76. Joniz

      Om my gosh im first so i must think of something smart hmmmmmmmmmmm...

      1. Franko

        @KZsection Algorithm lol and failed miserably

      2. Youtube Algorithm

        You failed

    77. Enderkhan

      Thank you