Animator vs. Animation IV (original)

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    The struggle between a stick figure and its creator, a computer animator. In this fourth installment, the animator is finally shown in real life interacting with his computer monitor. The stick figure, resisting his tormentor, attacks his social life by hacking his Facebook account, traveling onto his iPhone via USB cord, and drawing animations of his own to dismantle the animation interface.

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    Subtitles available in 33 languages (Click the CC):
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    Music by Sarah Eide

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    1. doddleoddle

      This was BRILLIANT. Oh my goodness, why is my heart breaking over an orange stick figure. What have you done. You can LITERALLY bring lines to life

    2. Pilot Gamer

      It's been 6 years.. this is still a masterpiece


      its been 7 years and its still a legendary masterpeice

    4. SadboiGaming&Skits

      7 years ago, when this masterpiece was made, I didn't know it yet, but I was in for a ride 3 years later. Now, in 2022, I still love it to this day. Happy days forever to you Alan Becker.

    5. The Wood Whisperer

      Amazing work! 👍

    6. UnovaKid 24

      I can't believe it took me this long to discover this masterpiece. You, my friend, are incredibly talented. I rate this 50/10!

    7. AntVenom

      An absolutely refreshing take on the series. Excellent job! I actually got a TAD emotional :P. No joke.

    8. JustARandomWoof 🏳️‍⚧️

      I can't believe this was already 7 years ago. This man is a legend.

    9. JustARandomWoof 🏳️‍⚧️

      Can we just appreciate how fast Alan can navigate through the windows menus without his mouse?

    10. Dani 160

      The fact that the second coming rejected deletion was kind of a foreshadow for his powers in animation vs animator V is genius

    11. angelindenile

      It's amazing how far we've come since we saw these five begin their journey.

    12. Sand Artist Kseniya Simonova

      Very worthy! Being engaged in sand animation I never thought that I would be interested in such a style!

    13. Jaltoid

      Oh geeze! Feels like it's been so long since the last one, they were always so creative and fun to watch. Brings back nice memories, great job c:

    14. #RestlessGamer

      one of the saddest parts is that the stick figures fight website actually used to work, which showed the entire scene at

    15. stevmanny PE

      I feel sad for those who hasn't found this masterpiece. Truly appreciate this as a pure masterpiece

    16. Slisher

      A beautiful friendship started with a animator and a animation, a masterpiece.

    17. Random User

      “he somehow figured out how to get my stick figure on his side”

    18. Eppu Rantala

      I know that no one is gonna see this, but i just have no words for this piece of art. I remember myself watching this from youtube after 7 years. Alan, there is no such animator like you in the world.

    19. SoCloseToToast

      Beautifully done! Remember the old ones fondly! Keep it up and hope this isn't the last one but if it is, then it was a perfect ending!

    20. TH3_BR0_ M4XW311

      I've watched through the series countless times and only now do I realize that there are subtitles!