Blue Huggy Wuggy is not allowed in! And the pink ones are allowed 🤣



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    How do you get into a party if you're blue?
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    1. Irina Lacatus


    2. Da Lima

      Она че слепая

    3. Anna Zdravkova

      Добре е 👍👌🏅и е хитро.

    4. Nandani Verma

      I love when I get a notification on my phone like "someone has liked your comment" and " someone has subscribed you" it makes my day so much better!!!!!!!!! ❤️

    5. Letiwilms Phone

      Only in Ohio 💀

    6. Dayami Cruz

      que culpa tuvo jugi vugi injusto cuando quiera entrar no lo van a dejar

    7. Ari Kora

      Мне бы детектор на Хаги ваги

    8. Daputeri Daputera

      Kissy wissy mot pink huggy

    9. ⚡️Fumiko⚡️

      Was that alex from stranger things

    10. Ольга Киттагина

      Хагиваги, ☹️☹️☹️😣😣😣💞💞💋

    11. Aung Hein😍😍


    12. Tatiana Torres


    13. NORMA Ramirez

      I Love KISS SI y Huggy huggy

    14. kenneth ancajas


    15. Tanja Jackson

      Exusw you can Bring also yellow and Green and Purple and Light Blues😂🤣😂

    16. Ana Paula Barboza

      Kkkkkkkkkkk 🤪🤪🤪🤭🤭😂😂😂

    17. ServerPlayz

      You can clearly see she has 2 huggy wuggies u blind or what

    18. Sverre DeWijs