Best Teacher Ever 😍



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    1. SKITS

      💥🦄 Watch all the best pranks in a row:

      1. יוכבד עדיקה

        ‏thank you for

      2. fulsigh Jamod

      3. UnKnitDiamond

        Fuck no this one video alone was bad enough

    2. Wendy Gabriel

      The teacher after that: "Can I have them back"

      1. Jermyn Walton


    3. 4a

      "teacher :*gives air pods to the girls*" "Me:what a good dreams."

      1. Savaliya Kajal Savaliya Kajal

        @Wan Nurwafa hdtur48tu Thxuxfuruftututugfuttfurfifttuþigtyittt8ttutugtjtitigi5ufjfti55i57tu58683u86tjcjcjjfjfjitufititiitititfjfijdjt8fyifdfffffkyigtitoffjrurjf8rru0rekid95ofiejyo2iofirioiozkktiditjidjridjditififirifofirififirufifufuffiifriy8fyjif68rryert2y1ufieudeu26553duf47r628fydfgghdhduhdrhdurhidnrjdrrirjfjxktjsizosieiyttsets5hrurj7eehhdri755tyytfry8yttdfjufgjyyyty5348ur55tytrttttttlllllĺĺrrrur6rue7rueuudjd7ur7rtutuyttyfufutufuthfrhrtu5

      2. Wan Nurwafa


    4. Kim Phillips

      I love how it says in the background no food or drinks but there’s a drink on the table

    5. Elle Wilson

      Her teacher is so nice for gaving her new earpods

    6. ايزي بيزي الارمي عزيزي

      I wish our teacher was like this 😭😂💔

    7. fine edits 👍

      Teacher: give her airpods Her: takes ,dance ,(no thank you) 🙄

    8. Life with Nisi

      The fact that the teacher looked younger than the student 😂

    9. •-CatoMew-•

      No ones talking about how the end of the headphones are just sitting on the desk-

      1. Jackie

        IKR that's national said💀

      2. Вадим Соколов

        Наушники использовались как беруши - чтобы заткнуть уши и ничего не слышать вокруг. Неужели это не очевидно?

    10. cloudy

      Wow teacher is really encouraging her to use earphones during class man i wish i had a teacher like that

    11. Cierra

      “How fake do u want this to be” Them: yes

      1. Cierra

        @Semenela Trixie did u not read my comment the correct way Ik it’s fake I said “how fake do u want this to be” Them: yes So that means it’s fake

      2. Semenela Trixie

        It’s supposed to be fake-

    12. Best friends beanie boo and Roblox

      When he cut the ear buds they weren’t plugged in to anything😂😂

    13. Nitya

      Pov: we can't find such teacher in real life ✌🏻😂

      1. S.Rizwan-ul-Hassan Gillani

        🤣🤣 Pakistan mai tou kisi bhi school mai earphones ki permission nhi hai 😜

    14. ♡.E L I E S A.♡

      0:21 ain't nobody gonna notice that her earphones isn't even plugged in to her phone?? 😂😂

    15. apong Lkr

      All jokes aside "Me I wanna get naughty with the teacher" 😂

      1. Zélia maria de Siqueira Maria

        Então você fala tudo em inglês que que m**** muito chato eu não entendi muito bem

      2. Mark Meyer

        @Tonya Mendez Fellow Man of Culture

      3. Tonya Mendez

        @Mark Meyer it to it ii

      4. Mark Meyer


    16. Qiswah PlayTime

      Everyone: Omg wow 😍 Me: Teachers are not like this its just a video :/

    17. Bangla Class

      Her teacher: give her a ear pods Meanwhile my teacher : give me so much gift like...slabs

    18. alanko090

      Rzeby takie nauczycielki w Polsce były xD pozdro

    19. Mary Case

      Im mad the teacher conveniently had a brand new thing of air pods lying in their desk 💀

    20. Mohan 621

      She is actually the best teacher in the world, because she is teaching 2+2 to students who look like they graduated and doing part time jobs, I can bet that no math teacher in the world would do that

    21. Arintra Parial

      If she's my teacher I will definitely fail on all subjects ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

    22. BTS 💜💜 ARMY

      My teacher: give me so much gifts like slap, stick 😂

      1. ʟᴜᴠxᴀʀᴄᴏ #savetheoof

        Yhhh she's allowed to..

      2. ♚Quεεn♕


      3. BTS 💜💜 ARMY

        @عباس سع what

      4. عباس سع

        writing the most important lpj😜😜😜

      5. yanyu fengcheng


    23. °•NeaDaMoonBean•°#roadto220subs

      "I was doing just fine" Fits a little to well💀

      1. xio kousa

        the "students:" 16-20 yrs old the math: kindergarten

    24. • Rokliszo •

      Nie ma to jak słuchać muzyki przez słuchawki które nie są podłączone 😅

    25. Beni-Rae 🤍💪

      I like how they’re all oOoOo But when her headphones aren’t even plugged into anything

    26. tOoDLes

      that maths problem took so much time for me to solve fr man. i remember crying over it in highschool

      1. Ilkay Kahraman


    27. Skynet

      She “thanked” the teacher later that night.....4 times

      1. nurnabi buxer


    28. Sleepyyyyyyyyy

      Is nobody gonna talk about the fact the headphones weren’t plugged in💀

    29. Rozor¥Deep FF

      Fun fact : still learning the kids addition 😂😂😂 check out the board lol

    30. Hidden Success

      If we do that at our classroom, our teacher will give us Transfer Certificate 😶

    31. Blink_Pink

      I wish there would be this kinda teacher in reality 😃😃

    32. Terry Stratford

      Can't wait for the adult version 😅

    33. Diamond

      My teacher would just be like- No earphones in my class! Focus on what i am teaching!

    34. I don't know

      OTHERS : she is the best teacher ever Me : Why is their teacher giving 2 + 2

    35. le quotidien d une algerienne

      In my dreams my teacher let me even dream about listening to music 😅

      1. Aestheticxbutterfly

        In my dreams my teacher would even let me dream about dreaming about listening to music

      2. Paul Giovanni Tabing



        @Chou Chou 🖤💙💜🤍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😇😃😇😇😇😊🥳🥳🥳🥳😉

    36. Abdull Abdullshaib

      I love the teacher 💕💕💕 I wish i had a teacher like that💕💕💕

      1. Abdull Abdullshaib

        Don't forget to like(👍👍👍)

    37. Vivian Kricheldorf

      Times change I guess. In my class back in the day our teacher did this to a classmate, because listening to music during class is disrespectful …

    38. Andreia Teixeira

      I love it this teacher 😍

    39. Sally Garza

      ms girl was happy cause she put down a line for the 4 like that’s me when i actually get a question right

    40. Simon Rose

      Are we gonna talk about how the teacher notices straight away and convincingly has headphones in the desk

      1. Miguel Codel




    41. Not a person

      Pov : if it were my school Teacher after they cut the earphones :you know you have to pay for that now, right?

    42. Ming e seus amigos 🎉😸

      Os cara com 14 anos ainda aprendendo 2+2 kkkk

    43. Anime

      So good teacher ☺️

    44. God Gaming

      This teacher exist in parallel universe 🙂

    45. Irina Neagu

      The teacher looks like my chemistry teacher, AKA the best teacher I ever had

    46. @jen

      Ooooh she is so kindhearted that lady teacher 🤓

    47. BxbyXIII🇵🇭

      Teacher:"girl forgot to say thank you"

    48. mdsn

      This teacher in dreams 😂😂😂😂💔

    49. Zuhana Sheikh

      My teachers is also supporting me ❤️

    50. H Lashkar

      For the first time in my life i saw a Math teacher writing this slow

    51. 8blox

      Mom: where did you get air pods Girl: my teacher gabe it to me mom: your lying you stole it so your grounded for a month

    52. Birth

      No one will skip a class if the teacher is so gorgeous

    53. Justin Freeman


    54. Game on

      So lucky my teacher would be like "deal with it!"

      1. Andrea Fernandez

        @PRINCESS AAtHIFA😘🥰 ❤💖😍😘



      3. Gulnar Gulnarli

        Olun ele

      4. n

        لانو عائشة رضي يفتح النفس في رمضان كريم

    55. Vishal Dora

      We want part 2 of this as Johnny sins as principal

    56. Queen Manthimba Phiri

      I wish I had a teacher like that

    57. ♤TTv_10kvibezz♤

      You know damn well a teacher aight gonna do that

    58. Kitty Dragan

      POV: camera man went invisible and No one noticed for 3 hours

    59. Orangie

      the "students:" 16-20 yrs old the math: kindergarten 💀✋

      1. Mark Meyer

        @Carson and my bearded dragon Special Needs

      2. Lilly Gizmo

        Lol fr

      3. Jasur Qayumov

        @Delphine Ntsama ㅣ

      4. Jasur Qayumov

        @Delphine Ntsama ㅣ

      5. すし


    60. ~iNsAnE~

      So the teacher knew that they are gonna cut her earphones and had kept a brand new airpod for her, astrologer or teacher?!

    61. pitucha

      Ah yes i wish my teatcher's was like that

    62. game world


    63. Diomary Domínguez

      The teacher: here’s your AirPods My teacher: THATS HAPPENED FOR USE THE AIRPODS ON CLASS😡

      1. fouoii gyhh

        Like si la maestra se parece a mariana palacios Dale Like

    64. mercy odo-ofor

      Such a nice teacher and person. I wish we had more people like her in this world 🗺.

    65. Александр Котлячков

      Вспомнил школу как я ненавидел большую часть уроков вот дерьмовое было время. С ужасом понимаешь что просто сидел от звонка до звонка на перемену. Ну если бы были такие учителя я думаю было бы гараздо интересней😆

    66. Nyaira Shephard

      Is anyone gunna talk about how the headphones weren’t evn plugged in😂😂😂

    67. #1D for life and beyond 🆔#12yearsofonedirection

      Everyone : watching Me :*thinking how are they this old but still learning 2+2 *

    68. kh mouchra

      I didn't know teachers had new earphones in their drawers

    69. Cece Marie

      Is anyone going to talk about how they're in high school and learning 2+2?

      1. Anahita Anai


      2. - 𝙅𝙪𝙨𝙩.C4ts⚡️🦕


      3. Aqlan Wafiq

        That just a joke

      4. Elvin Reyes

        Uhhh yea

      5. sue gaming channel

        I was gonna comment the same 😂😂

    70. Ullas Sant

      Very good teacher 😃

    71. Beesan Shaheen

      I don't think this teacher exists in real schools 😭

    72. Софья Панюшкина

      Her teacher ,reacted well to the headphones and even bought new 🎧📚👩🏼‍🏫ones. Mine will break even if she sees it just in a backpack. And if its in my ears, its a mess for me too. There can be no talk of new ones.

    73. Mahir Asif

      They are still learning what is 2 plus 2! 😆😂

    74. Khayla'f channel

      At first I thought the teacher would draw heart ❤️ 😂 Edit: Omg thank you so much for the likes I haven't got so many likes ✨✨👍🏻

      1. Adella Syles


      2. Smriti



        Me too

      4. Aileen Rosado Ferrer


      5. Maria Sanchez


    75. DeliquentRoon

      Teacher: what's 2+2 Me: Easy 22

    76. golam azam

      Best teacher ever 😍

    77. RoseXD

      Teacher: *gives her airpods* Girl: “Um miss I have an android..”

      1. Televizor Televizor


      2. Malika Samora

        I could also work on Android

    78. Rudrapally Devil srikar

      Real teacher's : I am gana in this videos wholeee career 😂😂😂

    79. luvxoceanvibez

      ok but if she was listening to the headphones means she wasn’t paying attention but the teacher is like: It’s fine let’s give her AirPods

      1. luvxoceanvibez

        @☆SWAGGY DINOS🦕༄ it’s just a joke

      2. ☆SWAGGY DINOS🦕༄

        she was she was clearly writing at the same time.

      3. 𝐍𝐚𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐢 𝐑.𝐒


    80. Pooja kanwal

      What a kind teacher I wish she was my teacher poor girl I hope she likes her earpods 😊