BAD NEWS About My 600bhp Golf R!

Calvin's Car Diary

Calvin's Car Diary

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    We're trying to get my Golf R done in time for my car show! Its looking good but there is some BAD NEWS!
    My meth injected 600bhp VW Volkswagen Golf R salvage project rebuild. The engine has now been fitted and we're hoping to get it on the road before my car show on Sunday 26th June 2022! Want to come along? Click the link below 👇

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    1. Calvin's Car Diary

      Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday! The weather is looking good as well! ☀️ Tickets are almost sold out now! Get yours before it’s too late 👇

      1. Aust82

        Would have love to come but will definitely be at the next One only 12 months to wait but got friends christening on !

      2. Craig Fielding

        What a good bloke you have there in will glad the car is done now 👍🏻

    2. Daniel Day

      Wills such a great guy. Some places would just send it out and rub their hands together when it comes back to the garage again

      1. Jordan Watkinson

        his knowledge is mad. and he genuinely cares about the customer and his name too and his business his reputation is everything

      2. Golf R

        Makes me feel like I’d trust him with my car

      3. Levi Rooots 🇨🇲

        Real Businessman Will.

    3. House Of Lennard

      Will is an absolute legend! Anyone who knows him has so much respect for him! You just can't go wrong with VRS! 😎👊

    4. Christopher Douglas

      Will is proper playing dad to Calvin there Basically "just behave son ffs" 😂😂

      1. Calvin's Car Diary

        🤣 literally!

    5. jonziix

      Big up Will! The man's work ethic is something else

    6. ParkeCore personal training PT

      Well done all involved. Will is such a cool cat. Looking forward to the event

    7. Ben Mathew

      Amazing craftsmanship Will always hitting it out the park the same with Calvin and his content. ❤️

    8. Xtiminator

      You're so lucky Calv having a friend like Will. He's done an awsum job. Be really interesting to know how much it did cost, even though it might be painful 😬

    9. Darran  J  Samuel

      Yayyy well done everyone who brought the Golf R back to life 🙌🙌🙌

    10. Lindsay Cooper

      Great too see this car back up and running again Calvin. Well done too Will and the guys at VRS. Awesome job. Funnily enough I’ve recently been re-watching your old videos of this car when you bought it off the legend which is Arthur 3 years ago. The car looks better than new again. Great job.

    11. Brad Bullen

      Enjoy it mate, you deserve it for sure 💯 regardless of the cost, it’s made you happy and put a smile on your face. Job done 🤷🏻‍♂️ Now all you’ve got to do is bed the clutch in GENTLY 😂😂 A pleasure as always calvin 👍🏻👊🏻

    12. Hristo H

      Will I've watched you in Calvin's videos for years and you look like the most down to earth person,a true friend that everyone needs! One day I would like to meet you in person and shake your hand 🤝 Calvin you are absolute legend 🙌

    13. Aust82

      Them later R wheels suit the golfs so much better than the 5 spoke one! Looks great Cal! Just waiting on bad news

      1. Mac_F87

        Pretoria’s where an option over the Cadiz from the beginning. The only reason loads of R’s have Cadiz is they were flying out of dealerships on PCP. I specced the Pretoria’s on my 14 plate Golf R the Cadiz are horrible to look at. 😂

    14. Nick Richards

      "proper faff" .. as a speaker of American English I always enjoy learning about the origins of my language by e.g. watching your videos Calvin, and observing details about how that has evolved and modernized. I know it's not necessarily A car related comment but thanks for sharing all of this conversation too.

    15. Keegan Thomas

      Would look even better with some wheel spacers IMO 😍

    16. Jay Anders

      I'd really love to know how much Calvin spend fixing this? Such a nice car now man

    17. matt

      This car is how I found your channel when you brought it off Arthur. Watched every video since 👍 great work calv love your work 🙏

    18. Suffolk Andgood

      I love the banter between Calv and Will, proper humbling 🤣

    19. john grant

      Absolutely gutted I can't make this weekend. 😭😭😭 hope it all goes well calvin. I'll leave myself open for the next one for sure.

    20. dion wilkinson

      big up will he deserves a lot for this well done will

    21. Samuel Evans

      Wicked video love this car! Slow and steady wins the race calv don’t undo all the hard work that’s been done as tempting as it is 🤣’

    22. Journeytomydreamcars

      Calvin came with something that works 😱 will is too funny seems like such a great bloke I'd love to work with him one day

    23. Ste S

      Gonna be torture not planting that right foot 😂 but wow what a car so worth it plain simple well done to all involved including ur wallet 🤣👌🙌

    24. Conrad Claassen

      Shouts to Calvin for reviving the 600Hp R. It's part of the channels identity and needed a lifeline.

    25. Mugen- R

      I think we'll all be interested in seeing video about total cost, I believe it may even do better and reach more people tbh, as with right title it could bang and get few subs in. Either way good to see it back on road.

    26. BounceCentral

      I can't wait to get a decent car. I'll be going straight to VRS... Will seems such a genuine dude! Any good deals on Calv? 5-10k?

    27. Theminec

      The event was sick bro! Nice to see the golf R there up and running!

    28. David Wathen

      fair play 2 will and his team, fair play Calvin she is back in her former glory....have a good day Sunday x

    29. mike hollowell

      Always been one of my favourites the mk7 but that is truly stunning Calvin... I love that colour with the silver and the wheels... I'm happy with BMW 520d touring but if I could have a fast car it would be that one mate!

    30. alan craigie

      Calvin, Will is a really professional guy. Not very many of these men left in the world. 👍👍

    31. Gareth Edwards

      The car looks amazing and back to original from factory apart from the extra power, special car.

    32. Jamie Gladdy

      Feel your pain I’ve just done 500 running in miles it’s hard work 😢

      1. Calvin's Car Diary


    33. Becky Williams

      Glad see aurthers car still going.. ❤️❤️Can't wait see its ran in

    34. Jay1991

      looks mega calv always been a fan of the golfs. and them wheels looks so so much better aswell

    35. Ruhxn YT

      Will genuinely looks tired 😂


      What a fantastic bloke will is proper down to earth 🌎 glad your happy Calvin it looks and sounds amazing

    37. Gray staffs

      Great video that looks amazing They have done a great looking forward to seeing you drive it

    38. matt B

      Love the golf r and journey from buying it off arther to doing it this time 👏👍🏼

    39. Essex Monkey

      Fairly sure vw have done a recall on the dsg gear knobs for this exact reason 🤔

    40. The Engine Rider - short rider vlogs!

      Looks great... Will - A twat charge if it comes back on a truck 🤣

    41. gmgas1965

      I have taken cars to vrs and have found excellent service knowledge they are second to none. I never new they existed until I started looking at your KZsection channel.

    42. sean mursell

      Looks perfect I would love one of those exactly that spec

    43. Charlie and yoda

      I'd love to know how much this all cost. Plus does ya missus know 😏

    44. WankerDriver

      That paint job on that front wing sticks out like a sore thumb

    45. Mark Burnett

      It’s amazing the difference in a golf r with Pretoria’s on eh so much better 😍

    46. Craig Wilson

      Needs spacers..and then it would be perfect

    47. Paul butler

      Worth a few grand for that rear vrs badge on rear going to put down a couple of hundred pound when you raffle it off so look after it please calvin

    48. Moses Taukobong

      Vrs needs it's own daily channel

    49. Cartoon Badman

      Every time I see/hear Will I want to take me motor there and make it more undrivable

    50. Muaaz Awan

      Calv I kno u love to sell cars but never sell this mate absolutely a keeper 💯💯💯

    51. EJayTheReal

      Well done lads!

    52. c11yan

      Needs drivers wing blending into the door 👀

    53. Dan 96

      Calvin I think this should be the next give away car on planet of dreams 😜 ( worth a try 😅)

    54. Liam Jones

      The paintwork looks epic

    55. Freddie Hawkins

      I think a lot of people would be interested to know how much this cost, I’ve been asking myself that since the start of the video 😂

    56. Darren Howes

      Good to c it back on the road

    57. 🔥FIRETRAP🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

      well calvin i dont think you should take that golf to car show i think you should drive it straight up to scotland to me many thanks, nice car mate

    58. Danny H The retro gaming master

      Such a stunning car Will is a complete legend.

    59. FORK HUGH

      needs some whell spacers

    60. Andy R500

      For the money a very hard car to beat as a brilliant all rounder 🇬🇧👍🚀

    61. Jed Baker

      Would trust will with any car, seems so knowledgeable 😎

    62. Paul Stansfield

      Quality as ever 👍

    63. YS_GIANT

      take your new bagged car to will and get his thoughts haha

    64. Will Jones

      Try and keep it calv. You can't sell it 😆

    65. Owen Miles

      The clutch needs an adaption drive to bed in properly

    66. James Kearney

      That vr dude is some man for one man, looks mint and rev the puddings aff her

    67. James

      Would love a Video on Wills Sierra calv 👏

    68. Skr Skrr

      Calv you've been warned!🤣🤣🤣

    69. Rich Weston

      VRS = legends

    70. big tone

      Another great video Calvin beautiful car that is

    71. Wizard Exterior Cleaning

      What do you think to the news of the new M3 touring release 😎

    72. Rob James

      Yes please love it Calv!😍

    73. cabottaxi

      Calvin front offside wing looks very very slightly different shade. Shame as it's had ££££££ spent on it. Might just be the sun hitting it at the wrong angle. Fandabadozy motor.

    74. perfect paint north wales

      love the car love channel mate but that drivers wing and bonnet too light maybe wrong undercoat or sealer used, my bad im fussy mate nice job in whole

    75. Steve Frain

      wish will would fit a golf r engine in my vw t5 2.0 bitdi dsg

    76. LozaH

      will is not afraid to spend calvs money hahaha

    77. Lav77

      I'm in Milton Keynes when I need a job doing I will be going to VRS . Will is Spot on you can tell he will do a proper job

    78. Billy Mansfield

      I can promise you this is not the most expensive Mk7r on the planet 😂😂😂

    79. Raven master

      good work, is this arthurs old car? :edit: Will has just confirmed it 🤣👍

    80. Aust82

      You should move in to VRS!

      1. Calvin's Car Diary