Beating 5 Scam Arcade Games with Science

Mark Rober

Mark Rober

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    1. Mark Rober

      I'm trusting you guys with to use the PEZ trick responsibly!! And I know it's been a hot minute since I've posted, but my videos take a lot of work and I've got 3 more BANGER vids to drop before the end of the year!

    2. Toni Black

      Imagine being an employee at an arcade and seeing Mark walk in, knowing what is to come.

    3. Calvin c

      Shout out to the muscle guy Andrew Herbert, a world record breaking powerlifter. I have no clue how Mark found him, but he sure found one of the strongest human on the planet.

    4. TrickShotz

      I sure would need a ”dad finder”! Seems like a cool unit!

    5. Carl N

      Mark always comes up with the most interesting inventions

    6. Nu Nguyen

      I like how he casually lists all the things for the devices like everyone has all those items

    7. OpticPolarBear

      The local arcade I work at (won't specify which one) actually has told me that most the rigged games are a automatic %30 chance to win if the owner chooses not to change it

    8. Quinn Blackmer

      I’ve said my whole life “arcades are casinos for kids but with zero regulation”

    9. Cerberus Combat MMA

      Only thing Mark isn’t factoring in would be the power of the universe. On my 13th birthday, I won like 3 jackpots on the same day. ABSOLUTELY INSANE. Lol unless the arcade did that on purpose to make me happy. 😂

    10. Spark

      Your an employee at a arcade store and you remember that Mark's Making a video there , you know that 3000+ kids are gonna be following him and the arcade breaks down.

    11. Nemsos

      Suddenly I want to learn engineering

    12. NinjaTuu

      "Sir why do you need 3 backpacks in an arcade"

    13. Nate Griepentrog

      The dad finder is so useful I finally can find my dad after 15 years!

    14. Wan

      I must say, the air hockey backpack is genius. The other guy would never notice a backpack playing for you while you are doing something else.

    15. Ace Uni-Rider

      Although Stackers is random in its payout, I win at least 30% of the time and the prizes are sometimes worth $15 or more, so $3 for a $15 item isn't bad.

    16. Zee Hilal

      This is probably the best American entertainment I have seen in at least 15 years. It makes me miss the days of that show "Mr. Wizard"

    17. jeff h

      this guy is like a real pretty amazing

    18. Luigi Battaglioli

      If you ever see Mark walkin into an arcade with 12 backpacks, you already know he’s about to own the entire gift shop.


      If I walked in with a backpack like that, it wouldn't go very well

    20. Jarl420

      There’s something about having a huge wad of “physical” tickets that makes it more rewarding/satisfying than having them just loaded onto a card. At least with the card it’s more discreet though.