Animation vs. League of Legends (official)

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    Stick figures on a desktop screen become champions, fight jungle monsters, the Dragon, and ... the purple stick figure?

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    1. EonniDal

      Flashing out of base and beating minions with wards

    2. Frihtz Catz

      Since the creation of this League, there has never been anything resembling this level of kindness and teamwork in the game.

    3. Semantics Man

      I love whenever they raise there arms in success or clap for each other.

    4. Clean Omean

      I love how blatantly he hides the dragon’s animation behind hills and trees lol. Beautiful.

    5. Draconai Auracto

      If the sticks can interact with your screen, they could potentially give you an unfair click-speed advantage where applicable. Food for thought.

    6. Mickey Macdonald

      Not gonna lie if I had a couch of stickmen pumping my tires whenever something rad happened in league I'd probably still be playing it.

    7. ChordsBoy

      I don't even play League of Legends but that doesn't matter! This animation is beyond awesome, man!!! Thanks to everyone involved :D

    8. Nimuel's TV

      I like that Alan Becker made this so that the stick guys could interact with the game and it made them a little bit like children discovering new things ❤️

    9. Sam -Y

      My parents: you can’t just make stick figure videos for the rest of your life

    10. Loading

      man I love supportive and cooperative they are. why can't normal people be like this?

    11. Freya s.t.

      Love that they went from enemies to friends. Good development animator!

    12. BBS Bream Bro’s

      I wanna know how long this amazing man has worked on animating 5-7 single stick figures for lol

    13. InkLink

      I just wish that in one of the episodes, Alan just comes back and starts watching them like "oh this is gonna be good"

    14. Myat Swan (Victor Huang) Htet

      Those stick figures are really just great Alan! Detailed videos are just the key to this type of animation. Good job Alan!

    15. Savage Mudkip

      i would gladly watch a LoL tutorial ad if this was what they were like

    16. Merendel

      That ending was far too wholesome for anything having to do with a league of legends game. Damn it now I've got dust in my eye. no I'm not crying, its the dust.

    17. ShriekingLlamas

      I love purple’s character arc. Can’t wait to see what he does in the next AvM episode!

    18. Jungle The Hedgehog

      Pra mim não precisa de legendas, a animação é perfeita mesmo assim

    19. Дарко Адамовић


    20. Sans el esqueleto

      Muchas gracias alan por los subtitulos en español